45 Beautiful Vintage Gift Ideas That Make Them Feel Nostalgic

With the help of our vintage collection, this is your chance for you and your loved ones to take a trip down memory lane. From the the Pac Man game to the table lamp and many more. Oh the nostalgia! Get one of these gift items to a loved one and help them bring the old school vybe back to their homes.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Include a picture in this vintage van

An old school soul will really appreciate this vintage handicraft car model. It's made through special handicrafting process that includes manual cutting of metal, wielding, shaping and even polishing for that final beautiful touch It is a great gift for those times someone needs to walk down memory lane. The model is made of classic metal, with realistic wheels that are rotatable. It is also light in weight and weighs only 417g. It is a great item for decor for any car lover, and anyone that had the joy of experiencing a ride in these vehicles.Read More

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Adjustable standing ash tray

For that smoker in your life, consider getting them this adjustable ashtray for them as a gift. Regardless of the occasion, I am sure they will appreciate a vintage looking item that can be used both indoors and outdoor without losing its touch. It is made of stainless steel, and is anti-rust and weatherproof. It has a one-touch lever that makes emptying the ashes easy. Better still, to keep their cigarette safe from humidity, it comes with a free steel cigarette box. Read More

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For them who love retro stuff and burger

If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone that loves hamburgers and retro vintage signs then you have got the perfect gift item. This is a perfect inviting sign for a cafe, hotel, coffee house or bar. It is also ideal for home decor, somewhere in the dining room or in the kitchen. Buy it as a gift for that loved one that runs or owns a cafe, pub or diner and has just the perfect hamburgers in town. Read More

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Hot Coffee Tin Sign

This Retro vintage metal tin sign is a perfect vintage gift for someone that needs a funny sign for their kitchen, home decor, or diner. It is made of metal with a vintage look and an interesting and fun sign. If you have a friend starting up a new business, or running one like a cafe, club, or hotel, then this is a perfect gift. Also, if you are a coffee addict, you can buy yourself. I sure would not mind getting myself one of these!Read More

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They are going to absolutely love this rug

Imagine having a Vinyl music record designed rug for your living room! I know, this is a great vintage touch especially to an old school music lover. The rug is round and has a diameter of 2í7. The material of the rug is nylon plush, fade resilient, soft and quite comfortable. If you have a loved one that need s a run for their study room, living room bedroom, or even the music room. For cleaning purposes, it is machine washable.Read More

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Retro Camera Pencil Holder

Help someone keep their office or home work station organized with this desk organizer. The design of the old school camera gives it a great vintage look that any photographer would love. The material is unbreakable with an exquisite design and attention to detail. It does not take much of space actually, thanks to its 4.7íí*3.5Ē*3.9Ē size. If you know of a photographer whose birthday is around the corner, get them this as a birthday gift. Read More

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Retro Eat Here Wall Decor

A wall decor does not have to be picture frames and family photographs. If you want a loved one to brighten up their living room with a taste of vintage items, then this co-op tin eater is perfect. It is made of metal, with a heavily distressed finishing. The vintage design will also help with the look you are going for. The arrow bit of the item has yellow painted bulbs. This gives it a touch of an sign, an electric sign for that matter. Read More

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Camera Patent Art Prints

If you are looking for the perfect vintage gift for an art collector or photographer, this is a great gift item. This is a real photograph print, only that it has been framed and given a vintage look. However, you will have to get a frame on your own or let the person you gift buy one that suits their taste on their own. Either way, it still makes for a great gift. It comes in a set of 4 pictures. This is a perfect way to bring an inviting vintage look in oneís living room.Read More

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They are going to find this useful on a hot sunny day

Summer season can be quite hot and a great working air circulator fan is all we all need. This Vornado mini classic vintage fan will serve two purposes- as a decor and as an air circulator. As much as it is vintage styled, it is modernised. It has multi-directional airflow, thanks to its 2 speed settings. To put your safety concerns at ease, yes, it is safety-tested, certified, and meets U.S. voltage requirements. And, to make this deal even sweeter, it comes with premium support and a 5 year warranty! Read More

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Vintage Typewriter Illustration

A vintage art collection does not have to include an expensive Van Gogh collection. Or one from an artist that costs and arm and a leg. When it comes to a certain category of people, readers, writers, and collectors among others, a framable vintage art dictionary print will make for a perfect decor. The dictionary pages are actually genuine authentic antique dictionary pages. Since it comes unframed, it is packaged with a protective plastic sleeve and put in a rigid mailing envelope for protection during shipping. Read More

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Keep his records in this cabinet

This Everett record player stand is ideal for a Fatherís Day gift. Buy it for any man in your life that has a wide collection of records for their birthday or fatherís day celebration. I am sure those records need a new home, and this mahogany cabinet is just the perfect fit. For perfect storage, the inside of the cabinet has wired slots. It has a vintage look, with a metal hardware, and hand rubbed mahogany finish. It can hold up to 75 albums.Read More

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This handmade vintage car model is beautiful

If you want a vintage gift item for a collector or a fanatic of cars, get them one of this. It is a perfect reminder of how far the automobile industry has come. For home decor, it will bring quite a touch of class and the vintage look you want. The model is made of iron with a bronze finishing. It weighs only 472g. Buy it for any kids in your life as a toy, or for a loved one as a home or office decor.Read More

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Coke Vending Machine Paper Towel Holder

Imagine having a paper towel that looks like vending machine? A big brand name vending machine for that matter. Now imagine how that looks on a chefís countertop! Perfect, right? This, is a great vintage gift for that chef in your life. It also makes for a perfect gift for a Coca Cola items collector. It is a wooden paper towel that is shaped like an old school vending machine, and branded in Coca Cola colors and name. Get one for yourself too. It is quite classy. Read More

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Make grill cheese with this toaster

Breakfast and day time snacks are about to get real, and in an old school way. This vintage styled sandwich toaster makes for a perfect gift for a foodie. It only takes a few minutes and voila! There pops 2 grilled cheese sandwiches for their snack time. The toasting baskets hold the sandwiches in place, and are removable. The toasting dial is adjustable, which makes it possible for you to melt your sandwich. To add more to its modernised touch, it has defrost, cancel, and preheat functions.Read More

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This functional phone is so cool

An old-fashioned telephone makes for an ideal vintage gift item. A modernised one that is also working makes for the perfect gift item! And that is why this is 1933 grand emperor Toscano antique phone makes it just that. A perfect gift item for both a working telephone and a working one. It is a high quality item, and with a modern touch. Its receiver is adjustable, has volume controls, a last number redial function, and push button dialing. It will pluck directly into a wall jack.Read More

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Vintage Gas Station Filling Pump Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

This vintage gas station filling pump is a perfect pepper and salt shaker gift set for a chef! Or your dad- by the way, this is a perfect Fatherís Day gift. Talk of bringing the old school pump stations to the table in a vintage style! The salt and pepper shakers are both placed in tyres on either side of the pump station. And, for that old school look, the pump has a 66 route sign. It is perfect for the kitchen or dining table decor.Read More

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This vintage floor lamp is going to be a beautiful decor

For a cinematic vintage look, get this tripod floor lamp. For a loved one or for yourself. It is has a theatrical design with a lampshade that looks like a black camera. The height is adjustable, and it is also portable. Additionally, the lamp is adjustable and can be tilted to suit your sitting arrangement at any time. It is perfect for the living room, the bedroom, the office, or even cafe. It makes for a great decor item, especially for a maritime collector.Read More

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Listen to CD player and FM radio with this fancy jukebox

Are you looking for a vintage gift item for a music lover? One that loves the old classics and has a bunch of CDs? Then this jukebox will make for a perfect gift. It has a vintage look but has a modern touch to it. It has bluetooth that works within a range if 33 feet, and LED lights that change colors, and a built-in FM radio. Its vintage styles includes the old-time diner style. This makes it perfect for their countertop.Read More

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Connect this mini arcade on TV to play on bigger screen

If you are looking for a vintage game machine that suits both kids and adults, buy them this mini arcade game machine. Apart from the fact that it suits people of any age, it can be handheld. It is also portable, has a colorful screen that is eye-protected. The battery is rechargeable. And, to make it better, comes with 156 built-in games. We are not forgetting to mention that it can be connected to a TV. this makes for a great gift for a family. A little family play time is great for the kids and parents too.Read More

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Typewriter Coaster Set

Yes, I know what you think. It makes for a perfect vintage gift for a writer, or editor et al. it is actually a coaster set of 5 pieces. The coasters and the base are made of rubber non-slip pads. You do not have to worry about it slipping off the desk. The finishing of the typewriter is metallic, which, of course, gives it the vintage look we are going for. Go ahead and buy one for a loved one on their birthday- or any other event that is coming up.Read More

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Brass Hourglass With Vintage Compass

Speaking of measuring time pass by in an old-school style and this vintage styled hourglass does it. If you are looking for a vintage gift item for a loved one that needs a vintage look in their living room, get this. It also makes for a perfect gift for a maritime collector. It announces luxury and class at the same time. This hourglass is made of brass and a glass tube. It is a 3-minutes nautical sand timer. And, it has a compass!Read More

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Vintage Nautical Handheld Brass Telescope

This vintage handcrafted telescope is the perfect definition of a vintage gift for a Pirates of the Caribbean fan. I know, we all love Johnny Depp and his character. A chance to get a vintage item that echoes his movie prop should not be taken lightly. It is made of brass, with a two tone antique finish, and is branded. To make it even more enticing, it has a nautical captain spyglass! Make sure you buy the branded one for authenticity. Read More

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Brass Binocular Collectibles Gift

If you are looking for a vintage gift that suits a loved one into collectibles then this pair of brass binoculars fits the bill. Apart from using it as a collectible item, they can use it when next they hit the hiking trail for bird watching among other things. It has a copper finishing and is made of leather and brass materials. The packaging is also very fancy, and vintagey. The packaging parcel looks like a rectangular clutch bag, which makes it easy to carry around. Read More

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Get this beautiful sunglasses for her

We are back to the time of wearing the old round glasses, and sunglasses like nerds. And trust me, they are classy nowadays. Get this pair for that classy lady in your life and let them bring the vintage glasses back to life. I bet every head will turn, and not to make jokes. The flame is metallic, with composite lens, light in weight and very comfortable. The lens are polarized and have anti-glare. Whatís more is the fact that the lens are 100% UVB and UVA protection for her eyes.Read More

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This neon wall clock is going to look good at night

Coca- Cola has come a long way, and if you remember their old classic branding then you know you are old. And, to reminisce on the old times,get yourself or an old loved one this vintage retro style Coca Cola neon wall clock. It is a Quartz clock with high precision and sweep technology. And, if you are worried about its neon life, it has a high grade neon power supply for that. I bet this will bring a vintage look in any house. Read More

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Vintage Camera Bookends

Every book lover loves some extra space for their books, especially vintage items. Trust me, I love reading. It would be a perfect vintage gift for a book lover. This one is even better since it looks like the old film movie projectors. Imagine the look on a loved oneís face once they realize what you have gifted them? It measures 8Ē*4.5Ē inches and makes for a great home or office collectible. Even if it is not for someone, at least get one for yourself! Read More

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They are going to be amazed when this phone start ringing

Nothing is going to bring a vintage vibe on oneís wall better than this antique country wall phone. If the old time American telephone is an item you know someone in your life loves, then this will make for a perfect gift. However, this is an reinvented version of it. It has touch buttons with tones, a last number redial function, and recipe-style compartment. To give it that vintage look, it is made of handcrafted wood, veneer construction, and brushed with bronze-plated hardware.Read More

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Get this retro microwave for them

Someones kitchen is about to be blessed with a vintage styled microwave and all you have to do is buy it as a gift. It has a 800-watts cooking power, its cooking settings are customizable, and has a digital LED clock. The clock is easy to read. For optimal heating of various foods, it comes with pre-programmed cooking settings. 12 of them actually, making the heating of foods like potatoes, pizza, and popcorns easy. It also has a delayed time.Read More

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They are going to find this hot dog toaster very useful

This Nostalgia hot dog toaster is a great vintage gift for any hot dog lover. It makes 4 extra plump or regular sized hot dogs at a time. It also toasts 4 buns at a time. You also do not have to be worried about getting burnt when removing the hot dogs. It comes with mini tongs for that purpose. The hot dog cage is removable, plus, it has a drip tray that makes it easy to clean. Depending on how you want your hot dogs cooked, the stop cooking and adjustable timer are at your disposal. Read More

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Make breakfast easily with this retro gift

If you are looking for a vintage item that redefines family breakfast moment then you have come to the right place. This 3-in-1 breakfast station has a coffee maker that makes up to 4 cups at a time. Its toaster can make up to 4 toasts at a time. It has a 30-minute timer with an automatic shutoff. Its non-stick griddle and removable oven tray make it easy to clean. Gift one of these to a family and let them enjoy their breakfast in a vintage-styled way. Read More

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Connect this vintage typewriter to their computer

Oh yes, the vintage typewriter is back. Only that this time it has a modern touch to it. If you have a nerdy friend, get them this one and let them type their work the old style way. To make it better and user friendly, it has an integrated tablet stand, up to 12 inches. It also has a return bar, which is macro programmable by the way. And that is not all. It is has a multi wireless connectivity capability! Get one of these for a writer and it will be a treasured gem. Read More

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Keep their drinks cold with this Coca Cola ice chest

If you are looking for an ice chest that brings the vintage look then this Coca-Cola ice chest is the perfect item. Your picnic days are about to get lit and old school like no other. Its capacity is 13 litres and can hold up at to 12 bottles or 18 cans depending on your taste. When planning a getaway to the lake or the beach with your friends, this will make for an ideal ice chest to keep your drinks cold.Read More

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This snow cone maker is a perfect summer gift

Here lies the possibility of making 20 snow cones at a go using a vintage styled cone maker. It comes with an ice scoop and 2 reusable plastic cones. Sounds cheesy but trust us, it is a classic vintage gem to have in the kitchen. Buy it as a gift for a family that you know loves snow cones. It is of perfect size to place on your countertop. And ,to keep you at ease about your safety and that of your loved ones, it has a built-in safety switch. Read More

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1950's Payphone with Push Button Technology

Remember the days when we had no mobile phones and calls were just made from shared payphones? If you donít and want to experience it, here is your chance. Get this 1950ís style payphone as a gift to yourself or someone else. Vintage as it looks, it incorporates the modern day technology, thanks to the push buttons. And to keep the vintage bit intact, it has a coin bank. You will also be able to control the earpiece volume. Just insert a coin and enjoy the 50ís melody.Read More

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This is such a unique vintage gift

There was a time music was only played through record players. It is true, and they are rarely available nowadays. But in a new twist of reinventing vintage items to suit our new technology, this vertical record player will sure bring a few memories. It is compatible with bluetooth, and has a dual built-in speaker. Scratch that. Actually, itís dual in-built speakers! You can imagine the sound from those speakers. Listening to that vinyl collection on a vintage system with a modern touch has never looked so promising.Read More

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Why not leave some love notes in this gift?

It is time to bring back some magic back into someone's life courtesy of this Aladdin magic genie lamp. It is just a decor so do not go lighting it up. It is golden blue in color and perfectly beautiful for decoration. Honestly, we could all use one of this vintage beauty on our home tables. In fact, let it be a wish granting lamp- leave each other love and encouraging notes among other things. Read More

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He is going to love this vintage pocket watch

If your loved one is anything like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory then this pocket watch is going to make their hairs stand with excitement. Not the nerdy annoying bit but the little excited little side of him boy that loves toys and vintage items. It has a copper case with a double cover, a 3D digital dial, and a moonphase. It also comes with an optional lady necklace in case you want to surprise that beautiful lady in your life.Read More

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Enjoy beautiful scenery with this gift

This is a perfect vintage gift for a science nerd or for a photographer that wants to try a different camera. A vintage styled camera for that matter. The telescope has a tripod stand that can be used for support. If you live in a lace with a nice view of the hills and the ocean that requires you to get outside, this will be a great gift for them. It is ideal for a family gift too, incase you do not know what gift to buy each member of the family. Read More

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I am in love with this dimmable table lamp

Before electric bedside lamps were invented there used to be lanterns that operated using petroleum. I am sure you have seen them on movies with old time settings. For that trip down memory lane and a little vintage look in your house, get yourself one of these. While at it, buy it for a friend that loves reading and could use a bedside lamp. Rather than using petroleum like its predecessors, this one is electric with a 40 watt dimmable Edsion bulb. It has a rustic finish perfect for a vintage styled look. Read More

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This arcade contain 60 games

If you are looking into a vintage item that ignites the old school games in a loved one then buy this Arcade game. Hear us out. It has 60 in-built classic games, and 2 stools that are height adjustable to accommodate 2 players. You can set the game life, speed, and difficulty of the games to suit you. This is quite a collection for you and friends to play if you need a break from FIFA games and the rest. Some of the games you are about to enjoy once you purchase this include Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Frogger, and Galaga.Read More

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For them who love the game Pac Man

Oh the sweet memories of spending hours trying to get the highest score! The 80ís and 90ís kids will recognize this. For game nerds that remember the old school games, this would be a perfect gift. The best thing about this is that it comes with four more hidden games. How cool is that! Just so you know, it has Rapid Fire Galaga, Pac-Man, Speedy Ms. Pac-Man, and Speedy Pac-Man. Whatís more is that you do not need coins to operate it, unlike the old version. We bet someone might not leave their room one of these weekends. Read More

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I won't know if they didn't tell me this is a sharpener

You might be too young to notice but there is quite a number of living humans that used cameras that looked like this. And yes, it was pretty cool back then. However, instead of the camera, they can be quite pricey, get them this vintage camera shaped pencil sharpener. It is ideal for office use or even kids. It has a pull-out tray for the shavings and an adjustable knob for the sharpness. If you have nieces and nephews in need of a pencil sharpener, buy them one of these as a gift.Read More

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Have you seen a speaker like this before?

For those that remember listening to amplified music with anything other than a hifi system or home theatre, this is the perfect gift. We love the fact that it looks like a horn coined in a far away native lands like Africa or Australia. It has an inbuilt subwoofer plus a 25 watt sound. That is powerful enough for such an instrument. Additionally, it has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 hours when fully charged. It only takes 8 hours to get it fully charged. Read More

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I am going to get this pop corn cart for myself

Believe it or not, there was a time popcorn carts looked like this. Just watch a few old school movies and you will notice. That said, if you are looking for a vintage gift for a loved one that loves making their own popcorns then you are in luck. Grab one of these and their Netflix and chill moments will never be the same again. And honestly, it is the kind of package we all want for ourselves- get yourself one too. It is easy to use and clean.Read More

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