18 Creepy Halloween Decor That Make Your House Haunted

If you are getting ready for Halloween, then there are lots of things to get sorted.

One important thing is dressing your house up in the spookiest fashion.

Getting your Halloween décor right will create the right impression with any family or friends you have around to party.

Of course, it will also put you in the right Halloween mood for a night in snuggling up together until it’s over!

If you need some cool ideas on what to buy to dress up your house in the best-haunted style, the below should help.

1. Bring this lantern light everywhere or just put in on the table as decoration


Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Light

If you and your loved one are wondering how to make your house properly spooky, then why not try this Pumpkin lantern light?

Safe to use and battery powered, the flickering light gives the haunted house feel when the lights are out.

With 100 hours of battery power, it will also keep going for all of Halloween.

2. Kids are going to wonder if they want to knock on your door


Life Size Hanging Animated Talking Witch

Measuring 71 inches in length, your loved one will enjoy hanging this on your door to scare any passing Trick or Treaters.

As soon as anyone touches her or moves close, the eyes flash red and she comes out with a suitably scary saying.

Made from a mix of materials, this will make your house the most terrifying around.

3. Make sure to take it down after Halloween, you don't want cops to knock on your door


Funny No Trespassing Sign

If you both like to have some fun on Halloween, then raise a smile with this amusing sign.

It warns people what could happen if they come into your yard without permission - just make sure to take it down afterwards!

Measuring 9 by 12 inches, the Aluminium design is both stylish and hard wearing.

4. Let's have this on your coffee table


Light-up Spooky Haunted Tree

As far as Halloween décor goes, he will love putting this on the coffee table or his study desk to get in the mood.

The light up effect is really eye-catching while the spooky faces on the pumpkins and trees will make you jump.

Coming with 2 modes to try and a large size, this is one instant way to make your house scarier.

5. Maybe you can scare your neighbor with this peeper


Scary Peeper Halloween

Does the guy who lives next door annoy you both during the rest of the year?

If so, then your man will love sneaking into his garden to put this on the neighbour’s window in revenge!

Easy to fit to any window and coming with a handy carry case, this is one realistic way to scare people or make your house more spine-chilling.

6. Want a scarier peeper? This will tap their window


Scary Peeper Electronic Tapping Window

If you want to give any family heading over for a Halloween party a real scare as they arrive, try out this life like scary creeper figure.

This one also has a motion activated tapping action which sees its fingers rap on the window glass.

Guaranteed to produce authentic scares, it is battery operated and made from hard wearing material.

7. This pillowcase is cute!


Halloween Pillowcase

Armed with an invisible zipper and measuring 17.3 inches square, these will give spooky Halloween décor to your sofa.

He will love the seasonal patterns on them and snuggling up to watch a scary film with you behind them on the night.

Coming in a pack 4 cases, this is a unique way to get Halloween style at home.

8. I think I am going to scare myself if this doll start making a sound in the middle of the night


Haunted Doll With Sound

Does your man love watching horror films with evil dolls in?

If so, give him a proper scare around the house this Halloween with this décor idea.

The doll measures 15 inches and is battery operated for full spine-tingling effect.

Made from rigid PVC, the doll comes alive every time someone comes near it.

9. Let's greet the kids with this face mask


The Clown Overhead Mask

If you plan on having friends over for a Halloween costume party, then get him this mask so he can really stand out.

The one size fits all latex mask slides on easily and is comfy enough to wear all night long.

The evil features are very lifelike to scare any guests who get close!

10. I think this is a perfect candy bowl


Treasure Chest Trinket Box

The key to getting that haunted look for your house on Halloween is thinking about the small details.

With this in mind, you need to find accessories to dot around the place to enjoy it properly.

This trinket box is perfect to store Halloween candy with its gothic look and polyresin construction.

11. This skull is such a beauty


Celtic Owl Knotwork Human Skull Statue

There is no better Halloween décor hack than skulls.

Scatter a few around and your house will soon look suitably haunted.

Your man will love helping you do this and giving any Trick or Treaters a proper fright!

This stylish skull is 7 inches deep, 5 inches wide and has the ideal spooky look to make any visitors jump.

12. This handcrafted statue is nice


Kiss of Death

Although you are looking to give your house a scary makeover, why not add some romance too?

Your loved one will adore placing this statue on the coffee table to remind him how much he loves you.

Handcrafted and measuring 3 x 2 x 5.7 inches, it is the ideal size for any home.

13. This is probably the coolest candy bowl I have ever seen


Halloween Skull Candy Bowl

Does your man answer the door on Halloween but never have candy to hand to give out?

If so, this is the perfect décor idea to help him and make your house look suitably scary.

Weighing 2.4 pounds and with a brass colour finish, this can also be used to put terrifying dry ice on too.

14. This crawling out from the ground is spooky


Halloween Décor Groundbreaker Zombie

If you are planning a big Halloween party for friends, then give them something to think about as they come up your drive.

Handmade from weather durable plastic and fabric, it actually looks like a real zombie is escaping from the earth.

The details on the face are also really detailed for a true haunted feel.

15. Let's have a head in a jar


Head in a Jar

If you and your loved one like to have a real laugh scaring people when they come over, this is a great Halloween décor idea to buy.

The gross features look real and sturdy plastic jar make this a Halloween decoration that will make any house instantly more disturbing.

16. This 72-inch corpse is going to scare the sh*t out of me if it moves


72in Cocoon Corpse

Like some of the most gross horror films out there, this looks like a corpse wrapped in a cocoon.

72 inches high and 2 inches wide, it comes complete with all you need to hang it from your ceiling.

He will love putting this up and then surprising everyone as they walk into his darkened study!

17. Let's welcome your guest with this pose and stay skeleton


Crazy Bonez Pose-N-Stay Skeleton

Made from robust all-weather plastic and standing 60 inches tall, this will look equally good posing in your garden or welcoming visitors into your home.

Skeletons are great for instant Halloween scares and the ability this has to pose gives it added spookiness.

Once posed, the limbs lock into position so it stays put.

18. Check out this flaming light bulb with 4 modes of flames effect


LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

With excellent heat dissipation and 4 flame emulating modes, this bulb fits standard E26 screw hold fittings.

Giving a real flame effect without the worries of a real open flame fire, it will give your Halloween nights in extra cosiness.

Easy to fit and change, these are a great value way to decorate your home for Halloween.

Have you decorated your house?

When it comes to Halloween décor then sometimes it is much easier and straightforward to buy it.

Although making DIY decorations is fun, you sometimes just don’t have the time or material.

The above are some great ways to give your home a haunted makeover this Halloween.

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