Roses Meaning By Number : 1- 100 (Infographic)

What are the roses meaning by number? There is nothing more romantic than roses. The worldly loved flower is timeless, elegant, and is capable of making the hearts of those you love to soar.

But did you know that the number of roses you choose to give actually have different meanings?

To make sure you send the right message to the one you love we have provided all meanings you’ll need to know, from one single beauty all the way to a grand bouquet of 100.

Follow our guide and make sure your celebration is as romantic as you and your special someone deserve.

roses meaning number

2 Roses – Two single roses is for your loved one who you are deeply in love with a single rose – Have you experienced love at first sight? That’s what a single rose mean

3 Roses – ‘I love you’

4 Roses – 4 roses say ‘nothing will come between us’.

5 Roses – Five roses show your partner or friends how much you care for them

6 Roses – If you are dating someone and want to take the relationship to the next level, six roses is a perfect way to give them a hint

7 Roses – when considering the meaning of roses, this quantity signifies infatuation

8 Roses – Show your support to a friend or family member who is going through hard time with 8 roses

9 Roses – Nine roses means eternal love, give it to the one you want to spend the rest of life with

10 Roses – Tell them “they are perfect” with ten roses

11 Roses – ‘you are my treasured one’

12 Roses – Twelve roses means asking the love one to be yours

13 Roses – Thirteen roses eternal friendship or a secret admirer

14 Roses – Tell them you are proud of them with 14 roses

15 Roses – Did something wrong and want to apologise and ask for forgiveness? Get 15 roses

16 Roses – say ‘Bon Voyage’ with 16 roses

17 Roses – this is the number of roses you would gift your wife, be it on her birthday or another special occasion

18 Roses – if you wish to tell a loved one to ‘stay young and beautiful’, gift them with 18 roses, a symbol of sincerity and trueness

19 Roses – The number of roses to give someone you plan to wait for

20 Roses – symbolic of sincerity and belief

21 Roses – show your commitment with a bouquet of 21 roses

22 Roses – this quantity boasts two meanings – togetherness and luck

24 Roses – Let them know that you are thinking of them all the time with 24 roses

25 Roses – Wish someone all the happiness in the world with 25 roses

27 Roses – Tell your wife how much you love her with 27 roses

30 Roses – Thirty roses means faith and faithfulness

33 Roses – Signifies affection

36 Roses – Thirty Six roses remind your partner of all of the romantic moments you have shared together

37 Roses – if you love someone from the bottom of your heart, tell them how much with the gift of 37 roses

40 Roses – if you hold a genuine love for a special someone, this is the number to choose

44 Roses – when you wish to pledge an unchanging and constant love

47 Roses – this number signifies ‘you are my one and only’

48 Roses – representative of an unchanging love

50 Roses – Fifty roses means unconditional love

51 Roses – if you only have one person on your mind, choose a bouquet of 51 roses

56 Roses – This number in a bouquet simply means ‘love’

66 Roses – This quantity on the other hand suggests ‘my love for you will never change’

77 Roses – this number of roses signifies ‘faith’ and that you believe the person you are gifting is your soul mate

88 Roses – if you owe someone a rather big apology, 88 is the number of stems to choose

99 Roses – want to let a special someone know you’ll love you till the day you die? Give them a bouquet containing 99 single rose stems

100 Roses – A gesture of devotion.

Have you decided how many rose that you are getting for your loved one?

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