25 Unforgettable Fun Ideas To Spice Up The Bedroom

Looking for fun ideas to spice up the bedroom?

Whether your relationship is brand new, or you’re celebrating your 35th anniversary, it is always worthwhile to search for some fun ideas to spice up the bedroom.

Maybe your relationship is going great and you are simply looking for new ways to discover more about each other. Or maybe you and your partner are on a roll and are looking for a few more things to add to your nighttime routine.

Even if you are experiencing a bit of a dry patch, these ideas below will help you find the kick you need to start the fire between you and your partner.


1. Treat yourself or your partner to some new sexy lingerie.

This could mean opening up the Victoria’s Secret website and choosing something together, or slipping into something lacy and surprising your partner in bed. Look and feel sexy and confident to spice things up.1. Treat yourself or your partner to some new sexy lingerie.

2. Act out each other’s fantasy.

Even if you don’t think you will be into it, this one might surprise you. So put on that schoolgirl outfit or police officer badge and have some fun.

3. Make a sexy playlist that will get you in the mood.

Never underestimate the power of music. Do some research or put together your own sultry playlist and let it play.

4. Light some candles.

The ambiance is key! Candles create an irresistible scent that both of you will love, and changed things up a little!

5. Give each other massages.

Break out the oil and take off your clothes! There’s nothing better than lathering your partner up and feeling their skin on yours. This is bound to be a great start to the night.

6. Watch sexy movies together.

Cuddle up under one blanket and watch some risqué flicks to get each other in the mood. You could even learn some new tricks and try them out yourselves.

7. Try something neither of you has ever done before.

Is there something you have always been curious about but never tried? Talk about it with your partner and see where it takes you. Who knows? It could lead to something great.

8. Bring in a toy.

Who doesn’t love to play with toys? Explore the adult section of the store together and pick out something fun. Or surprise your partner one night with  new gift to use together.

9. Revisit the first time you got intimate with each other.

Tell each other the story of when you first got together, and spare no detail! First impressions, what excited you, what was going through your head. All of it. Act it out once again like a replay.

10. Consult the internet!

There is no shortage of positions or games on the internet that can be brought into the bedroom with you. Browse together and try out some new tactics 

11. Surprise your partner when they come home.

There’s nothing like a good surprise to tickle someones senses. Surprise your partner with a new outfit, new game, or a free house for just the two of you. 

12. Try out a new location.

What about spicing up the bedroom OUTSIDE the bedroom? There are plenty of places round the house that are exciting to explore together. Give it a try!

13. Go to a hotel for the night.

There’s nothing sexier than you and your partner in fluffy hotel robes, ordering room service and not caring about whatever mess you make! Escape your worries to a room made for two.

14. Send them a sexy picture when they’re out!

Sending your partner a picture while their out will have the itching to come home and see you! This will build anticipation throughout the day.

15. Try out some new dirty talk.

Whether this is something you bring into the bedroom regularly or not, try out some new phrases or nicknames. That is sure to switch things up and get things going!

16. Play a game.

There are plenty of fun games that can be found in stores near you! Pick up some sexy dice or a fun board game and have a game night… just for two!

17. Amp up the foreplay.

Instead of getting right to the main event, take things slow. This will build anticipation and intimacy levels.

18. Play truth or dare.

Get wild and silly with a good old game of truth or dare! This will get the two of you so excited and make the night fun and sexy at the same time.

19. Put on a show!

Tease your partner a bit by getting changed in front of them. Or get ready to go out in just your underwear!

20. Play footsies.

Tease your partner while you are out together and watch them blush! Be the couple in the restaurant who can’t wait to get home and into bed!

21. Leave some risky notes for each other to find.

Leaving your partner some fun and sexy notes to find will get them… uh… excited. Leave one on their nightstand, in their car, in the drawer with their toothbrush- get creative!

22. Roleplay.

Sometimes pretending you are different people will spice things up! Pick a character, choose a location to meet, and have a fun night trying to take each other home.

23. Bring the food into the bedroom.

What’s your favourite aphrodisiac? Strawberries, whipped cream, and so many other things are fun to bring into the bedroom with you. Explore each other in a easy way!

24. Flirt!

Even you’ve been together for a long time it’s still great fun to flirt with your partner! This will not only make you feel confident and sexy, but will make your partner feel good as well!

25. Dance together.

There’s something about dancing that is perfect for getting into the mood! Go to a club and dance on each other on the dance floor. Or, turn out the lights at home and dance in each others arms. It doesn’t matter what sort of couple you are, dancing always leads to something more!


It doesn’t matter where you are in your relationship with your partner, what keeps the two of you solid is constantly trying new things! Get each other excited with one or a few of these tactics to spice up the bedroom, and discover what it makes you so attracted to them in the first place.