17 Nice Gift For Female Boss That Will Get You Promoted Right Away

Looking for the best gifts for a female boss but not too sure what to get for her? I have listed the perfect gifts right here that will impress her even she is the most demanding boss. These gift ideas are suitable for her birthday, Christmas holidays or even Boss's Day.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Let her listen to her favourite music with this vinyl player

If your boss is an old-fashioned lady who likes her music played the old-fashioned way, this is the perfect gift for her. She can enjoy her favorite music with this vinyl player made of wood and wrapped in a leatherette material.Read More

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Let her relax after a long day

There isnít a better way to relax after a long busy day at work than soaking into a hot bath while listening to your favorite music. Theyíre vegan. Meaning, itís the perfect gift for your vegan female boss, or colleague, or employee, family, friends or lover. It makes an amazing Christmas gift, birthday or surprise gift.Read More

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Find her stuff easily with this item tracker

If sheís known for losing things, this item tracker will definitely make her life much easier. She just has to ring it and find her stuff. And the best part of it is that it can track your phone. You can also see if you left something behind on a map because the app of this item tracker remembers everything. Read More

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Get her this cute juniper bonsai tree in Japanese setku Bowl

If your boss is a nature enthusiast and wants plants in her office or home, this cute Juniper Bonsai Tree is perfect for her. It arrives in a Japanese Setku bowl and will definitely blow her mind. Itís easy to care for and beautiful to look at. Itíll decorate her office or home in a creative manner. Read More

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Boss Lady Travel Mug

Iíve always wanted an elegant travel mug like this that will keep my drinks warm. And it says ďBoss LadyĒ on the front which makes me want it even more. But if youíre here looking for the best gift for your female boss, stop looking because this is it. Every boss needs a good assistant who worries about her happiness as you do for your female boss. Read More

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Get her this candle that smells like hustle and caffeine

Do you want to wake up to the rich warm smell of freshly brewed roasted coffee? If yes, I just found the perfect gift your female boss today. It's this ESPRESSO YOí SELF candle that smells like fresh coffee, vanilla cream, and buttery caramel. Hand-poured in Washington, this candle makes the best gift.Read More

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Boss Necklace

Iím not anyoneís boss but I fell in love with this ďBOSS Ēnecklace. It makes the perfect businesswoman gift, entrepreneur gift or new business gift. You also get wishes card you can use to write your wishes message. It makes an exceptional birthday or Christmas gift too.Read More

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Keep her skin healthy with this Himalayan jade roller

If your boss is obsessed with her beauty and youth, this Himalayan Jade Roller is the ideal gift for her birthday. It will revive the skin because itís rejuvenated with jade, a natural Himalayan mineral. It arrives together with gua sha stone. You can use it to give your body a nice boost of extra circulation. Read More

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For your female boss to travel comfortably

If your boss travels frequently, this is the perfect gift for her. The TRTL PILLOW is proven to keep the head in the right position when sleeping upright and holding it in an ergonomic position while resting. It promises good sleep no matter where she goes. Your boss will be thrilled and thankful. Read More

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Gag gift for female boss

ďThese are the tears of my staffĒ is the slogan of this awesome funny mug. Hopefully, this gift will brighten up her day.

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"GOAL" Digger

I hate gold diggers. But I love GOAL diggers. This C.R. Gibson business card holder with gold foil accents makes an excellent gift for your female boss.

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This is a nice small gift for her

Isnít this the cutest small gift youíve seen so far? Itís perfect for your female boss. I am positive that it will put a smile on her bossy face. Itís the ultimate white sticky note block in hot pink that will also add a sense of style to her office. Read More

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She is going to find this motion sensor purse light very useful

Did you know that an average woman spends even 76 days looking for lost things in her purse? Thatís crazy. However, you donít have to be one of those women because you have this motion sensor purse light to help you out. Itís the best gift for a woman. Itíll save her time and hassle.Read More

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I am sure she can pull off this cologne

If sheís an elegant lady who knows how luxury smells like, she will be impressed by this Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de perfume spray. It has the sensual fragrance of dark and rich notes, spice and a seductive potion of black orchids. Thereís no denying that Tom Fordís Black Orchid is both timeless and modern. Read More

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Bossy Mug

ďIím not bossy. Iím the boss.Ē Tell me that this isnít the coolest mug youíve seen all day? If you want to surprise your female boss and show appreciation, donít hesitate and do it with this mug. I promise that this mug will put a smile on her bossy face. And it also may help you get that long wanted promotion.Read More

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This moon rotate with any ambient indoor light or indirect sunlight

MOVA globe represents the best rotating decoration Iíve seen in my life. No batteries or wires are necessary for it to work because it utilizes solar technology to silently rotate. Handcrafted with acrylic shells and non-toxic liquids, it makes the most perfect gift for your female boss.Read More

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