10 Must Read Relationship Book To Have a Happy Relationship

Relationships can either make us or break us. 

There is a fine line between a heartbreaking separation and a wonderful life of happiness beside your soul mate.

Why leave things to chance? Do a little bit of reading.

I guarantee these 10 relationship books can help you get or maintain an amazing bond with your loved one.

1. The 5 Love Languages


The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

This book comes recommended by just about every relationship expert out there.

You will understand your partner better.

Then help your partner understand you better and watch your love grow.

Have fun discovering what your love language is. Is it the same as your partner’s?

2. 12 Rules For Life


12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

The modern world can be a scary place to live.

That’s why Dr. Jordan Peterson has expertly laid out his 12 rules for life.

If you read this book you will improve in all areas of your life.

This can also be the perfect gift to help your partner become the best version of themselves.

3. The 7 Principle of Making Marriage Work


The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

If you’re a newly-wed or been married for many years, there’s a few secrets to successful marriage that you’re not aware of.

And neither is your partner.

That’s why this relationship book was written.

Pay the price of a small book, and you get live the rest of your life in bliss!

4. Getting The Love You Want


Getting the Love You Want

Even if you’re buying this for your loved one, it’s really a gift for the both of you.

Because you can both enjoy reading, discussing and acting on the advice in this brilliant relationship book.

And best of all, you both get to spend quality time together.

5. Fill this up and let your loved one read it


Knock Knock What I Love About You

Want to give your partner something straight from the heart?

Only you don’t know quite what to say?

Simply fill in this book and your partner will feel love like never before.

It may be the most romantic thing you’ve ever done.

6. The Power Of The Pussy


The Power of The Pussy

Are you a bit timid? Do you need to discover your feminine power and beauty?

The Power of the Pussy is an intriguing book to read.

It will help your confidence grow and help you achieve the relationship you truly deserve

7. Not Quite Dating


Not Quite Dating

This is a romance novel that stands out.

You’ll be hooked from the storytelling of New York Times Bestselling Author Catherine Bybee.

8. Why Men Love Bitches


Why Men Love Bitches

Do you think you’re too nice?

Could you do with some great advice that will help you hold your own in any relationship?

This book is the ultimate solution.

Discover the inner-workings of men and why they aren’t necessarily drawn to the girl-next-door.

9. When Sorry Isn't Enough


When Sorry Isn't Enough

We all know the magic word. The one that can “supposedly” fix your relationship.

However, when I found that saying ‘sorry’ stopped working, this relationship book saved my marriage.

If you find yourself relying on ‘sorry’ too often, then why not give it a read?

10. His Needs, Her Needs


His Needs, Her Needs

This is the best relationship book to read with your spouse.

Learn how you can better satisfy the needs of your spouse, while they get advice on how to better satisfy your needs.

This book can be more than a gift to your loved one. Let it be a gift to your relationship.

Which one is a must read for you?

We all need advice and guidance from time to time.

And whether you’re contemplating the type of relationship you want in the future, or you want to build a better future for you and your soul mate, these 10 excellent relationship books will have an unbelievably positive effect on your life.