32 Useful Gift Ideas For Someone Going Travelling That They Absolutely Need

These gift ideas for someone going traveling is perfect for anyone with a case of wanderlust! If your loved one has been bitten by the travel bug then they’ll need some handy equipment to go with them on their journeys! Don’t worry… we have you covered.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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This is an useful gift for them to keep their important document safe

This tank top comes with 2 hidden pockets so your loved one will be able to travel without any worry! Fitting a passport, cash and credit cards, and phones, this gift is basically theft-proof! Your loved one is sure to appreciate the thought put into this gift. Read More

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This skinny wallet can hold up to 25 cards

This wallet is able to hold up to 25 cards, but you would never be able to tell! Constructed from thin, light, and durable nylon this item comes equipped with 3 card pockets, 2 hidden pockets, 1 clear ID pocket, and a billfold area…perfect for travellers!Read More

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Keep her belonging safe with this scarf

This gift isn’t just beautiful, but secretly functional as well! With a hidden zipper in this scarf your loved one will never worry about losing their items because they’ll always be close by, and they’ll be fashionable all at the same time! With countless colour combinations, this is truly gift worthy.Read More

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Weight their luggage to avoid paying overweight luggage penalty

Say good bye to baggage fees! This luggage scale is a convenient and easy way to weigh your bags before travelling! Your loved one who travels a lot definitely must have one of these to enjoy a stress free travel experience. Read More

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Long flight? This feet hammock will keep them comfortable

This brilliant gift will have them kicking their feet up… even in the confined space of a plane! This airplane footrest is made with thick memory foam that will make long plane rides much more relaxing and enjoyable for your loved one. It’s like sitting on a recliner! Read More

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Carry her hand carry easily with this bag

This bag is perfect for a weekend bag or for a carry on! This can hold anything from towels, makeup, electronics, and anything in between. This is a great option for the traveller in your life if they’re going on a short trip that only requires a few nights of packing. Read More

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Reduce wrinkle on their clothes with this packing folder

This is a wonderful organizer that can store up to 7 items and can easily fit into any carry on or suitcase. The design minimizes wrinkles, keeping your loved one’s clothes, documents, and anything they desire looking good as new all the time. Read More

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Traveling to somewhere cold? This cashmere will keep her warm

This sweater is absolutely luxurious and is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe! Made from 100% cashmere this multi use shawl is warm, soft, and smooth. With 7 ways to wear it, your travelling loved one will be able to wear this with many different outfits.Read More

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Looking for small gift ideas for someone going travelling?

This mini iron is an innovative addition to your loved ones travel essentials and features an anti-drip design to prevent spillage and harmful burns. They’ll never have to worry about wrinkly clothes on the go again.

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The perfect speaker for a road trip

This device is easy to set up and designed with high definition sound technology. All your loved one will have to do is pair their phone with the device and place it on the sun visor of a car and they will be able to listen to their favourite music while on the road! Read More

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Going for a weekend trip? Get this under seat luggage for them

This luggage is fashionable and convenient! This is an essential items for travellers and makes a fantastic carry on that your loved one can put under their seats. With many colours and fabrics to choose from, this is guaranteed to please the traveller in your life. Read More

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Nice gift ideas for someone who loves travelling and take photo

Instant film cameras are a very popular item among travellers! Your loved one will be able to take a photo and have it in their hands within seconds! This camera is great because it comes with a battery charger and carrying strap which makes it easy to bring everywhere!Read More

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Thats a cheap and useful travel wallet for someone who is travelling

This is a great wallet to carry around the airport that is safe and convenient! RFID blocking products are very important in modern day travel and will stop thieves from gaining access to a person’s credit cards. Your loved one will definitely need this in their travels.Read More

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This sandless blanket is a nice gift ideas for someone travelling to the beach

This beach blanket is a must have for travellers and beach goers! Using a new technology that combines both waterproof and sand free fabric that will shake sand right off easily and effortlessly! This will protect their bags and floors from becoming sandy, and makes a great picnic blanket! Read More

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Their card will slide out smoothly with a click of a button

This case is perfect for travellers and will protect your loved one’s cards from electronic thieves! The minimalist design of this case is easy to use and allows quick access to their cards. Choose from a variety of colours and you have the perfect gift!Read More

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They are going to love this scooter luggage

This bag is designed for multiple functions that your loved one will find useful. Every traveller needs a good bag they can bring as a carry on, and this foldable trolley bag is conveniently sized and saves plenty of time. When they’re not using it, they can fold the bag up to save some space!Read More

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There is so many function in this travel jacket

This jacket is essential for every traveller! with 23 pockets that are engineered to be as discreet as possible, your loved one will be able to carry all their valuables with them at all times. This jacket can even be turned into a vest and theres 6 colours to choose from! Read More

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The only 4 in 1 toiletries container that they need

This gift is practical and functional! This 4-in-1 organizer for all their toiletries is completely leak proof and optimizes space! Suitable for all liquids, your loved one will be able to refill this multiple times and take it on the go!Read More

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Every guy need this toiletry for traveling

This toiletry bag combines luxury, style, and utility. With leather and waterproof lining this basis almost indestructible. With 2 large compartments and zipped storage, this gift is a must have for the traveller in your life.Read More

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Travel belt for them to somewhere that need more precaution

This money belt keeps belongings safe and is comfortable as well! This belt also protects against electronic thieves by blocking all RFID transmissions. Choose from 6 beautiful colours of this well designed money belt and the traveller in your life will thank you! Read More

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The best travel pillow that you can get for traveller

This pillow is scientifically proven to provide much better neck support for upright sleeping! The unique design will relieve the traveller in your life from neck and back pain when they spend a lot of time on planes. This gift is also super soft and cozy which will keep them warm! Read More

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The most useful travel gift featuring 20 piece necessities for men

Send them off on their travels knowing that they have everything they will ever need! This travel kit somer with 20 pieces of essential travel sized toiletries and accessories for men. If they don’t know where to start when it comes to packing, then they’re sure to appreciate this gift.Read More

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Let's get a sunglasses for them

Sunglasses are an essential part of a wardrobe, rain snow or shine! Your loved one will be so excited about receiving a pair of Ray Bans as a gift. You can choose from a variety of different styles and colours to make sure you choose the perfect gift for them!Read More

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Keep her jewellery organize with this travel case

If they’re going to be travelling for a long time, than they might want to bring a lot of jewelry with them! To keep it all organized and safe is a concern of many, but this foldable jewelry case comes to the rescue! Lightweight with storage for all kinds of jewelry, this gift is ideal for travellers. Read More

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Want to travel with your favourite jewellery?

Whether or not to travel with jewelry is always a popular discussion among travelers. This gift will allow your loved one to travel with their favourite pieces while remaining organized… and fashionable! The simple and delicate design makes it very easy to carry wherever and its durability makes it equipped for anything. Read More

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Keep them safe with this portable door lock

This gift will make them feel extra safe everywhere they go. This portable door lock can be installed in seconds without any tools, and adds a sense of security in even the most unfamiliar of places. This is great for travellers staying in short term rentals and hostels. Read More

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Mini portable charger that pack a lot of battery

There’s nothing worse than running out of charge on your phone when you are out and about travelling! This mini portable charger is one of the smallest and lightest of its kind with ultra compact high speed charging! This is a must have gift for travellers everywhere.Read More

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Jacket that packed with lots of function

This lightweight jacket is breathable, quick drying, water and stain resistant, and has 22 pockets! Its weight management system allows you to load all the pockets with various items and balances the weight load across the entire garment, so your loved one will not experience any back or lack pain!Read More

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This smart voice translator is going to help a lot

This translator device is a 2 way translator for the 70 major languages! The large touchscreen provides easy readability and the audio can be replayed as well. Your loved one will find this gift handy when travelling to foreign countries with a language barrier, and will make their days easier.Read More

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Track their luggage with this luggage finder

This luggage tracker device is a wonderful gift for them! The tracker tag which can be placed within their baggage can connect to their smartphone through an app that will show them the exact whereabouts of their luggage nearby. If the luggage is out of safe distance, they will be alerted!Read More

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This belt will keep his money hidden

If you or your loved one has a few fears about going travelling, then you are not alone! Many travellers have faced problems to do with theft when out and about in the world, which is why we have a solution! This belt will keep your loved one’s money hidden and they will be able to travel worry free.Read More

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