20 Gift Ideas : What is a Good Retirement Gift For a Woman That is Not Boring?

Wonder what is a good retirement gift for a woman? It is also sad to say goodbye to all the colleagues when retired. However, you can brighten up a retiree’s day and future with a thoughtful gift as she embraces retirement. Search no more, as this page caters to you, our dear gift seeker, in search of a thoughtful retirement gift.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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They are going to laugh so hard at this gift

This clock will allow him to measure his life in days, not hours! This gift is not only comedic and fun, but is beautiful as well! With its mahogany wood frame and glass cover, this clock makes a decorative addition to any home.Read More

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That's a sweet retirement gift for 70 year old woman

You can help accent a colleagues decor while still wishing her well in her retirement. A simple click on this fantastic gift item of an angel figurine will make it all come true. It is an angel figurine, with sweet words for a lady going on retirement will find comforting and inspiring to face the next chapter of her life. Read More

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Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension Wine Tumbler

This stemless wine glass tumbler deserves to be in the hands of a lady who is going on retirement and has a grand sense of humor. With this, she can say goodbye to working life in style as well as enjoy her pension sipping margaritas in a fancy glass without a hurry. Read More

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This bracelet perfect retirement gift for a woman

Buy this bracelet as a retirement gift for a lady who is retiring this year. Its silver and will go with any attire in her wardrobe. It suits everyday wear, with words of encouragement and the year she went on retirement. Wherever she’ll be enjoying her retirement journey from, she will have a piece of you in her hand. Read More

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She is going to love this music box

This customizable jewelry box is a perfect retirement gift for a lady going on retirement. She can store all her fancy jewelry and any other personal items here and keep them safe from any prying hands. If you have a subtle message to tell her or her picture, you can personalize it with them. Read More

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This is a nice retirement gift for your friend

Gift this beautiful and funny tumbler to that lady in your life who is about to spend her mid-mornings sipping wine and iced teas from the comfort of her home. The tumbler is colorful, with a picture of a queen. This is an excellent depiction of that queen who is retiring. Read More

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Tell your female coworker to enjoy the journey with this bracelelt

Wish her well in her journey as a retiree with this sterling silver. It has a compass and a box chain as pendants. The box is engraved with the word “enjoy the journey” a great message for her to keep going no matter what. And when she needs a sense of direction, the compass will be her guide.Read More

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She is going to laugh at this funny retirement gift

For that lady who is about to kiss life as a government employee goodbye, this engraved is what she needs. The writing on the mug is hilarious, accurate even, and will make her smile every time she uses it. With this message, she can face here retirement laugh like the warrior she is. Read More

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Let them do what ever they want after retired

If you’re looking for a funny retirement gift for a lady with a sick sense of humor, then this is your lucky day. We have the perfect gift- one that keeps giving. This mug will make her everyday cup of coffee worth looking forward to. It says it all- she can do whatever the f*** she wants all week long! Read More

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Why not personalize a bracelet for her?

Do you have some inspiring words for a lady going on retirement? Is writing a card not enough and personalized? Well, she can wear your sweet words of encouragement to her on her wrists for the rest of her days. All you have to do is get her this bracelet. You can have it engraved with anything you want to let her know.Read More

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Let them enjoy their favourite wine with this wine cooler

The feeling of staying up late and not worrying about getting late for work the next day is out of this world. If you are looking for a gift that will make that retiree in your life relaxed and enjoy her wines in peace, this wine cooler is it! She can control the temperature and holds up to 6 bottles. Read More

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Wish your boss with this retirement gift

However sad it might be to bid the working life goodbye; it is also a chance for her to embrace a change. All those wishes you have for her in her retirement, they will be best said and delivered in this wish jar. She can read each wish daily until she is done. Read More

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Celebration of Retirement Angel Figurine

If you are looking for a retirement gift for that colleague who has always been your guiding angel in the office, this angel figurine is a perfect gift for her. It is also inscribed with a sweet message, wishing her the best life in her retirement. This angel will look great on her nightstand or in her living room. Read More

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Let them relax with this massage chair after they retired

This massage chair is like the king of all massage chairs! This amazing gift will have the man in your life mastering the art of retirement! With 3 kneading levels, 3 tapping levels, 8 massage rollers, 2 vibrating motors and heating, he might never want to get up! Give him the gift of ultimate relaxation.Read More

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Now they got plenty of time to go travel

Inspire him with this remarkable scratch map! This map of the world will allow him to unveil miraculous colours as he travels to different countries and creates memories to last a lifetime. He’ll be ready to get up and go once he receives this gift!Read More

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How about include some fruits and chocolate in this picnic basket?

Now that she has all the time in the world, she will enjoy using this picnic basket for her outings. This gives her enough reason to arrange picnic dates with her kids, grandkids as well as her girlfriends. It’s a complete set- from a cooler bag to plates glasses and corkscrew. Read More

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what is a good retirement gift for a woman? This necklace!

Going on retirement does not mean she can’t look stunning any time she steps out of her door. Gift her this beautiful necklace, with a compass as a pendant. Her life is about to change, but change is inevitable, and no matter what direction her retirement takes her, we know she will succeed. Read More

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Now they have more time to enjoy their favourite cheese

Retirement is about spending time doing all those things you love doing, but time was never on your side. For her, if she enjoys cooking and puts cheese in every possible meal, this cheese board, and its cutlery set will sweep her off her feet. More to it, it is an excellent piece to display in her kitchen or dining. Read More

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