26 Unforgettable Anniversary Gift For Him 3 Years Of Happy Marriage

What is the anniversary gift for him for 3 years of marriage? If you didnít know but the traditional gift for a 3rd anniversary is leather. If youíre looking for something special for your hubby, youíre in the right place loaded with the best 3rd-year-anniversary gift ideas for him.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Slim leather wallet with a sweet message for your hubby

Among the best 3 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for him, I have this slim leather wallet with a heartwarming message on it. A handmade product thatís also breathable and will match any outfit. However, the best part of it is the sweet message: ďTo my husband, I loved you then, I love you still, always have, always willĒ.Read More

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Distressed leather valet with heart

If he loses his keys and wallet often, this leather valet with heart is the ideal gift for your anniversary. It has a heart and ďYou + MeĒ written on the inside. This tray is the perfect place to stash keys, coins, watch or wallet. Itís one of the best 3rd-anniversary gift ideas for him. Read More

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Rustic leather hot handle holder for a man who cooks

If you get him this rustic leather handle holder for your 3rd anniversary, it will make both of you very happy. Will keep the hands of your loved one protected. Itís definitely a must-have for a husband who cooks your favorite meals from time to time. An attractive and unique addition to your home that will perfectly fit any kitchen style.Read More

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Rustic leather pint sleeve, so he can drink with style

I fell in love with this rustic leather pint sleeve the moment I saw it and Iím sure that your husband will too, especially if heís into vintage things and recognizes a high-quality product when he sees one. Something that he will want to show to his best friends immediately. Donít hesitate buying it for his birthday, your third anniversary or any other occasion.Read More

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Celtic pocket knife with a leather case for a history buff

If heís an art lover and history buff, heís will find this Celtic pocket knife with leather case exceptional. Itís the ideal vintage gift that proves youíre attentive to details and thoughtful.

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Personalized 3rd-anniversary wallet he will adore

If heís a man with style, he will absolutely adore this leather wallet made of split cow leather. Youíre allowed to choose up to 3 initials on the outside and 160 characters on the inside and personalize this wallet to show love and appreciation for your man. Compact design which makes it one of the best leather anniversary gifts.Read More

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Personalized leather journal for a man who writes

Is your hubby a writer or loves to write for a hobby? If yes, heíll absolutely adore this personalized leather journal. You can decide whether you want the journal to have your initials, date or name or leave it as it is and surprise him with the best anniversary gift. Just choose the color and size and your perfect anniversary gift will arrive in no time.Read More

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Leather key chain to remind him of you every day

If youíre looking for some leather anniversary gifts for him, look no more because this leather key chain is the perfect choice for you. A classic anniversary gift that he can actually use every day. However, donít hesitate to buy it for his birthday or any other occasion.Read More

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Beautiful rustic town genuine leather grill work apron

If your man cooks your favorite meals, itís time you get him something in return like this rustic town genuine leather grill work apron. And whatís the ideal time for buying gifts if not for anniversary celebrations. Read More

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Leather bow tie he can wear on your anniversary date

Looking for leather 3rd-anniversary gift ideas for him? Look no more because this bow is the perfect choice for you. Itís an exceptional gift for exceptional people with an exceptional sense of style. Fashionable and easy to wear, 2 mm thick and durable. He can wear it on your anniversary date night or any occasion. Read More

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Leather handmade messenger bag

Made of genuine rugged goat leather, this handcrafted messenger bag is ideal for the man who dresses with style and recognizes a quality product when he sees one. Itís far better than his ordinary backpack and will match any outfit. Itís a practical unique messenger bag for laptop or tablet that will put a smile on his face.Read More

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Leather duffel bag for the man who travels very often

If heís a man with exceptional style, this exceptional duffel bag will fit him perfectly. This bag has a vintage design which combined with the leather, gives it a classy and rich appearance. A water-resistant duffel bag that will be of great use to him, especially if heís a passionate travel enthusiast.Read More

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Write him a secret message in this leather bracelet

If heís a simple man with a simple style but special in his own way, this leather bracelet is the perfect gift for him. Itís both simple and elegant. However, it makes an original gift because youíre allowed to write him a secret message on the inside of the bracelet. Meaningful present that will remind him of your eternal love for him. Read More

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Get him a leather scented candle for his man cave

This leather scented candle is for the man who has everything, including an awesome wife like you. It will perfectly match any home style or man cave style, especially man cave style.

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Compass with a leather case for a husband who travels

If youíre looking for the perfect 3rd wedding anniversary gift for him, I recommend this compass with leather case. Heís going to love it if heís a travel enthusiast. With this gift, you will express attention to details and prove your respect for his passion. Read More

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Leather bookmark for a husband who reads often

My husband is a book lover and this leather bookmark is the perfect gift for him. However, if youíre looking for a unique gift your him for your 3rd anniversary, and heís a book lover, donít hesitate on buying it. Made of high-quality man-made material, itís an exceptional gift that will be of use to him.Read More

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Leather sunglass holder for a man with style

If you want to get an unforgettable gift for him 3 years of happy marriage, this leather sunglass holder is a perfect choice. Handmade of attractive, soft and quality leather, itís definitely worth the money. A stylish accessory for a man with style. Itís durable and finely stitched. Something that he can actually use.Read More

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Leather shaver case to store his shaver with style

If you have no idea what to buy your man for your 3rd anniversary, this leather shaver case is a life saver. His favorite shaver deserves to be stored in a quality case like this one. Itís the ideal gift for the husband who shaves every day. It will remind him of you and your love every day. A practical gift that he can actually use.Read More

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Leather toiletries bag for a fashion enthusiast

They say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And thatís what this leather bag is all about. Simplicity and sophistication. Make sure that he organizes his toiletries with style for his next business trip or your next travel together. A must-have thatís just beautiful on the inside, as it is on the outside, like your hubby.Read More

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Cowhide leather driver cap for a fashion lover

If your husband is a fashion enthusiast, he will find this cowhide leather driver cap exceptional and modern. Made for men with a sense of fashion who know a quality product when they see one. Super soft and classy. It makes an original, leather 3rd-anniversary gift that blends chic and vintage in one.Read More

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Daniel Wellington watch with leather strap

If your husband is a fan of leather watches that are both elegant and stylish, he will absolutely adore the Daniel Wellington watch. An accessory with timeless design for an elegant person to express his individuality and sense of fashion.Read More

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Noise isolating leather headphones for him

If your hubby is a music freak and heís always walking around with his headphones on, these noise-isolating leather headphones will make him very happy. Comfortable, nice and stylish. Perfect for music lovers who enjoy listening to their favorite songs wherever they go.Read More

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Heís going to love this leather anniversary gift

Iím not a guy but I love beer and I fell in love with this unique leather beer holster. I strongly believe that your husband will do the same. Of course, if heís a beer lover too. Simple but functional anniversary gift that will prove your love and attention to details. Read More

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He is going to love this bracelet with hidden bracelet

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