59 Unique Star Wars Gift Ideas For Adults That Don't Suck

These star wars gift ideas for adults will ignite the inner child in us all! The legendary world of Star Wars has captured the hearts of one and all with its epic space adventures and unpredictable plot twists. If you’re searching for a Star Wars gift that will make your loved one jump up and down in joy, then look no further than these gifts that are the best in the galaxy.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes

If you are looking for a recipe book that allows your baker to try intergalactic recipes then this here is your choice. If they happen to be fans of Star Wars, then they are going to love making all the intergalactic delicacies. From Jedi juice bars to C-3PO themed pancakes. Let the force be with them in the kitchen as they work the magic that every rebel will want to taste.Read More

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Test their Star Wars knowledge with this gift

Your loved one will be able to put their knowledge to the test against the all knowing Jedi Holocron! The Holocron has 20 questions to try and guess whatever you’re thinking. The Star Wars fan in your life will be able to answer these questions and witness the knowledge of this amazing device! Read More

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This tie is a nice star wars gift for your husband

This tie is perfect for the man who wants to show off his love of Star Wars to the office. Now he can bring his favourite movies with him in a classy way. Pick from the 2 available lengths and 4 colour options, and you will have the perfect Star Wars gift.Read More

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Wake them up with this star wars clock

This alarm clock is perfect for children and adults alike! The iconic LEGO stormtrooper mini figure has grown to be 9.5 inches tall with moveable arms and legs! The clock comes with all alarm and snooze functions and lights up as well.Read More

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Your mom is going to love this Star Wars measuring cup

Who knew that a measuring cup set could be artistic and cool? This R2-D2 set makes baking and cooking much more fun and adds some character to the kitchen. The body of R2-D2 is made from measuring cups of 1/4, 1/3 1/2, and 1 full cup, and the detachable arms turn into measuring spoons! Your loved one will now have everything they need. Read More

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I think this t-shirt is a nice Star Wars gift for your boss

This gift is hilarious and makes an incredible gift for a Star Wars loving boss! Not that your boss is as terrible as Darth Vader… okay, maybe they are, but at least now you can have a good laugh about it!

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Star Wars geek is going to love this gift

Only the true Star Wars fans will understand this gift, which is why it is absolutely perfect for your loved one! Embellished in the traditional Star Wars logo font, this gift is a humorous Star Wars gift ideas.

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Get thisStar Wars gift for your her who loves baking and Star Wars

There has never been an easier way to bake Star Wars themed delicious treats! This amazing rolling pin is a genius invention that makes an incredible gift for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, birthdays, holidays, a housewarming or even as party favours! Your loved one will hardly be able to wait to start baking. Read More

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Get this mug for them while stock last!

Now the whole family can drink from a mug shaped as their favourite Star Wars character! These mugs are made with a ceramic base and a sturdy pewter metal hinge that makes drinking easy and enjoyable. The characters are charming and include R2-D2, a stormtrooper, Darth Vader, and many more!Read More

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I think this is a good father's day gift

Now THIS is a creative Star Wars gift! Get this borosilicate glass cup for your loved one so they can enjoy their wine and spirits in style. This is a wonderful way to get people talking at a party, or even just to make your favourite Star Wars fan smile as they sip.Read More

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Your girlfriend is going to love this cute Porg mug

This Porg mug is extremely cute and absolutely essential for a Star Wars fan to have in their kitchen! What’s great about this gift is that it is custom sculpted so you know you will be giving your loved one something original and one of a kind. This mug is also microwave safe and easy to clean! Read More

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Limited Edition R2D2 French Press

Curious about what to get a coffee lover who’s also a Star Wars lover? We might have found you the perfect gift! This R2-D2 french press is unique, authentic, and helpful all at once. R2-D2 will love to make your morning coffee for your loved one and their family or friends.Read More

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I wonder how your dad is going to react to this Star Wars Father's Day gift

If you’re looking for the perfect Star Wars themed Fathers Day gift, then you might as well stop scrolling now! Your Dad will absolutely love the Darth Vader illustration on this cotton shirt- almost as much as he’ll love the message it reads! Get the number 1 Dad what he deserves this Fathers Day. Read More

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Hand Cranked Star Wars Music Box

This gift is timeless! This music box is lightweight and embellished with the Star Wars logo which makes it extra special for your extra special someone. They’ll love winding it up and listening to the sweet Star Wars melody it plays.Read More

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This bracelet is a sweet gift for her

This is a unique and classy gift for the girl in your life who is a huge star Wars fan, but still adores a little sparkle. This bracelet is made from stainless steel and has stretchability ensuring it will fit all wrist sizes. With plenty of fun Star Wars charms, this gift is a no brainer!Read More

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This cheese set is a nice housewarming gift for Star Wars fan

Add some fun to your next dinner party with this Star Wars themed cheese set! Made to resemble the death star, this gift is just as charing as it is beautiful, which means it will delight guests of all tastes. The tools are stainless steel including a variety of knives with different tips for different uses.Read More

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Let's make some pop corn with this Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker

Make your Star Wars movie marathon POP with this stylish and fun air popper! Heated with hot air within minutes, your popcorn is made light and fluffy and ready to be seasoned with whatever you like! This will be the talk of the party and is guaranteed to impress. Read More

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This is such an useful Star Wars gift

Add a little light on a rainy day with this incredibly fun LED lightsaber golf umbrella! The shaft of the item lights up in 7 different colours and the umbrella itself comes in 4 different colours. Windproof, lightweight, and high in quality, this gift is safe and a must have for a Star Wars lover. Read More

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That's a nice star wars groomsmen gift ideas

Are you looking for a unique party favour? Or perhaps a one of a kind gift to give to your groomsmen? This Millennium Falcon metal bottle opener is a wonderful option that is just as useful as it is a work of art. Coming in an aluminum gift pack, this is perfect for any gift giving occasion.Read More

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Geeki Tikis Star Wars Jawa Mug

This Star Wars Jawa mug makes a unique gift that a fan of the franchise will cherish. This is fantastic for collecting, or even just for fun! Either way this truly is a treasured item. Crafted from ceramic and built to last, this gift is a winner. Read More

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Let them build this Millennium Falcon Lego

This remarkable 7541 piece LEGO set will have your loved one entertained and engaged for weeks! They’ll have endless fun building this replica of the Millennium Falcon with their friends and family and enjoying all the creative pieces and mini figures. Read More

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Now they can eat properly without light with this chopstick

These one of a kind light up chop sticks resemble miniature lightsabers! Perfect for movie nights, parties and dates, these make the perfect gift for the loved one in your life that eats, sleeps, and breathes Star Wars! These also make creative and fun part favours. Read More

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OBI-Wan Kenobi Force FX Lightsaber

Everyone at some point in their lives has wanted a lightsaber. In Star Wars, these weapons could cut through everything except for another lightsaber. This gift offers your adult loved one to accomplish this dream. Your loved one will feel like they can do anything with this in their hands! Read More

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Bandai Onmitsu Shadowtrooper Action Figure

This action figure has been created under the legendary guidance of Takayuki Takeya, and is extremely high in quality. This product bears the official Bluefin distribution logo so you can be certain that your loved one is getting the best. This figure comes with 8 optional hands, a sword, 2 kunai blades, and a blaster! Read More

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Star Wars Waffle Maker

Breakfast has never been more fun! This Star Wars waffle maker bakes waffles in 4 different imprints that bring the movie to life, and includes non stick baking plated and adjustable browning control. These waffles are the best in the galaxy! Read More

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Poe Dameron Electronic X-Wing Pilot Helmet

This helmet is straight out of the Star Wars films and is a perfect addition to any collection. The internal microphone activates battle sounds, and the helmet has a retracting visor. Wear it or put it on display… it doesn’t matter! There are lots of opportunities for your loved one with this gift. Read More

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Death Star Space Station Building Kit

Is the Star Wars fan in your life looking for a challenge? This LEGO kit is out of this world and definitely makes an incredible gift! Your loved one will be able to recreate the most epic battle station of the evil Empire including their favourite mini figures with characters like Princess Leia, Chewie, and Darth Vader. This Star Wars gift is a beautiful and fun gift for the adult.Read More

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This wall art is such a sweet gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend

This gift is wonderfully unique and will make an adorable themed gift for a couple, child, or adult. Combining the worlds of Star Wars and Fairy Tales, this painting of Darth Vader and Belle from Beauty and the Beast is elegant and enchanted.Read More

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That's a nice Star Wars office gift

This is no ordinary collectible helmet… This gift comes to life with a little bit of magic that makes this helmet light up, levitate, and rotate! The force is truly with this gift and everyone will be amazed when watching Darth Vader’s helmet and face mask float above a base inspired by his hexagonal mediation chamber. Read More

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Star Wars Shoretrooper Mini Bust Statue

This bust makes an epic statement piece that any Star Wars fan would love to have! Based on a digital scan of the actor, this gift is hand cast in polyresin as well as hand painted, so your loved one would be getting the best of the best. This will amp up any movie room and attract a lot of positive attention! Read More

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Keep them warm with this throw blanket

This blanket will turn your loved one from a regular person into Darth Vader himself! This gift has sleeves with makes it wearable, and also comes in different characters as well! These include Chewie, Jakku Rey, Kylo Ren and a Jedi Knight! Read More

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Star Wars Boba Fett Parody Canvas Wall Art

Imagine this clever art work on your loved ones bathroom wall? Boba Fett makes a humorous appearance in tis gift that will make anyone who sees it chuckle. The canvas is wrapped around a hardwood bar, covering the sides of the image as well, and is ready to hang upon arrival! Read More

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This gift cleverly combines Star Wars with comedy! Your loved one will laugh when they open this gift and read Yoda’s free advice, and will love wearing it’s 100% cotton material. Coming in 6 different colours, this shirt is a fun Star Wars gift. Read More

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Get this Star Wars Rebel Alliance Tie on Christmas

Give your loved one the gift to bring Star Wars to work with them! This Rebel Alliance tie comes in navy, blue and red, so you can choose one that suits your Star Wars lover perfectly. They’re bound to get plenty of compliments on this gift. Read More

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Yoda & R2-D2 Statue

Yoda and R2-D2 are some of the most beloved characters of the Star Wars films, and maybe of all time! Both made with incredible detail and high quality craftsmanship, these statues make fantastic collectables. The two characters that come with this gift mean twice the fun for your loved one! Read More

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LEGO Star Wars Darth Maul Sculpture

I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a lego sculpture quite like this one! This gift would be a true treasure for your loved one and is a real show stopper for anyone who lays eyes on its magnificence. Made from 1860 pieces, this Darth Maul sculpture is the ultimate gift. Read More

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I think this archive is one of the best Star Wars gift

Created by one of the greatest film teams and crews of all time. The Star Wars Archives will transport your loved one through the timeline of the films narrated by the director, George Lucas, himself. Including script pages, storyboards, on-set photography and much more, your Star Wars lover will be able to fully explore the creation of this amazing world. Read More

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Royal Guard Resin Statue

This statue of the royal guard is cold cast in resin and extremely high in quality. Imported from Attakus, this gift has been created and sculpted by some of the greatest artists of all time. This is a fantastic way for your loved one to start a Star Wars collection, or add to their current one!Read More

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Darth Vader ArtFX Statue

This gift is great for any Star Wars fan, as it is a perfect replica of Darth Vader’s first appearance in Episode IV. Your loved one can add this to their collection, put it on display in their living room, or use it to add some epic detail to their home theatre! Read More

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Japanese style Star Wars Snow Trooper

The tamashii nations have created an extremely detailed Japanese-style action figure of the Star Wars snow trooper. This product is extremely well done and intricate, which is why it is so popular among collectors. Your loved one will cherish this snow trooper action figure made by Japan’s best sculpture.Read More

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Han Solo In Carbonite 86-Inch Statue (Life Size)

This gift is out of this world… literally! This Han Solo carbonate statue is life-size, the entire statue standing over 7 feet tall! It is made of high-density polyurethane foam with a light up base that will have your loved one, and all of their future guests, kneeling before it! With a limited edition plaque and certificate of authenticity, this gift is the king of all gifts! Read More

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Star Wars Deathtrooper Specialist Mini Bust

Now this gift will really knock their socks off! This incredible bust is scaled and designed perfectly to make a world class collectible that any Star Wars lover would cherish. Looking at this bust will feel like you’re actually face to face with a Deathtrooper!Read More

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Star Wars Framed Wall Art Through The Ages Episodes 1-6

This framed wall art gift is an amazing gift for a true Star Wars fan. The name plaque is special addition with the Star Wars logo and names of episodes 1-6, featuring clips of the film that display a scene from each of them. Professionally framed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, this is an amazing collectible. Read More

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Anakin Skywalker Life Size Light Up Statue

The worlds most famous villain, the Dark Lord of the Sith, is recreated in this gift perfectly down to the last detail. His armour and chest plate light up to bring magic to every room in Darth Vader’s iconic way. This gift is definitely a conversation piece and will add some Star Wars charm to any room. Read More

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Star Wars Boba Fett Mask

This Boba Fett mask will be able to transform your loved one into the character, making this gift not just great as a collector's item, but great for costume play as well.

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Stormtrooper voice changing helmet

This makes a wonderful addition to any Star Wars collection or even just an amazing Star Wars gift for anyone who loves the movie! The reproduction of this helmet is movie accurate and able to change the voice of its wearer to sound just like an Imperial Stormtrooper. Read More

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Make them sound like Kylo Ren with this voice changing helmet

This helmet is amazing fun for adults and kids alike! The realistically detailed construction of this helmet is a strongly accurate replica of Kylo Ren’s helmet from Star Wars, and electronically changes voices to sound just like Kylo Ren as well! Your loved one will have an amazing time with this Star Wars gift. Read More

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Looking for Star Wars Yoda gifts?

Yoda has always been an inspiration in both the Star Wars galaxy, as well as the real world. This coloured reason lamp with a quoted lamp shade is a perfect way to pay tribute to the wisdom of yoda, making it a fantastic gift for your loved one.This lamp lights up any room in more ways than one!Read More

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I think this jigsaw puzzle is a nice star wars gift for adults

If your Star Wars lover is a fan of completing jigsaw puzzles, than this is the ultimate gift! With 1000 pieces, this gift will keep them entertained for hours, days, weeks, or months! In the end they’ll be satisfied with an image of Luke Skywalker, and be able to enjoy the bonus poster that’s included and can help with solving. Read More

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Star Wars Smartphone Powered Augmented Reality

Has your loved one always wanted to embark on their own journey through the Star Wars galaxy? Well you can make all of that possible with this gift! This smartphone powered augmented reality device brings adventure to their doorstep, and they will be able to have lightsaber battles, play holo chess, and more wherever, and whenever they want!Read More

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That's a nice Star Wars ring

This Star Wars logo cut out ring is the perfect way for your loved one to show off their love for the films. The ring is made of stainless steel in the signature Star Wars font that everyone in the world would be able to recognize.Read More

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Swarovski Star Wars BB-8

Are you looking for a holiday gift for Star Wars fans? A figurine of Star Wars - BB-8 is a perfect gift choice for that loyal person in your life. Gift her this as a gift of appreciation of their love and loyalty towards your relationship. Its shiny look and decorative design are perfect for any decor. Read More

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Swarovski Star Wars Darth Vader

For that loved one in your life who is more robust than anyone you know, a figurine of Darth Vader is the gift you need. He/She is tough, right, but loved and even looked up to by many. This Darth Vader figurine will be a nice gesture for you to celebrate what you admire in them.Read More

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Swarovski Crystal Star Wars R2-D2

Are you looking for a gift for that person in your life whom you can count on when all hell breaks loose? A figurine of R2-D2, all brave and resourceful droid from Star Wars, is an excellent depiction of that loved one. It has luminous facets that will brighten their decor, regardless of the theme in their house.Read More

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Swarovski Crystal Star Wars C-3PO

Star Wars has fans from all age groups. So, regardless of your loved one’s age, they will love the hell out of this C-3PO crystal clear figurine. The gold facets sparkle. Thanks to the red and black details and its white crystal base, her decor will be out of this world. Read More

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Swarovski Star Wars Stormtrooper Figurine

With this Star Wars Stormtrooper figurine, you can spruce up a Star Wars fan home decor. It is crystal clear, with a gun and black and blue details for that unique and fancy look. The stormtrooper will look exceptional standing on their study desk, dressing table, or even the mantle as they loyal soldier and protector.Read More

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Swarovski Crystal Star Wars Master Yoda

If you are looking for a housewarming gift for someone with a sense of humor, then this crystal clear Star Wars figurine of Master Yoda is a great pick. Yoda’s look, all relaxed in a robe is what your loved one should aspire to be in their new home. Yoda is a unique decorative character for any room.Read More

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That's a cool Star Wars gift

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