33 Creative 21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Him That Will Surprise Him

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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When he don't know what's for dinner

This gift will comes in handy when he can't make a decision. This magnetic decision maker can help them determine their doubt. It makes all of the decisions for them. Itís a fun and unique gift for any 21 year old guy.

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He will need bigger mug for more coffee to face reality

Elegant coffee mug for the coffee/tea lovers to keep them prepped always. The design behind it helps the beverage hot for longer periods of time. Thatís thanks to the double-walled and hand blew glass insulation that protects your hands from burning and keeping the coffee hot & sizzling. Read More

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This mouse will bend according to the shape of his palm

Another great gift idea on the list. This Bluetooth mouse was created for the modern 21 year old ambitious man. It will fit perfectly into his hand due to the elegant design that will follow the natural curve of the hand. Itís so easy to store, he wonít notice itís there. Read More

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Keep his desk tidy with this desk organiser

Every busy person needs a desk organizer. You can surprise him with this elegant design desk organizer that offers so many features. This serves as a decorative monitor riser to help him elevate the computer screen so he can have a better posture to use the computer.Read More

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Let's get a personalised initial keychain for your boyfriend 21st birthday

A personalized keychain is always a great birthday gift idea especially for a 21 year old. A lot of young men need support during those formative years because they go through a lot of transition.

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He is going to have a lot of fun with this balance board

This board trainer will help your guy achieve better balance. It will help him drastically improve his balance skill and body control. In addition, it will give him a great workout in the meantime while having so much fun. This product is fantastic for young people because it offers so many things in one. The smooth rolling lightweight and ultra tought roller reduces vibration and sound. It offers full freedom of movement and it lets the person who uses it to be in control. Read More

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Your son will find this levitating globe really cool

This enchanting globe can make any room stand out and transport you in another dimension. Your 21 year old would love this magical globe and the constellation that appears on it. Itís a fantastic dťcor piece that will make his bedroom or office fantastic and rich. Read More

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He is going to keep this flask forever

Hitting that 21st milestone will be a better experience with this flask gift set. This set includes a round flask made out of stainless steel with a special "Happy 21 Birthday" message engraved on the front, two shot glasses, and a convenient funnel. All of this is delivered in an elegantly packaged gift box. He can cheekily bring his favorite drink to the stadium, movie etc and nobody will notice it. There are also two shot glasses that he can use with a friend. Read More

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Write your wishes for him in this jar

Give your 21 year old this thoughtful gift and make them remember it. This unique jar can be filled with wonderful wishes and memories that will make his heart melt. Itís unique and very thoughtful. This Top Shelf Birthday Wish Jar kit comes with 100 wish tickets, pen, rewritable twine hung plaque and decorative lid. Read More

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This gadget will make sound every time people pass by

Do you know a 21 year old crazy about Star Trek? Well, this would be the perfect gift for any Star Trek buff out there. This guy has a motion-sensitive door chime that has been modeled after the communicator panels on The Original Series. It can be mounted on whatever side you like. It will give a signal whenever crosses the threshold. There are two sounds available, one sound effect and a red alert alarm. Read More

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You son is going to cry if you get this for him

Youíll make your son cry with this gift for sure. This pocket wallet is made out of high quality Crazy Horse Leather and thatís why this wallet will be around for a long time. Your son wonít even notice itís there because itís very thin and can fit anywhere. There is a powerful and meaningful quote that will make him feel special. In addition, there are 7 slots for cards. Celebrate your eternal bond with this amazing engraved leather pocket wallet.Read More

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Let's get this personalized bracelet for your boyfriend

This is probably one of the best personalized 21st birthday gifts for your boyfriend. Make him remember you and carry your love everywhere he goes. These are hand adjustable bracelets that can have your names engraved and anything special you might want to add, for an example a date when you met etc. He can where it on formal or informal occasions. Versatile, polished and truly an amazing sentiment that he will cherish.Read More

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He is going to save a lot of time cooking breakfast

This would be a special gift for a 21 year old guy because a lot of these young man doesnít have the time in the morning to prepare breakfast. And, we all know how important breakfast is. Thatís why this would an amazing gift because it has multiple appliances in one. This toaster is also great for pizzas, hot sandwiches etc. Read More

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Check out this beautiful pocket watch

This antique pocket watch is a must-have for the young modern man. He will stand out anywhere he goes. This astonishing antique skeleton mechanical pocket watch is battery free. The system is behind it is as old school as it looks. This pocket watch needs rewinding before using in order to work. There isnít definitely anything like it on the market right now! Its elegant design amazes everybody around it. Make your 21-year-old feel special with this amazing gift.Read More

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Listen to music or podcast comfortably with this wireless headphone

Everybody needs some time to get lost in their own mind with some nice music. Therefore, this Bluetooth headphones will be the perfect gift for a 21 year old. They are noise canceling, so he doesnít have to worry about hearing other people if he is on a crowded bus. There is a simple control panel on the headphone that can be used with a touch of a finger.Read More

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You can never go wrong with a pair of cool sunglasses

Ray-Ban is one of the worldís leading names for making the highest quality sunglasses. Protecting your eyes is extremely important since the sun has been getting more powerful over the years. Now, your favorite 21-year-old can be more stylish and have healthy eyes.Read More

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Now you don't have to worry about your son not having breakfast in college

Who wouldnít want a burrito maker for their 21st birthday? I know I would! This revolutionary piece of technology helps you create the perfect breakfast for less than five minutes. Now, he will not have an excuse for not eating breakfast because youíll know he has this burrito maker. Read More

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This waterproof bag will come in useful for him

The brooks cycle bags have been around for a long time. Now, there is a modern twist to this marvelous staple bag. This is the perfect bag for a young person on the go, especially somebody that goes everywhere with a bicycle. These bags are made with the finest leather that gives the birthday boy a touch of elegance and class in those days when he rushes everywhere. Read More

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Listen to his favourite music with this bluetooth turntable

Do you a 21 year old guy that is in love with vintage looking things? Well, this would a perfect gift for him. This old school stereo has built-in full range stereo speakers that creates amazing and clear sounds with an ease. Itís truly a mix between modern technology and vintage design.Read More

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This Leonardo Da Vinci statue is a beautiful decor

Surprise the young artist in your life for his 21st birthday with this Leonard Da Vinci bust statue. DaVinci symbolizes success, class and mastery in every way possible. Made out of the finest cold cast bronze, this statue will be one of the best pieces of dťcor in any room. Add class to the room with just one single statue.Read More

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Listen to music everywhere with this portable speaker

Amp up the birthday party with this perfect gift for a 21-year-old! This speaker delivers deep, jaw-dropping sound in every direction. He can place it in the center of the room to give everyone the same experience. Or set it near a wall and sound will radiate and reflect around the room, immersing guests in a party mood immediately. Read More

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Take beautiful selfie and portrait with this phone camera lens

Having great pictures on Insta or Facebook is a must for any 21 year old guy. Thatís where Xenvo Pro Lens Kit comes! What it does is the lens captures 45% more picture with a single snap. Xenvo cell phone lens attachment is ideal for hobbyists and photography pros alike. Read More

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I felt alive looking at this ascending angel

This can be a special birthday for a 21 year old guy. Make him feel protected by giving him this angel statue sculpture. Itís the perfect gift for any young man that is need of a little spirituality. It lights up the area and adds more enlightenment to any living space, especially to young people in need of a little hope and guidance. Read More

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He is going to find this car speakerphone very useful

Car rides through town will never be the same with this Bluetooth in-car speakerphone. Now, they blast their favorite song. There is also, a HD Voice microphone that can help him talk hands free. The built-in motion sensors can detect when he gets in the car, which makes it switch on and off automatically.Read More

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He is going to love this beautiful portable coffee maker

This is truly one of the most unusual 21st birthday gifts for him. He can have coffee whenever and however he wants it. This portable espresso maker is a perfect gift for a busy 21 year old. Once he gets the ground coffee right, this delivers great coffee, with a rich crŤme and the strongest and most tasteful coffee.Read More

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Include memorable pictures or videos in this handmade USB?

Equip your favorite 21 year old to be with this funky industrial USB flash drive. Make him store his favorite videos and pictures with style and edge. This bad boy hold up to 64GB of storage and thatís plenty for a lifetime of recorded fun material. Itís compact, light and easy to carry. It can perfectly fit any bag and he wonít notice itís there. Made with an edgy design, he will be the man of the hour at his office. Read More

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This is a very interesting wifi router

A special gift for a special person. This WiFi router is not only functional, it is hidden with lots of traits and fun stuff your favorite 21 year old man. What this little gadgets does is it intelligently protects your Wi-Fi network. Itís a 21st birthday gift for him because everybody uses Wi-Fi. Protect him by getting this fantastic Wi-Fi router that can also serve as a great dťcor!Read More

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Make him look good with this Korean skincare kit

Surprise your favorite guy for his 21st birthday with the best Korean skincare set. It would be the perfect set to keep his skin silky smooth with much effort. Help your guy out and give him this special skincare set as a birthday gift!Read More

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No more soggy cereal!

This Anti-Soggy cereal bowl is made with a partitioned system that allows the cereal to stay put in one section, next to a partition designed for holding milk. Itís so simple! Hands down, one of the best 21st birthday gifts for guys. Read More

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This mug is a beauty

Run to work or to the gym with style with a fun one-of-a-kind Goat Story Mug. Its horn shape is a dedication to goats that discovered this elixir of life and it also lets you drink the very last sip. It comes with a set of two straps that allow him to carry his coffee around.Read More

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Let's celebrate 21 years old with this shot glass

Does he love to party? If the answer is yes, than this shot glass is the ultimate gift for him. It is perfect for every occasion. Let him be the life of the party! He will love it. This glass is unique. Now this is a stylish must-have gift. Try it for your next get together.Read More

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