33 Unusual Gifts For Cat Lovers That They Never Know Exist

Gather around gift seekers, for we are here to put a stop to your unusual gifts for cat lovers search. It does not have to be that hard, really. Because with our 32 unusual gifts, you will no longer be opening tens of tabs online in search of an unusual gift.

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Let the cat and owner have fun together

Any playing time is a fun and interactive time for both the owner and the cat with this toy. This is a great toy to help them bond over an annoying time- for the cat- and fun game- for the owner. It has a mouse wand with which the owner can move the mouse from one hole to the other easily. It also has an additional play pattern so they will not get bored anytime soon. The cat and mouse game is about to get real and fun. No mouse will die in the process of this game though.Read More

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Let their cat rest in this bed and scratcher

This fancy 2-in-1 scratcher and bed is beautiful, fun, and cozy. I bet this will be their catís happy place because what cat doesnít love playful cardboard? It is shaped like a cats head, has a nice finishing that will go with any theme, and is small enough so they will not be moving any pieces furnitures to create space. It is perfect for the kitties play time, stretching, scratching as well as curling up to a nice space and napping- all in one space.Read More

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This water fountain will be so useful for cat owner

If they love spoiling their cat, then this water fountain is bound to upgrade their drinking style. It has 3-flower settings in case their cat is very picky. The water will also have maximum oxygenation. That way, it will have a great taste and will also be fresh. Speaking of which, it has a softening filter plus a small pump that is energy efficient. It is small in size with a 3L circulating system. It will basically fit on a small floor portion. This item is perfect for their decor and feeding their cat.Read More

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I think cat lover is going to love this decoration

If you are looking for an unusual gift that reminds them of their coy cat, this coy cat statue will do the trick. It is made from cast aluminum and has a dark bronze finishing that makes it a perfect outdoors and indoors decor item. The dark bronze finish is rust resistant, which makes it durable. With only a height of 8.5 inches, it is a perfect fit for any location in the house or out there in the garden or patio.Read More

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This canvas art is a nice gift for black cat lover

If they also love modern art, this piece of art sounds like an item they will love. It is an image of a black cat with a black background printed on a canvas. And it looks perfect for anyone that does not love shouting colors. For easy installation, it comes with hanging accessories. It is also lightweight so they not have to worry about heavy hangers. This is a perfect wall art decor for the living room and the bedroom. Read More

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Statue for Sphynx cat lover

Remember Rachel Greenís hairless Sphynx cat? Well, this is different- it is more calm and adorable. If the love hairless cats, then this will be a great addition to their decor pieces. Unlike most sculptures that are hollow and light in weight, this one is made of solid casting. However, it is not that heavy and weighs only 150g. It is hand painted with every detail of the cat done to perfection. Like its orange and black eyes, which are also large and look so realistic. Uplift their decor by gifting them this.Read More

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This is a nice small gift for cat lover

For that loving cat lover who is always by your side no matter what, gift them this Willow Tree cat sculpture. The enclosed sentimental card will say it all for you, just in case you tear up and cannot speak. The sculpture is hand painted, giving it and the base different finishes that complement each other. It comes well packaged in a fitting box ready for giving. I bet it will look perfect on their shelf, mantel, or side table.Read More

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If you are looking for something funny for them

If they love cats, are naughty in front of everyone plus a sense of humor, then they sound like they deserve this cat butt tissue holder. It has orange strip all over, which makes it adorable and a perfect decor piece for the kitchen, dining or living room. It measures 12.5 inches long and 9.25 inches wide, which makes it possible to fit a box of square tissues inside perfectly. If you want to annoy them in a loving way, then they are bound to be every time they reach for a tissue.Read More

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Show me your KITTIES!

Want to gift them an unusual gift that will be a great conversation starter whenever they have guests? Well, this funny and naughty wine glass is the gift you are looking for. If the love cats and an occasional glass of wine, then they probably have a great sense of humor, and this wine glass is perfect for them. The glass is stemless and made of glass material that is dishwasher and microwave safe. Buy them this and let them show you their kitties *wink*. Read More

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Pharaoh Sphynx Cat Egyptian Illustration

Old books are no longer being destroyed in the watch of Collage Orama- most old books. Instead, they use the pages to redefine art and come up with a beautiful wall hanging pieces like this. For a cat lover with a love for art, this page plucked from an old dictionary and spiced up with a printed image of Pharaoh cat king. The colors of the cat, which are Egyptian, and the vintage look of the dictionary page make it a perfect decor piece for their art collection.Read More

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For the best cat mom ever

If the lady has a sense of humor, then gift them this best cat mom ever ceramic mug. Both sides of the mug are imprinted with that phrase, plus a picture of a very serious and proud cat showing its middle fingers. Now, that is why is funny. It is both dishwasher and microwave safe for easy washing and warming of their tea or coffee. It is suitable for everyday use and is also easy use and handle, thanks to the c-handle and the wide brim.Read More

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For the crazy cat lady

If they love hanging around in their sweatpants and their cat in tow, then this pair of sweatpants is perfect for them. The soft material is made of cotton, spandex, and polyester, which gives it a soft and nice feeling on the skin. The waist is elastic, thus adjustable according to their waist size. Not forgetting the 3-D printed cat images all over the pants. They will be attracting a lot of attention and envious eyes from other cat lovers with this one.Read More

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Cat Butt Wine Bottle Stopper

What a cute and unique way to preserve your wine once you have opened the bottle. The old and ugly corks can go now. And in comes this cute black catís butt for the save. If they love cats and have a thing for the finest wines, then this butt stopper is not only funny but a savior of an opened bottle. It is bound to be a great conversation starter when next they have a dinner party to hosts.Read More

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This mug is so rude and funny at the same time

LOL! For that cat lover that loves cursing, this is a perfect gift for them. It is both funny and annoying- thatís how you know they will love it. For starters, everything about this mug is all about cats. From the catís tail- shaped handle, to the cat ears, and funny whiskers drawings. But that is not all. The mug is sensitive to heat so once they pour any liquids over 40 degrees, middle fingers and a cocky phrase will appear.Read More

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Cat lover is going to love this cute mug

Their hot drink routine is about to be upgraded to a unique and fun drinking way, thanks to this mug. Apart from the cat design and the whiskers drawings on the outer part of the mug, they will be met by surprise, surprise! a kitten figurine at the bottom of the mug when done with their drink. This is a perfect birthday gift, housewarming gift, anniversary or holiday gift for any lady that loves cats. The mugs have various colors so you can pick one that you know is their favorite.Read More

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This beauty is a table lamp

As a fan of table lamps, I am totally sold out on this one. Now you can imagine the look on a catís lover when you buy them this kitty cat-shaped porcelain table lamp. The soft lighting can be used to light up the room at night, and also accents the cute patterns on the lamp. The shape and the lighting, of course, makes it a great decor item for a cat lover. It is a perfect lamp for lighting the reading room, living room, the kids room.Read More

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Something scary for the cat lover

These little felines are not adorable all the times. Sometimes, they are the most mischievous and annoying beings, and yet, we still love them. To remind them of such moments, get them this mischievous cat figurine and let them decorate their living room, garden lawn or patio in a cute, funny, and annoying way. The figurine is hand painted with some really adorable colors and in detail, you can just see the tiger stripes. The size is a perfect fit for any location.Read More

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Get this cute cat earring for her

I bet these cat stud earrings would go with most of the clothes most ladies have. Here is why, they are made of solid sterling silver, and pearl cultured AAA mirror luster freshwater cultured pearl. This combination gives the earrings a fancy and cute look that will compliment their fashion and skin color. The pair has 2 sets of stoppers, one made or rubber and the other made of silver. So they can alternate the stoppers. They are also shaped like a catís head, which makes them a perfect gift for ladies that love cats.Read More

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This Copper Retro Table Fan

This kitty shaped fan is an ideal gift for any cat lover. It will add a nice touch to their decor, as well as help in keeping the air around them fresh. It has 2-speeds for air circulation so they can set the one that suits them at any particular moment. And, if you are worried about their safety, it is tested and approved according to UL 511 standards. This is a perfect gift that they can use at home or in the office. It is also portable so they can move around with it.Read More

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Cat lady is going to love this unique gift

If you are looking for a fancy and unusual gift for a cat lover that loves music or watching their movies in peace, buy them this set of wireless headphones. It has adorable ear-cat features on the headband and LED lights that glow on flash and steady mode. For fitting and comfort, the headband is adjustable and has a soft cushion. While we are on the comfort bit, the ear cups are rotatable and the ear pads are pressure-relieving.Read More

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This cat bed is beautiful

If you know a cat lover with a classy touch and a certain touch when it comes to their furniture plus has a fussy cat, this will be a great gift for the both of them. They will both get what they want. This piece, in particular, is comfortable and spacious for a cat. The cat will have much room to play in. Not forgetting the fancy area to sleep in. It is mounted on a 3-dimensional frame made of steel tubes. It has only 2 screws, which makes it really easy to install. Read More

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This necklace is a nice mother's day gift

This 925 sterling silver cat necklace is quite a piece of jewelry that any lady that loves cats would love to have. Apart from the two snuggling cats that make the pendant, it also has a love heart design. The 925 sterling silver material is tarnish resistant and will not change color over time. If you are looking for a perfect unusual birthday or anniversary gift for that special lady that loves cats, buy them this. Plus, it comes in a gift box.Read More

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Cat litter box in disguise

With this litter box, they will no longer have to hide their catís litter box. This one is shaped like a clay pot, with a high-quality plant, but has a hidden litter. It is a large-sized pot that will work for anyone with more than one cat or if they have a large cat. The polypropylene used to make it makes the litter box durable. And, since the cat doesnít talk, their guests will not know it is a litter box. Why? Because it also has a filtered vented system that helps in controlling odor and dust. Read More

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Cat and Butterfly Curiosity Garden Statue

Curiosity didn't kill the cat, well at least not in this case. Instead, it led a butterfly onto the nose of this cat. It such a beautiful arrangement for the garden or the patio. If you have a cat lover in your life whose outdoors environment like the patio or the garden need facelifting, buy them this cat and butterfly statue. It is made of metal and painted in green. The green is a perfect color that matches with any patio or garden lawn. Read More

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I think your wife is going to love this cat gift

Does your wife fall in love with every kitten you see? You might not be able to buy her all the kittens, unfortunately, but you can buy this crystal kitten figurine instead. It is not a real cat but it so damn cute, especially the chubby face with big black eyes, and a great gift item for her birthday on the anniversary. It will be a perfect addition to their cat toys collection. Not forgetting a great decor item for their living room. Read More

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Get this as a secret Santa gift

If you are looking for an unusual gift for a kid that loves cats, then this sugar cat bank will put a smile on their face. It has colorful colors. From the large daisies on the body to the cute large warm orange/ yellow eyes. It will brighten the decor of their little room. But that is not all. For their savings, this is a cute piggy bank to use. The bottom is removable for easy retrieval of their hard earned money.Read More

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Kitty Ball Rattan Cat Bed

I do not have a cat but I am about to get one. And this kitty ball while at it. It is so cute and comfortable, and their cat is bound to enjoy lounging like royalty. For comfort, it has a soft cushion that is also machine washable. And that is not all, it also has a soft 17-inch dome pillow. The piece is also durable, thanks to the poly rattan material. Even if the bed is raised, it is easy for the cat to climb into.Read More

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Save money buying cat toys with this piggy bank

Help them keep their savings in a cuter way. Forget the piggy banks you get from banks and other financial institutions. This here is the perfect piggy bank for a cat lover. It is made of reticular iron net, which will give them a chance to see their savings grow. The blue color is also inviting and will compliment their theme. And, for easy withdrawal of their savings, the bottom part is set in a way that is easy for them to open.Read More

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Lladrů Cat And Mouse Figurine

Want to bring the cat and mouse game closer to their home? In their collection or cat decor for that matter? Well then, here is your chance. And, if their cat is the playful type, this cat and mouse figurine will be a nice reminder of their cat. The finish of the figurine is a glaze, and a little bit shiny, in a cute way. This figurine is perfect for any decor. It is a great gift item for any occasion.Read More

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Get this sculpture for the cat owner

If you are looking for an unusual gift for that cat lover that is always cuddling their cat protectively, then this sculpted angel will do it. In some cultures, willow tree angels represent love, protection, and other emotions. To remind them of the bond between the two of you, buy them this sculpture. It is a great decor piece on the mantel, shelf, or table. It is also very easy to clean in case it gets dirty from all the touching. Read More

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This figurine is such a beauty

If you are really for an unusual gift for a cat lover that has just lost their beloved cat, then this is your gift. It is a perfect way of letting them know that their pet is resting peacefully. The angel wings are even more glorious due to the sparkling glitters, and hold the cat figurine in a cuddly and loving way. It is also a perfect decor item for any cat loverís house, to help them remember their departed cat any time of the day. Read More

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The cutest cat gift I have ever seen

This crystal clear cat figurine from Swarovski is a great unusual gift for any cat lover. And it suits any occasion, whether it is for an upcoming holiday, birthday or life event. It is a great item to add to their collection. The butterfly feature added on the nose makes it even cuter. Better still, they can use it to upgrade their living or bedroom decor. The clear cat figurine is bound to invite many compliments from their visitors.Read More

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