27 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples (Especially #4 #8 and #16)

If you are getting ready for Halloween, then you need a funny or spooky costume.

To really look amazing, why not consider Halloween costume ideas for couples?

Getting into costume together is the best way to celebrate Halloween with your loved one.

Here are some great ideas for Halloween costumes that you can both enjoy!

1. That's my favorite breakfast

halloween-costume-ideas-for-couples-peanut butter

Peanut Butter And Jelly Couple Costume

If you want a costume for Halloween that will really cause a stir, I think this is it!

Made from 100% polyester, this has two wearable tunics in the shape of pieces of toast with jelly or peanut butter on.

Comfy to wear, you will enjoy making anyone who comes to the door on Halloween laugh with these.

2. The perfect snacks combo


Perfectly Paired Wine And Cheese Set

The ideal costume for the food loving man in your life, this set has a foam wine bottle for him to slip on and a foam cheese wedge for you to try out.

Complete with a fun oversize foam cheese knife, these costumes are hand washable along with being made from 100% polyester.

3. Let's be a vampire


Black Cape Deluxe Halloween Costume

Nothing says Halloween like vampires! Get into the swing of the season with this his and hers vampire costume set.

Halloween costume ideas for couples don’t come more alluring or wearable than this.

With a 41-inch deluxe cape included for both of you, this could see his seductive side come out in the bedroom later.

4. Be an Egyptian King and goddess


Egyptian Goddess and Egyptian King

Why not try something different to impress when out this Halloween?

You will look amazing when you head to a family Halloween party in these costumes.

The 100% polyester Goddess costume comes with a belt and collar while he will love feeling powerful with the included Eye of Horus necklace.

5. Be a Bacon, be an egg


Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume

If your man is a joker, then he will enjoy wearing these costumes on Halloween.

16 inches high, the top-class design includes a pull-on closure for ease of use.

Fully hand washable, they are simple to take care of to use again next year.

Whether you are the bacon or the egg, you will both look great.

6. Soap and Loofah!


Soap Loofah Bubbles

If you want unique Halloween costume ideas for couples then why not try these out?

You get two costumes in this set – a funny bar of soap one for him and sexy bubbly loofah one for you.

Ideal for some naughty Halloween fun when he gets home, the one size will fit all and there are even 10 balloons included.

7. Be a gangster tonight


Shop Women's and Shop Men's

Halloween costumes aren’t all about werewolves and witches!

To help you both stand out when you go into town on Halloween, put these gangster outfits on.

Both look amazing and will make you feel like Bonnie and Clyde.

With included extras like toy guns and stylish hats, this will make your night go with a bang.

8. How about a Gatsby Couple?


Shop Women's and Shop Men's

If you plan on throwing a lavish Halloween party at your house, why not play the perfect 1920’s style hosts?

Comfy to wear and very stylish, the women’s dress even has sequins on to make you look even more fabulous.

He will love hanging out by the drinks in his costume and looking suave.

9. Mummy


Shop Women's and Shop Men's

Is there a more classic Halloween costume for couples than the Mummy?

Make sure he has something to scare Trick or Treaters in with this dry clean only second skin costume with concealed bum bag.

The women’s costume is equally amazing as it is made from super-wearable polyester with cool leg-warmers.

10. Ninja


Shop Women's and Shop Men's

Super trendy Halloween costume ideas for couples get an Oriental twist with these Ninja suits.

He will love dressing up in his for a Halloween night in with its Golden Dragon emblem and face mask.

The chances are he will also go crazy for the costume you have on with its sexy cat-suit design.

11. Spiderman


Shop Women's and Shop Men's

Does your man like to really get into the spirit of Halloween each year?

If so, make sure that this year is the best ever with this Spiderman set of costumes.

The super clingy women’s version can go to 4 times its length while his ultra-realistic Spandex costume will make him your very own superhero.

12. Let's go handcuff your friend


Shop Women's and Shop Men's

Make sure you both feel safe enough to deal with anything when out on Halloween night with these SWAT costumes.

The figure-hugging women’s version will make any women look amazing with its hand wash, polyester/spandex design.

The male costume is easy to wear with its pull-on closure and will make him feel like the toughest cop around when out in it.

13. Any travel lover here?


Tacky Traveler Adult Costume

If you are planning on travelling this Halloween, make it a bit more fun with these costumes!

He will love wearing these together when at the airport or train station to get some attention.

The costumes are hoop waisted and come with an Hawaiian shirt jumpsuit.

14. Here is another vampire costume


Shop Women's and Shop Men's

Let’s face it – you can never have too much choice when it comes to Halloween outfits.

In a gothic, ‘Interview with a Vampire’ style, your loved one will feel like a Hollywood star when he puts this on.

You will also love the seductive aura that the woman’s costume gives with its black & white detail.

15. Let's be a crybaby


Cry Baby Bodysuit Costume

If your other half finds Halloween too scary to enjoy then hide away for the night in these funny costumes.

Coming with attached bib and bonnet, he will be laughing so much when you wear them that Halloween will not be so terrifying.

16. This is SPARTA!


Shop Women's and Shop Men's

If your man hits the gym a lot to stay in shape, then he will love dressing up as a Spartan warrior with you.

You will also adore the way the Spartan Queen’s costume makes you feel powerful.

Both come with added extras like an armband and tunic to give that authentic ancient world look.

17. Red Riding Hood


Shop Women's and Shop Men's

If you want to spice up your Halloween night, then these costumes are ideal.

The woman’s Red Riding outfit is super sexy and any man will love being the wolf who pursues her in it.

Both costumes are 100% polyester and easy to keep clean, ready for some naughty Halloween fun next year.

18.  A bunny and carrot?


Shop Bunny and Shop Carrot

If you have got friends coming over for a Halloween party, then why not host in these costumes?

He will love being the object of your attention in the carrot costume which is easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

Meanwhile, the 3 in 1 Bunny costume is perfect to stay warm in all-night long.

19. Wonder women and Superman


Shop Wonder Women Costume : Wonder Women Corset, Wonder Women Shield, Wonder Women Battle ShoesWonder Women TiaraWonder Women Sword

Shop Superman Costume : Man Of Steel

Why not go for the full superhero look this Halloween to fend off those evil spirits?

The Superman outfit boasts a built-in six pack which he will love showing off in at the office Halloween party.

The Wonder Woman corset will make a similar splash with its cute corset and eye-catching look.

20. Let's be a pirate


Shop Women's and Shop Men's

This is one of the best Halloween costume ideas for couples – your man will definitely enjoy getting all Jack Sparrow with friends at any Halloween party you go to.

The male outfit is dry clean only and made from 100% polyester for extra comfort.

The hand wash female costume looks amazing and will make any woman the queen of the seven seas.

21. Nightmare on Elm Street


Shop Women's

Shop Men's : Freddy Sweater, Freddy Krueger MaskFreddy Krueger GloveFreddy Krueger Fedora

If you and your man are film buffs, then you will enjoy wearing this classic costume set.

From the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, the man’s costume comes with gruesome mask and scary glove.

The woman’s hockey dress costume looks great and is in the classic Freddy colours.

22. How about a zookeeper and a monkey?


Shop Women's : Monkey Costume

Shop Men's : Zookeeper ShirtZookeeper Shorts

Surprise him when he comes home from work this Halloween with this costume set.

The super soft Monkey costume for women is like wearing the comfiest pyjamas you have and super snuggly.

The Zookeeper look that he will get from the durable work shirt with button up front pockets will be enough to have him trying to catch you until dawn.

23. Fallen Angel and Demon


Shop Women's and Shop Men's

If you really want to go a bit darker this Halloween, then these are the couple’s costumes to choose!

The Demon one for him is really scary and will be sure to make an impression if he goes out Trick or Treating.

The woman’ Fallen Angel costume has a sexier look with its mesh overlay design and black halo.

24. Have you seen the movie Moana?


Shop Women's and Shop Men's

If you want to feel like big film stars this Halloween, then why not buy these costumes?

The male one is made from cotton with light stretch fabric for ease of wear.

With vibrant Maui 3D tattoos printed on it, he will look amazing at your family Halloween party.

The female costume is made from stretchy material too and will fit heights up to 5 foot 9 inches.

25. Am I weird to like Siracha on the side with Tacos?


Shop Women's and Shop Men's

Make yourself look as hot as a bottle of Siracha with this costume set.

You can bet your man will enjoy you in this as much as you do! Made from 100% polyester with a pull-on closure, this is a great outfit to settle down for a film in on Halloween.

The Taco tunic for him is also made from polyester and looks totally authentic – just don’t eat him!

26. A Huntress and a "target" (pun intended)


Shop Women's and Shop Men's

Have you ever wanted to buy costumes that have him a willing target of your affections?

If so, Halloween costume ideas for couples don’t get better than this.

He will enjoy being pursued by you when wearing the cotton t-shirt with target symbol on.

The Huntress costumer included is 100% polyester and comes with all the accessories you need to hunt him down.

27. John Snow and Danaerys Targaryen


Shop Women's and Shop Men's

If you both enjoy Game Of Thrones then why not spend this Halloween watching it as your favourite characters?

You will both love being able to pass the evening with even more interest when in these costumes.

The woman’s beautifully fitting cloak dress is pure Targaryen while the faux leather John Snow outfit will really impress.

Have you decided which costume to go wear?

If you are looking for Halloween costume ideas for couples to really stand out in then the above are amazing.

Whether it is a work’s party, a Halloween bash at friends, a night in together or a night out on the town, they will be sure to get you noticed.

The only hard bit is choosing which one to wear!

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