100 Meaningful Date Ideas That Bring Lots Of Fun

Finding that special someone to love usually involves dating. Arranging to meet someone and enjoy a night out (or in!) together let's you see if they are right for you.

They can also be great fun too! These meaningful date ideas are great if you can’t think of somewhere unique or different to go to.

Use our superb date ideas to make sure all your dates are memorable for the right reasons.

Here is one useful dating advice from Keiza Noble,

"A great idea for a date would be to go for dinner somewhere that has a side order of entertainment.

Whether it be a cabaret show, a stand up comedy, a magic show or a belly dancing performance.

Having a situational conversation point can really help to take the strain out of constantly keeping the conversation flowing.

So not only will it be an enjoyable and fairly unique experience, it will also help to eliminate those uncomfortable silences, which as a result will relax you and your date, so that you can both be yourselves and enjoy the moment"

Kezia Noble, Attraction and Dating expert for men

date ideas

1. Tell a funny story to crack them up
2. DIY your room
3. Let's have a sing-along
4. Go to Farmer's market and get some fresh food
5. Visit a jazz club and enjoy the vibe
6. Play games
7. Practice makeup on him
8. Check out independent band concert
9. Learn about your family trees
10. Check out a beautiful scenery
11. Learn new instrument together
12. Eat your favorite ice cream
13. Take a dance class
14. Go to a street fair
15. Take a hike
16. Play paintball
17. Visit a puzzle room
18. Go for a walk at a nearby garden
19. Visit a dog park and make friends with cute doggy
20. A picnic on a beautiful Sunday evening
21. Have a photoshoot session with each other
22. Go for a boat ride
23. Be a tourist at the place that you live
24. Dress up for each other
25. Have a deep conversation
26. Talk about your dream
27. Have a weekend trip somewhere nearby
28. Learn to make a cocktail
29. Go Ice skating
30. Go fishing
31. Make new recipes that you always afraid to try
32. Volunteer to help an animal shelter
33. Go to an antique store
34. Visit a museum and see the painting that you don't understand
35. Hunting for interesting street art
36. See a comedy show and have a good laugh
37. Save up and go to a fine dinner
38. Have a silly competition. Eating watermelon contest.
39. Visit your old school
40 Visit the place where you first met
41. How about babysitting together
42. Draw each other
43. Spend a quiet night by the fireplace
44. Brew your own beer
45. Let's go shopping
46. Listen to street artist singing their favorite song
47. Skydiving
48. Whiskey Tasting
49. PLay childhood games
50. Make gluten-free cookies

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51. DIY a furniture
52. Learn advanced sex ed
53. Head to a spa
54. Fly a kite
55. Have a BBQ just the two of you
56. SPending the night outside stargazing
57. Learn new language
58. Try weird food. Century eggs, stinky tofu, balut, durian?
59. Ride bikes
60. Plan your dream trip
61. Go camping
62. Visit a botanical garden
63. Skinny dipping
64. Go for a hot air balloon ride
65. Visit a zoo
66. Have a history trip with a local history professor
67. Do a pub crawl
68. Build a mini architecture
69. Watch a random comedy movie without checking the rating
70. Go to a science center
71. Go to a car show
72. Go to a local festival
73. Visit a waterpark
74. Visit Ikea and plan your future home
75. Go to a nearby new town that you have never been before
76. Take a helicopter ride
77. Go to a shooting range
78. Bring a homeless for a makeover and a dinner
79. Write a love letter for each other
80. Meditate together
81. Learn how to kiss
82. Create your own wine tasting
82. How about cheese tasting
83. Go Kayaking
84. Visit a rooftop bar
85. Hit the beach
86. Visit a flea market
87. Set up a bonfire
88. Visit a ghost tour
89. Attend a sporting event
90. See a live music show
91. Watch an outdoor movie?
92. Attend a food festival
93. Learn calligraphy
94. Take a speed reading class
95. Visit a safari
96. Let's play laser tag
97. Have a water balloon fight
98. Sing your favorite love song in a private karaoke
99. Go visit a waterfall
100. Take a long scenic walk

From taking a dance class together to checking out a funky jazz club, our list of 100 date ideas will always keep you enjoying romance. More importantly, they will impress your date too. Not only will they love the way you have come up with cool ideas to check out together but being in a stimulating situation will keep the conversation flowing. You will be ready to hit the dating scene in style as a result!

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