51 Unique Geeky Gifts For Him And Her That They Will Absolutely Love

Well help you find the perfect gift for your loved one with this list of 50+ geeky gifts for him and her. We have everything geeky you will ever need, ranging from star wars items, game of thrones items, science-related gifts, star trek products and so much more. Channel your inner geek and buy them a present that is sure to impress!

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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Binary Wrist Watch

The binary clock displays the time in the language of computers- the binary system! Containing only ones and zeros, your geeky pal with have a great time trying to figure out how to read it! This can also be easily transformed into the real numerical system as they’re learning.Read More

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That's one funny gift for the geek

This is a great gift for a geek who loves to work on various projects! This shirt is 100% cotton and very lightweight, making for a contemporary fit that will look incredible on them!

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They are going to find this torch ligh useful

The Minecraft geek in your life will absolutely adore this wall torch that looks exactly like the torches from the game! Able to be hung on a wall, or sit on a table, this will make incredible geeky decor in any way, shape and form.Read More

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Any geek who loves pirate?

Pirates are from a fascinating time period that many geeks know and love! So why not get them their very own pirate sword? The handle is made from black finished steel with a cord wrap and the dual blade is a sharp saw back!Read More

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Let the geek have a good laugh

This is a comedic gift for any geek in your life, especially those who love playing games and watching their favourite flicks! This mug will definitely get lots of laughs and is a great way for them to enjoy their morning coffee.Read More

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Any geek who is a harry potter fans?

This is a one of a kind deluxe keepsake for the through-and-through Harry Potter fan! This magical set includes the entire quidditch game accessories, such as the quaffle, bludgers, a snitch, and ever a full poster!Read More

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Chewbaca Seatbelt Shoulder Cover Pad

This is the ultimate gift for a star wars lover, as they will be able to decorate their car with references to their favourite franchise! This Chewy seatbelt cover comes with a velcro strap for easy installation and made from ultra soft wookiee fur.Read More

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Erase Whiteboard Refrigerator Magnets

This will turn any kitchen into a comedic, geeky space! The large scale magnets are completely removable and fit on refrigerators of all sizes! The dry erase whiteboard is great for keeping them on track and washes right off!Read More

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Pew Pew Funny T-shirt

This T-Shirt is a funny option for a star wars lover. Referencing the sounds of the ever famous light sabre, the design of this shirt is sure to receive a few chuckles. This is a great option if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer!Read More

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i think this measurement cup is a nice gift for geek who bake

R2-D2 is willing to help you once again! This time, his body is constructed from 4 measuring cups, and his arms turn into measuring spoons of various sizes! Baking has never been more fun!

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Glowing Chameleon Lamp

This electronic glowing chameleon lamp matches the colour of whatever it sits on! All your loved one will have to do is give it a squeeze and it will pause on its current colour. With a soft vinyl construction, this gift will light a glow in their hearts.Read More

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Alien Chestburster Plush To

This plush toy is an exactly sized replica or the original Aliens Chestbuster, so our loved one will feel like they are cuddling the real thing! Constructed with smooth valour, this toy includes a wire channel on the inside that allows it to be posed in various positions.Read More

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Brain Specimen Coasters

This set of 10 coasters are printed with high quality images of brain slices! If these coasters are stacked in the correct order they will form the image of an entire brain! These come equipped with rubber feet to protect all surfaces.Read More

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LED Potion Desk Lamp

This colour changing LED lamp is perfect for chemistry geeks! Tap the base to change colours between red, green, yellow and blue light or opt for a rainbow gradual fade! This makes an incredible night light and will look good in a bedroomRead More

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Alien Facehugger Plush Toy

This plush is made from the highest quality materials for supreme softness! This adorable little guy is perfect for the geeky kid, and will wrap his fingers around their wire hand and never let go!

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Yoda Ceramic Drinking Mug

Everyone needs a ceramic tiki mug, and now there’s a yoda one for your special  someones enjoyment! This geeki tiki will allow them to feel as powerful as the famous jedi master, and they will be the talk of the party!Read More

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Dungeon Corridor Infinity Mirror

This gift is the perfect way to transform any room into a medieval dungeon! Perfect as desk of wall decor, this infinity mirror makes it seem like you are in an infinite dungeon corridor lined with illuminated torches!Read More

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Kids are going to love this lunch box

They’ll be the coolest person in the class (or office… there’s no age limit on these things!) with this remarkable poke ball lunch box! Perfect for every pokemon trainer, this item includes a push-bottom release lid and made from quality materials.Read More

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looking for a geek gift for your dad?

It will be like they are drinking from a pewter tankard all the time! Bring Oktoberfest to every day life wit this easy to hold 12 ounce can, perfect for any beverage! Give it as a fathers day, mothers day, or birthday gift!Read More

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They are going to find this flash light very useful

This LED flashlight is just as functional as it is stylish and fun to use! The mighty mini is expertly detailed and comes with moveable handles. Press the button on the top to watch Wheatley's blue eye come to life!Read More

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This backpack is such a nice gift for kids

Zelda forever! Your loved one, big or small, will be able to protect their belongings with this Hylian Shield backpack! Fun and functional, this bag is authentically designed and even includes a sheath!

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Add this Assassin's Creed axe to his collection

Whether your loved one is an avid cosplayer, or an experienced/starting out collector, this gift is an incredible gift that they will cherish. The tomahawk replica from Assassin’s creed will give them the power to do anything!Read More

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Game of Throne Stark Shield Backpack

Your loved one will be protected wherever they go with this Stark shield backpack! The shield is hard modelled on the front and the backpack is a durable faux leather strap with metal buckles that will ensure it lasts a lifetime.Read More

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Starcraft Protoss Pylon Desktop Power Station

This power station us compatible with anything that charges via USB and provides 2 Usb ports. This pylon power station replica is beautiful and lights up, so the geek in your life will adore using it!

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Let them assemble this tank!

Does the geek in your life love to fix things, assemble things, and figure out where pieces are meant to go? This Siege edition tank is an incredible and satisfying build, and offers step-by-step images if your loved one needs some extra help.Read More

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Mother of Dragons Insulated Travel Tumbler

This is a perfect game of thrones themed mothers day gift! Get your mom this amazing mother of dragons travel tumbler that is double-wall vacuum sealed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks chilly as ever!

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Freddy Fazbear Pizza Kit

Five Nights and Freddy’s is incredibly popular, and can now be brought into the kitchen with this pizza kit! Including an apron, pizza cutter, pizza pan and a Freddy Fazbear pizza box, this gift makes for great family fun!Read More

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Arkham Knight Statue

Know a video game enthusiast? This DC comics Arkham knight statue is unique and incredibly detailed and comes with a multi-piece base allowing them to customize the display. This figure comes with a camouflaged bodysuit, armoured extremities, and batman-aspired helmet.Read More

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Storm Trooper Statue

Every star wars fan has wanted to be a storm trooper at one point in their lives! Allow them to decorate their home or living space with this incredible statue, including multiple arm parts to change up the display in 3 different poses!Read More

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Get this chopstick for your geeky dad

This gift is super cool and can be incredibly personal. If your loved one is a huge fan of both star trek AND Japanese food, than the Sushi set is the perfect choice of gift. Modelled to look just like the U.S.S. Enterprise, this gift includes a wooden sushi plate, chop sticks, and soy sauce dish.Read More

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Get this oven mitt for your mom who cook

Get this gift for your mom, dad, friend or other family member that loves the world of star trek! They’ll be able to cook and move hot dishes with Dr. Spock’s trademark Vulcan grip!

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That's a lunch cooler

This lunch cooler is bound to get a few laughs! This is great for anyone who loves the world of medicine, or any form of doctor/hospital drama on television! They will have the coolest lunch begin the office or class!Read More

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Make delicious waffle with this waffle maker

Allow your favourite star wars geek to amp up their breakfast game! This death star waffle maker will allow them to make the most evil breakfast in all the galaxy! The non-stick technology will make breakfast easier than ever.Read More

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i think your boyfriend is going to love this door chime

This motion sensitive door chime is modelled after the communicator panels on the original series of star trek! This electronic gift is a must have for any star trek geek, as it is an officially-licensed collectable!Read More

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They are going to love this Star Trek Pizza cutter

With a body made from solid zinc-alloy and chromium plated, and a blade of stainless steel, this pizza cutter is out of this world! In the shape of the famous U.S.S. Enterprise, this gadget is on a mission to explore new pizzas!Read More

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Color Changing Potion Bottle Night Light

Does your special someone have a knack for Minecraft? This night light is a wonderful gift for adults and children alike who can’t get enough of the Minecraft world. This potion bottle can change between 8 different colours!Read More

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Magnetic Levitating Levitate 3D Skull

This gift is a definite conversation starter and will add some magic to your loved ones home! This levitating skull is lit with LED, making an eerie sort of night light. Defy gravity and give them something that wows them!Read More

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Geeks is going to love this dragon bookend

Add some personal touches to their office or home library with this incredible gift! These winged dragons climb heavy stones to protect their books and collectables in a gothic-style way that will please them.

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Critical Hit D20 Ceramic Mug

Get the science geek in your life a mug that they will be able to use and enjoy every day! Made from high quality ceramic and designed to look just like D20, this is a wonderful option for fathers day, mothers day, holidays or birthdays!Read More

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Your dad is going to love this Star Wars multi tool

Get your geeky dad the ultimate fathers day gift with this millennium falcon tool kit! This gift includes 4 hex keys, 2 screw drivers and an adjustable wrench. This gift his also officially licensed star wars merchandise!Read More

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Propel Star Wars Quadcopter

The star wars quadracopter can reach flying speeds up to 35 miles per hour! This gift is hand painted and can battle up to 12 star wars quadracopters at once! Get your star wars geek this amazing replica and watch them have endless fun.Read More

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Game of Thrones Viserion Dragon Egg Replica

This replica is authentic and detailed, ensuring amazing quality! A game of thrones geek will go absolutely nuts for this dragon egg replica! This gift will make a great decor item in any lounge room, bedroom, or den.Read More

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Schrodingers Cat Executive Decision Maker

Is the loveable geek in your life a little indecisive? Schrodinger’s Cat will help them make some tough decisions and give them the answers that they seek! All they have to do is ask the cat a yes or no question, slide open the door and receive their answer.Read More

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Are they Assassin's Creed fans?

This replica of aguilar’s hidden blade will make the assassins creed geek in your life very happy. This gift includes a retractable 8-inch stainless steel blade that is extremely detailed. The leather gauntlet has a classic woven pattern and this whole gift comes with a certificate for authenticity.Read More

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Star Wars R2-D2 Car Charger

R2-D2 is here to help you, wherever and wherever you are! Buy your loved one this amazing star wars car charger so they can have their favourite little helped wherever they go. He rotates his head, bloops and bleeps, and lights up!Read More

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Get your geeky husband this dragon skull

This gift is a guaranteed win for anyone who loves science, game of thrones, and medieval times enthusiasts! Intricately sculpted with high attention to detail, this dragon head fossil is huge and can be displayed indoors or outdoors.Read More

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Game of Thrones Sigil Tankard

Does your special someone have a love of the hit television show game of thrones? Than this mug is absolutely perfect for them. Hand painted and 100% officially licensed, this gift is the real deal.

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Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker

This gift is extremely impressive… even for someone as smart as your loved one! The high quality speaker floats above a magnetic base, alluding a magical yet science-based quality. With lights for visual aesthetic, this will look amazing in any room.Read More

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Full Scale Prop Replica AVP Predator Helmet

This mask is completely custom and made from high quality fibreglass. Strong, durable and lightweight, this is a perfect gift for someone who likes to dress up and also makes a wonderful collectors item!

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Enterprise Replica Bluetooth Speaker

Is your loved one a star trek geek? This gift is perfect for them, as it is not only star trek-related, but highly useful as well! This amazing replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise will knock their socks off, and its high quality speaker will be music to their ears… literally!Read More

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