17 Easy Halloween Decor DIY Tutorial That Make Your House Haunted

To really make your house stand out this Halloween, you need to get imaginative with your décor.

Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to cost lots! Halloween décor DIY ideas are fun to make as well as inexpensive.

Whether it is giving Trick or Treaters an extra fright or impressing friends who are coming over to party, giving your house a haunted makeover is a must.

Here are some great spooky ideas on how to do it.

1. It doesn't have to be expensive decorating for halloween

As we have looked at above, Halloween DIY décor doesn’t have to be expensive.

These ideas show that, with materials used that cost only 1 dollar!

From spooky sparkly skull garlands to eye-caching wreaths for your front door, your house will look amazing to any passers-by with these ideas on it.

2. Let's make your outdoor spooky

If your man loves being the best decorated house on the street for Halloween, he will love making these to hang up.

From well-known designer Martha Stewart, the very realistic looking skeletons and skulls only need simple wire and paper to make.

When done they will give your neighbours a real fright!

3. This is such a creative DIY Halloween decoration idea

If your boyfriend loves to play jokes, then these DIY décor suggestions will be right up his street.

I particularly love the fake spider in the perfume bottle which is sure to surprise whoever sees it.

The finger candles are also very eye-catching for Halloween.

All are made with ingredients that cost a dollar as well to save spending too much!

4. Looking for ways to decorate your room? Try this

If you are looking for ways to keep the kids out of your bedroom, then this is a great idea.

The creepy skull tower is a real winner and so easy to make with glue and cheap plastic skulls from any craft store.

Add in the easy to make cobwebs and fake blood-stained pillowcases for maximum spooky effect.

5. That's creepy

When it comes to Halloween décor DIY tips, it doesn’t get much more imaginative and easier than this.

From dripping red candle wax onto white candles for a chilling effect to the super-easy skull wreath, this will make your Halloween party for friends amazing.

6. It will be much more creepy to include a picture in this tombstone

If your man loves to make your house look ultra-spooky for any nieces or nephews you have over, why not make these?

Even better, you will only need a regular cereal box, some tape, and some paint to make them.

They look fabulous and will certainly make Halloween come alive in your home.

7. Pumpkin can be a great Halloween decoration as well

Make sure that your husband never has to risk cutting his fingers when carving pumpkins again with these ideas.

Instead, he can simply make great looking pumpkins from foam balls or changing pre-brought plastic ones.

Not only is it safer but they look just as good when placed outside your front door or in your window.

8. I don't think I have the skill to do this, but it is entertaining to watch

I absolutely love this idea to make your house scarier – it is definitely worth a try if you think you can do it!

The super-creepy Dementor looks so real and your loved one will enjoy scaring his friends when they walk into his man-cave with this in place.

With just some tape, wire, foam and DIY skill, this could be your best Halloween decoration ever!

9. Halloween decoration can be classy as well

If you and your man like something a bit more upmarket to decorate your home with then these are great ideas.

He will love getting the haunted feel in your living room or kitchen without the tackiness of some decorations.

From classy colored pumpkins to chic marble skulls, these will make your home look stylish and spooky.

10. This guy is a genius

If you are having family over for a Halloween party, then why not put this in your front garden to creep them out?!

Made from common DIY materials including 4-way connectors, glue and balloons, this is pretty easy and very realistic when finished.

11. This decor is so easy to make

If you have children, then why not let them enjoy getting into the Halloween spirit by making these with you and your husband?

He will probably have even more fun than them!

The great thing about these ideas is how simple they are.

I think the mason jar with spooky eyes on is particularly effective.

12. Let's make some beautiful Halloween candle

If your man likes to craft, then he will love making some spooky candles for your home like these.

Making the pieces to stick onto the candles with moulded glue is super easy and the candles themselves are not expensive.

When the spooky extras are fixed in place, they will look amazing in any home.

13. Make your outdoor spooky before you step in the house

What could be better for making your home look haunted than spooky crypts and graves for the dead to rise from?

Your man will certainly love the masculine feel this gives to your outdoor area.

Made from simple insulating polystyrene, strong glue and some cool extras like fake chains, it can be knocked up in no time at all.

14. Halloween decor doesn't have to be expensive

Your front door is one place on Halloween that lots of people will see.

From family coming over for the celebrations to Trick or Treaters, it needs to look amazing.

These ideas hit the mark and don’t cost lots.

The easy to make skull garland is a great example of how effective this approach can be.

15. Any harry potter fans?

The Harry Potter films were a huge success with many millions of fans globally.

If your man likes some magic too then why not dress the house up to please him?

He will love not only making these simple DIY decorations but also sitting by them to watch his favorite Harry Potter movie.

The butterbeer is recommended to sip while snuggling up!

16. The easiest Halloween decor that you will ever make

If you are looking for Halloween décor DIY tips then these are amazing.

Able to be done in just 5 minutes, they only use simple techniques and materials like glue guns.

The many ideas on how to make and decorate pumpkin shaped objects for a haunted house feel are really special.

17. Let's make a giant spider!

A very creepy character within Harry Potter is the spider Aragog.

Why not surprise your man when he comes home from work this season by making your own?

It is not that hard to do and all you need is inexpensive supplies like wire rods and insulating foam.

Trust me – the results are spectacular and will make him jump!

Your Turn...

So, there you have it – some amazing and inexpensive Halloween décor DIY ideas to try out.

All will make your home look fabulous this Halloween and very spooky!

The most amazing thing is that they are all easy to make and won’t take long.

Let the fun begin!

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