101 Best Small Gifts Ideas For His Stocking Stuffer On This Coming Christmas

Looking for a small gift for men? As Autumn looms on the horizon then the next thing to think about is Winter.

Of course, this is great as it means Christmas will soon be here too.

If you have a dad, brother, boyfriend or husband then you will probably be frantically trying to think of a gift to get for them.

Check out the below list of small gifts for men if you need inspiration.

Our round-up of little gifts for him is sure to give you lots of food for thought.

(Some gifts may require bigger Christmas socks to fit in)

I will show you where to get it after this infographic.

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small gifts for men

Infographic designed by Brandmoss

1. Let him smell great with this cologne


Acqua Di Gio

As far as small Christmas gifts for him go, aftershave is always a winner.

This particular scent from Armani will always keep him smelling good when he goes to work.

The intense yet seductive fragrance is very nice while the 2.5 ounce bottle means it will last him a long time.

This cologne got a lot of love in the fragrance community.

2. He is going to love this personalized wallet


Personalized Mens Wallet

 If you need a gift that really shows how much you care, then this personalized wallet is it.

Made from spit cow’s leather, it is packed with handy features such as a clear ID sleeve and 8 credit card compartments.

The best thing though is the free engraving – you get up to 3 initials on the outside and 160 characters in the inside to express your love.

3. This ceramic pocket cutter that let him cut safely


Slice Mini Ceramic Cutter

One of the best small gifts for boyfriend around is this min ceramic cutter, perfect for helping him to open up packaging when he gets a delivery, the ¼ inch blade stays sharper for longer and is easy to change.

With a grippy rubber handle and easy stick function on the fridge when not in use, this is a great present for his stocking.

4. Not just a handwarmer but a phone charger and LED flashlight as well


BoneView Hot Pocket

With this present, he will never have cold hands when camping with his friends again.

The king of small gifts for men, this handy tool combines an LED light and phone charger along with a hand warmer.

Perfect for his next outdoor adventure, the robust design and long battery life means he will always be able to stay in touch too.

5. Strong wind? No worry, this windproof lighter light up everything


Kivor Windproof Lighter

Make sure he can always light up his cigarette when outside, even in the windiest of conditions, with this rechargeable lighter.

Made from zinc alloy and with a cool Dragon design, it is fully wind and water proof.

Easy to use, the flameless ignition is operated using the handy side button.

6. Make his beard smoother with this beard oil


Viking Beard Oil

Make sure that his beard or mustache always looks in great shape for the office with this oil.

Boasting a manly scent and a mixture of nourishing oils, it comes in a large 2 fl oz bottle.

The anti-itch formulas will keep his beard comfy and moisturized also for the whole working day.

7. I personally use this hair clay on my fine hair and I love it!


Hanz De Fuko Claymation

I love the way this hair clay makes my hair look and am sure your man will do also.

Giving a stylish matte finish to any style with great hold, this will make sure he hits the dance floor with confidence on your next night out.

With no parabens and certified organic extracts, this is a superb stocking filler for him.

8. How about a fancy tie clip?


BMC Medieval Tie Clip

Small gifts for men don’t need to be boring as this list shows.

This funky tie clip is perfect for the man who enjoys shows like Game of Thrones.

The in-built alligator clip grips his tie securely without any damage to the fabric.

He will love not only the look this gives his usual work clothes but also the way it keeps his tie in place.

9. Comb his hair easily with this wooden comb


Mountain Wooden Comb

I love this example of useful small gifts for men – it is so versatile!

If your man likes to look sharp and experiment with his hairstyle then he will love this too.

Made from top quality wood, this comb has fine and medium teeth for great styling potential.

Also included is a carry case so he can always have it with him.

10. He is going to love this classy safety razor


SUPPLY Single Edge Safety Razor

Made from solid stainless steel and with a lifetime guarantee this razor will always keep him looking smart when your parents come round.

Giving a safe yet close shave, this pack also includes a six-month supply of blades.

Easy to use and delivering great results, this is one gift he will love.

11. This is such a creative magnetic bottle opener


Magnetic Bottle Opener

Give your dad or brother a stylish yet powerful way to open his beer bottles with this opener.

Not only will the four magnets make it a breeze, but the stainless-steel looks will freshen up his kitchen too.

Easy to mount or screw onto any surface, the magnetic plate will even tidy up by catching the discarded bottle tops.

12. This wax is going to make him a fancy mustache


Mustache Wax

Always keep his facial hair looking smooth for your date nights with this wax.

Smelling of beautiful citrus and rosemary scents, it will give great hold to any mustache style he has.

Coming in a handy carry tin, this will make you fall in love with him all over again.

13. No more weird goatee shape


My Perfect Goatee Template

Does the man in your life need a hand with shaping his goatee beard?

If so, he will love taking this into the bathroom and surprising you with the results.

This handy template is easy to use and allows him to craft any number of styles.

Adjustable to all face sizes, it will keep his beard looking perfect every time.

14. Light up his cigar in seconds with this jet lighter


Triple Torch Cigar Lighter

Many men like to enjoy a good cigar – if your boyfriend or husband does then this will make his next one even more memorable at his local club.

Coming with an in-built punch too, it has an ergonomic handle and classy looks also.

Made from the best materials and with an adjustable flame, this will get him smoking in seconds.

15. Keep his shoes well taken care of with this gift


Otter Wax Shoe Care

Make sure his leather work shoes are in the best shape for the promotion interview with this shoe care kit.

Containing saddle soap to clean, leather salve to condition, leather oil to shine and boot wax to protect, this is the ideal all-in-one solution to keep his brogues shining bright. 

16. He will never run out of pocket square again


Pocket Square

Make sure he is looking smart at that next wedding or christening with an elegant pocket square.

Made from a satin polyester mix, these are large enough to stay put in any jacket pocket and feel great to touch.

Available in a wide range of colours, they come in a pack of 30 for added value.

17. I am going to get this myself


Saucey Socks

I am going to put these on my xmas list and suggest you get them for your man too!

Boasting a very funny message, they are a cheeky and fun way to spice up xmas for you both.

You are sure to laugh everytime you see them and he will love wearing them as they are so comfy.

18. Yummy...! Who can resist this?


Bacon Jerky

Jerky is great but does your man get a bit fed up with beef all the time?

If so, make his Xmas with this delicious bacon jerky instead.

Great for that next poker night or at the office, it is made from 100% bacon with no MSG or other added nasties.

Handcrafted in small batches, this is a great alternative to beef jerky.

19. This floating wireless speaker is surreal!


Floating Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This superb stocking filler will look great on the desk in your husband or boyfriends home study and cheer him up as he works.

The speaker floats magnetically above the base for a truly awesome effect.

Featuring full Bluetooth connectivity, it also produces crystal clear sound too for his favorite tunes.

20. Need strong caffeine to stay awake?


Death Wish Coffee

This is the ideal Christmas gift for the coffee loving man.

If he likes it strong then he will love waking up with this each morning before work.

Fairtrade and USDA certified, this 16-ounce bag contains very tasty and strong coffee.

With a bold taste and great aroma, the beans are pre-ground for easy coffee making.

21. Let him shave easily with this shaving soap


Lather & Wood Shaving Soap

Make sure that your man always gets the best shave possible before a family day out with this luxury shaving soap.

The alluring sandalwood scent will leave him smelling great all day while the large tin size will last a long time.

Made in small batches to ensure quality, this will make shaving times a blast for him.

22. This is going to keep his head and beard warm on this coming winter


Beard Head Stubble Beanie

With this set of hat for his beard and hat for his head, he will never be cold when waiting for the bus again in winter.

The beard hat sits on his face to keep it cosy and warm while the beanie hat looks after his head too.

Made from super soft yarn, the beard hat is detachable from the beanie if necessary.

Funny and practical, this is the perfect stocking stuffer for your dad or brother.

23. Get him to know about the legendary Bruce Lee


Dragon The Bruce Lee Movie

Is your boyfriend or husband a martial arts geek?

Supercharge his next workout at the dojo with this inspirational movie about Bruce Lee.

Arguably the most famous martial artist ever still, it tells how Lee grew from Chinese boy to worldwide superstar.

There is plenty of action to keep him entertained too!

24. Get him a custom engraved whiskey glass


Custom Engraved Whiskey Glasses

If your man enjoys sipping whiskey in his favourite chair when relaxing at night, then this will make it even better for him.

Coming in a 9-ounce size with a heavy base for stability, it is the perfect glass for whiskey drinking.

There is free engraving included too so you can add that romantic message!

25. Bacon lip balm?


Bacon Lip Balm

This sounds a bit weird but actually works! This will surely bring a smile to his face on Christmas morning when he opens it.

Giving great protection for lips, the bacon flavour really works and makes lip balms fun.

This is an especially great gift in winter when his lips may be at risk of the weather.

26. Sexiest undies I have ever seen


Stud Undies

He will love the naughty nature of this stocking stuffer along with the way it gets him in the mood for some saucy xmas fun with you.

The candy cane feature will certainly catch the eye while the 100% polyester material is super comfortable.

One size fits all and it is hand wash for complete ease of care.

27. What are you thinking? It is a wine stopper


Wine Condom Bottle Stopper

If your man is a joker and likes something to make him laugh, then this is a great choice.

It looks like a regular condom in its foil pack but is actually a portable bottle stopper to keep wine fresh.

Simply pop it out of the packet and roll it over – it is even able to go in the fridge for total flexibility.

28. Let's put all the best memories in this external hard drive


My Passport Portable External Hard Drive

If your man is into his tech then he will no doubt have lots of photos and videos on his PC.

This portable external hard-drive enables him to free up vital memory on his computer but still keep those cherished memories safe.

Coming in a range of colors, it has password protection for complete security.

29. How about writing a love letter for him?


Letters to My Love

If your man works away a lot, then this is a great way to help him stay in touch when not there.

This pack of 12 love letters allows him to write down his innermost thoughts and mail them to you with no fuss.

The letters are pre-printed with ideas to start the letters with to make it even easier for him

30. A Shot glass with a real bullet in it


Bullet Rock Glass

The man in your life will love this if he is into his military kit or guns.

The glass itself is a heavy 11 ounces for easy drinking while the bullet is a real 0.308 copper version.

Hand crafted in the USA, this comes in stylish yet sturdy packaging that will look amazing in his stocking.

31. Never run out of recipes to cook a cock chicken


50 Ways to Eat Cock

If your man is a meat eater then he will enjoy finding some new chicken recipes to try in this book.

The difference here is that this focuses on cocks (or male chickens) for the superior taste they give.

This will give him hours of reading on Christmas night and lots of meals to cook for the rest of xmas week.

32. Let him wear shoes easily with this shoe horn


Orthostep Shoe Horn

This shoe horn is a great gift for any man who has trouble getting on his shoes.

It will make it much easier and always mean he is on-time for any appointment.

Measuring 7.5 inches, it is made from metal for long-lasting use.

Compact and easy to store, it is the ideal accessory for any man.

33. Print a family picture on this tag


Personalized Photo Tag

Give your man the ideal way to show how much his family means with these personalised dog-tags.

They allow an image to be engraved on the front with text on the back for a further personal touch.

Made from stainless steel but with a stylish silver tone, this gives him the best way to show his friends how much he loves you at his next boy’s night.

34. Learn from the legend on Masterclass

small gift for men masterclass


Does the man in your life enjoy cooking or want to learn poker from an expert for his next poker night with friends?

If so, he will love getting a course of online Masterclass lessons from world-leading names in their sectors ranging from acting, filming, basketball, tennis, and many more.

Masterclass features exclusive content and many videos on lots of subjects to enjoy.

You should check it out.

35. Let him try every flavor of Tabasco


Tabasco Gift Set

Tabasco is a very versatile ingredient that means he will always be able to cook up something tasty for your next family meal.

This set gives even more opportunities as it contains many different flavours of Tabasco, as well as the normal one.

In a stylish gift set, this will be the ideal gift for the cook in your life.

36. This is such a sweet guitar pick/keychain


Guitar Pick Keychain

Your man will love rocking out with this at his next gig and showing off how he feels for you.

Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, the heart-warming message on both sides is fabulous.

31mm in length, it also comes with a velvet jewelry carry bag for safe transportation.

37. This is such a creative small gift for him


STRATA CUPS Camera Lens Coffee Mug

When your man is rushing around in the morning then he wants to enjoy his coffee safely.

This stylish camera lens design coffee mug has a no-spill lid to make this happen.

With a 13.5 ounce capacity and stainless-steel design, it will keep his coffee hotter for longer.

Even if he is more of a tea lover, this mug is the perfect thing to enjoy any drink from.

38. Bullet bottle opener?


50 Caliber BMG Real Bullet Bottle Opener

Your husband will enjoy showing this off to his friends at that next party when cracking open their beers!

Made from a true US Military bullet, it is totally safe to use and easy to open any bottle of beer with.

Giving an air of style yet masculinity to any kitchen, this will fit into any stocking at xmas.

39. Love to try a variety of beer?


Libbey Craft Brews

Craft beer is big news now so if your man likes sampling a few, why not buy him this?

This 4 piece set features sampler sized glasses that are dishwasher safe and make any craft beer taste great.

Also included is a sturdy wooden serving platter to line the glasses up on for sampling.

40. Let him listen to music everywhere with this earphone


Wireless Earbuds

He will never be bored on his next walk to work or home with these superb wireless earbuds.

Giving him the ability to listen to his top tunes in proper 3D sound, they have 15 hours of charge and true Bluetooth connectivity.

With a built-in microphone too, these are the latest way to keep him entertained when on the move.  

41. This will be the best belt he ever received


Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt

If he is heading out with his friends for a nice meal out, then this stylish belt is the perfect gift.

The scratch resistant buckle and elegant leather look will ensure he will always impress when out.

The buckle locks automatically when in place and there are no belt holes for a smoother look.

Instead, the buckle just pulls through to where it fits best for total comfort.

42. Let his room smells great


Bath & Body Works

If he enjoys relaxing in his man cave with a reassuring scent to soothe his nerves, then this candle is ideal.

Featuring 3 wicks and up to 40 hours burn time, the mahogany teakwood fragrance it gives is masculine yet exotic.

Coming in a stylish jar with glass lid, it will grace any desk or shelf.

43. Keep his drinks cold with this whiskey stone


Titanium Gold Plated Stainless Steel Chilling Rocks

A lot of men enjoy a glass of whiskey after a long day at work.

This set of 8 chilling rocks in a handmade wooden case will make his drink even more refreshing.

Better than traditional ice as it won’t dilute his whiskey, it maintains his drink at the ideal temperature to drink.

Made from food grade stainless steel, it is also totally safe too.

44. This flask is such a beauty


Bottisia Rose Gold Handmade Hip Flask

It can be hard to find a unique yet useful holiday gift for the man in your life.

This elegant rose gold hip flask is a great idea and means he can always stay warm when out for that country walk.

Made from premium grade stainless steel, it comes with a leather carry pouch too, so it stays protected.

45. Not just an ordinary money clip


Gerber GDC Money Clip

He will always be able to carry his money around safely on that next boy’s night out with this money clip.

Holding up to five credit cards as well as notes, the clip is easy to grip and fits snugly in any pocket.

Also include is a 1.75 inch fixed edge knife for complete flexibility of use when out.

46. Never eat soggy cereal again


The Original Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

Does your brother or dad constantly moan about his breakfast cereal going soggy?

If so, buy him this and he will always have crunchy cereal to enjoy.

The unique spiral bowl design means cereal only goes into the milk when he wants it too.

With an easy grip design, it also looks great too.

47. How about a phone wallet?


Gecko Adhesive Phone Wallet

If your husband has too many things to carry around now, then lighten the load for him on his daily commute to work.

This adhesive wallet fits onto the back of any mobile phone securely to hold some cash and a few cards.

It allows him to carry his cash easily and the lycra design allows the wallet to stretch for a flexible fit.

48. Let's get him a nice watch


Daniel Wellington Watch

All men can benefit from a stylish watch to wear on their wrist for that next important meeting at work or family get-together.

This rose gold tone watch has a white dial to make it easy to read.

The smooth quartz movement with analogue display gives a real classic feel and ensures it goes with any outfit he chooses to wear.

49. The biggest beer soap he will ever receive


Duke Cannon Big Ass Beer Soap

Make shower times fun again! I guarantee he will love taking this in with him and having fun getting clean.

Coming in at a large 10-ounce size, this soap is superb for men with its masculine, sandalwood scent. I

t lathers up well and is made from real American lager for complete satisfaction.

50. Let him travel comfortably with this travel pillow


Neck Support Travel Pillow

Make sure that next flight or train journey to see you is more comfortable with this travel pillow.

Great if you don’t live together yet, he will love the way this pillow keeps his head in the most ergonomic position when asleep.

Easy to use and carry, the super soft fleece material is so comfy it’s unreal!

51. Swim faster with this glove


Darkfin Webbed Power Swimming Gloves

This is the ideal Xmas gift for any man who loves keeping fit in the water or enjoying hobbies such as surfing or snorkeling.

The webbed design gives much more power and speed in the water when paddling to make him super quick.

Easy to put on or take off, they allow him to stay in the water for longer sessions taking part in what he loves doing.

52. Let's get this beautiful mug for him


Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Made from 100% food safe copper, this set of 2 hand crafted drinks mugs is stunning.

The most amazing present for any man who enjoys a refreshing pre-dinner cocktail, he will love making his favorite ones in these.

Copper is also very healthy to drink from as it has anti-bacterial properties.

53. Grow some beautiful herbs


Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit

This unusual yet useful gift will allow his inner gardener to come out and also give funky veg to make meal-times more lively.

These kits come with everything he needs to grow his own veg and a variety of unusual vegetable seeds from purple carrots to red brussel sprouts.

Giving a great taste and easy to use, this is a great gift for any man interested in growing his own food.

54. Never cut his finger again with this gloves


NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

Make sure he always stays safe when next cutting food in the kitchen or doing some DIY with these gloves.

Giving superior protection to his hands, they offer a snug fit and are 4 times stronger than leather gloves.

Lightweight and comfy, they also give amazing dexterity for a range of uses too.

55. Make this cute DIY handwarmer for him


Tutorial at Jennifer Maker

Make sure his hands stay warm when watching that next soccer or baseball game with these DIY hand warmers.

Easy to make, the cute love heart design also tells him how much you care for him.

Suitable for any hand size and compact enough to store in his pockets when not needed, this is a personal way to say Merry Christmas.

56. Get him a ticket to his favorite concert


Whether he likes to rock out or boogie to some blues or jazz, why not treat him to a ticket for his favourite band?

He will love getting to enjoy his top tunes in person and experience the thrill of seeing them live.

This is a great gift idea as it will give him memories that you can share together for the rest of your life.

57. Let him bring this everywhere he goes


Cathedral Art You are My Love Pocket Token

Let him carry you with him wherever he goes with this pocket token.

Whether at his desk or away on a business trip, this solid metal 1-inch token will mean you are never far from his thoughts.

Simple to carry and with a lovely message on it, this is one romantic gift for the man in your life.

58. Let him use mouse comfortably with this mouse


J-Tech Digital Ergonomic Mouse

If he works in a job where there is a lot of computer work, then this mouse will keep him healthy.

Its ergonomic design ensures his hands stay safe and allow him to work with no restrictions.

It has full USB capability with adjustable sensitivity, so he can get it just how he likes it.

59. This protein bar is going to let him ripped


RXBAR Whole Food Protein Bar

Does your man hit the gym a lot and like to be ripped?

If so then he will love putting this in his gym bag for a healthy after workout snack.

Made from only natural, whole ingredients, this protein bar has no added nasties.

In a range of tasty flavors, this is both decadent and good for him.

60. This chainsaw is going to cut some pizza


Circular Saw Pizza Wheel

If your husband is the joker, then he will love getting some laughs with this at the next family meal.

Made from totally safe engineering plastic with a stainless-steel blade, it will give the perfect slice of pizza each time.

Easy to clean, it will go in the dishwasher when he has finished working with it for the day!

61. Get him a nice toiletries bag


Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Travel Kit

Every man needs a good quality, stylish toiletries bag for that next work trip or weekend getaway together.

This one comes in a choice of colours with a fabric liner and with an internal mesh storage sleeve.

The main compartment is waterproof and has a zipper to guard against any spillages en route.

62. He is going to cry with this gift

small gift for men notecube


Men love to express their emotions, so he will love seeing how much he means to you with this gift.

Simply suggest some of his finest qualities and prepare some love filled notes that tell him all about how amazing he is.

The notes comes in a fabulous keepsake gift box which you can add photos too also for even more wow factor.

63. Let him learn how to make a nice cocktail


Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails

Make sure he always has the best recipes to hand when he is next making cocktails for everyone at home.

This beautiful book is full of seasonal cocktail ideas and stunning photographs to give him lots of inspiration.

Full of fun, it brings cocktails out of his favourite bar and into the home.

64. Dude need this


Speed Stick Power Antiperspirant Deodorant

Every man needs some powerful deodorant to keep him fresh all day long at work or when out playing with the kids.

This 3-ounce size anti-perspirant does this and also comes in a handy pack of 6 so he’ll never run out.

The stick itself is unscented and feels great when applied to the body.

65. Take note on important things such as "buy a gift for wifey"


Refillable Leather Journal

If your man likes to travel, then he will love keeping a record of all he sees when he next heads off in this.

Even better, he can write reminders in it to remember those important occasions too!

Made from tough yet soft leather, this pack also comes with free extras like a pen holder and PVC zipper pocket.

With interchangeable sections, it gives the perfect record of any journey.

66. Tell him how much you love him with this journal

small gift for men knock-knock

Knock Knock What I Love About You

Tell him what you love about him most and become even closer with this romantic xmas present.

112 pages in length with a hard-cover for durability, it is full of partly filled out sections that you can complete with what is so great about him.

When done, wrap it up and watch his face on Christmas morning when he reads through it all.

67. Keep his hand warm with this mitten


Leather Winter Mittens

If he likes going for winter walks this is the best gift for men to keep his hands warm.

Featuring Thinsulate protection on the palm and back for total comfort, they are easy to wear and look great too.

Fleece-lined and waterproof, they will keep his hands dry on that next country walk.

68. Make espresso everywhere with this espresso maker


Portable Espresso Maker

Most men enjoy a good cup of coffee but may not have the chance or want to spend money buying one on the move.

This expresso maker is fully portable to solve that problem.

With 18 bar pressure, this expresso maker is fully manual and simple to use.

Compact and light, it is also easy to carry around in his backpack or bag.

69. This diamond shape whiskey glass is beautiful


Thumbsup UK Diamond Glass

Make sure he impresses his friends when they next come over to watch the game with these unusual shaped whiskey glasses.

Diamond in shape, they are made from tough borosilicate glass for total safety.

They give the best mix of style and design to enjoy his drink from.

70. How about making a memory jar for him?


Love Notes Memory Jar Kit

Make xmas morning extra special as you open your presents with this thoughtful memory jar.

You not only get the stylish jar itself but also blank notes and a pen to write your best memories on them with.

When done, put the notes in the jar and enjoy that festive feeling as he looks through them all.

71. Check out this Darth Vader T-shirt


Darth Vader Funny T-Shirt

Sometimes his wardrobe can get a bit tired so give it a re-vamp with this funny t-shirt.

Made from 100% cotton and in black, he will love the amusing slogan and cool Star Wars theme.

Offering a great fit and made from the best material, this is one cool stocking stuffer.

72. Make a leather cup jacket for him


Design Sponge

Using glass receptacles like old jam jars is a great way to make hot drinks more fun.

But how do you hold them with no handles?! The answer is to make a leather cup jacket.

Simple to produce and a great solution to the problem, he will love slipping it on his favourite cup and avoiding that burning feeling on his hands.

73. Get the best skincare for him


Tiege Henley Skin Care

If your husband or boyfriend likes to stay looking fresh and cool, then buy him this skincare range.

From great smelling face washes to smoothing exfoliators and nourishing moisturizers, this range is packed full of innovative ingredients to help him look amazing.

Great value for money, they are the true 21st Century skincare product for all men.

74. This is actually a bracelet where you can hide whiskey


Bracelet With Hidden Wine Flasket

Make sure he always has his favorite drink on hand at that next festival or concert with this stylish bracelet.

Looking like a normal bracelet on the outside, it can actually hold 3.5 ounces of liquid such as whiskey or brandy.

Made from stainless steel, it will go with any outfit to look amazing and keep him drinking.

75. Let's grill something with this spice rub


Urban Accents Spice Gift Set

Does your man love to cook up fabulous meals for you to enjoy when enjoying the evening together?

If so then this spice rub gift set is the ideal xmas gift for him.

There are two rubs included – a Chicago Steak and Chop for meat dishes and Fisherman’s Wharf for seafood.

Both spice rubs are very versatile meaning he can spice up any dish with them.

76. I love this shoes!


Dr. Martens Boots

Some footwear is just iconic and Dr Martens boots are one case in point.

Made from airwear leather with a rubber sole, these combat boots are and made for a superior finish.

Not only that but they look super cool too!

Perfect for any man who enjoys his fashion or getting outdoors, they are one of the best xmas presents I think you can give him.

I think he might need a bigger socks for this gift.

77. Probably the weirdest fishing hook I have ever seen


Banshee Fishing Lures

Fishing is a very popular pastime for lots of men.

Make sure he catches a few whoppers on his next trip and raises a laugh with this saucy fishing lure.

The life-like motion when in water will lure any fish to bite down in no time at all.

With a gravity ball and treble hooks, it is also heavy to for best results.

78. Grind spice easily with this spice grinder


Golden Bell Spice Grinder

He will love using this spice grinder when making a Christmas curry for the family or through the rest of the year.

With a heavy-duty, 3-chamber, zinc alloy design, this grinder will easily pound up the spices he needs quickly.

Coming with a lifetime guarantee and a magnetic lid for no spills, this is one of the best xmas gifts for men I have seen.

79. This beard shaping tool is going to keep his beard game on point


BEARDCLASS Beard Shaping Tool

What is better than 1 beard shaping tool to keep him looking smart?

A tool that has 8 different products in 1!

This is just that tool and will give him endless ways to shape his beard.

The ultra-fine 1mm edge design allows for precision results and super cool looks.

The beard shaping tool and beard comb included are simple and fast to use.

80. Get him his favorite action figure


Funko Pop Action Figure

The Pop action figures from Funko are the perfect thing to sit on his office desk and make him smile hen stressed out.

In a range of well-known franchises from Star Wars to Harry Potter and Guardians of the Galaxy, there is bound to be one for him.

Made from top quality materials and superb value, this will fit perfectly into his stocking.

81. Have fun on this coming Christmas with this game


These Cards Will Get You Drunk

Sometimes those xmas nights can get a bit dull so why not buy him this to liven them up?

He will love having fun with you and getting drunk with this set of cards.

Armed with 100 funny cards with instructions on to follow, this game can be played with any drink from wine to beer or shots.

82. This tactical pen might save him one day


Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool

The modern world can be a dangerous place so why not buy him this to keep him safe on his next walk home from work?

Full of handy tools like a flashlight, glass breaker, pen and multi-tool in one package, it is small enough to fit in his pocket for when he most needs it.

Effective and made to a military grade standard, this is a serious bit of kit.

83. How about a few fancy bowties for the boys?


Adjustable Bow Tie

Sometimes he needs to look extra smart for that banquet dinner or a trip to the opera.

This pack of 9 adjustable bow ties will also keep him looking good and moving about in style.

Even better, they are pre-tied so no hours wasted in tying them up manually! In a range of colors and patterns, they will be a gift he will treasure.



Redneck Backscratcher

Sometimes your man will have an itch that he just can’t reach on his back.

Make sure he can get comfy again with this man’s backscratcher.

Featuring 15 separate tines and made from top quality materials, it will also raise a real smile when he opens it on xmas morning.

85. It will be great if I get a new phone


Apple Iphone X

If he loves his tech and having the latest gadgets, then this new generation iPhone will make his Christmas morning.

With a large 5.8 inch Super Retina screen and Oled touch screen technology, it will mean he can always stay in touch with what’s going on.

The wide-angle, telephoto camera is also sure to impress him too.

86. Take an awesome picture with this phone lens


Xenvo iPhone Camera Lens Kit Pro

If your man enjoys taking photo’s when strolling in the country or on a day trip, this gift will allow him to capture up to 45% more each time he snaps away.

A true 0.45x wide angle lens, this fits all major mobile phones and is fully rechargeable for a long life of taking fabulous photos.

87. Print photo everywhere with this portable photo printer


Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable Instant Photo Printer

The next time he needs to print off that perfect snap of the family to show you, he can use this innovative portable printer from Kodak.

Featuring one touch printing and easy to use with any smartphone, this prints off high-quality 6 x 4 inch photos in glorious color each time.

88. Take a photo in every angle with this tripod


Premium Phone Tripod

If he is struggling to get the perfect angle when taking photos of the kids, then this is the present for him.

Measuring 10.6 inches in height, it also has a remote shutter control for ease of use.

Locking even the heaviest modern smartphone in place due to the high-quality ball joint included, this is both useful and practical.

89. Get this before he gets old and lost all his teeth


Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Most dentists now will recommend using an electric toothbrush for the superior clean they give.

Make sure his teeth are looked after well by giving him this.

Coming with a travel case and 3 spare heads, it has a 3D oscillating action to help break down plaque and bacteria.

With 5 modes to use, this will keep his teeth and gums ultra-clean.

90. The legendary mug that never falls


Mighty Mug Ice

Our husband will never have to worry about spilling drinks on important documents at work with this cutting-edge mug.

Featuring a special non-slip base design, it will never fall over when knocked or bumped.

It is still easy to lift and drink from but just much safer than a normal glass or mug. Even better, it looks amazing too!

91. Never knew ball scratcher exist


Gentlemen's Ball Scratcher

Made from top grade metal and coming in a discreet case, this will come in very handy at that next meeting when he most needs it!

Offering great relief from itches, it comes in one size that will be suitable for all men.

As well as being useful, this will also make him laugh when he opens it on xmas morning.

92. That's a real scorpion!


REALBUG Black Scorpion Paperweight

If your man likes animals of the more exotic kind then this will astound him.

The scorpion inside is a real scorpion that now has a new life as a paperweight.

It will not only look cool on his study desk but also keep his papers tidy.

Made from high quality resin and rectangular in shape, this is one awesome gift.

93. This lapel for him who loves fashion


Pinsanity Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Enamel Lapel Pin

Help him to really stand out the next time you are in your local bar with this funky lapel pin.

Coming in a classic Day of the Dead face design with lurid colors, it will brighten up any outfit in the right way.

Made from enamel and easy to put on, it is 1.25 inches in size.

94. This fleece blanket is a great gift for a dog lover


Dogs Selfie Fleece Throw Blanket

Dogs are always popular as a family pet – if you have a dad or brother who is dog mad then this is a great present to buy them.

Coming with pictures of dogs on it, they will snuggling up when cold in the soft, fleeced material.

100% polyester, it is also machine washable for when it gets a bit grubby.

95. This timer can be used for a workout and cooking


The Miracle Timer

Make his next workout session that bit easier with this innovative timer.

It will mean he can time his rounds or exercises correctly to get the maximum from them.

The cube has 1, 3, 5 and 7 minutes showing on it – when you set the number needed side up, the digital timer on the bottom will then count that time down.

Battery operated, it is simple to use.

96. Get a pair of beautiful cufflink for him


18K Gold Plated Round Whale Back Closure Cufflinks

Every man needs a quality pair of cuff links when wearing a dress shirt for those formal dinner parties.

This is a great set with its 18-carat plated gold face and platinum plated cuff link cup design.

Coming with a classic Celtic Cross look, and in a sleek wooden box, this will make his stocking that bit more bling.

97. Your love inside his wallet


Engraved Wallet Inserts

The best Christmas gifts are unique and personal.

This engraved wallet insert is a great xmas idea as it tells him how much you love him at this romantic time of year.

The insert can be engraved with any message you like and will fit in his wallet securely to carry round each day.

Made from thin yet tough metal, it will not bend either.

98. Probably the best ring holder ever invented


Humixx Phone Ring Holder

If he has an expensive smartphone then he will enjoy using it when out but not enjoy dropping it!

This innovative phone ring holder will always keep his phone securely in his hand and give more flexibility when using it.

Made from zinc alloy and stainless steel, the strong adhesive fits tight to the back of any phone but is easy to remove when not needed.  

99. Leonardo Da Vinci Statue


Bronze Finish Leonardo Da Vinci Bust Statue

If your man is a bit of a history buff, then he will love putting this in his study to look at each day.

Da Vinci was one of the most famous artists and inventors in history and this cold cast bronze finish statue perfectly captures his image.

Measuring 9 inches tall, it is a real eye-catching addition to any home.

100. Never run out of battery with this power bank


Anker External Batteries

Does your boyfriend love getting outdoors to go camping but need a way to charge his tablet up when there?

If so, he will love this gift. Giving hours of charge, this external battery pack is small and light to make it easy to carry.

Delivering 10000Mah of power, it also comes with an 18-month guarantee too.

101. Here is a potato for you


Mouse Fairy Garden Statues

Made from top quality resin, this charming statue is perfect for any garden or conservatory.

Hand painted and crafted with superb detail, this is a great gift for any man who likes to tend his garden.

He will love looking at this each time he heads out there and laughing. 

When it comes to choosing stocking stuffers for the man in your life then it can sometimes be hard to come up with new ideas.

If this is the case for you then the above should give you plenty of food for thought.

One thing is for sure – he will love any of the gifts we have come up above to make his xmas go with a real swing.