Let me tell you a real life story that brings me to tears...

Sir Nicholas Winton

I just wanted to share with you a real-life story that inspires me a lot.

  • He (the man above) rescued of 669 mostly Jewish children from getting killed during the eve of the Second World War

  • He humbly kept his efforts a secret for almost 50 years! (I can't even keep my brother's secret where he peed her pants at school. Don't tell him I tell you about this)

Sir Nicholas Winton was Knighted by the Queen of England, who said of Winton: "It's wonderful that you were able to save so many children."

BBC has made a programme "That's Life" which aired in 1988 to give him an unexpected surprise.

Please set aside 2 minutes to watch this emotional video below to see what surprise he received after that.

I am trying hard to hold back tears watching this video.

I am deeply inspired by the action of Sir Nicholas where he acts selflessly and bravely to save the helpless children which is why Gift Seekr is established.

Life and future is probably an unforgettable gift that the children have ever received from Sir Nicholas.

Gift Seekr is not just a gift finder that helps you find the right gift for your loved one but to inspire you to give happiness to others.

A gift doesn't have to be a fancy gadget or a watch...

- Travel with your loved one can be a gift

- A simple smile is a gift to a stranger that can make their day

- An advice that changes life is an invaluable gift

- Spending your time with your loved one is a gift for them

- Be a miracle to others is a gift to the one who is in need

- A surprise visit to your grandma is a memorable gift for her

Some gift can't be bought. In fact, some gift doesn't have to be bought.

Are you giving happiness to others from time to time?