23 Beautiful Things To Buy On Amazon (Just Take My Money #21)

If you’re looking for a random gift to buy for yourself, or you’re searching for a gift for a loved one’s birthday, or you want to thank your best friend for being loyal, this list of the new best things to buy on Amazon will definitely meet your expectations.

1. Have you seen this bamboo bag before?


Miuco Bamboo Handmade Handbag

If you want to refresh your closet with unique accessories, get this bamboo bag to match your original style.

There are two sizes to choose from. If you want a compact bag in a smaller size, go with the 11’’x8’’x3.

And if you want a larger one to store more stuff in it, pick the 12.5’’x10.5’’x4 one.

However, no matter which one you chose, you won’t regret buying it. It’s a beautiful and transparent bag you can wear to carry your sunscreen in it.

Or you can bring it with you on laidback Sunday walk with your friends.

2. It is better to just let it go


Let That Shit Go Meditating Buddha

If you’re a nature enthusiast and you need a motivation to let go of something that’s been bothering you for a while, this art print saying “Let that shit go” is perfect you.

Made out of the managed-growth sustainable forest, it’s a paper made with a lot of honesty and positive energy.

However, remember that the frame isn’t included.

You can frame it yourself because the print is made according to industry universal sizes.

It also makes an ideal gift for a person with an open mind.

If you have a friend who loves nature and they’re all about minimalist, mid-century modern decor or Scandinavian art, surprise the person with this paper.

It can be used for home or office decoration.

3. This is actually a portable charger with its ear as power level indicator


Samo Dog Portable Charger

This cute Samoyed portable charger makes the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays or other occasions.

It has a nice aluminum design that won an award in 2014 in Taiwan.

It charges quickly because of the smart charge technology that recognizes devices and charges up to 2.1 amp. It’s safe.

It’s compact. And it has a recharge circle of over 500 times. I forgot to mention it works with LED light and the ears of the animal serve as power level indicator.

You can give it to someone who’s on their phone constantly and someone who travels long routes.

It’s perfect for long flights and trips because it has your back whenever your battery’s low.

It’s compatible with Samsung, iPhone, and One Plus, but also with other brands of phones. It’s the perfect practical gift for everyone.

4. Your sponge holder need a place to "sleep" as well


Dreams Kitchen Sponge Holder

If you want to express your creativity, this sponge holder is one of the best things to buy on Amazon.

After you wash the dishes, and everything is shiny and clean, lay down your sponge and allow it to have a well-deserved sleep.

You’ve heard me right. This is a sponge bed holder that fits any universal size of a sponge.

It comes with a sponge and it’s safe to wash in a dishwasher.

It makes the ideal present for a housewife like your mother, grandma or friend who’s crazy about cleaning. Or you can buy it for yourself.

5. Unicorn Figurine


Unie Unicorn Furry Bones Figurine

If you want to decorate your home in a creative manner, this unicorn figurine is the perfect thing to get on Amazon today.

It’s a top-quality figurine with the finest details that you can rarely find on the market today.

Made of resin, it’s an exceptional gift for any holiday, birthday or another occasion.

It’s new. And it’s never used. It’s perfect.

6. This beautiful earring that made from wood with marble texture


Bohemian Wood And Marble Effect Earrings

If you’re looking for the best things to buy on Amazon right now, buy these impressive earrings made from wood.

They have a marble texture, and they’re allergy-free, nickel and lead-free earrings inspired by Boho style.

They don’t weight much so you won’t feel your ears dropping down when you have them on you.

They’re lightweight and will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

If you’re not into this type of jewelry, give them to someone who is.

They make the perfect gift for girlfriends, moms, or friends.

And the best part of it is that they come in a cute pink jewelry bow you will absolutely adore.

7. Look at this candle made from 100% Beeswax


Beehive Candle

Tired from artificial light and want to bring charm to your home? Why don’t you get this cute candle made from 100% beeswax?

It’s one of the best ways to express your creativity and refined taste, especially if you’re into both modern and rustic style.

It self-extinguishes when the fire gets the clip and can burn for over 70 hours.

Can you imagine? It makes an interesting gift to show appreciation or decorate your home.

8. This backpack with 3D lion head


3D Print Animal Studded Backpack

Looking for the top things to buy on Amazon today?

Allow me to introduce to you this extraordinary backpack with a 3D lion head on it.

It has 1 laptop holder and 2 pockets you can fill with your necessities.

It’s perfect if you travel a lot and you want to carry your computer around.

You can also carry A4 size books in it since it’s spacious.

Made from PU leather, this backpack is one of the best ones ever because it’s comfy. It’s also easy to carry around, no matter the weight you put inside.

However, because of the leather, expect a little bit of smell. Nothing serious, leave it open for a couple of hours to ventilate.

You can surprise your kids with it. Or get it for someone’s birthday.

9. I did this all the time


Of course, I talk to myself

If you don’t know what to buy on Amazon for $50, I have a suggestion. However, you have to answer a question first.

Are you talking to yourself quite often? If the answer is “yes”, this is the thing you should buy immediately.

I’m talking about a mug made out of 100% ceramic. If you don’t want it for yourself, get it for a friend or a colleague at work who’s a bit crazy (but in a positive way).

It makes the perfect gift for a coffee junky for your partner on Valentine’s Day. Or surprise your boss with it, maybe?

10. This candle holder is such a beauty


Lantern Glass Candle Holder

Lanterns don’t just enhance your space but also add an elegant touch to your garden or home.

So, if you want to embellish your house or give your neighbors something to be jealous about, get this warm, welcoming candle holder.

It has the perfect unique design that will charm you at first glance.

It’s ideal for windy weather when you want to stay in your backyard or garden with your friends for a little chat around the fire because it protects the candles from shutting down.

You can give it to someone who’s into vintage style or likes things with an old-fashioned but still modern design.

It can be used as a wedding decoration too. However, it makes the great heartwarming birthday gift too.

11. Look at this Bohemian earring


Bohemian Drop Earrings

If you attend events quite a lot and you want to make a fashion statement next time, get these Bohemian earrings.

They’ll prove to every lady and gentlemen in the room that you know how to accessorize and you have refined taste that not everyone can handle.

It’s made out of crystal and alloy and it’s easy to match almost every outfit.

If you wear it on the next anniversary, wedding or a party, you will definitely leave a hell of an impression.

If you don’t like this type of jewelry, buy it for someone who does.

12. Let's store your earrings in this beauty


White Faberge Egg Jewelry Box

One of the top things to buy on Amazon today, along with the things I’ve presented so far is this stunning white Faberge egg jewelry box.

So, if you’re looking for a creative way to decorate your bedroom, this is the perfect piece to get.

And the best part of it is that it serves a purpose rather than just standing as a figurine.

You can store your favorite jewelry in it. It’s a jewelry box that every woman with refined taste should own.

And if you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to buy it today. It’s hand-crafted. It’s unique. It’s a matchless present idea.

If you’re a male and you’re looking for something special to buy for your anniversary, your mother’s birthday, or your sister’s graduation, this is the perfect gift.

It’s a jewelry box every lady will fall in love with. And it comes in a charming gift box. If you’re not into this stuff, buy it to surprise a person you love.

13. Love this mirror


Home Octopus Vanity Mirror

Another decor piece for people with refined taste is this Octopus mirror. It’s perfect for a bathroom or vanity and it’s very well constructed.

If you were looking for the best thing to spend your money on Amazon today, this is it. You can surprise your daughter for Christmas with it.

Or get it for yourself and decorate your space in a creative way. It comes in the perfect packaging and you will smile every time you look at it.

It has a bit salty price, but it’s definitely worth the price. A unique piece of art.

14. Check out this beautiful moon lamp

Gahaya Moon Lamp

I’ve been admiring this moon lamp for years. And today, I’ve decided to include it in my list of best things to buy on Amazon because I thought you should know about it.

It’s my favorite one on the list because of the moon appearance. It’s safe. It’s reliable. It’s non-toxic. And it odorless.

It’s practically perfect because it makes you feel like the moon had a baby and it gave it to you to take care of it.

You will actually think there’s a tiny magical moon in your room. You can choose between warm yellow and cool white to light up your room.

Both colors create a different ambiance and bring different feeling.

It’s definitely a gift I would give to someone I love for their birthday or randomly to show love and appreciation.

If you hesitate to buy it, don’t because you won’t regret it.

15. Make a quick snack with this hotdog maker


Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

I’ve mentioned this hot dog toaster in some of my previous lists of things to buy on Amazon. However, it’s good enough to mention it again.

So, it’s a retro pop-up toaster you can use to make your hot dog at home.

It’s great to make a tasty quick breakfast when you don’t have much time and keep your kids happy and entertained.

Just adjust the heat setting according to your preferences and you’re ready to go.

It makes the perfect gift for someone who just moved into a new place and has a new job but loves fast food and doesn’t have much time to cook. You can buy it for your brother, sister, partner or best friend for their birthday.

It also makes a great anniversary gift but only if you live together with your partner, so you can cook your hot dogs together.

16. What do you think of this vase?


Geometric Pattern Stoneware Vase

If you want to leave a hell of an impression to someone who visits your home for the first time, get this vase. It’s the perfect decor piece that will take your decoration skills to the next level.

It’s modern and suitable for every interior design style.

You can add flowers if you want. However, it’s still going to look stunning if you don’t add flowers because it’s an independent decorative piece that will wow every guest who comes to your home.

It makes the perfect gift for your mother’s birthday if she’s into flowers and decorating the interior. Or you can buy it as a surprise gift for your wife.

17. Let's decorate your house with this Amethyst cluster


Amethyst Cluster

If you’re under stress lately and you’ve been dealing with toxic negative people who left you drained, it’s time to get this amethyst cluster.

Supported by the authentic basalt mineral, it’s a 100% original product without dyes.

It’s high-quality and I recommend it, especially if you want to get rid of the negative energy in your home.

Amethyst stones are known to relieve stress with healing powers that will boost your confidence, bring inner peace, clarity of the mind, wealth and get rid of the negative energy and people.

18. A space corgi anyone?


Space Corgi Wall Art

Another unique paper to hang on your wall and smile every time you look at it is this art piece printed on an antiquated dictionary page.

If you’re a book lover and you respect the process of turning outdated books into an art piece, this is one of the top things to buy on Amazon today.

It’s a carefully printed image on a recycled paper, so it’s perfect if you’re a nature enthusiast too. Keep in mind that it’s not delivered with a frame but comes in a universal size of images, so you can frame it.

It makes an impressive vintage gift you can get for your partner, friend or a family member who loves vintage things.

19. Look at this teapot, it is such a beauty


TOWA Cast Iron Japanese Style Teapot

If you’re not familiar with the phrase “spill the tea”, it refers to gossiping or talking about important stuff with friends.

You get the point. However, this elegant teapot has nothing to do with the slogan. I just used it to make it sound interesting.

Not that this teapot isn’s interesting on its own but I wanted to introduce to you some of the top phrases used these days on the internet, especially YouTube.

So, let’s get back on the teapot. What can I say that you haven’t seen on the photo already? It’s elegant. It’s easy to use.

And you can find it exceptional if you have refined taste and an eye for details. It’s the best gift for tea lovers on different occasions such as birthdays or holidays.

Give it to someone who’s always in the mood for chatting or “spilling the tea”.

20. That is the most creative clock ever


Bamboo Wall Clock

A modern home isn’t complete without a big sophisticated looking bamboo wall clock to decorate the space. It’s placed vertically and it’s quite tall.

However, it’s perfect for people who can’t see well because the numbers are large too and you can easily tell what time is it from a far distance.

It’s nicely designed and it represents a mix of vintage and contemporary.

You can use it to decorate your home or your office. Or give it to someone who would like it for their birthday. It’s ideal for an anniversary or a holiday.

21. Call your mom with this retro phone!


Retro Style Push Button Dial Table Telephone

As you can notice, I’ve added a few old-fashioned vintage pieces on this list because I just love stuff like that.

And I’m pretty sure you love them too.

So, next on my list is this vintage retro phone. It’s made out of metal and it serves as a decoration piece for your office or home.

It has that old-fashioned look and it’s functional.

Meaning, it isn’t just a decor piece but you can actually use it. It has a ringer volume control and a push-button dial.

You will be thrilled once you place it somewhere around the home and you get a call from someone. While talking, you’ll feel like you were brought back in time.

22. I am loving this rug


Natural Fibers Hand Woven Rug

Imagine walking over a natural fibers hand-woven rug that everyone is jealous of when they come to your place.

You don’t have to imagine it anymore, because I have the best natural fibers rug for you right here on Amazon.

It’s practical because you can move it around while cleaning. It’s not heavy, so you can lift it and clean under it.

However, you have to remember not to pull the fibers too hard because you will ruin this beauty.

It makes the exclusive gift for your parents, spouse or friend who just moved into a new place, this is the thing to get. It’s brilliantly designed. And it comes at a fair price.

23. Need a succulent pot? Try Groot!


Baby Groot Succulent Planter

Looking for a fun decoration for your home, backyard, front lawn, garden or the office?

Look no further because Baby Groot is on your service today.

It’s the perfect succulent pot to get for yourself or give it to someone who adores this character.

It will help you keep your space in order by taking care of plants. It’s a nice gift for friends or family.