23 China And Platinum Gifts For 20th Wedding Anniversary For Her

If youíre looking for some amazing platinum gifts for 20th wedding anniversary for her, youíre in the right place. I've collected some of the best modern platinum and traditional China gift to celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary. I think she will absolutely love it.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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How about you get her this elegant platinum ring?

Every woman dreams of having the perfect elegant ring that she will be able to wear on a daily basis and combine it with both formal or casual outfits. Made with conflict-free, natural diamonds, this ring has great value and will perfectly match her personality. Itís one of the best 20 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for her that will make her smile.Read More

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20th Anniversary wall plaque for your wedding anniversary

Surprise your spouse for your 20th wedding anniversary with something simple, elegant and thoughtful. Something that will last over the years like your marriage like this engraved wall plaque.

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How about you personalize this frame and surprise him/her?

If you want to surprise your spouse with something simple but thoughtful, I recommend that you frame your favorite photo together and personalize the frame. It will express your love and attentiveness to details. They will absolutely adore this gift. You can never go wrong with your photo together framed in a personalized frame. Read More

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Simple and elegant earrings for a simple and elegant lady

Every woman dreams of having that pair of earrings that go well with every outfit, no matter if itís casual or formal. And Iím confident that your wife isnít an exception. So, I saved the day and found these simple but elegant earrings that go well with different outfits, no matter the occasion.Read More

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How about you get your spouse a rose dipped in platinum?

Since platinum is the traditional gift for a 20 year wedding anniversary, why donít you get your spouse a rose dipped in platinum? It counts, right? If you have no idea what to buy for your anniversary, buy them a rose. You can never go wrong with a rose because itís like the ultimate gift for any occasion.Read More

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Help her store her jewelry with this vintage Chinese box

If you donít have any idea what to buy your spouse for your wedding anniversary, I have a suggestion. How about you get her this vintage Chinese jewelry box and put a smile on her face. Itís the perfect way to help her store her valued treasures. However, she can also use this beauty as a home or office decoration. Itíll perfectly blend with any style and bring freshness into their space. An old-fashioned gift with contemporary charm.Read More

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This vintage Chinese hand fan is such a beauty, isnít it?

If sheís a simple lady who likes simple but thoughtful gifts, she will appreciate your effort into buying this vintage Chinese hand fan. Itís such a beauty, isnít it? It makes an exceptional and rare collectible and anniversary gift. The best 20th wedding anniversary gift idea for her that will make her smile.Read More

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I honestly believe that she will adore this Chinese ink art

If your spouse is a fan of Chinese culture and art, she will fall in love with this Chinese ink art at first glance. Itís the perfect anniversary gift that will prove that youíre grateful for having such an amazing person by your side. It will warm up their heart and make them feel special every time they walk by this nice artwork.Read More

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Platinum plated pendant necklace for a lady with style

Itís every womanís dream to own the one piece of jewelry that she can combine with everything. And this platinum-plated pendant necklace is that type of jewelry that goes well with everything. However, it doesnít just go well with any outfit. It also adds class and boosts confidence because itís made of high-quality material. Jewelry that wonít go yellow or tarnish over time. Itís designed to match any outfit, no matter the event. Made with love to be gifted with love. One of the best anniversaries presents for her.Read More

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Silver Chinese Dragon Phoenix Adjustable Bracelet

This beautiful bangle is full of symbolism that makes it extremely romantic and meaningful. The Chinese word this bracelet features means ďLucky,Ē and the Dragon and Pheonix carvings represent a husband and a wife. The bangle therefore gives the prophesy of a husband and wife being a happy and lucky couple forever. This bracelet and the story that comes with it is guaranteed to make your special girl tear up.Read More

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Buddha Head Sculpture Zen Garden

This charming zen garden is a pleasing way for your special someone to unwind at the end of a long hard day. This authentic set comes with delicately crafted lotus candle holders, a Buddha head made of resin, decorative rocks and wooden display tray. This zen garden will add some enchantment to any room of the house and is the perfect way to give your wife the gift of relaxation.Read More

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Legendary Chinese Dragon Abalone Shell Inlaid Necklace

This sterling silver necklace will make the perfect gift for your wife if she has her own unique style! The Chinese dragon is delicately crafted and will compliment every look. Add some trendiness to her jewelry collection with this unusual but beautiful choice, and she's guaranteed to be surprised and delighted!Read More

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Get this Yin Yang charm pendent for your wife

This traditional Taoist symbol depicts the universal balance of good and evil. The 14k yellow gold pendant is intricately handmade and makes a perfect necklace or bracelet charm for your wife on your anniversary. As a bonus, this gift comes with free packaging, making sure the product is ready at a high standard for your special girl to open.Read More

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Chinese 12 Zodiac Spirit Glass Dispenser Set

If your wife is a fan of Chinese astrology and oriental symbols, this is a beautiful and unique gift that she will love. This glass set comes with a dispenser and 12 cups representing each sign of the Chinese zodiac. Each symbol is hand crafted from durable metal into lifelike animals that will never fade. This gift is perfect for the wife who loves to entertain.Read More

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This Chinese word means "Love"

Theres nothing more romantic than the Chinese symbol for love. This 14k yellow gold pendant is expertly crafted and perfectly polished, ensuring it will shine spectacularly upon her neck. Show her how much love you have by giving her a true symbol of love and compassion that is much more meaningful than a simple heart pendant. Read More

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This Phoenix and Dragon jade is a nice traditional gift for couple

This necklace pendant is made from 100% natural jade, making this gift extremely authentic and valuable. The two of you can match by wearing one half of the pendant each, visibly cherishing each other even while you're apart. When the two of you come together, the heart is complete just like your love. This gift is intensely romantic and will pull at her heart strings. Read More

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Your wife is going to love this sentimental 20th anniversary gift

Stray away from traditional colourless diamonds by opting for this vibrant jade heart necklace instead. Draped on a chain of 14k gold, this beautiful green pendant is sure to impress her and everyone who lays eyes upon it placed upon her neck. She will cherish this gorgeous piece of jewelry forever. Read More

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Floral Blue & White Porcelain Umbrella Stand

An umbrella stand asa romantic gift? Absolutely! This incredibly unique choice of anniversary gift is extremely thoughtful and will make the perfect addition to any mudroom or front hall closet. Show off her style in the details of your home, starting with this beautiful porcelain umbrella stand.Read More

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This is such a useful gift for your wife

Turn a simple lamp into a gorgeous statement piece in a room by giving her this dazzling gift. The porcelain construction of the base is delicately decorated with bird and branch paintings, and the blue-white colour scheme is bound to compliment any room. A flared bell lamp shade tops it off making a beautiful piece of furniture that incorporates pottery as well.Read More

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This is such a beautiful Chinese vase

These beautiful hand-painted vases are created by popular Chinese artists who value creativity and authenticity. If your wife is an avid vase collector, this set of 3 uniquely shaped Chinese pieces will be the perfect addition to her collection. However even if your wife is not a collector, these vases have multiple uses and can make a beautiful home for plants and flowers, one-of-a-kind centrepieces, and overall amazing decor.Read More

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18k Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Freshwater Cultured Black Pearl/Coral Ring

Does she love the ocean and everything about it? Well, look no further as this ring designed like a coral is the perfect gift for her anniversary. The black pearl on the ring, a sign of her humility, purity, and harmony completes its unique and breathtaking look. There is no doubt she will look amazing in it.Read More

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