16 Creepy Halloween Food That You Must See To Believe

Who doesn’t love Halloween?

The chance to snuggle up with that special someone in your life and watch spooky films is great or you may party together with friends.

However you choose to celebrate the night with that special someone, Halloween food is a key part of it.

Here are some great ideas to try out.

1. Learn to make a face pie. Eww..

If you want to really freak your loved one out this Halloween, then bake him this pie!

Made from pastry with a tasty meat filling, it will certainly be an eye-catching spectacle in the home or at your Halloween party.

The spooky face looks really life-like and he will love sitting down to eat this as the night gets darker.

2. Let's make mouth drooling appetizer

If the man in your life is throwing a Halloween party for his friends, then why not cook up these appetizers for them to enjoy?

They will really get the party started and he will love showing them off to his buddies.

Easy to make, they make the perfect start to his next Halloween bash.

3. That skull is ugh....

Now these are some seriously chilling food ideas for Halloween recipes!

From gross-out skulls to cupcakes with a spooky twist, he will love giving these out when Trick or Treaters come calling.

They are so yummy, he might even devour a few himself!

These are all simple to make and require no fancy ingredients.

4. Let's make some cute dessert

From eyeball embellished biscuits to bat-style cakes, these Halloween dessert recipes require no effort and can be knocked up in no time at all.

He will love being able to help you make these ready for Halloween and then enjoy them together!

True no-bake desserts, you don’t even have to turn the oven on.

5. This zombie though

Mixing classic Zombie styling with a delicious meaty flavour, this does not take long to make.For a truly out there Halloween food idea, this is one I love the best.

Your boyfriend will love sitting down with this on Halloween night and posting a picture of on it on his Instagram account for everyone to laugh at.

6. This pumpkin cake seems like fun to make

If you want to do something better than traditional pumpkin carving with your husband or kids this year, why not make pumpkin cakes instead?

They will be sure to astound everyone when they see no pumpkin is involved.

Instead, tasty spiced cake and clever icing is used to get the effect.

7. Let's make some cute Halloween pops!

If he is throwing a party for his family over Halloween this year, then why not make these stunning, sweet cake pops?

He will love serving them to his guests and seeing their faces when they try them.

In a range of designs, they all look just as good as they taste and are easy to eat when mingling.

8. You can try to make this

If he needs some fun and filling Halloween snacks before he goes out to party, then these are ideal.

From Pizza Skulls with a gorgeous tomato-based filling to devilishly spiced eggs, they will keep him going all night long.

Simple to make, they can even be wrapped up to take for later when he is hungry.

9. Make some spooky snacks

If you have little ones needing some fun food on the night, why not give these Halloween treats a try?

All are not only devilishly good for kids but pretty healthy too.

It will certainly look after their teeth better than sweets!

They will love the gross looks from booger popcorn to pumpkin shaped lemon chews.

10. Finger cookies anyone?

Now this is one really disgusting looking Halloween recipes cookies that I love!

Don’t worry – they taste amazing and are not nearly as bad as they look.

The eye-catching design will really hit the mark and the cookie taste is always one that everyone loves.

He will enjoy coming home to this on the kitchen table on Halloween night.

11. She is making some interesting Halloween cake

From ghostly cupcakes to ones with hidden ghoulish eyes inside, this selection of cakes will see you inspired when it comes to Halloween food.

Although they look amazing, all can be made with no fuss.

If you want to really impress him when he comes home after work on Halloween, these will do the trick.

12. Feet loaf?!

If you ask me which Halloween food ideas grabs your attention the most, I would choose this.

The clever design really catches your eye with the feet shaped loaf and onion toenails!

This is a great centerpiece to take to any Halloween get-together as a couple.

13. Edible worms anyone?

If you want to really gross out your little ones or loved one, then these Halloween treats are ideal.

Easy to make, they will be ready in no time at all to leave out and make everyone jump.

Don’t worry – they taste much better than they look.

14. Let's make a broken glass cupcake

People love cupcakes all year round and Halloween is no exception.

They make perfect Halloween food due to their sweet taste and make great treats to give out.

These chocolatey marvels will keep him wondering all night as to how you made them!

15. Are you up for a challenge for this cake?

Who doesn’t love the Minions?! If your boyfriend or brother finds them funny, he will surely laugh all night on Halloween at this cake.

Featuring a Minion design with a Zombie twist, the vanilla sponge on the inside goes perfectly with the sweet icing that covers it.

16. Let's make a scary witch

Make him jump out of his skin when he gets back from the Gym on Halloween with these cupcakes.

The sumptuous chocolate sponge and funny witch hat design with candy inside will give him something to munch on as you enjoy the night together.

Have you decided which recipes are you going to try?

If the above Halloween food ideas don’t inspire you to create something amazing for your loved one this Halloween, then nothing will.

Any of the videos we have looked at will not only get him into the spirit of Halloween perfectly but also give you both something to laugh at and enjoy eating. 

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