31 Holy Gift Ideas For Church Members Won't Make Them Lose Faith

These gift ideas for church members will help you to find the perfect religious gift for your loved one. If your sibling, family member, friend or co-worker is a Christian, then these beautiful, sacred gifts will touch their hearts and leave them speechless.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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Bless the church member with this mug

This touching mug reads a blessing- you are a blessing to so many people. Show your loved one how much you appreciate them and love all that they do with this beautifully illustrated ceramic mug.

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Cross Leather Bracelet

It can be hard to find a religious gift for a teenage boy that sticks with his personal style. This Leather bracelet offers the perfect gift option as it is a great expression of one's faith while still remaining simple ad easy to wear.Read More

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Inspirational Bible Verse Christian Bracelets

This gift is the perfect option for confirmation or baptism. In popular rose gold material, choose from a variety of inspirational, sweet religious quotes that they will now be able to carry with them wherever they go.

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I think this is a good gift ideas for new church members

This crucifix is beautifully styled and will add some religious energy to any wall it hung upon. In traditional Celtic style and made from walnut wood, your loved one will adore the quality and design.

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Holy Family Set Figurines

This figurine is perfect for that person with the best nativity set and loves to decorate for the holidays. This poly-resin statue features Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, and an angel. This is perfect for Christmas, or any time of year for that matter!Read More

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Our Lady of Grace Madonna Icon Statue

This is a beautiful and elegant way to provide their rosaries with a place to rest. This Madonna is made of white porcelain and is posed in prayer, providing your loved one with a sense of calm and faithfulness.

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This can be a nice father's day gift for church members

If our loved one is a true Man of God then this mug is the perfect way to prove it! This gorgeous blue mug with tan trim is inscribed with many inspiring quotes and a beautiful cross.

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Madonna Rosary Holder

Who better to look after a rosary than mother may herself? This Madonna holder is 8 inches tall and offers the perfect religious display that will look amazing in any prayer room, bedroom, or living space.

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This bracelet can be a nice Mother's day gift ideas for church members

This gift is a wonderful option for Mothers day, birthdays or holidays if your loved one is a churchgoer. With indulgent hues of blue and highly detailed religious charms, she will not be able to peel her eyes away.

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This could be a good gifts for church board members

This cross is the real deal and perfect for a church member. This sculpture is designer inspired and made from genuine crystal, equipped with sunburst wedge cuts that will emit rays or rainbow whenever it catches the light.Read More

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Looking for valentine gifts for church members?

This rosary is one of the most beautiful that there is. It is handmade from natural gold and includes polished amethyst, the stone of healing and clarity. The highlight of this piece is the Mary and Jesus medal that is made in Italy!Read More

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Holy Family Triptych Figurine

A triptych is a very famous art form and displays used far back by Roman Catholics. This particular work of art is hand painted and displays the holy Christian family. This would look perfect on top of a piano or side table!Read More

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The church choir members is going to love this musical box

This music box is inspired by church windows, as it features a dazzling stained glass image of our lady of grace on the top of it. This box will keep their jewelry and other items safe and secure and will delight them by playing the tune Ave Maria.Read More

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This tote bag is a nice father's day gift ideas for church members

This zippered tote bag is absolutely perfect if you are looking for a classy church-related gift for your father, son, or friend. This sleek case is made from thick sturdy felt that is biodegradable, lightweight, and soft to the touch.Read More

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Flameless Angel Candles

This set of 3 glitter dusted ivory angels have a glowing warm white LED in each of them. This will add some Christian character to any side table or holiday display, lighting up any season and home.

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Looking for easter gift ideas for church members?

This is a perfect casual gift that still keeps in touch with the religious theme. Made from ultra comfortable material to create a lightweight and relaxed fit, this faith t shirt comes in various colours and will please your loved one. Read More

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Cross Bracelet Religious Cuff Bangle

This is a great casual gift that would be perfect inside a Christmas stocking. This item is endowed with Saint Benedict crucifix and medals. They will feel blessed wherever it hangs- perhaps in a window or in the car.

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Let's get this gift for their home

This hand-painted resin angel figurine with wire wings is the perfect way to commemorate any religious milestone. The pose of the angel represents love, closeness, healing, courage, and hope.

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This is a nice gift for everyone in the Church

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Saint Michael the Archangel Holy Figurine

This gift is a great option if you are looking to give your loved one a little religious inspiration. With great detail, design, and craftsmanship, this resin figurine of Saint Michael will look great in a collection or standing on its own!Read More

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Is that church member a pastor?

Pastors like to giggle a little too! This mug is the perfect comedic gift to give to your paster that will make him chuckle every time he enjoys his morning cup of joe. Show your appreciation for all that he does!

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This is a great small gift for church members

This is a beautiful gift that any churchgoer will love and get a lot of use out of, cradling a battery operated LED candle this gift will add the perfect spiritual decorative touch to any indoor or outdoor space.

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There is bible pages inside this ornament

Keep Christmas time holy with this one of a kind tree ornament that will win over their hearts. This clear crystal glass globe is filled with rescued antique bible pages to make a spiritual and recycled Christmas gift.

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Handcraft Olive Wood Crucifix

Getting your loved one a cross is always a great gift, but if you are looking for something a bit more unique than this gift is the best of both worlds. Made from olive wood and adorned with the Our Father prayer, this handcrafted cross is a spiritual gift that will withstand time.Read More

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Let them keep their faith in this trinket box

Engraved with the image of Archangel Michael, this incredibly detailed box is the perfect way for a churchgoer to keep their treasures safe. Archangel Michael is the saint of protection, so they will always be able to trust that their items are safe. Read More

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Custom Bible Cover

Personalized gifts are the best, and definitely the most sentimental. Customize this incredible bible cover to make a unique and thoughtful communion, confirmation, or baptism gift that can be cherished forever.

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Bless them with this gift ideas for church members

This hand painted figurine will remind the church goer in your life how important it is to look within themselves and search for peace. This gift supports and encourages hope and healing, and can be added to any display or sit on its own. Read More

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Trinity Dove Wall Plague Statue

This gift is perfect for confirmations, baptisms, communions and weddings! This holy spirit of God 7 inch wall plaque is a remarkable keepsake and will look lovely in any room.

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Lady of Grace Figurine

This is the perfect gift for someone with great faith. Mary, Mother of Jesus, is known as our lady of grace. Your loved one will be protected and reminded to go through life gracefully and kindly overtime they see this figurine. Read More

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Handmade Sterling Silver Wire Aquamarine Beads Rosary Cross Necklace

This rosary is one of the most stunning of its kind. Made from genuine aquamarine beads and shining sterling silver, this gift is handmade with loving hands. As a bonus, this gift comes in a perfect gift box.

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