How To Surprise Your Husband When He Comes Home?

How to surprise your husband when he comes home?

If you’re looking for some new ideas to spice up your marriage, then check out these tips for surprising your husband when he comes home!

Whether he has been away for a while visiting family or friends, traveling for work, or even just coming home after a long day at the office, surprising your husband will put a smile on his face and add some romantic fun to your daily routine!

how to surprise your husband when he comes home

1. Make him his favourite meal.

Food is always a wonderful option! Make him his favourite meal and have it hot and ready for him when he comes home.

2. Be wearing his clothes… or maybe just one of his dress shirts.

This is always a sexy, romantic surprise! He’ll be shocked when he comes home to you wearing his clothes.

3. Make him his favourite drink.

Buy the good liquor and spruce up his favourite drink by serving it in a fancy glass filled with lots of garnish!

4. Surprise him with a candlelit dinner.

This is old fashioned… but ALWAYS does the trick! There’s nothing more romantic than enjoying each other company by candlelight 

5. Set up a movie under the stars with lots of blankets and cushions.

If it’s a warm night, set up a movie outside! Fill your outdoor space with blankets and cushions and create a warm cozy outdoor experience he’ll love.

6. Put on his favourite music and dance with him.

Dancing is the ultimate stress reliever! Put on some romantic music and slow dance in each other arms. Or, put on some hip hop and groove the night away!

7. Learn how to make a new meal.

Some food is hard to master, but learning something new makes a great surprise he would love to try! Maybe hand roll some sushi or make some homemade pasta!

8. Clean the house.

Scrub the house from head to toe! He will be so shocked when he walks into your squeaky clean home.

9. Surprise him with a couples massage in the comfort of your own home.

Hire a pair of masseuses and have them set up their tables in your living room. This is the ultimate relaxing surprise.

10. Draw him a hot bubble bath.

Lots of bubbles and scented candles will do the trick! Amp up this surprise by already being in the bathtub when he comes home.

11. Surprise him with a group of his best friends and a night on the town!

Round up his buddies and play the music! When he comes home to a surprise party in his honour he will be speechless… and ready for a great time.

12. Invite his loved ones over for a surprise dinner together.

Whether this is his family, friends, or both, a surprise with the people he loves the most is always a winner.

13. Set up an ice bucket filled with his favourite beers and ciders.

Nothing will take the edge off better than his favourite drinks! Serve them to him in style as a surprise.

14. Set up a movie night with his favourite flick and his favourite snacks!

Put his all-time favourite movie on the T.V. get into some comfy clothes, cuddle under the blankets, and eat his favourite snacks for a romantic night in.

15. Surprise him with a brand new sexy outfit!

Put on some special lace as a surprise… or nothing at all! This works too.

16. Buy him a new sweater, shirt, or tie.

A special gift, just because! He won’t know how to thank you.

17.  Purchase some new soft bed linen.

Nothing is better than getting into fresh sheets after a long day! Purchase some extra soft linen and give him the best rest of his life.

18. Hire a chef to make the two of you dinner

This brings the restaurant right to the comfort of your own home! This is great for the two of you to feel luxurious and spend some quality time together.

19. Book a hotel room just for the two of you and get away for the evening.

There’s something so romantic- and sexy- about hotel rooms. Spoil him with a night of room service between the sheets.

20. Purchase tickets to his favourite show or game.

If he’s a sports fan, a music fan, or a movie fan, this surprise knocks it right out of the park!

21. Book a reservation at his favourite restaurant.

This will make him forever grateful! Treat him to his favourite meal at his favourite place and prove how much you want to make him happy.

22. Hide notes around your home for them to find!

This is the surprise that keeps on going! Write him some love notes and little inside jokes that will make his heart spill over

23. Act out their fantasy.

Even if you are not totally into it, he’ll recognize how much you care and think of this moment forever.

24. Plan an entire day doing their absolute favourite things!

Hit up all of his favourite spots! This could be a road trip out of town or just his favourite places close by!

25. Wash his car.

Steal it.. Fill it with gas and have it washed. Or, maybe get bubbly and wet and wash it for him yourself!

Go crazy! Use one of these ideas or combine a few to surprise your husband with an amazing day, or night, that he will remember forever! Send this post to your friends and spread the love.