22 Quirky Baking Gifts That That Won't Burn The Kitchen

Are you wondering what gift can qualify for a quirky baking gift? Well, wonder no more. We have got quite a collection for you to choose from. Some will make that baker in your life LOL and others in awe. It is all about appreciating their baking skills with a gift that reflects what they love doing. You will not go wrong with one of the below quirky gifts!

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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I think she is going to love this whisk earrings

I bet that beautiful chef in your life will look adorable in a pair of these whimsical chef earrings. And you are not just stuck with getting them the gold ones. You can also get the silver ones, depending on which one compliments their style and other accessories. The gold and silver colors come in various shades to choose from such as cook book gold, mixer silver, mixer gold or cook book silver among others. They also have rubber backs. Read More

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Tiny Silver Rolling Pin Charm

I bet you never thought a rolling pin could look any cuter especially when adorned as a piece of jewelry. But yes, it can and this will make for a beautiful bracelet or necklace pendant. Any chef would love to adorn such a 925 sterling silver pendant in and out of the kitchen. It comes in a gift box and has a money back guarantee. Regardless of the occasion, this would make for a perfect gift for any chef in your life. Read More

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Baking will be much easier with this baking mat measurement

Say goodbye to making shapeless doughnuts, pies, pastries and just about anything that requires kneading and rolling. Actually, let that chef in your life say goodbye to all of the above and more by gifting them this baking mat. It has measurements that will help them know when they have reached the limit. Most importantly, it will keep the kitchen counter cleaner than it usually is when it is kneading and rolling time. And, to make it better, they offer a 100% refund in case you are not satisfied with the item! Read More

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Let's make a cat shape cake

If you want to buy a gift that gives a baker a chance to make cat-shaped cakes and cupcakes, this should be your choice. It is ideal for making halloween party delicacies, birthdays and just about any party cookies and cakes. This makes for a perfect gift for any cat lover that loves baking. What’s more is the fact that each order comes with its own formulated recipe.Read More

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Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes

If you are looking for a recipe book that allows your baker to try intergalactic recipes then this here is your choice. If they happen to be fans of Star Wars, then they are going to love making all the intergalactic delicacies. From Jedi juice bars to C-3PO themed pancakes. Let the force be with them in the kitchen as they work the magic that every rebel will want to taste.Read More

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Make a dog cake with this mold

For that baker in your life that loves dogs or designing cakes, mousses, cookies or even jelly this would be a great gift. Get one as a housewarming gift, birthday or any holiday gift. It is made from food grade silicone and is easy to clean. And designing a cake that looks like a dog is not the only thing this mold offers. It is multipurpose and can be used to design dog shaped candles, pudding, read, and hand soap.Read More

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Get a funny t-shirt for them

Nothing announces a baker better than a Tshirt with a catchy baker phrase. Like this one, because punching people is frowned upon but a baker can kill them with delicacies. The t-shirt comes in different colors. This gives you a chance to pick the favorite color of the person you want to gift. It is machine washable, and classic fit. Most importantly, it is lightweight so you do not have to worry about them baking inside a t-shirt when baking. Read More

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This is a nice gift for both cook and baker

If you are looking for a gift that will make someone laugh out loud then this is it. The glove comes with various hilarious phrases like “this is fucking delicious” and “made from scratch”. They make for the perfect gift if you are looking for customized gift with catchy phrases for that baker or chef in your life. They are so cute they will probably end up as decorations for tickling guests. Read More

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Batterfinger Cartoon Hand Spatula

Scraping off the remaining cookie or cake batter never got any cuter. Until now. Instead of gifting a baker the regular spatula, buy them this handy cartoon spatula that is shaped like an oversized index finger. This part is solely made of silicone whereas the handle is made of wood with a hole that makes it easy to hang. Apart from scraping the remaining batter, they can also use it to stir the batter. It is also easy to wash. Read More

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Measuring Spoons Necklace

If you have a baker in your life that adores jewelry, then here is one of the perfect gifts to get them. It has a combination of a cupcake pan and measuring spoons. The chain is made of stainless steel making it durable. What’s more are the packaging of the item. It comes with a greeting card, which by the way has some funny quotes. It also comes with an envelope and all you have to do is address it. Read More

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That's one funny baking gift you can get for them

I know, I know! It is one hell of funny gift for a baker. I am sure this one will come in hand on their a bachelorette party- no pun intended. With this one, they can make big sized penis cakes, mousse, jelly and cookies. If you are looking forward to literally eat some penis shaped cake, this is the gift to buy a baker.Read More

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Let's make Elsa cake

We are no longer buying the usual rounded cakes. How does the idea of baking the ice princess themed cake right from the comfort of your home sound? Better still, how great would it be to see your loved one bake an Elsa-themed cake for a party without too much hassle? All that is possible courtesy of this frozen Elsa cake pan. It is one of the most favorite themed cakes for birthdays and gifting this pan to a baker will help them up their baking game.Read More

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Here you go, a middle finger cookie cutter

I know! This one looks just like the perfect gift for that person that loves to swear. Take the emojis off your screen and straight to your sweet delicacies. Need to swear at someone without uttering a sound? Just hand them a cookie shaped by this cookie cutter. The cutter is easy to use, and fun to work with. If you know a baker that is catering to a party, this would be a perfect gift for them.Read More

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Muffin top baking cups

Muffin tops come in various shapes and sizes. However, in a uniquely and yet quirky style, Fred and Friends gives us one hell of stylish muffin cups- jean-styled cupcake pants. They come in a colourful gift box and in a set of four. Making the deal sweeter are the baking tips included in the package. Unlike the cupcake papers, these ones are recyclable and easy to clean once you are done. Buy a set of these for a friend- or yourself, we are not judging- and start having a denim jeans party in your house.Read More

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Whisk Egg Beater Pendant Charm

This one of the most beautiful personalized jewelry for that beautiful baker in your life. How often does one get to rock a whisk around their neck? Not so often, but this pendant is a must have piece of jewelry. It will not wear them down, I promise. It makes for a perfect gift for your mum, your wife or any sexy baker in your life. It also comes with an inspirational quote card. Go ahead and rock someone’s birthday, housewarming or any other occasion with this baker chef jewelry. Read More

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Baker are going to find this very useful

We are past letting whiskers leave us with a messy kitchen counter. We all know how messy baking can get. Thanks to this whisk wiper, every baker now has opportunity to bake and still manage to have an easy to clean counter at the end of it all. No more wastage of batter. Read More

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A whisk with Gorilla trapped in it

Just imagine a gorilla jumping from one branch to another deep in the forest. That would be fun, right? We are now bringing that gorilla right into the kitchen. This Kong gorilla whisk makes your whisking effort fun and enjoyable. It is made of stainless steel with a silicone handle for your comfort. It is also easy to clean, including the gorilla, which by the way, holds steady for durability. In case you do not want it for yourself, gift it to someone that enjoys baking. Read More

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Look, Mr. Sneezy egg separator is having a flu

A running nose is never catchy for anyone but a sneezy egg separator is not only functional but cute and amusing. It makes for a perfect birthday, Christmas or housewarming gift for any baker. With this, they will have an easy time separating their eggs. And that is not all. They can also use it for just about any liquid. From maple syrup to gravy. All you have to do is forward tilt it and off comes your running liquid. Read More

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It is not what you think me..

Here is your chance to have rainbow shaped cookies courtesy of this cookie cutter. If you know someone looking for a way to make oddly shaped cookies for a sale, this is the perfect gift for them. And for that creative baker in your life, you can gift them this cookie cutter and watch them enjoy creating edible rainbows! Read More

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This oven mitts is so cute

Evey baker must have a pair of oven mitts. But who said it has to be a functional and boring pair of oven mitts? A little life in the kitchen makes baking more fun for our beloved bakers. Get that baker in your life a pair of this oven mitts and bring the papa bear or mama bear to life in their kitchen. The heat resistant silicone paws are not only perfect for role playing but also handling the hot food like a pro. Read More

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Baker will find this cake cutter very useful

Do you want to get that perfect cake slice? Is your cake always sticking to your knife? Do you want to take a perfect Instagram-worthy pic of a cake slice? This knife tool is the bread and butter for cake gadgets. It’s a knife every baker needs to have. It’s the perfect cake slicer!Read More

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