45 Best 21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Daughter in 2023

There are lots of interesting 21st birthday gift ideas for daughter. Being 21 is a big deal. Girls start to feel like full adults. They are stepping forward to becoming a woman. They might get more responsibilities but they will gain experience that will come in handy in life. These are the recommended 21st birthday gifts for your daughter from funny gifts to gifts that will make her cry.

Let's personalise a necklace with her name on

This is such a memorable 21st birthday gift ideas for daughter. Carry Bradshaw wore the exact same necklace in ‘Sex and the City’ and ever since, girls are going bonkers over it. She will carry her name proudly next to her heart in the same way she carries you into her heart. Read More

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Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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There is an actual flower in this earring

She is as unique as there flower pressed teardrop earrings. These translucent teardrop-shape earrings featuring real dried flowers preserved in resin and surrounded by sterling silver settings. The natural properties of real flowers provides a one-of-a-kind look to each piece. These beauties come in six colors and type of flowers so there is a choice for anyone!Read More

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This black pearl ring is a beauty

The intricate design of the sterling silver ring forms a circular patterned bed for the 6-7mm black pearl to rest upon. This pearl ring will rest perfectly on a young woman’s finger.

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A lipstick handbag?

She will turn heads with this fashion statement piece. She can wear this lipstick-shaped clutch bag for every single occasion from wedding, banquet, party to cocktail parties. She will stand out among hundreds with this amazing lipstick shaped clutch.Read More

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Cherry Blossom Spa Gift Set

Your favorite 21 year old girl would love this gift because it will amp up her pampering routine. She always wanted to go to Japan and now she can get a feel of the beautiful essence of sakura with all of the amazing products in this spa set. The romantic scent will warm her heart in a minute. She will have everything she needs for the perfect night in and the pampering that she deserves.Read More

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Get a beautiful clutches for your daughter

She will be a superstar wherever she goes with this clutch. The material reflects the light perfectly making it even more luxurious.

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Include every picture of her from she was born to her 20

Make her remember her 21st birthday forever by giving her this amazing willow tree memory box that symbolizes the amazing bond between you and your daughter. Maybe you can include some memorable picture of here growing up that she never seen before?Read More

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She is going to love this engraved moon lamp

Illuminate her bedroom with this amazing lamp night light that just exudes love. It’s made to create a texture that is very similar to the real moon. Engraving quote also emphasizes the beauty of it and conveys love of parents for a daughter. It’s easy to use and it will look perfect in almost any room. Read More

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Love Between A Mother and Daughter Knows No Distance

Even though she wears her love for you in her heart, she can now show it with this bracelet bangle on her wrist. This bracelet reads "The Love Between A Mother and Daughter Knows No Distance", so no matter where she is. This bracelet is timeless just like the love between you and your daughter.Read More

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This is a nice birthday gift for your daughter

This would make a perfect gift for a 21 year old girl. There are 4 charms on the bangle. Each and every one of them represents what she wants for her 21st birthday. The charms are also made with eco-friendly zinc allow that will never rust or corrode. It comes with a gift pouch for easy gift-giving.Read More

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Apart or together, always close to me

This figure communicates through gesture, to represent an emotion or mark a memory. Each piece is hand-carved to make sure it’s as special as your relationship. She will look at it and make her feel comforted and loved. This is a wonderful gift idea for 21st birthday daughter.Read More

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"Finally 21" Engraved Cuff Bangle Bracelet

Everybody rushes to their 21st birthday and when you hit 21 it’s a special occasion. To celebrate that occasion, you can give her this “Finally 21” engraved cuff bangle bracelet. This is a reminder that she hit one of the first major milestones in her life. She conquered the first challenged and now she is ready to run the world with a new bracelet on her wrist.Read More

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She is going to get emotional when she receive this

This bracelet can inspire anyone who has a little piece of their heart belong to someone else. Honor the infinite bond between mother and daughter or father and daughter and let her know she's always connected to you just like these interlocking circles. When she wears this Bangle Bracelets she'll have a reminder of her strength and that you are always there for her.Read More

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A necklace with live succulent in this pendant necklace

She will love this succulent plan pendant necklace because the tiny plant inside is cute as a button. It’s unique and it will make her feel connected with nature even more. This tiny plant can live in a capsule for more than three months. It’s easy to water and the small holes on the bottom let the plant breathe freely.Read More

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This is such a beautiful trinket box

With its eye-catching design, this crown topped trinket holder opens about three quarters of the way up with a magnet secured hinged top. It is in the shape of an ornate egg with four golden legs and is enhanced by pearl and crystal flowers. It’s carefully handcrafted. It can be used as a small jewelry box or even leave it as a great décor piece in her new apartment. Read More

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This cologne won't get your daughter into trouble

She will nail that internship at that company when she puts this amazing fragrance on. This would a great gifts for daughters 21st birthday because the spicy, festive, sexy and fun scent will give her the confidence that she needs to take on the world and its challenges. It’s great for everyday use and even nighttime.Read More

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This is such a sweet gift for daughter from a dad

Even though she is 21, she is still a little girl for you no matter how old she gets. It represents more than that, it represents the love between a father and daughter. Remind her that we will be loved and protected by her Dad for eternity and that you are always there for her no matter what happens. Read More

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She will keep this necklace forever

There is nothing that will resemble a mother’s love. This sentimental gift will make her shed tears of joy and celebrate the bond between you for years to come. The meaningful sterling silver infinity interlocking circles necklace represents the love shared between a mother and daughter. Express your love for your daughter with this mother and daughter necklace.Read More

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How about a toaster bag?

Betsey Johnson is one of the most famous and unique designers. Her style is colorful and funky. That’s why this crossbody bag would be appreciated by a fashion lover. It will spice up her look and leave people wondering. Fun, creative and unique – everything your favorite 21 year old girl would love to stand for.Read More

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Let your daughter keep this gift forever

A bond between a father and daughter is unbreakable just like this solid sterling silver. The sentiment card reads ‘Father & Daughter The love between a father and daughter is forever’. On top of everything, it comes perfectly wrapped for the perfect 21 year old daughter.Read More

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The love between mother and daughter is forever

Check out this meaningful necklace that symbolizes the bond between mother and daughter. This is one of the best 21st birthday jewelry gift ideas for your daughter.

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21 beads bracelet, one for each year

This bracelet will grace your daughter’s hand for years to come. It will always remind her that the first 21 years of her life were connected to the 14K gold-dipped beads. It offers a lot of love that she has received over 21 years. That’s why this one of the most special 21st birthday gifts for her.Read More

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Let's celebrate 21 years old with this shot glass

Does he love to party? If the answer is yes, than this shot glass is the ultimate gift for him. It is perfect for every occasion. Let him be the life of the party! He will love it. This glass is unique. Now this is a stylish must-have gift. Try it for your next get together.Read More

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Mothers and daughters are never truly apart

Mother and daughters are never truly apart… they are bound together by each other’s beating heart. Celebrate your infinite special bond with this gorgeous elegant necklace that your 21 year old will adore. Handcrafted with love (just like your daughter) this necklace makes a wonderful gift. Read More

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Show your daughter your love with this necklace

This necklace is designed with 2 circles. The big circle represents the other and her eternal, unconditional love. The bling cubic zirconia o the inside represents the daughter, and the shining presence she has in the mothers life. You gave lie, love, and protection to your daughter and she returned this love with wonderful joy.Read More

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Wear this necklace with your 21 years old daughter

This jewelry set has one to wear and one to share! The two of you will always have one another, no matter what, and these matching jewelry pieces area perfect way to show that to the world. The sterling silver high quality design will last forever so the two of you can wear these for eternity. Read More

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I think this is a nice gift ideas for your 21 year old daughter

No matter what distance, the two of you are never truly that far apart. There will always be a strong connection between a mother and a daughter, and this necklace elegantly represents this bond. This makes a fantastic 21st birthday present for your daughter if your looking to remind her of your unconditional love. Read More

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Your daughter is going to love this necklace

No matter what distance, loss, struggle, or disagreement the two of you ever come to face, you will always support each other. Forever and always. This stunning pendant with a baby and mommy bird cutout represents the strength of your relationship and will be an accessory your girl will proudly wear. Read More

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This is such a graceful gifts for your daughter

These earrings are named “sunrise” for a reason. Inspired by Claude Monet’s Sunrise, this gift is elegantly designed to communicate impressionism… as well as stunning colour tones! This is a wonderful gift for your daughters 21st that will represent the age of maturity that she has reached. Read More

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Mommy and Baby Bird Necklace

This necklace makes a sweet gift that will ignite joy in your daughters heart on her 21st. Celebrating the beauty of the bond shared between a mother and a daughter, this mommy and baby bird necklace will remind her that you are always connected. Handcrafted and beautifully wrapped, this gift is ready to give upon arrival! Read More

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The music from this music box will make her miss you

This is no ordinary jewelry box. This gift is the perfect way to bring some magic and love into your daughters life and she will love all the sentiment it represents. This box plays “What a Wonderful World”… which it truly is when your daughter is in it.Read More

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Let her keep all the memories in this box

The sculpture of a mother and daughter featured in this gift is a wonderful way to symbolize the love that you share with your daughter. This beautiful box can be filled with memories and special items that speak of the wonderful life your daughter has lived over the last 21 years, and all the amazing things she has brought to your life. Read More

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That's a nice gift set of necklace and bracelet for you and your daughter

This gorgeous matching necklace and bracelet set represents the connection the two of you will have forever, just like the interlocking hearts! Dainty, simple, and high in quality, these jewelry pieces can be worn every day and will remind both of you of the bond you share. These handcrafted jewelry pieces are truly a work of art. Read More

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Still wonder what to get your daughter for 21st birthday?

This necklace is one of a kind and will warm her heart. Made from tough galaxy 14 karat gold, wrapping elegantly around a natural heart shaped ruby, this gift will look stunning on your special girl. In the same way that she will always have your heart, give her a way to drape it around her neck and wear it proudly. Read More

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This is a sweet necklace for your daughter

No better where we go, no matter what we do, you will always have me and I will always have you. This oval necklace is a comment on the special and everlasting bond between a mother and daughter. On her 21st, show her how appreciative you are of the woman she is becoming with this stunning eternity necklace. Read More

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This necklace is a nice gifts for 21 year old daughter

This is a gift with sentiment and beauty. This heart infinity necklace is a symbol of the unbreakable bond between a loving mother and daughter, and is a wonderful way to show this bond to the world. This high quality necklace will last a lifetime just like your love for each other.Read More

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That's a nice gift for daughter from dad

Looking for a sentimental gift for your daughter that comes straight from the heart? This necklace is not only beautiful but meaningful as well. Handmade in the USA, this gift is a wonderful way for you to tell your daughter how important, brave, strong, and loved she is. Read More

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Still looking for birthday gift ideas for daughter turning 21?

This bracelet dazzles almost as much as your special girl on her special day. Made with genuine Swarovski crystals on a stretch band, this bracelet will capture the light as well as the hearts of anyone who sees it. Show her how special she is with a truly special gift! Read More

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Mother and Daughter Infinity Bracelet Set Gift

Get her a personal gift by purchasing these matching mother daughter bracelets. The love between you and your daughter is infinite, which is why the infinity symbol is so delicately utilized in these stunning sterling silver bracelets. This gift is incredibly special and will make her 21st birthday one of the bests. Read More

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That's one special gift for your 21 years old daughter

The linked 2 circles of this necklace represent the everlasting bond between a parent and a child. Show her how much love you have for her by giving this gift. This is such a sweet 21st birthday gift ideas for your daughter.Read More

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This sentimental gift will make your daughter cry

Even though she’s 21, she will always be your little girl… forever. Give her a stunning and sentimental gift with this heart shaped pendant necklace complete with a beautiful quote that she will adore.

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This necklace is a beautiful 21st birthday gift for daughter

This sterling silver necklace makes a beautifully sentimental gift for your daughter on her 21st birthday. The lovely message that she will hold near and dear to her heart. Also, this necklace gives a portion of the proceeds from this purchase to Children of Promise, a nonprofit that funds girls educations. Read More

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The Hockey Mug With A Net

Do you know any tomboy 21 year old girls? This would be a perfect gift for a young sports enthusiast because she can drink her favorite beverage from a hockey puck themed mug with an attached goal. She can add delicious marshmallows in her cocoa, crackers in soup or even sprinkles on her favorite ice cream. Not to mention, it will look bomb in her kitchen and keep every guest wandering what it is. Read More

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