365 Everyday Boyfriend Tag Question That Will Make Him Love You More

What’s my shoe size? When is my birthday? What’s my favourite food? These are just some of the boyfriend tag question we have thought of to see how well your man knows you.

The really great thing about them is that they will make him love you more and make him feel good when he can answer.

As a way to grow closer and let him truly know you, asking one of these boyfriend tag question each day of the year is perfect.

Scroll down past this infographic to read all of it.

boyfriend tag question

1. When did we meet and where?

2. Where/when was our first kiss?

3. Am I a mountain or beach girl?

4. What is my weirdest interest?

5. Where am I on a Friday night?

6. I am going to Starbucks. What will I order?

7. Who said “I love you” first?

8. When is my birthday?

9. Where does my family come from?

10. When did you meet my parents?

11. What is the one thing you wish I didn’t do?

12. Where was our first date?

13. What eye color did you wish I had

14. What TV show do I always seem to forget?

15. What’s my shoe size?

16. What drink do I always order?

17. Do you think I am your soul mate?

18. Do I prefer dogs or cats

19. Describe me in three words.

20. Do I have any allergies?

21. Can you read me by looking into my eyes?

22. Do I often make you angry?

23. How do you feel when you think of me?

24. How long have we dated?

25. How many languages do I speak?

26. How many siblings do I have?

27. One food I don’t like.

28. What is my favorite food?

29. What was the last time I cried?

30. What dressing do I always use?

31. What I am afraid of?

32. What is my favorite sandwich?

33. What is my favorite pizza?

34. What is my favorite cereal?

35. What is my favorite song?

36. My sport team/s?

37. Who is my best friend forever?

38. Would you take me for the honeymoon if we got married one day?

39. What are my deal breakers?

40. If I was critically ill, would you donate your organ to save my life?

41. What are three countries that I really would like to visit?

42. What do I dislike most?

43. What can you do to lift my spirits on a day I am feeling very low?

44. What I often do in my free times?

45. What is my favorite cake?

46. What is my weirdest habit?

47. If I moved to another city, would you relocate with me?

48. What am I great at?

49. If we were stuck on a boat with only one life jacket, would you let me have it?

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50. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate me over all.

51. What is my best childhood memory?

52. What is my best personality trait?

53. What is my middle name?

54. What is my ideal vacation?

55. What am I ok at?

56. What am I really bad at?

57. What sport do I like most?

58. What film always makes me cry?

59. If I was collecting something, what would it be?

60. Where would I love to travel to?

61. I am ordering a pizza, what topping would it have?

62. What is my favorite video game?

63. Am I a morning or evening person?

64. What is my favorite type of junk food?

65. What is my favorite city?

66. Where/when was our first kiss?

67. Who said “I love you” first?

68. When is my birthday?

69. How long do I need in the morning to get ready?

70. If you could change anything about me, what would it be?

71. How do I spend my vacation?

72. Who is more jealous?

73. If I was an animal, which one would I be?

74. Who is the organized in the relationship?

75. What is my dream goal in life?

76. What is my favorite type of car?

77. What do we usually argue about?

78. Have I ever practiced any instrument? Which one?

79. What is one thing I love doing but most people don’t?

80. What was my first job?

81. What is my college major?

82. What is my best feature?

83. What is the craziest thing I Have ever done?

84. What is the one soft spot I have?

85. What town did I grow up in?

86. What TV show do I like but you really hate?

87. Where did my family come from?

88. Where do I shop for my clothes?

89. Where was our first date?

90. Where did you learn from me?

91. What was/is my favorite subject/s in school?

92. Who is my favorite Youtuber?

93. What type of flowers do I like?

94. When is my birthday?

95. What celebrity would I love to meet the most?

96. Which drinks do I hate?

97. Which film do I like most?

98. Which is my favorite ice cream flavor?

99. Which is my favorite pet name?

100. Do I have a nickname? What is it?

101. What is my favorite book?

102. Who usually wins our argument?

103. Who is the dominant one in our relationship?

104. Which of my hobbies you find least interesting?

105. Which is my deal house?

106. If I can be spider girl or superwoman, which one do you prefer and why?

107. What you think, I will kill a mouse or snake?

108. What you think, I will go to school or shopping?

109. What you think, I will eat taco or pizza?

110. Which religion do I profess?

111. What is the meaning of the last social media that you just posted?

112. Who was the last person to text you?

113. Do you use Snapchat?

114. What you think, I will kidnap president of your country or watch man of a super store?

115. What you think, I will kill the insects or keep them in my book?

116. What you think, I will have lots of money or a personal rocket?

117. What you think, I will go for deep sea diving or sky diving?

118. What you think, I will be a doctor or a sports woman?

119. Do you use facebook?

120. Do you know my mobile phone’s pass code?

121. What is my favorite TV show?

122. What you think, I will see into the future or the past?

123. What you think, I will keep a dog or a crocodile?

124. What you think, I will do a race with cycle or a jeep?

125. What you think, I will use laptop or telephone?

126. What do you think if I am visiting mountains or desert Sahara?

127. What you think, I will a charter plane or a dummy phone?

128. Where is my favorite place to eat ice cream?

129. Where is my favorite place to eat pizza?

130. What is my favorite of genre of movies?

131. What you think, I will go to visit museum or zoo?

132. What is my most favorite cartoon character?

133. Who is my ideal politician?

134. Where is my favorite place to buy fancy dresses?

135. What you think how I will react if I win a lottery ticket?

136. Do you know what’s my favourite country to go for honeymoon?

137. What you think, I should go for facial or manicure?

138. Am I your weakness?

139. Do I prefer shopping online or visit malls for my desired things?

140. What’s your opinion on this : I will go on a plane or on a bird?

141. What’s your opinion on this : I will join police or a gang?

142. What’s your opinion on this :, I will lose my hearing or sight?

143. What’s your opinion on this : I will love dog or cat?

144. What is my favorite pasta?

145. What you think, I will wear black or pink nail paint?

146. What is my favorite place to have coffee?

147. What is my favorite novelist?

148. What is my most attractive physical feature?

149. What s my favorite night dress?

150. What is my favorite T shirt of yours?

151. What is my favorite scent?

152. Who is my favorite designer?

153. What is my favorite cake?

154. What’s your opinion on this : I have no siblings or a dozen siblings?

155. What’s your opinion on this : I meet a celebrity or a queen?

156. What’s your opinion on this : I live forever or given unlimited money?

157. What’s your opinion on this : I go for a ride on a bike or a ride on the roof of a plane?

158. What’s your opinion on this : I give up the internet for a month or friends?

159. What’s your opinion on this : I go to the space without oxygen or bottom of the ocean without a mask?

160. What’s your opinion on this : I will drink ice drink or hot coffee?

161. What’s your opinion on this : I will jump off a plane or a bridge?

162. What’s your opinion on this :, I will have curly hair or a bald head?

163. What’s your opinion on this : I will cut my wrist or cut my toe?

164. What’s your opinion on this : I will be able to fly or to walk on water?

165. What’s your opinion on this : I will see a movie daily or wash dishes daily?

166. What’s your opinion on this : I keep a shark or snake?

167. What’s your opinion on this : I will be a rich duffer or old wise man?

168. What is my habit that you want to opt for?

169. What you think, I lick a bar of soap or ladyfinger?

170. Will you give me money to change my hair color?

171. What if I burn your favorite shirt?

172. What would you do if I will become badly ill?

173. What is my favorite movie director?

174. Have I ever used bad language?

175. Would you come with me on a book launch?

176. What if I go to Mars?

177. Am I a crazy person?

178. Would you like to spend your vacations with me?

179. What is my favorite dating spot?

180. What was the movie that I watched more than 3 times?

181. What will be my choice, red heels or black heels?

182. Would I rather prefer Theater or a laptop to watch a movie?

183. Where is my home town?

184. Where will I go for dinner? Restaurant or beach side?

185. Am I night owl?

186. Which color suits me the most?

187. What is my favorite thing as a gift?

188. What was the date when we met?

189. For how many years we are together?

190. Who is my favorite pop singer?

191. What you think, I will be a detective or a thief?

192. Am I a classical music lover?

193. Do I often get offensive?

194. What is my favorite bird?

195. Which season do I love most?

196. Who is my favorite animated movie character?

197. Am I a stuff toy lover?

198. Do I often check my mails?

199. Am I a frequent user of the internet?

200. Do I daily post a picture on facebook?

201. What is my favorite social site?

202. Who is my favorite comedian?

203. Who is my favorite actress?

204. What shampoo do I use?

205. What is my favorite Indian food?

206. What is your thought, I lick a bar of soap or ladyfinger?

207. What is my weird behavior?

208. Would I prefer a silver or gold ring?

209. Am I a sophisticated person?

210. Which on do I prefer? Coffee or tea?

211. What is your thought, I will love to have fresh juice or chocolate drink?

212. What do I do when I am angry?

213. What was the last you hugged me?

214. Would you go with me for shopping?

215. Do you love me with or without makeup?

216. What is my favorite beach?

217. How many times do I visit the library in a week?

218. What would you do if I shift to another city?

219. Do I go to the gym?

220. Do I know how to swim?

221. What is my favorite milkshake?

222. What is my favorite smoothie?

223. Do I cook yummylicious pasta?

224. Do you think I will choose eating tacos or pizza for a month?

225. What is my favorite lipstick shade?

226. Who is my favorite classical singer?

227. Have I ever been in a hospital?

228. What hair color suits me?

229. Do I have any tattoo?

230. Am I a dessert lover?

231. Have I ever baked a cake?

232. Who is my favorite hair stylist?

233. Do I often visit the beauty salon?

234. Who is my favorite makeup artist?

235. What was the last thing that I bought from the market?

236. Am I a good speaker?

237. What is my favorite comic book?

238. Who is my favorite villain in movies?

239. What is my favorite movie series?

240. Am I a fan of science fiction?

241. Do I often use the laptop?

242. What is my hometown?

243. Who is my favorite chef?

244. Do I watch TV shows regularly?

245. What is the best thing that I gift you?

246. Would you leave your favorite food for me?

247. What if I order pizza for myself and don’t share it with you?

248. What is the shirt that I wear most?

249. What is my favorite hood?

250. Am I a potato chips lover?

251. Do I often cook?

252. What is my favorite reality show?

253. So I speak more than one language?

254. What was my last day at college?

255. What is my favorite high school movie?

256. Have I ever tried to commit suicide?

257. What was my first school?

258. Who is my favorite teacher?

259. Have I ever used any online shopping website?

260. What is the drink that I host most?

261. What is my favorite sauce?

262. Have I ever been to Paris?

263. Have I ever been arrested?

264. What is my greatest loss?

265. Who is my favorite detective?

266. Have I ever to a dance bar?

267. Am I a frequent alcohol consumer?

268. Have I ever been into a physical fight?

269. Are my grandparents alive?

270. Do I like chatting with friends?

271. Am I a friend maker?

272. Have I ever worked in a chemical lab?

273. Have I ever done a research project?

274. Have I ever been to Five Star Hotel?

275. What is my favorite dress?

276. Do I still have my childhood toys?

277. What is my favorite street food place?

278. When I feel fresh in whole day?

279. Do I am consistent in my job?

280. Will you go with me to fishing?

281. Have I ever had a pet?

282. What is my favorite makeup brand?

283. Am I a good teacher?

284. What is my favorite painting?

285. Who is my favorite painter?

286. Can I do hacking?

287. What is my favorite TV actor?

288. Have I ever met a celebrity?

289. What was the last TV season I watched?

290. Have I ever expelled from college?

291. Do I have any disease?

292. What do I do in my spare time?

293. What is my least favorite subject?

294. Have I ever done any chemical project?

295. What is my favorite necklace?

296. Have I ever participated in any reality show?

297. Have I ever done aerobics?

298. Am I crazy for you?

299. Have I ever received any love letter?

300. What is my greatest achievement?

301. Have I ever visited Disney land?

302. Have I ever participated in a singing competition?

303. Do I ever visit any lawyer?

304. Who is my favorite town in this city?

305. Am I good at singing?

306. Have I ever painted?

307. What is my favorite soft drink?

308. Can I speak Spanish?

309. Have I ever participated in any theater play?

310. Have I ever been on a boat?

311. What is my favorite seafood?

312. What is my favorite kind of music?

313. Am I short tempered person?

314. What was the last time I went to spa?

315. Have I ever written any poem?

316. What was my favorite sport in school?

317. Have I ever been a part of any sport team in school?

318. What is the best thing that I praise in you?

319. Do I often go for carve nail art?

320. What is my favorite face wash?

321. Am I frequent movie watcher?

322. Have you ever seen me crying?

323. Have I ever tried your shirt?

324. Have I ever driven a bike?

325. Have I ever bumped into a police officer?

326. Have you ever seen me fighting with anyone?

327. What is my weakness?

328. Have I ever showed stubbornness about anything?

329. What food can change my mood in no time?

330. What is my favorite Chinese dish?

331. What is your look that I like most?

332. What is my favorite brand in shoes?

333. What is my favorite picnic spot?

334. Have I ever received any gist from my teacher?

335. Am I a frequent user new gadget?

336. Do I like frozen food?

337. Do you celebrate your birthday?

338. Would you do belly dance for me?

339. Can you celebrate my birthday on a boat?

340. What would you do if someone hurts me?

341. Do you remember the day when we met?

342. How often I call you?

343. Would you like to make a video call when you are away?

344. What is my most weird costume?

345. Have I ever participated in a fancy dress show?

346. Do you think I can live without junk food?

347. What is my favorite picture of us?

348. Would you take me to the Disney Land one day?

349. What makes me angry in an instant?

350. What is my most favorite cologne?

351. Have you ever seen me checking your phone?

352. Am I person who is always investigating?

353. Have I been to pub?

354. Am I a punctual person?

355. What I love most in winters?

356. Do I have a beach body?

357. Am I good in making friends?

358. Am I good in making relationships?

359. Do I made you a better person?

360. What is my plus point?

361. What is my most favorite dance genre?

362. Have I ever watched a horror movie alone?

363. Did I eat pizza last week?

364. Do I love to grow my nails?

365. Am I a shopaholic?

A boyfriend tag question is the ideal way to let him show how much he knows about you.

Even if there are some he stumbles on, it is a great chance for him to find out and get more information about you for the future.

The best thing is that our boyfriend tag question list means you don’t have to spend hours thinking of them yourself.

With one for each day of the year, you can spend a whole year having fun with them.

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