18 Beautiful Wiccan Gift That Make Them Feel The Curse

Looking for Wiccan gift ideas? If you have some friends or a loved one who is pagan and you would wish to bestow them a token of your blessings and support on their spiritual journey, then these are gifts you might want to consider.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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Pentagram Wiccan Witch Gothic Pewter Pendant

This is a pendant that you would give a Wiccan and they would wear it proudly and never think of taking it off. The beautiful pentagram encased in a circle combined with the sparkling gem stones that surround it, makes the pendant look cool in every way. The black cord also compliments it beautifully and the metal used in making the pentagram looks antique. The whole pendant is very well made and the stones are firmly set too. Itís a stunning beauty that will win the heart of any Wiccan. Read More

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Pentagram Rose Tealight Holder

A pentagram on a circle surrounded by beautiful red roses and candle holder on each point, this Tealight holder is simply gorgeous. This is the sort of piece that a Wiccan would appreciate and be excited to add to their altar. Itís beautifully made and will instantly transform and bring that magic to the atmosphere and energy of their sacred space. If there is a Wiccan friend that inspires you and you would want to give them something that would show your appreciation and respect for their faith, then this is one gift that wonít disappoint. Read More

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Fire Opal Triple Moon Handmade Cuff Bracelet

The moon has always been an enchanting fixture in our night-sky, a source of magic and mystery to man. This elegant Fire Optical bracelet with triple moon design would make a great a gift for any late night star-gazing Wiccan. It provides a perfect way for them to express their love for the moon as well as its entrancing beauty. They will adore it. Itís a charming accent with rich detailing, appealing design and spiritual meaning as well. It will add that extra appeal to any look that your giftee goes with. Read More

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Witch Pagan Charm Bracelet

Dazzle your friend with this elegant and unique bracelet. In a stunning display, the bracelet brings together 30 classic Wiccan themed charms firmly attached to silver plated chain. It provides a beautiful way for a stylish Wiccan to adorn themselves in pagan flair and add a little edge to their look. They will definitely be intrigued by all the charms and their intricate detail. If you considering getting them a jewellery, something thatís a little different from the usual pendants, then this might be a good option. Read More

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Pentagram Wiccan Pendant Necklace

Wearing a pentagram necklace is a great way of showing that one feels the connection with the elements and also respects the earth. This sterling silver pentagram pendant draws such a classic, potent design that will allow any Wiccan to show off their own mystic style with ease. Itís such a straight-forward accent and will match perfectly well with almost any outfit. The pendant itself is very sturdy and has got enough heft to wear it every day. Read More

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Keep their jewellery in this wooden storage box

Every witch a place where they can safely keep their beloved Wiccan jewelry and this Triquetra wooden storage box offer a convenient way to store their accessories. The intricately carved deep Triquetra coupled up with gorgeous floral inlays gives it a striking look that makes it a perfect gift for girls and women. If your mom, sister or girlfriend has a wide collection of jewelry, then get them this beautiful box so that they can store them in royal style. Read More

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White Opal Moon Phase Wiccan Pendant Necklace

Endowed in iconic traditional pagan symbols, the White Opal Moon Phase Pendant is a perfect way to add a dark twist and traditional Wiccan flair to any mystical inspired wardrobe. Itís so lovely and has an enchanting effect that will no doubt enhance the look and style of your pagan friend or loved one when they wear it.Read More

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Fun Novelty Mystic Gothic Wicca Mug

Making brews is inevitable in a witchís life and every discerning witch deserves a well-made, fun and practical caldron cup to brew up some spells. If you have a Wicca friend who loves preparing a delicious cup of coffee every now and then, by all means, brighten their day with this Gothic Wicca mug. Itís large, very stable on the four legs and certainly designed to make your witchís brew last all day. Read More

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Wiccan Pentagram Opal Layered Necklace

It goes without saying that the pentagram is the central and most powerful symbol of Wicca and witchcraft. It offers strength and traverses many religions as a symbol of protection against evil spirits. Itís an ideal gift for mom, sister or that special lady in your life that youíve always wanted to impress or appreciate. Read More

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The Celtic Goddess of Battle With Crow

Ornately detailed with a pretty glow and of solid construction, this is one of the most beautiful and flattering depictions of the Morrigan. The stunning beauty and strength of the Goddess of Battle are so well depicted with all of her symbology, from her sword to the crow in her hand also included in the sculpture. It perfectly honors the goddess with its exceptional artistry. Hail to the Morrigan. Read More

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Wiccan Twisted Tree of Life Amulet

Surprise your Wicca fiend with this special Tree of Life pendant and you will certainly earn a spot in their hearts and be a part of their spells and rituals. The Tree of Life is a very important Wiccan symbol. It unites above and below linking three worlds, the heavens, the earth and the underworld. Itís a gift which will no doubt make your friend cast some spell of gratitude over you. Read More

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Smudging Kits Used for Healing, Protecting & Cleansing

This smudging kit is everything anyone will ever need to heal and cleanse their home. Whether your pal is a first-time smudger or has been smudging for years, this kit provides them with every high-quality item they will need to purify!Read More

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Triple Goddess Oil Diffuser

Bring the Wiccan power to the house or altar of your friend or loved one who is a staunch Wiccan with this amazing pagan triple goddess figurine. With it, your Wiccan will be able to light a tea candle and diffuse aromatic oil to add enchantment, fulfilment, power, youth and youthful enthusiasm to their surroundings. Itís a gift that they will cherish and remember you for it. Read More

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Greek Goddess White Sorceress Witchcraft Figurine

As one of the main deities to be worshiped in Athenian households, this figurine of the goddess Hekate is absolutely gorgeous and her presence demands nothing but attention. Hekate was also worshipped as a protective goddess, one who as well bestowed prosperity and daily blessings.Read More

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The Witch's Midnight Ride Wall Plaque

With her black witch hat, fiery red hair and riding her witches broom, this provocatively beckoning witch wall hanging stature will add that spooky finishing touch in any Wiccan themed home or room. Get that special Wiccan in the family this sexy flying witch and let them hang her in their witchís coven or haunted house with pride. It will definitely be an eye-catcher and conversation starter whenever guests visit them. Read More

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Witch Cauldron Coffee Mug

Do you know a Wiccan who canít start a day without their morning coffee ritual? Well, if you do, then why not get them this wickedly detailed Witch Cauldron coffee mug?Show that Wiccan coffee snob in your life that you not only acknowledge their love for coffee, but that you also appreciate their faith by giving this Witch Cauldron coffee mug.Read More

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Triple Goddess Maiden Mother Crone Shield Wall Plaque

Any mom who is a Wiccan would love a gift that represents her faith. This amazing Triple Goddess wall plaque is one gift that she will definitely appreciate if you present it to her. Itís a special gift to give her if you want to remind her that sheís a great mother herself. If mom has tremendous interest in the mysterious, ancient Wiccan cultures, then get her this gift. Read More

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