33 Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts For First Time Moms (#16 Make Me Cry)

Are you looking for motherís day gifts for first-time moms? Worry no more as we are here for that. Whether they just welcomed their baby girl or baby boy to the world, this list will help you choose the best and most useful items a new mum could use- not forgetting the newborn.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Mommy's Sippy Cup

Long after she is past the ďno wine or coffeeĒ tape, sitting in her living room or patio enjoying a glass of wine, she will remember you. The engraving on the glass is long-lasting and will withstand a long time of washing for everyone to see itís mommyís sip cup.Read More

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this is a nice Mother's day gifts for first time expectant mothers

If you are looking for a thoughtful motherís day for an expectant first-time mother, we have found that gift for you. Buy her this amazing piece of jewelry to rock with her maternity attire. Most importantly, the card has a sweet and warm message for an expectant mother that will melt her heart.Read More

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Looking for Mother's day gift for your sister?

This bracelet with a charm pendant shaped like a heart is what you need to gift that first-time mom. The engraving of the word mom and the shiny-pink colored crystals on the charm are nothing short of gorgeous. This will match with any of her attire, perfect for everyday wear. Read More

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This gift is going to be very useful for first time mother

What happens when a first-time mom wants to leave the room for a few minutes, but there is no one left to watch over the baby? Do not wait to find the answer to that question. Just buy this baby monitor for a new mom, and she can keep an eye on the baby even when in a different room.Read More

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Diaper Bag Backpack

This diaper backpack is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to a first time mom. With its large capacity, insulated pockets and pockets for wet items, she will have no worries going out with the baby. It also doubles as a handbag to help her reduce her baggage. It can be strapped on a stroller too.Read More

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Hello My New Name is Mommy

It is the newest mommy in town! What a way to have people change your name from so and so to mommy. This adorable mug will let people know that the rules and names have changed in the house. Buy it as a gift for a first time mom and let her enjoy her new status in style.Read More

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First time mom is going to find this gift boxes very useful

If you are looking for a motherís day gift for a first time mom in her first trimester, look no further. We all know how the first trimester is tough for most moms. However, with this box, she can knockout morning sickness and nausea. It also has a water bottle and belly stickers to show how the baby is growing.Read More

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i think this is a nice gift for your wife

Do you have some sweet words of encouragement, memories or advice for a new mom? Well, this set of cards is what you need to write all those words down. Written words have a substantial effect on people. Whenever she needs some encouragement, and you are far away, these cards will work magic.Read More

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That's a nice baby bodysuit

For that new mom who is about to celebrate her first motherís day, we have a gift that suits her and the baby- pimp the newborn with this adorable bodysuit. Whether the new momís favorite color is red, black or pink among others, or whether the baby is a boy or a girl, you are spoilt for choice.Read More

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That's a nice gift for expecting mothers celebrating Mother's Day

Lol. This mug is both useful and hilarious. If you are looking for a thoughtful motherís day gift for first-time moms that will make them laugh out loud, then this is it. Long after she has delivered, this mug will remind her of her cravings for that beverage. It also comes with a beautiful coaster.Read More

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Get her a nice rose tea

Forget the packaging of this fantastic product, which is exceptional, thanks to the colorful presentation and the motherís day message. The tea itself is delicious and worth spending money on. It is all natural- a blend of black tea and rose petals. You know you are buying a quality product when you see the awards it has won! Read More

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Let's surprise this gift for your wife

How adorable is this combo of a momís t-shirt and a babyís bodysuit? This makes one of these perfect clothing items that are a must-have for a new mom and her child. Let her celebrate her first motherís day in style- rocking a first motherís day celebrator matching set with her baby.Read More

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She is going find this gift very sentimental in the future

A few words a day will serve as a beautiful reminder of her early motherhood days. To make that happen, buy that new mom in your life this memory. She can capture any thoughts in it during her babyís first years of life- from the babyís milestones to her thoughts about the motherhood experience. Let no experience be forgotten.Read More

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Personalized this necklace for your wife with names

Is your wife about to deliver your first child? Or maybe she has already brought that beautiful baby to life, and you are looking for a way to spoil her. Look no further as a lady, even a new mom, needs to look ravishing in fabulous jewelry like this necklace. Customize it with your familyís names for that personal touch.Read More

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this is such a unique personalized gift for this coming Mother's day gift

This coming motherís day, surprise a new mom with this family sculpture for her decor. The deep emotions between the parents arenít the only things that will still the show. Personalize it further with the baby's name, date of birth, weight at birth or any other personal details that will melt her heart.Read More

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Your wife is going to cry when she receive this gift

Here, we have an excellent frame that will fit a baby shower event for that new mom. The journey of being a mom starts right from conception. To help that new mom preserve those memories, gift her this frame. She can use it to frame her first or last sonogram. Think of it as a way to remember her pregnancy. Read More

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Track the baby heart rate and oxygen level with this gift

Of the many worse experiences a new mom can go through is seeing their infant baby unwell. It is worse when they cannot track what happens. However, you can ease up her worry with this smart sock baby monitor. It will monitor the babyís heart rate, sleep, and oxygen levels, and alert her when something is wrong.Read More

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How about include a picture of your daughter when she is a baby?

This locket is an excellent gift for a new mom. With this, she can carry the picture and memory of her baby with her wherever she goes. It is shaped like a love-heart and can hold one photo. If you have that babyís photo, have it inserted in this locket and you will brighten up her days. Read More

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Newborn Baby Handprint and Footprint Picture Frame Kit

This handprint and footprint picture frame kit is a must-have for every new mom. How else will she freeze the memory of those tint and cute hands and feet for eternity? And, it has extra spaces for inserting pictures of the baby too. The frame will be a pleasant and unique addition to the momís decor pieces too.Read More

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This rose quartz will protect her during pregnancy, childbirth and aid fertility

They will definitely appreciate this bracelet that will bring health to both child and the mom.

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Build memories with your wife with this first 5 year memory book

This memory book will be an excellent way for a new mom to maintain the memories of her baby right from when they are born. For starters, she can preserve the tiny footprint using its ink pad- which is safe. Then, she can use the fifty pages to write about the babyís firsts and unique moments- not forgetting the babyís details.Read More

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Is your wife is still pregnant celebrating Mother's Day?

Are you looking for that perfect motherís day gift for your wifeís baby shower event? Well, this sculpture might be the gift you are looking for. The two couples are an excellent description of the bond between the two of you- and the unborn child/ren. Other than that, itíll be a unique decor piece for her bedroom or living room.Read More

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Write this now and let them read when they grow up

How about a gift that will keep giving for a new mom? One that her baby can use in the future to know about the momís experience and love? Well, gift her these envelopes, and she can fill them up with letters and other items from the babyís childhood. When they are all grown up, they will know about their childhood. Read More

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Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Frame Kit

Forget the frames that come with a print on it. For starters, this frame is customizable, and it will be an excellent gift for a new mom. The clay is non-toxic so she can take the hand and footprints of the baby for memory sake. Add the babyís first picture, and she will never forget the early days as a mom.Read More

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First 5 Years Baby Memory Book with Sonogram Photo Insert

If you are looking for a thoughtful motherís day gift for a first time mom then this memory book will serve as an excellent gift. With it, the new mom can enter the details about her newborn like the name and birth date. Apart from the fifty journal pages at her disposal, she also has spaces for pictures.Read More

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First Year Baby Memory Book

Children grow up so fast. One day she is a new mom and the next day the baby is in college. It takes time by to a mother those years fly by. To help her preserve the memories of her babyís childhood, gift her this memory book. It has blank spaces for writing as well as places to store pictures.Read More

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This abby swing is going to be so useful

Newbornís too deserve some pampering, and this baby swing is what you need to gift them- and the new mom. The new mom will have an easy time putting the baby to rest thanks to its five control motions and sound. All of these are Bluetooth enabled. For maintenance and cleaning, the fabric is machine washable.Read More

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Encourage her with this necklace

New moms get worried about the experience. So, to nudge to that new mom in your life, gift her this adorable necklace. Not only will it be an addition to her jewelry collection, but the message on the package will give her the assurance she needs. She is going to be a great mom!Read More

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"A Mother's Love is Like Nothing Else in The World" Bracelet

A new mom can also adorn in the latest and unique jewelry. Whether she has delivered or not, this bracelet will make an excellent gift for her. It has an engraving of some sweet words that will melt her heart. It has a stork and a heart charm with a rose-gold finishing for that extraordinary beauty.Read More

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This is such a cute gift for first time mom

Help a new mom frame the first picture of her baby with this beautiful frame. The love between a new mom and her newborn is immeasurable, and the adorable mama and baby giraffe are proof. The design and colors of the frame are unisex, so it fits a new mom who has a baby girl or a baby boy.Read More

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Let's personalized this gift for the first time mom

One of the cutest things about a newborn is their little feet. For that new mom, this personalized necklace with an engraving of a babyís feet will brighten up their wardrobe and life. Also, no matter where she is, she will have her babyís name and the birth date on her. Read More

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