42 Unique Gift: What To Get Your Dad For Christmas?

What to get your dad for Christmas? Letís be honest, Dadís can be the hardest people to shop for. They never know what they want, they probably have just about everything they need, and whoís Dad actually needs any more hideous neckties? This list of 40 gift ideas for your Dad will guide you to finding the perfect, most heart-warming gift for that goofy, loveable fella. After all, he deserves the best!

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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That's a nice beer chiller

Brew House Beer Chiller the ideal gift for occasions such as birthday, Christmas, Fatherís Day, or retirement. Never again will he have to struggle to fit six packs in the fridge. The design makes it perfect for chilling not only beer but also water and soda pop bottles. He will definitely reminisce the good old days he spent with you as he enjoys a crispy cold beer. Read More

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Definitely not an ordinary hammer

Finding a gift that is thoughtful and at the same of value to your dad can be an uphill task despite the many options in the market. Not anymore, this uniquely constructed hammer will help you to say thank you to your dad for everything that he has done for you since the day you were born. You can also request the manufacturer to engrave his name on the smooth hardwood handle to make even more meaningful.Read More

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This gift is going to make him cry a river

This personalized gift is perfect for special event such as birthday party or anniversary. All you need to do is fill in the blank spaces in each line and viola to create a personal gift that your dad will treasure for many years to come. Donít shy away from expressing your true inner feelings as you fill the blanks to make it authentic.Read More

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Your mom and dad is going to love this memory jar

There wonít be a dry eye in the house once this one is opened on Christmas morning. This memory jar is a beautiful way to make the most personal gift in the word decorative as well! Have it already pre-filled with amazing memories, or gift it as a fun and heart-warming family project.Read More

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Get this for your dad who has everything

Get your Star Wars loving Dad this unique and comical gift. Every fan in the galaxy will envy him not just for this T-shirt, but for having a child as thoughtful as you. This shirt is also 100% cotton making it soft, durable, and machine washable.Read More

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Your sibling might get jealous for this

Win your sibling rivalry with this sleek, humorous coffee mug. The mug is crafted with high quality products and even individually gift boxed. Even though your Dad will never admit he has a favourite, that might change when he receives this amazing gift.Read More

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That's a nice gift for your dad from your daughter

This ice cream bowl and spoon makes a wonderfully personal gift for your ice cream loving Dad. He will be able to enjoy his favourite treat at any time with this gift! No one will be able to steal a scoop away from him now!Read More

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Apron for your dad who cook manly food

Oh the Joy of cooking! Your Dad has no need to feel unmasculine in an apron with this manly gift. Now it wonít matter what heís cooking up, this apron will have him feeling proud of anything from steak to soufflťs.

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Let your dad stays in shape with this dumbell

For the fit Dad- this adjustable dumbbell is the perfect addition to any home gym, or a great way to kickstart your Dadís fitness journey. The weight he wants can be easily selected with the simple twist of a dial, and he can be lifting anywhere from 10 to 90 pounds!Read More

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Let your dad grow some herbs for cocktail

This adorable mini cocktail garden includes everything your Dad will need to get started on his gardening journey! He will be able to watch his little plants grow as he tends to them each day, just as he watched you grow everyday as well. Give your Dad the gift of caregiving the season!Read More

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Your dad is going to love this beautiful handmade smoking pipe

These authentic pipes are made from natural walnut and cherry wood that comes from the mountains of Ukraine. This gift is just as beautiful as it is useful for any Dad who loves his tobacco. These pipes will have him smoking in style.Read More

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Freemason Crystal Gold Tone Cufflinks

These thoughtful, quality cufflinks are a foolproof gift for that stylish Dad! These are an excellent accessory when heís getting spruced up for a business meeting, a wedding, or pretty much any special occasion!

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This pure copper bracelet is a nice gift for your dad on this Christmas

Even Dadís love something shinny to have around their wrist! He will definitely be showing off his bling with this stellar copper or silver bracelet. This is a perfect personalized gift for the Dad who has great taste!

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Need gift ideas for dad from son? Get something funny for your father

Who doesnít love a good Dad joke? This mug is a great way to remind him just how funny and classic his jokes are. Give him some new joke material to pull out at the next family gathering. Who knows? He may be laughing too hard to even get a chance to drink his coffee! Read More

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Gift for your dad who fart a lot

Our Dadís are the biggest goofballs we know! Have him laughing with this humorous mug. Iím sure he deserves a trophy for his farts, but this mug is the next best thing!

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Need personalize gift for dad? Check out this gift

What time is it? Time to show your Dad how much you care with this one-of-a-kind wooden watch. A stylish leather strap accents the look perfectly and a custom engraving on the back makes it even more special. After all, a fatherís love is timeless.Read More

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Compass with a sweet quote for dad

Need some guidance with a gift for your Dad? Let this compass point you in the right direction! This wonderful compass comes with a stylish leather carrying bag, and is personalized with a sweet quote that pays tribute to your Dad and all he has helped you to accomplish. Just like this compass, he will always guide you in the right direction!Read More

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What to get your dad from a daughter? How about this one?

This is a beautiful gift to get a Father from a daughter. This unique, hand-painted sculpture will remind him that you will always be daddyís little girl. Just like this gift, your Dad will always be by your side.

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Last minute Christmas gift for dad that never goes wrong

Best. Dad. Ever. Itís as simple as that! This timeless gift provides him with a fashion piece that he will proudly wear. And just like being the ĎBest Dad Ever,í this shirt will never go out of style. While youíre at it, grab a few more in a variety of different colours!Read More

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Looking for funny and cheap Christmas gift for your father?

Being a Dad is hard work! Give him the gift of humour and personalization in one with this engraved pint glass that recognizes all that he does. He will be rewarded after a long hard day with a cold brew in this Christmas gift. Read More

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Your redneck dad is going to love this Christmas gift

Bring out the country in him with this redneck backscratcher! This hilarious gift is shaped just like a rake, but itís true purpose is to keep him happily itch-free. He will never ask you for a back scratch again!

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Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

This gift is essential for a Dad with a passion for the outdoors, or even a Dad who has always wanted to try his hand at gardening! This easy and stunning planting gift is perfect for everyone at all experience levels, and is a great way to brighten up any space!Read More

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Your step dad is going to cry receiving this

Recognize your Step-Dadís commitment to your family by gifting him this adorable keychain. Heíll be reminded of your love and appreciation every time he looks at his keys. This gift is a perfect way to show him how much he means to you!Read More

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Get him this beautiful personalise flask for your dad

A gift thatís personalized AND alcohol themed? Yes please! Now everyone will know that Whiskey, Scotch, or Bourbon is his with this classy, one-of-a-kind flask that incorporates your Dadís name and hometown. It will feel like he has his own brand of spirits!Read More

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Your son is going to find this Christmas gift so sentimental

This heart-warming gift from a son to a father will have your Dad melting. This sculpture is incredibly unique and is perfect for representing a memory, a story, or a sentiment. Say ďI love you Dad,Ē with this personal gift.Read More

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Gun Decanter with Shot Glasses

This is a perfect gift for that Dad who canít get enough of entertaining. Have him wowing his guests with this gun-shaped decanter and shot glass set made of thick quality glass. This set is perfect for themed parties, or even just for a statement piece to get the guests talking!Read More

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Keep them well groomed with this gift set

Give him the gift of feeling and looking good with this classy grooming set. This razor kit comes with everything your Dad will need to keep himself feeling freshly groomed. And whatís better than a gift that comes with such incredible presentation? This set will have him learning and practicing the art of shaving. Good luck fighting over bathroom space!Read More

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Whiskey Stones Bullets with Base

Make your Dad feel like the hero he is with these sparkling gold reusable ice cubes shaped exactly like bullets! This fantastic gift comes with a freezer base that looks exactly like a revolver. Having these in his drink will make him feel like the star of his very own action movie.Read More

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Let him take a relaxing bath

Youíre not the only one that loves the smell of a good bath bomb! Give your Dad the gift of a luxurious bath with this set of 9 bath bombs with an essence specifically designed for men. But be careful- you might be fighting over the bathtub after this one!Read More

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Make your step dad cry a little with this gift

We get it- Step-Dads are important too, and maybe they donít always get the recognition they deserve! This poem and picture frame combo is a perfect way to show your Step-Dad how loved and appreciated he really is. It is guaranteed that he will cherish this gift for years to come.Read More

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Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holder

Your Dad will absolutely love to kick back and relax with this classy whiskey and cigar related gift. This quality glass provides a two-in-one function (and come on, what Dad DOESNíT love anything that can do two things at once) while simultaneously appearing slick and sophisticated. Make him feel like the boss he is with this timeless gift.Read More

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Skull Shaped Glass Whiskey and Liquor Decanter Gift Set

This set includes 4 double walled skull-shaped shot glasses accompanied by a fantastic skull bottle. Imagine your Dad sipping his favourite whiskeys, brandies, tequilaís, or whatever his poison of choice tends to be. This drink set will make a remarkable statement piece in any room.Read More

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Ammo Box Wall Mount Flask and Shot Glass Bar Set

This authentic gift will stun any Dad. Have him feel like James Bond with this set of shot glasses and flask made from Real once-fired A-10 Warthog 30MM Gau-8 munition components. This wall mount will be the talk of the entire party when youíre Dad is mixing drinks for him and his friends. Or, mount it in his personal office to create a scenic man-cave vibe.Read More

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Keepsake Hand Casting kit

Nothing is sweeter than this DIY casting kit that will allow you and your family to personally form your own gift for your loved one. Cast your hands clasping, waving, or whatever your imagination comes up with! Not only does this make a stunning gift, but itís an activity that can be an incredible and fun bonding experience for you and your loved ones. Read More

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Vacuum Insulated Mug with Lid

Just like your Dad, this mug is the toughest of its kind! The triple-grip handle will fit his hands comfortably, allowing him to take this durable, scratch-proof, vacuum-insulated mug with him wherever he chooses to go! The Lid will allow him to drink his hot beverages on the road without making a mess, and its sweat proof design will keep his hands nice and warm in those bitter winters.Read More

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Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

Thereís nothing in this world more relaxing than a foot massage, and by getting your parents these acupressure foot massage slippers, youíll be off the hook! Your parents will experience soothing pressure on his feet with every step, allowing the slippers to comfortably release pain and tension from their heels, arches, and toes. Read More

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Get this funny mug for your dad who have everything

This is a wonderfully funny gift for any Dad who is a coffee lover (but even if itís hot chocolate in there, we wonít tell!). Youíre Dad can proudly show off his now-favourite mug around the house, the office, or just out and about! This gift also comes with the bonus of being individually gift boxed! All you have to do is purchase, and your gift will be ready upon arrival.Read More

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Get this for your retired dad

How can retirement become even more fun? With endless amounts of retirement jokes, thats how! This humorous white mug has a high quality graphic printed on both sides, and is both dishwasher and microwave safe. This is a perfect gift for every retired Dad with a funny bone!Read More

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Let's get your dad a bouquet of meat stick

Whatís better than a bouquet of roses? A bouquet of meat, of course! This gift includes 5 sticks of seasoned salami disguised as one of the most traditional and thoughtful gestures of all time. Your Dad wonít know what to say to thank you for this juicy, succulent gift, and with that variety of meats he might just have his mouth too full to say anything at all!Read More

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Let's get your dad a memorable personalise Christmas gift

This sentimental gift is a lovely way for your Dad to keep his loved ones close to his heart at all times. Shipping is worldwide, so place your order today!

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