34 Best Gifts For Photography Enthusiast That's Not Expensive

We have put together a foolproof list of gifts for a photography enthusiast. Picture this: Your loved one opening their photography-themed gift and loving it. Oh snap! With this amazing list, it will be impossible to lose focus of what they really want.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Funny Photographer Coffee Mug

This mug is absolutely hilarious, and is bound to have your loved one in stitches once they open it! It’s durable ceramic construction makes it suitable for any activity or drink…indoor or outdoor, cold or hot! This is perfect for a stocking stuffer!Read More

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Your girlfriend will appreciate this bracelet

This beautiful charm bracelet is stainless steel, lead free, and nickel free. This sweet gift is perfect for any photography enthusiast who stands by their amazing work. A great choice for Christmas, birthdays, graduations, and pretty much any occasion, this gift is foolproof.Read More

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Photographer is going to love this t-shirt as a gift

This amazing T-shirt is lightweight, durable, and extremely soft! Coming in a variation of 5 different colours, this comedic and stylish shirt is the perfect gift for men, women, and kids! It’s impossible to go wrong with this one.Read More

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Inspirational Photography Quote Ceramic Mug

This mug is beautiful, durable, safe, and inspirational! Your favourite photographer will now have a favourite mug. Dishwasher and microwave safe, this gift is perfect for everyone and makes a great birthday, holiday, or mothers/fathers day gift!Read More

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This lens ball is a nice accessories for photographer

Polished perfectly, this crystal lens is top-notch because of its amazing light transmittance and refracting. This gift has been crafted out of a K9 crystal, making it 100% scratch and bubble free! Made for both beginners and professionals, the Lensball Pro makes a perfect gift for any photographer.Read More

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Capture Life Pendent Necklace

This gift is stainless steel and etched with a wonderful quote: “Capture Life!” This necklace is perfect for a graduation gift, birthday gift, or practically any occasion! The photography enthusiast in your life will love showing off this fantastic piece of jewelry.Read More

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This print is a nice gift for photography student

These amazing prints will add a vintage twist to any bedroom, office, kitchen , or workspace! These prints are authentic and printed on high quality paper that will last a lifetime. Any photographer with an eye for home decor will adore this gift.Read More

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Oh, Snap! Camera Mug

This mug is printed on what the highest quality HD ink that will never fade! This gift is microwave and dishwasher safe, and is painted with a beautiful print that your favourite photographer will love! This mug is bound to get some good use.Read More

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That's not a lens, it is a mug

This travel mug looks incredibly like a camera lens! Your photography enthusiast will be able to take this mug with them on the job, as it is designed to be leak-proof and includes a travel bag! The lens can be removed just like a real one, making this gift authentic and wonderfully unique! Read More

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That's a nice Christmas tree ornament

Jazz up the Christmas tree this year with this wonderful 2-pack of camera ornaments! They come in both classic silver and black camera, and a black digital camera! By giving them this gift, you will make some holiday memories that you will never forget. These fashionable ornaments can be used year after year!Read More

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Let them take great picture with this photography Prism

This gift is a premium grade glass prism that is perfect for photography. This prism is made from high-quality glass and is able to create stunning rainbows of light. It’s durability and lightweight nature makes it perfect for travel, and your favourite photographer won’t ever get enough! Read More

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Fabulous Photographer Wine Bottle Holder

This photography themed gift is absolutely perfect for a photographer. With an incredible level of detail, this artistic wine holder is designed to resemble a photographer taking a photo. This gift makes a great collectable and is a great way for your loved one to reflect their personality through the pieces in their home. Read More

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Camera shutter analog watch

This incredible watch has a unique camera dial, adding a little piece of them in their every day accessories! This watch is designed with Japanese quartz movement that provides very precise time keeping. The bold modern style is perfect for both men and women, and due to its durability they will be able to wear it every day!Read More

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Get this for a proud photographer

Their face when they see this incredible gift will be so priceless, you may have to snap a photo of it! This high-quality mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, and makes a perfect gift that your loved one will be able to use on and off the job. Make them laugh by choosing this comedic mug!Read More

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Vintage Camera Album

Why do photographers love photography in the first place? For the incredible finished product, or course! Give them a great place to display their amazing work with this vintage camera photo album. This gift is classy, made with leather, and is no question one of the most useful gifts for a photographer. Read More

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Vintage Camera Print Scarf Lightweight

These scarves are made of polyester and are super soft and lightweight! Available in 5 different colour variations, the photography enthusiast in your life will be able to sport this fashionable camera-print at any time, in any place.Read More

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This is a walking stick and also a camera monopod

This incredible, 2-in-1 gift is handcrafted in the USA using the reddish bark of sassafras. This walking stick is lightweight but durable, and comes equipped with a photography handle! If your favorite photographer loves to hike, this gift is a no-brainer! Read More

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Photographer Recycled Spark Plug Metal Sculpture

This gift is truly unique, as it’s made from recycled spark pugs and re-purposed metal, meaning that every sculpture is different! This gift is perfect for a photography enthusiast, and makes a stylish and sophisticated contribution to any room or office!Read More

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This necklace is a nice valentines gift for her

If you have someone in your life that adores photography, they will absolutely adore this crystal necklace as well! This camera pendant is simple, elegant, and sparkly, making it an incredible gift that a photography lover will love… and probably never take off! Read More

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Are they a photographer who have everything?

With this gift, people will be able to tell they love photography even in the bathroom! This toilet paper dispenser is high quality and adds an 80s feel to a bathroom, as it resembles a typical 80s polaroid camera. If they’re a true photography enthusiast, this gift is essential!Read More

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Looking for gifts for the photographer in your life?

This mug is stainless steel, and free from lead and cadmium. This mug makes the perfect gift for your favourite photographer because it is durable, useful, comedic, and stylish. Photographers will be able to use this amazing mug both on and off the job.Read More

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This funny sign for the photographer

This humorous sign will not rust and is made of high quality materials, so your loved one can hang it outside without worry. This makes the perfect gift for a photography enthusiast in your life with a funny bone! You can’t go wrong with this choice!Read More

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Retro Camera Pen Pencil Holder

This retro camera pen and pencil holder will even make work fun! This gift is great for organizing stationary and even small utensils, amping up your loved ones organization and style. The material is practically unbreakable and will look amazing on a desk or countertop.Read More

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Photographer street sign

This novelty sign makes a hip addition to any bedroom, office, bathroom or den. This sign is extremely durable and can be hung outside as well as inside and will still last for years. This one of a kind gift is perfect for a photography enthusiast. Read More

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Personalize your mom or girlfriend initial on this bracelet

This immaculate bracelet is silver plated and fashions a stunning camera charm with crystal embellishments. This gift is both beautiful and personal, as it can be customized with initials making a unique gift for the photographer in your life. Customizing this beautiful piece of jewelry is super easy, and worth it when you see the site on your loved ones face!Read More

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Life Is Like A Camera Inspirational Art Wall Plaque

This cute wall hanging is decorative and inspirational, making a perfect addition to any home or office. This plaque is hand finished, sturdy, and easy to hang. Make their heart melt a little with this wonderful gift.

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Get this beautiful leather camera strap for them

This camera strap is 100% premium dark leather and gives any camera a vintage quality your gift receiver will adore. The strap has been tightly weaved to provide optimal safety, and is durable, comfortable, and supportive of both the camera and the person behind it.Read More

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Shutter Huggers

These adorable shutter huggers are perfect for the person in your life who loves snapping pictures! The plush characters wrap around the sense of the camera, and are perfect for photographing children! The shutter huggers allow your hands to be free to stabilize and take the perfect photo.Read More

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Vintage Camera Bookend

This wonderful gift weighs 3.4 pounds and is made out of cold cast bronze! This vintage camera bookend makes a unique addition to the home or office of a photography lover that they will love. This is a highly detailed, good-quality, and handprinted gift they are sure to love.Read More

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Vintage Royal Wooden Slide Old Retro Camera

This one of a kind camera is an extremely rare find! The photography enthusiast in your life will go crazy for this authentic gift. The vintage camera stands 64” inches tall and makes an incredible decorative piece for the home, studio, or office!Read More

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The Photographer Figurine Comic Art Of Guillermo Forchino

This unique statue is created by the amazing sculptor Guillermo Forchino! The photographer in your life will adore this wonderful figurine made of poly stone. This amazing art piece will look good in any room!

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Let them feel nostalgic with this film camera

Do you miss the good old days when you would have a photo in your hands? No editing and effects. Instead of taking a million photos in a minute, you will take only one. But, you will treasure that moment forever. That’s what makes this gift perfect for anyone. It gives you the opportunity to cherish those unforgettable moments.Read More

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Does she love taking photos?

How about keeping her camera in this pun intended camera bag? I think this is a nice gift for your sister who is in her teen.

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