32 Romantic 1 Year Anniversary Gifts For Him That He Never Forget

Not sure what to get husband for 1 year anniversary? You know what they say, the first year of the marriage is the hardest. However, they also say that if youíre married to your best friend, nothing could be easier. If you have been married for a year and youíre currently looking for the perfect traditional and modern 1-year anniversary present, youíre in the right place full of 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas for your husband.

This art print is such a sweet personalize gift

It is a romantic gift celebrating your first or fifth wedding anniversary. This is such a sweet gift that your loved one will definitely appreciate.

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Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Looking for a funny paper anniversary gift for him?

I laughed so hard when I found this paper gift online. My first thought was: ďOriginalĒ and I honestly believe that your husband will think the same. Itís fun but also romantic. Enough of the usual anniversary presents. Itís time we give this improvised toilet paper a chance. Itís definitely something I will buy for my man.Read More

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Get him a beautiful journal

If heís a writer, he will absolutely adore this rustic handcrafted leather journal. Itís the perfect anniversary gift for people with a taste for elegant, exceptional gifts and lovers of the vintage style. It arrives in a gift box, ready to meet its rightful owner. Read More

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Looking back at this gift will be so much memorable after years of marriage

If youíre looking for a simple but thoughtful gift for your first marriage anniversary, this high-quality leather frame is the best choice for you. Whatís engraved will never fade away just like your love for your husband. Definitely, something I would buy for my anniversary. Itís one-of-a-kind.Read More

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Fill in the blank to describe the love you have for each other

Wondering what to get your husband for your 1 year anniversary? Wonder no more. I have the cutest anniversary gift for you. Itís this little pink book with fill-in-the-blank lines. Itís the best way to start a conversation, spend quality time with your husband or express how you feel about each other. Itís a unique paper anniversary gift because you can read it again and again. Read More

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"I Love You" Sound Wave Art

Often, small things bring the biggest luck. And this ďI love youĒ sound wave art piece is one of those small things that I believe will make your partner happy. Itís an ideal gift for your 1st anniversary. Besides being a great present, itís also an elegant decorative piece. When you forget to tell him that you love him, this will remind him of your love.Read More

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Looking for first anniversary gift for a couple?

Perhaps you didnít know but the traditional gift for 1st-anniversary celebration is paper. Knowing this, Iím free to say that this glass keepsake and paperweight makes the best present for the occasion. You can buy it for your husband as a gift for your anniversary or his birthday. Or to simply show him how much you care. Itís definitely a must-have.Read More

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Let this book art be the best first anniversary or Valentines gift

This is one of the most unique gifts Iíve seen so far. And Iíve seen many. I know that I will be touched if my partner gave me this book. Itís one of the best paper anniversary or valentines gift.

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This personalized canvas art is such a sweet gift

If youíre looking for something unique to gift your partner with, I believe that you will fall in love with this personalized canvas art. Itís a nice way to surprise your man with. This print makes the best decorative piece for his man cave or your living room/bedroom. Read More

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Anniversary Burlap Prints

If youíre a simple person who likes simple but thoughtful gifts, this anniversary burlap print is the right choice for you. Made of actual burlap with laminated back and water-based color, this print will definitely put a smile on your husbandís face and warm up his heart. Read More

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Let's get to know each other with this conversation starter

Your anniversary celebration is the perfect time to add refreshment to your love life and do something memorable and different. Why donít you start with this conversation starter and enjoy some quality time with your partner on your 1st anniversary? It allows you to enjoy your time together in a whole different way. This ďgameĒ will help you spice up your love life.Read More

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Let's start a sweetest three year journal that you can look back and appreciate

If your husband is a romantic poet, this sweet three-year journal is the perfect gift for him. Itís one of the most favorite gifts for couples because it allows them to make their own time capsule and appreciate the moments they had in the past. After 3 years, you can both look back at your memories and remember the moments.Read More

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Let your husband keep his key watches and wallet in this leather tray

If he loses his keys or wallet often, this leather tray is the perfect gift for him. Made of high-quality leather, itís one of the most elegant first anniversary gifts that he will ever receive. Thoughtful and unique anniversary gift for your hubby.Read More

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1 down and forever to go!

If youíre deeply in love with your husband and you want to surprise him for your first wedding anniversary with something special, this keychain, saying: ď1 down and forever to goĒ is the best choice. Practical. Simple. But thoughtful and romantic. What he will get is a real copper penny that wonít tarnish over time.Read More

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Personalized Wooden Anniversary Plate

Simple. Thoughtful and decorative. What more could you possibly ask for in a gift? This personalized wooden anniversary plate makes the best decoration for his man cave. Itís perfect for your 1st-anniversary celebration because you can display it on the tabletop and surprise your husband. Itíll contain the date of your anniversary, but do not forget that itís for decorative purposes only. Read More

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This wall cross is a great anniversary gift for couple

If you and your husband are religious people and believe in the power of God, this wall cross is the perfect gift for your 1st anniversary. Itís also a nice way to worship God and thank him for your 1 year of happiness and love. Read More

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Personalized a message for your love one and put it in a bottle

I admire the way people communicated in the past. They didnít have emojis and chat but still managed to express their thoughts and emotions. I find the method ďmessage in a bottleĒ unique and exciting. If you want to express your love the old-fashioned way, this dramatic 12-inch tall glass bottle with real sand and seashells is ideal for you. Just write how you feel and put it in a bottle. Read More

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Get this inspirational gift jar for your love one

If youíre looking for the best gift for husband on first marriage anniversary, stop it. I just found the perfect one for you. Itís this inspirational jar filled with 31 motivational messages. Itís ideal for your husband who needs a little motivation from time to time. Plus, getting him this jar will show that you really care about his happiness and success. Read More

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Letters to My Love, Write Now, Read Later, Treasure Forever

If youíre doubting whether to buy these letters or not for your partner, know that it was one of Oprahís favorite things pick. You can write about your love now and read it later together with your partner. Itís a unique gift because people donít use letters anymore. With all the technology we have today, Iím free to say that weíve forgotten how real romance tastes like. Leave aside all the favorite emojis and express your love the old-fashioned way. Read More

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This paper cut night lamp is such a beauty

My mother loves horses and she received this same papercut night lamp from my dad for their anniversary. Although it wasnít their 1st anniversary, he decided to buy it for her and surprise her. If your man loves horses as my mom does, this is the best gift you can give to him for your anniversary. Itís even prettier in real life. Perhaps you didnít know but unicorns and horses represent purity, dignity, courage, love, and pride.Read More

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Phoenix symbolise happiness, peace and harmony according to ancient China

I feel in love when I first saw this Chinese paper cut because I adore the story about the Phoenix. Perhaps you didnít know, but according to ancient China, Phoenix represents a symbol of harmony, peace, happiness, rebirth, and love. Itís also considered the king of all other birds in China. And donít worry if itís a small gift because often, smaller gifts bring the biggest luck. Read More

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A bottle opener with a sweet message

I donít know about you two, but I and my husband met in a bar. And we started talking about our favorite beer. So, beer reminds me of him and I believe it reminds him of me too. If your love story started in a similar way, or you just love drinking beer together, this bottle opener makes a great gift for your anniversary, saying: ďThe Best Beers Are The Ones We Drink TogetherĒ. I find this message quite romantic.Read More

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First anniversary gift for your husband who loves fishing

Looking for some cool 1st-anniversary gift ideas for a husband who loves fishing? If yes, I have the perfect present for you. Itís the ultimate finishing lure that will put a smile on his face. It says: ď1 Year and Iím Still HookedĒ. Read More

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3D Elephant decor wall art for art enthusiasts

If you want to spend some quality time with your husband, this is the anniversary gift that you should buy for him. Itís one of the best paper gifts for him because itíll help you spend more time together. Your husband will adore it, especially if heís a creative soul like mine is. Quite challenging to put together but totally worth it. Definitely one of the best anniversary presents for your husband.Read More

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Let your love be as strong as a dragon!

If youíre not one of those boring married couples and you want to give your partner something unusual and fun for your first anniversary, this dragon is the perfect gift. Heís going to love it because it allows endless DIY possibilities. He can place it in his man cave. Theyíre a symbol of love, passion, power, and success. Definitely one of the best paper gifts for him.Read More

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Capsule letters : Write small notes in this capsule

Give him a dose of love medication every day in the morning, long after Valentineís Day has passed. Make every day a day of celebrating your love with these message capsules. The bottle has ninety capsules, all filled with blank pieces of paper awaiting your heart to open up to love poems and notes for him.Read More

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Let's turn a meaningful song into a sound wave art

Does your man love music? Then this piece of artistic soundwave print will be an excellent decor gift for his room. Better still, personalize it by having the soundwave of his favorite song designed on a piece of paper. How well do you know him? The song will tell it all.Read More

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This is going to be a sentimental gift

With this frame, he can relieve the best experience he has lived at events, show and movie theatres. Rather than throwing away his tickets, he can display them in this shadow frame box with a glass display. It will also be an excellent piece of decor for his bedroom, man cave or the living room. Read More

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Let's create more memories with this gift

Is your marriage hitting the rocky side? Well, forget therapy sessions, this discovery game might be what you need to spice up things with. With this, you will have a lot of fun, romance and an end to awkward conversations in the bedroom. It comes with a hardcopy and digital book to help you bring some spice back.Read More

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Personalize their last name on this beautiful wall art

This is a sweet gift to celebrate your first anniversary or father's day gift for your husband. Make them feel the love with this wall art.

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Have you found any surprise anniversary gifts for husband?

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