17 Retired Air Force Gifts That Won't Make Him Crash A Plane

These retired air force gifts will help you to find the perfect gift for your loved one. If your looking for something sentimental… we got it! What about something funny? We have that too! Anything and everything on this list is bound to make the retired air force server in your life very happy and grateful.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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This plane model is such a unique retirement air force gift

Are you looking for a unique gift that will truly blow them out of the water? This gift is the perfect option for a retired air force serviceman. This jet airplane model is made entirely out of bullet shell casings! Perfect as a figurine for their desk top or home, this is truly a winning gift. Read More

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Vintage Retro Pocket Watch

Looking for something slightly vintage for the next gift giving occasion? That look no further than this retro pocket watch featuring the symbol of the US air force. This gift is made from bronze and engraved beautifully to display exquisite detail on the front and the back. Telling the time has never been so flattering. Read More

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Let them decorate their wall with this beautiful plague

Hand sculpted from solid metal and plated with dazzling 24 karat gold, this wall plaque is a perfect way to commemorate the service of the retired air force pilot in your life. This plaque features the well known and loved air force symbol that will ignite nostalgia and honour into their hearts. There is really nothing better that your loved one can put on display to remember their times in the force! Read More

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This pen will be an awesome gift for the retired air force

This is no ordinary pen… this gift is an officially licensed US air force 50 caliber BMG twist pen actually made from a bullet casing that was once fired! This gift is a win on any occasion and will blow their minds once they realize what it is made out of. This is perfect for any occasion, but makes an amazing stocking stuffer for Christmas!Read More

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Let's get this gift for your husband who just retired from air force

This figurine is a great option for any airforce pilot who has just retired, or needs a reminder of how much they have done for their community and nation. Made from electroplated antique bronze and handcrafted with exquisite detail, this is a gift that they will cherish for years to come.Read More

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Three Dimensional Wooden Wall Plaque

This three dimensional wooden wall plaque featured the famous air force symbol that people know, love, and honor. This is a wonderful way to show your loved one how much you have appreciated what they have done for their country. Made from high quality wood, this adds a spark to their home decor that will remind them of their days on the force. Read More

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I think this patriotic wall eagle is a nice retirement air force gift for your parent

This gift is a wonderful way for your loved one to show their pride for what they have done for their country, and adds a patriotic flare to their home. This eagle is stunning, shiny, and vibrant, creating a valuable gift that anyone retired from the air force will adore.Read More

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Let your Colonel display their awards and memorabilia

This case displays a flag as well as their treasured awards and memorabilia all at once. Your retired airforce serviceman will be able to display everything they hold near and dear to them proudly and safely. Crafted from premium walnut with a glass front, this is a beautiful gift that will make them happy every time they see it. Read More

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Royal Air Force World War II Bomber

If your loved one is a fan of collectable aircraft models, than this gift will make them smile. This handcrafted item is a model of the Boeing B-17G Liberty Bell Flying Fortress World War II Bomber, identical to the plane’s original blueprint! This masterpiece is museum quality and a true work of art that they will love.Read More

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Let the retired air force enjoy their favourite whiskey

This gift makes a stunning contribution to any home bar and is a great way for the retired air force serviceman to enjoy their favourite spirits! Hand blown but skilled artisans, this world shaped whiskey decanter is intricate and features inspiring detail that will amaze everyone who sees it. The added glass plane pays tribute to their service. Read More

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Now they got plenty of time cooking their favourite food after retired

This is a hilarious and useful gift for the retired airforce serviceman, especially if they enjoy spending time cooking! This is a great gift that will keep your loved one reminded of their service. Coming equipped with large pockets and a convenient drawstring, your loved one will love wearing this when cooking and grilling. Read More

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Looking for a funny air force retirement gift?

Just because their retired, it doesn’t mean they are no longer a huge part of the air force! This is a great gift for your loved one that will remind them how important their role has been for their country, even during retirement. Choose from 5 different colours and give them a comfy and stylish gift they will love. Read More

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This is one of the best retired air force gift

Is the retired air force serviceman in your life religious as well? Than this Christian cross is a stellar gift that they will adore. This cross features the US air force eagle wings and is detailed with the air force emblem, planes, and US flag. This is a touching way to honour their service and spirituality all in one gift. Read More

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Let's personalized this lighter for the air force who just retired

This lighter is unique and differs from any other lighter out there! There’s nothing better than a gift that has been personally engraved and is also practical at the same time. This windproof lighter will have a flame in rain snow or shine and will remind your loved one how much you honor their service. Read More

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This clock is made from real 1940's WWII Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp Radial Engine Piston

This clock is truly one of a kind and will amaze your loved ones! This industrial modern art desk clock was created using an authentic 1940s World War II Pratt and Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp Radial Engine Piston! Considered to be one of the best engines ever designed, this gift will be cherished and put on display buy the retired air force serviceman in your life. Read More

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Custom Carved Airforce Clock

This clock is handmade and personal, making a gift that anyone retired from the air force will love. Carved with a stunning three dimensional insignia that represents the airforce, as well as an engraving that states “United States Air Force.” This makes some wonderful decor that will add some patriotic character to their home. Read More

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