26 Unusual Gift Ideas For Military Boyfriend That Keep Him Alive

These gifts ideas for your military boyfriend will win his heart! It can be difficult to choose the perfect gift for someone a gift that incorporates their interests and hobbies while still being touching and personal. Take a scroll through this list we put together to find a gift that both of you will love.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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U.S. Army Stainless Steel Flask

This flask is perfect for your military boyfriend, as it’s not only useful but eloquently designed! Plated with the United States Army insignia, this is a great themed gift that is an absolute win.

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Let him come home safe with this wallet insert

This gift is personal and touching. This wallet insert is made of stainless steel and will fit perfectly into any wallet. Show him that you are always around to support him in all his military endeavors.

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This is a good gift for army soldier to kill their time

These card set is special edition and includes four decks of Artisan playing cards! The case is incredibly detailed and makes it easy to transport and protect these cards. Give something to take up his time and a fun game to play with his buddies. Read More

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This is such an unique gift for your boyfriend in army

This unique sculpture of a military army tank is made entirely out of bullet shell casings! With a stunning brass finish on each one, this will look amazing in his office, living room, or pretty much anywhere in his home! Read More

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Silver Patron Saint Michael Army Medal Pendant

Protect him always with this Saint Michael pendant made of silver and hung on a stunning chain. This gift is engraved beautifully with the United States Army logo and will look wonderful around his neck or around his wrist. Read More

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Your army boyfriend is going to find this gift unusual

This gift will have your boyfriend “locking and loading” his favourite pens! This pen holder and paper weight is shaped just like a revolver’s gun cylinder and therefore makes a one of a kind gift for your military man. This is perfect for his office! Read More

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Protect him with this wall cross

This gift is the perfect combination of military and faith. If your man is one of God, than this United States Army wall cross with a flag and stars is a beautiful way to honor both his national pride and spirituality.

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Looking for a funny army gift for your boyfriend?

This is a fantastic way to show your boyfriend how much you adore being the partner of a serviceman. This ceramic mug holds 11 ounces, is durable, and adds some comedy to his morning coffee or tea.

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Let's get your boyfriend an gun poster

This poster is both decorative and educational! Outlining the evolution of the gun through 108 hand-drawn pictures, any military man, history lover, or gun enthusiast will love studying and decorating with this poster.

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Let him enjoy his favourite whiskey with this gift

This gift is perfect if the military man in your life enjoys the taste of a good scotch, whiskey, or bourbon. The set includes 6 handcrafted granite round chilling rocks that will cool down his shirts without watering them down, as well as 2 premium crystal glasses. Read More

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Let him keep his important stuff in this Medallion box

This box is perfect for him to keep his valuables in. This gift is padded with felt on the bottom for protection and includes a brass lock and key. As a bonus, this medallion box comes with a marine corps medallion that he will love. Read More

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Armor Of God Roman Soldier

This gorgeous, one of a kind figurine is incredibly detailed and depicts authentic biblical armour. If the military man in your life is also a man of God, than this gift is perfect for him as it is engraved with Ephesians 6:13-17 verses 14-17 on the back of the soldiers cape. Read More

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Let this gold pendant protect him

This badge is available in solid 14 karat yellow or white gold, as well as sterling silver. Saint Micheal is the saint of protection, making this a wonderful gift for the military man in your life. He can take it with him wherever he goes. Read More

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Let's get this as a Christmas gift for army boyfriend

There is no glass more unique with this one. Whether your military boyfriend likes spirits or not, this glass is one of a kind and is bound to put a smile on his face. Made with a real solid copper bullet, this is a statement piece that will get a lot of attention. Read More

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I think he is going to like this money clip

This is no ordinary money clip. With a stunning bronze finish and elegant engraving, this detailed US army logo clip is the perfect gift for your military boyfriend who has style!

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Your army boyfriend is going to love this sunglasses

These classic sunnies will protect his eyes in immaculate style! Ray Ban has made these famous aviators for ages and its about time your military boyfriend has a pair of his own. Pick from a variety of colours and this gift is one for the books! Read More

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American Soldier Beer Glasses with Logo

These mugs are strong and sturdy… just like your man! featuring a stylish creative design to honor those who serve, this beer mug makes a gift that the military guy in your life will love! Get one or get a set of 2, 4, 6 or 12! Read More

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US army Zippo lighters

These zippo lighters are perfect for the military man in your life and will give him some wonderful nostalgia of times with his pals! The windproof design works under almost any conditions and the casing comes in a huge variety of designs for you to choose from! Read More

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That's a nice Christmas gift ideas for an army boyfriend

This wooden wall plaque is perfect for a military boyfriend! With the stunning emblem of the U.S.A. army carved magnificently into this amazing piece, this gift is truly a win!

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Sweet valentines gift ideas for army boyfriend that remind him he is a hero

Give him this stunning and one of a kind art piece as a gift to show how much you appreciate all that he is done! This piece combines words and phrases that personify the United States Army that will remind him that he is a true hero. Read More

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Army Soldier Honor and Courage Statue

This is a perfect way to show your military boyfriend how much you appreciate his service for your beautiful country. This ring is fantastically crafted, overlain with high quality white gold, and fits smooth and comfortable upon his finger. Read More

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Let's get this ring for your army boyfriend on valentines day

This blanket is ultra soft and ultra luxurious! There is no better way for your boyfriend to show his national pride than with this stunning, high quality American flag blanket that he can use to keep warm in any room of the house. Read More

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This blanket will keep your army boyfriend warm and comfy

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Keep his emergency gun in this secret cabinet

Made in Wisconsin, this creative, modern metal wall piece is perfect for a military boyfriend with a lot of national pride! This will show off his love for the U.S.A. perfectly in any living room, bedroom, or office. What’s even better is it can be used to store things secretly! Read More

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Your boyfriend is going to love this statue

This statue is not only perfect for a military man, but will add some personal style to his home as well. This statue is made of durable resin and hand painted and polished. The sculpture features a geared soldier ready for a night mission!Read More

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