37 Unique Gifts For Motorcycle Riders That Won't Make Them Crash

This list is for any gift shopper in search of unique gifts for motorcycle riders. Whether you are looking for an item that will keep them safe on the road or a unique and themed decor item for their home, we have got you covered. Surprise a motorist with any of these gifts today.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Your favourite motorcyclist is going to love this gift basket

This gift basket is an excellent gift for a motorcycle rider. It will keep them busy and full during the long weekend or holiday. It has a coffee mug, Jack Daniels coffee, popcorns, sausages and an extensive collection of items they will find useful for a long time. Surprise him with this is melt his heart.Read More

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Looking for something funny for motorcycle riders?

Are you looking for a gift that will make a motorcycle rider and their guests laugh out loud? It is even a better present for a couple made of two riders. This pair of naughty biker gnomes is what they need to make them laugh now and then and to bring some life into their decor and collection. Read More

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They are going to love this unusual gift

Guess what, a motorcycle can chop a pizza into nice and equal pieces! Not all motorcycles but this particular one. For that motorcycle rider who loves cooking or pizza, this pizza chopper will be an excellent gift for them. The cutter is made of stainless steel and has a plastic cutter for keeping the hands safe. Read More

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This pen holder is a nice under 50 gift for motorcyclist

This pen holder will keep a riders desk neat, fancy and exquisite thanks to its design and vintage touch. It is perfect for a home or office desk. He can also use it as a toy when he is tired of working an needs a few minutes to refresh his mind, thanks to the wheels.Read More

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Handmade Wooden Primitive Tribal Figurine

If you are looking for a unique wedding, housewarming or anniversary gift for motorcycle riders couple, this wooden sculpture will do it. It is not only hilarious but is also exquisite for indoor decor. On those days they are down, they will look at it, have a laugh and remember you fondly.Read More

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Motorcycle Patent of Vintage Bike Bottle Opener

This is the kind of gift that keeps giving and is multipurpose. For starters, the patented vintage print makes an exquisite decor piece for any home. Secondly, it is mounted on a wall with screws but has a snug that can be used as a bottle opener. The gift also comes with a bucket that catches the lids. Read More

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They are going to love this funny biker mug

This hilarious is an excellent gift choice for that motorcycle rider who snores like a tractor. Sorry, they dream in motorcycle language. The motorcycle image and the writing and imprinted on both side of the mug for all to read about their sleep language. It is safe for use on both the microwave and dishwasher. Read More

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Biker Wine Bottle Holder

Are you shopping for a couple that is made of motorcycle riders? They will appreciate this bottle holder during their date night, movie nights and family dinners. It comes ready for use; no assembling of the parts is needed. It is also a magnificent piece of decor for their dining room. Read More

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Get them a nice looking boots for them

Get that motorcycle this sturdy and good looking boot for their next adventure. The sole is made of rubber and has a perfect grip on the bike when riding. The upper side of the boots is made of full grain leather and long-lasting.Read More

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Waterproof Motorcycle Luggage

What do they for their luggage when they are hitting the road? The backpack might not be enough. So, get them this duffle bag for those occasions they need to get out of town for a while. It is waterproof, has adjustable straps to keep their items secured and is strong enough to withstand rough road adventures. Read More

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"Its Not the Destination, It's the Journey"

For a rider, it is not just about the destination but about the journey they are on. Every view and experience on the bike is unique and exhilarating. Help them bring that side of their life back to their home with this magnificent photo frame. They can use it to display their favorite photo when on the journey.Read More

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Harley Davidson Patent Prints

How about we spice up their wall with an art print of their favorite thing on earth- a motorcycle. If that is what you are going for, then this patented print will be an excellent gift and decor piece. It comes as a set of two prints. They also come framed ready for hanging.Read More

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Retro Hand Soldering Wrought Iron Motorcycle Model

Do you think their decor needs a vintage touch? This motorcycle wrought iron model will bring that look they are craving for in their home. It is also more than a decor model. They can also play with it as a toy since the wheels can roll and the handlebar can be turned.Read More

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Get this royal plush blanket to keep them warm on Christmas

This plush blanket will keep that motorcycle rider in your life during winter. It is warm and super soft for that amazing feel against the skin. When they are not using it, they can use it a decor item for their house. The image of the is symbolic but beautiful nevertheless. Read More

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This is a nice gift for your husband who ride motorcycle

Help a motorcycle freeze their favorite moments in time uniquely and exquisitely with this photo frame. The background of the frame is an absolutely stunning reflection of the sky. It has picture opening for them to add a picture of them on their bike exploring and living for the ride. Read More

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Motorcyclist is going to love this wine bottle holder

Are you shopping for a unique gift for a lady who is a motorcycle rider? We have the perfect gift you can give her regardless of the occasion. This motorcycle rider black boot figurine will transform her decor and wine drinking moments. It also has the “born to ride” logo for that extra vintage and rider’s club touch.Read More

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Do they love having road trip with their motorcycle?

Do you know a motorcycle rider who loves traveling? One day you are having lunch with them, and the next day they are off exploring another state in their motorcycle? Well, look no further as these saddlebags are what they need. It is waterproof and easy to mount on most bikes. The rear has reflective strips for safety and visibility. Read More

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Thats a cool motorcycle bottle opener

This bottle opener will be a perfect gift for a motorcycle rider who never lacks bottles of beer in his house. It is sturdy, durable and most all, designed like a vintage motorcycle. Its unique design qualifies it as a decor piece for his man cave or living room. It is small in size and easy to carry around. Read More

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This ashtray is such a cool gift for motorcycle rider

This ashtray is one of the unique gifts for motorcycle riders who smokes. It has the wrench and bike design, with a little touch of a vintage feel. Many will mistake it for a decor item, which is perfectly okay as it will spruce up their decor. Other than that, they can dispense the cigarette remnants safely. Read More

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Check out this amazing bottle opener

This bottle opener will make a rider look all fancy in a party. The design, like a motorcycle’s chain, will make him stand out from the rest. It is strong and can open many bottles without losing its touch. When not in use, he can hang it on the wall as a decor piece.Read More

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Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet will make a great gift for a motorcycle rider who got their first bike. Help keep them safe and entertained on the road. They can also receive, reject, redial and make calls with the one-touch call control. It will also help with GPS navigation. For maintenance, it has a removable microfiber liner that is machine washable.Read More

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Get them the best motorcycle lock

Ensure their motorcycle is safe once it is parked with this BigPantha lock. Once it is in place, one can only remove it by immobilizing the clutch or the throttle, which is hard for a thief. It is safe and easy to use and can fit in one's jeans in case they are not carrying their backpack.Read More

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Looking for a gift for your dad who love motorcycle?

Are you looking for a Halloween gift for a motorcycle rider? Your dad, boyfriend, fiance, a brother perhaps? Then consider getting him this human skull on a motorcycle model for him. It will be a unique and grand decor item for his man cave or living room. He can also use it as a decor piece during Halloween.Read More

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They are going to find this table fan useful

Forget these table fans you see at retail stores and online shops. No, a motorcycle rider needs a table fan like this one, designed like a motorcycle. It is a compact size and portable in case they want to carry it around. It will keep the air around them when working fresh. It can also be an exquisite decor item.Read More

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Indian Motorcycle Miniature Replica Sculpture

Buy this vintage-styled 1923 Indian motorcycle for your boyfriend or husband on his birthday or anniversary. It is in celebration of America's first motorcycle company; we are sure it will be a valuable addition to his collection- not forgetting a unique and fantastic decor piece for his man cave, bedroom or sitting room.Read More

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Premium Leather Motorcycle Gloves

If you cannot buy a motorcycle rider all the gears they need, then buy at least one item. Like this pair of leather gloves. They are flexible and have a smart grip for safe riding. The knuckles are hardened for protection against bugs, debris or rocks in case they are in an accident.Read More

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This motorcycle lamp is such an unusual gift

This lamp does qualify for a unique gift for motorcycle riders. If you are shopping for a gift that helps celebrate a riders way of life, they will appreciate this lamp. It has a motorcycle model at the base supporting the lamp. The cover is decorated with the American Bald eagle, flag, and a road surrounded by beautiful nature. Read More

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Antique Classical Military Motorcycle Model

If they cannot ride the US. Military motorbike, then at least they should have one in their home, even if it is a model. Buy that motorcycle rider this US. Military motorcycle model and change their decor for good. What’s not there to like? The color? The theme? Or the vintage style? Everything about it will steal their heart. Read More

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Handmade Vintage Iron Motorcycle Model

This vintage motorcycle model is an excellent and unique holiday or birthday gift for a motorcycle rider. It will be perfect for any rider their in need of sprucing up their decor or adding a collectible to their collection. For an ideal representation of the 1950’s and 1960’s bikes, get them this model. Read More

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Check out this matte black helmet

I love motorcycles, but I love helmets more. I know, one should pick a helmet that will offer much protection in case of impact. Like this matte black unisex helmet. The shell reduces weight but will cushion them upon impact. It also has a retractable and tinted sun-visor to protect the eyes when light varies. Read More

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1920 Scout Motorcycle Figurine

Let’s get a little old-school for a moment. This scale of the 1920 Scout Indian motorcycle should be must-have paraphernalia for a motorcycle rider. Bring some vintage touch to his collection and decor bu gifting him this scale. Read More

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Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpack

Gift this backpack to a motorcycle rider who needs an upgrade on how he carries his personal items when riding. The exterior is water resistant and sturdy enough to not deform from wind shear. The shoulders conform it to the body when riding. For comfort when riding, the shoulder straps are soft. It also has a removable hip belt.Read More

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KISS Rock And Roll All Nite Motorcycle Sculpture

Are you looking for a unique housewarming gift for a motorcycle rider? If they are a fan of Rock and Rock music, then you have found your gift. Consider getting them this KISS Rock & Roll All Nite motorcycle skeleton sculpture for their indoors decor. The articulate details- studded seat, front axle themed like a guitar among others- are uncanny.Read More

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Skeleton Motorcycle Wine Bottle Holder

Upgrade a motorcycle rider’s decor with this wine holder. First, the design is a killer one- a rider on their back with an allowance at the back to carry their precious cargo. Which rider wouldn’t love a motorcycle and human skeleton to keep their wine or whiskey bottle in place? It will also spruce up their decor.Read More

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Motorcycle Communication and Entertainment System

How about gifting a motorcycle rider a gadget that will keep them entertained and make it easier to communicate when riding? When riding with their buddies, this Bluetooth gadget will make it possible for them to keep in contact even when at a distant. One can perform intercom conversations and listen to GPS instructions, music or radio. Read More

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Get this leather jacket with removable CE Armor and concealed gun pocket

It is the gear that a motorcycle rider is wearing that offers some cushioning in case the worst happens. A jacket is one of those gears. This leather jacket, which is resistant to tearing, cracking, will offer him ideal protection on impact. It is also flexible and comfortable when he is riding. The shoulders and elbows have removable armor.Read More

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