22 Unique 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Husband (Traditional and Modern Gift)

Are your looking for a traditional or modern 35th wedding anniversary gift for husband? I have done some research the other day and these are the jade and coral gift ideas that I think your husband will love. Let's have a look.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Baron sea turtle with blue coral figurine made to impress

I strongly believe that this Baron sea turtle with blue coral figurine will surely impress even the pickiest person. Made with clear Swarovski crystals, this piece of decoration has a majestic appearance and will look absolutely stunning no matter where you decide to place it.Read More

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These Jade love birds symbolize love and attract good luck

If you were looking for something romantic but useful, get them these Jade lovebirds. It will protect your spouse from all the negativity around and will attract positive energy only. Itís also the symbol of fertility, productivity, success, and concentration.Read More

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Jade sphere Reiki healing stone that makes an original decor

I highly suggest that you get them this Jade sphere Reiki healing stone. It makes an exceptional decoration and has healing power. So, if your spouse is often dealing with stress, anxiety, and negative feelings, this is the gift for them. A stone thatís considered to be the generator of positive energy, peace, and concentration.Read More

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Earth therapy guardian angel green aventurine

If they believe in the healing with earth therapy and guardian angels, this is the ideal anniversary gift for them. An original guardian angel green adventure that will keep them well protected when youíre not around. A present with healing powers to help your spouse find their inner peace.Read More

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Jade lucky stone tree decorative figurine for their office

Did you know that it symbolizes protection and chases away all the negative energy and evil spirits from your life? So, if youíre looking for an exceptional and useful anniversary gift, this is it. A symbol of longevity, success, good fortune and protection that will protect your spouse and home when youíre not around.Read More

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If your hubby likes dragon items, he will adore this one

If theyíre a fan of dragon items and obsessed with dragon symbolism, they will become obsessed with this for sure. Itís not really a decorative item but a clock that seems like itís being embraced by the dragon.

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This ashtray will impress every smoker or non-smoker

I donít know about you but Iím definitely impressed by the design of this ashtray. Iím not a smoker and even I want to buy it just to place it on my coffee table and enjoy the view in the morning. An antique Bohemia design thatís hard not to love. I called it ďartworkĒ because itís really an artwork. Read More

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Hollywood glam natural gemstone sculpture for their office

If they believe in the power and protection of the Jade gemstone, they will appreciate this gift. As you probably know, Jade symbolizes protection and blocks negative energy. So, it will protect your spouse and your family when youíre not around. It arrives beautifully packed, ready for gifting. A small statue that will leave a huge impact on your spouse.Read More

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Jade made classic vintage old telephone for their collection

Iím a fan of classic vintage old-fashioned telephones. So, I fell in love with this decor piece the first moment I saw it. Crafted of high-quality material, it will definitely leave a memorable impression. An exceptional decoration for both office and home that will amaze them.Read More

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Triple running horses that make an exceptional home decoration

If your spouse is a fan of horses and appreciates an original collectible, I recommend that you buy this triple running horses figurine. According to Feng Shui, the horse is a symbol of masculinity, success, and courage. However, they also symbolize compassion, passion, and understanding. Horses are actually smart animals that can easily bond with humans, just like dogs and cats. Read More

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Natural Jade menís ring Fortress that will totally impress him

I donít know about you but I find men who wear rings extremely attractive, especially if theyíre wearing something like this. A symbol of power, and fertility made of sterling silver and real Jade gem. One of the best 35th-anniversary gifts you can get for your husband.Read More

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Weston Jade style art glass cufflinks to add class to their outfits

If your spouse is a man with great style and sense of fashion, he will absolutely adore and appreciate these Weston Jade style art glass cufflinks. They will add elegance to his every formal outfit and make him stand out from the crowd.Read More

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Healing gemstone Reiki crystal that makes an exceptional decoration

Did you know that Jade is a gemstone with a rich history and plays an important role in Asian philosophy for centuries? Itís known as ďdream stoneĒ because it allegedly can help you access the in-physical spirit realms. It symbolizes protection and will chase away the evil spirits and negative energy.Read More

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Let this black Buddha necklace protect him when youíre not around

If you want to express your love and appreciation with gifting your spouse something exceptional and unseen before, how about you get them this black Buddha necklace? It will protect them when youíre not around. And they will definitely wear it every day. Read More

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Buddha and the Jade elephant teapot for the greatest tea lover

If your spouse is the greatest tea lover you know, they will definitely fall in love with this Buddha and the Jade elephant teapot. Made with safe non-toxic ingredients, it will blow off their mind and become their new favorite kitchen gadget. A handmade anniversary gift that they will absolutely adore and find very practical.Read More

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Artificial sea coral table top that will definitely impress your spouse

If your spouse is a fan of the sea kingdom and nature enthusiast, they will absolutely adore this artificial sea coral table top. Itís definitely made to impress. A perfect gift inspired by the ocean and sea beauties. Made with double resin materials, itís actually beautifully crafted with a realistic look and nice texture.Read More

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Have you seen a starfish-shaped Christmas tree?

If you havenít, youíre looking at it now. Made of polyresin, it looks absolutely stunning. Can you imagine this set of three starfish-shaped Christmas trees on their office desk or coffee table? It makes a nice decoration and will definitely bring freshness to their office or personal space decor. This is one of the best 35th wedding anniversary gifts for him/her.Read More

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This sand globe paperweight is very beautiful

I have always dreamed of having this type of sand globe paperweight because it looks absolutely stunning. So, if youíre searching for something unusual but still beautiful to gift to your spouse for your anniversary, I strongly recommend this sand globe. Itís hand filled with colorful seashells and exotic sand. Read More

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Nephrite Greenstone Jade Maori Adze Toki Strength Necklace

This vibrant necklace will win over his heart. The jade Toki is great for strength and passion. This stone is a guaranteed natural gemstone, giving off a rustic, gritty look.

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Jade Pendant Leather Men's Bracelet

This bracelet is beautiful but maintains a sense of masculinity that he will love. The leather band is comfortable and the soft green color of the jade will look perfect against any skin tone.

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Still wondering what to buy your husband for your anniversary? Have a look at this post to find out more gift ideas.

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