32 Beautiful Mermaid Gifts For Adults That Won't Pollute The Ocean

Adults too are allowed to fall in love with mystical creatures, and our list of mermaid gifts for adultís prove that. Your search for amazing mermaid-themed gift items will no longer be stressful if you use our list. From sprucing up their jewelry collection to face lifting their dťcor. We have it all covered.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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Mermaid lover is going to love this beautiful mug

If youíre bent on getting a unique mug for a mermaidís lover birthday, this mug is what you need to buy. The handle is shaped like a mermaidís tail, while the rest of the outer body is designed with scales. The inside of the mug is engraved on the top side. The novelty color did it for me. Read More

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Let's get this mermaid gift for your girlfriend

I bet your girlfriend will look pretty in this mermaid necklace pendant with a blue topaz. It is both classy and playful. The silver finish goes with any attire. You also do not have to worry about the fitting since the 16- 18 inches of the chain is adjustable for perfect fitting. Read More

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let mermaid lover keep their jewellery in this box

Who wouldnít love to store their jewelry in a jewelry box guarded y such a pretty creature of the sea? I know I would, and so would any lover of mermaidís. The detailed decorations on the box and the posture of the mermaid on the lid are also pretty. The vintage look will also spruce up any decor.Read More

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Check out this glass with mermaid tail

When next they sit by the poolside or chill on a hot afternoon on the patio a cold drink in hand, they will be doing it in style. This set of two glasses with a mermaidís tail shape on the inside will make it possible. The glass is transparent so they can see the level of their drink. Read More

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Mermaid Tail Coffee Mug

Any mermaid lover would be thrilled to drink their favorite hot drink from the tail of a mermaid. You can make this realistic by gifting them this cute cup of coffee shaped like a mermaids tail. Its beauty is accented by the aqua blue hue finishing- makes it shiny and classy. Read More

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Let them organise their jewelry with this organiser

Organising oneís jewelry is not as easy and it looks. So, for that special occasion gift you cannot seem to figure out what to get your lady, this ring holder dish will make an excellent fit. It will keep her jewelry collection well organized and within her view. The unique design with a golden fishtail makes it lovely decor piece. Read More

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Your girlfriend is going to love this mermaid valentines gift

If youíre looking for a cool gift to surprise your girlfriend with, this unique mermaid necklace will do that. It will surprise her, fill her heart with love and accent her beautiful face. The crystal birthstone is irregularly shaped with variations of blue and dark blue color that shine in the light. Itís also lightweight and comfortable for everyday use. Read More

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Mermaid swimming in a dirt, this is such an unique gift

Mermaids can be naughty, I think, and this one proves my point. A little dirt never hurts though, and in this particular case, it helps in keeping a garden pretty and unique. Gift this to any mermaid lover with a garden in need of some face lifting. Itís a two piece item, which looks like sheís submerged in the dirt.Read More

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Mystical Mermaid Tabletop Aquarium

If you know a mermaid love with a fish tank, buy them this mystical and yet exquisite mermaid fish tank as a gift. The gold antiqued finish will accent to any color theme and decor items they have in their living room. They can also plant some plants inside and use it as a decorative terrarium piece.Read More

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She is going to love this mermaid necklace

Aloha! Let the spirit of Aloha flow from Hawaii to you and to your ladyís heart through this alluring piece of jewelry. If she loves mermaids, the mermaid figurine on the sea glass pendant will steal her heart. So will the turquoise color of the charm that goes with any dress.Read More

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This could be a nice housewarming mermaid gift

Your quest for the ideal housewarming gift for a mermaid lover is over. This golden leaf mermaid compass with an arrow to show them the way in their new house is what you need to buy. They can use it for their indoor or outdoor decor. It is also easy to assemble and install.Read More

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Vintage Coastal Mini Mermaid Sign

If you know any mermaid lover with a beach house or beach theme for their decor, this will be an excellent gift for their house. It also has an old-school look for that vintage look in any decor. They can place it on their shelf, mantle, tale or hang it on any wall using removable adhesive. Read More

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"Teardrop of Mermaid" is the name of this earring

Any lady would love to own this beautiful pair of drop dangle earrings. They are shaped like the tears of a mermaid with shiny crystals that look like a prism and sparkle- especially when hit by sun rays. If you donít know what to gift her for her birthday or during your anniversary, search no more. Read More

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Check out this coffee mug, beautiful isn't it?

Woow! I would always look forward to my morning cup of coffee in this ceramic mug. Imagine how it would be for someone that loves mermaids! Yeah, the mermaidís fin tail handle of the mug will blow her away. Not forgetting the pretty color choice of the mug that is complemented by the golden handle. Read More

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That's a very beautiful wall art that mermaid fans will love

For a mermaid lover that also loves paintings, this oil painting of a swimming mermaid will be an excellent addition for her living room decor. The mermaid looks very relaxed, floating freely at the bottom of the sea with flowers and goldfish keeping her company. The serenity and warmth of this piece will alleviate any the mood in a room.Read More

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Mermaid Glass Figurine

This beautiful mermaid glass figurine of a little girl is an ideal birthday gift for that princess in your life that loves mermaids. The mermaid is sitting on a frosted blue coral with two seashells on her side. The figurine is placed on a blue-tinted base and will look pretty sitting on her study or dressing table.Read More

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Add this gift to their bracelet charm collection

Warm your way to her heart with this gorgeous mermaid charm. It is shaped like a heart, with a deep blue ocean color and silver finishing and shiny crystals. Telling you it is beautiful is an understatement. She can use it on a bracelet or a necklace to accent any attire. Read More

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Your wife is going to love this Swarovski mermaid as a gift

If you are looking for an ideal holiday gift for your wife or mother, crystal clear mermaid figurine is a splendid gift idea. She can use it to accent her indoor decor or even add it to her mermaid collection. I mostly love how calmly she sits, with a light cream rose pearl on her hand.Read More

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Swimming Mermaid Resin Wall Decor

For their poolside decor, gift them this grand piece of a swimming mermaid. The texture of the item will not go unnoticed so is the starfish in the mermaid's hands and the seashell that accents the beauty of her long flowing hair. The turquoise tail brings the calming aura of the sea ideal for any decor.Read More

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This mermaid is so pretty

If your girlfriend or wife loves mermaid, this will make an excellent gift choice for her birthday or your anniversary. What better way to appreciate her sexiness that with a sexy half-mermaid statue? There could be better ways, of course, but this is awesome as a bedroom or bathroom decor item. Read More

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Mermaid Metal Wall Art

The fact that you cannot tell the material used to make this grand item shows you it is a worthy piece of decor. Itís colorful and has fish swimming around the mermaid. Whether that mermaid love in your life is looking for ways to spruce up their indoor or outdoor decor, this will be an excellent choice for that. Read More

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Beautiful Ocean Goddess Maya Blue Tailed Mermaid

Help a mermaidís lover bring the serenity and coolness of the ocean to their home with this statue of Goddess Maya. It has a blue-tailed fin with a starfish decoration on her long flowing hair and a pearl necklace and bracelet. It will make am an exquisite addition to their indoors decor, especially the living room.Read More

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Let's get this beautiful necklace for your girlfriend

I donít know about you, but for me, this necklace tops my list of to get items. I love the shiny crystals on the tail and hair. Any lady that loves mermaids would love to wear it on a daily basis. The contrast between the sea-blue fin tail of the mermaid and its long golden hair make it everyday wear.Read More

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Let them keep their valuable in this box

This is your chance to upgrade that mermaidís lover ďsafeĒ for their precious valuables. This treasure chest, with a mermaid perched on top, is an ideal location for their valuables like jewelry. She will keep them protected from prying eyes and itchy fingers. The antique look of the mermaid and the starfish decorations make it more pretty for bedroom decor.Read More

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This mermaid tail necklace is a nice Christmas gift for her

This would be a nice way to tell that special lady in your life you are her knight in shining armor. 24/7, 365 days of the year. The design of the necklace pendant, which is a mermaids tail with sparkling crystals, symbolizes all of that. No doubt that this will be perfect for any kind of dress or event.Read More

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Iron Verdigris Mermaid Hook

This would make a pretty nice housewarming gift for a mermaid lover who is moving houses. They can use it to hang their hand towels, kitchen towels, keys or use as a decor item. The tail of the mermaid has three hooks for this. It has two screw holes that they can use to screw it on any wall. Read More

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Mermaid Wall Sculptures Beach Themed Wall Art

Do not struggle to pick a housewarming mermaid-themed gift for a mermaid lover especially a piece of painting. This piece of wall art ought to do it. It does not matter what theme colors they have because the neutrality of this one will blend with any colors. It also has glitters- to accent its details and beauty.Read More

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This clock is such a nice gift for your mom

Telling the time of the day by just looking at a mermaid is real. I mean, they do not have to go to the sea for that. However, you can make it possible by gifting them this mermaid clock. It is also a decor piece- with a mother mermaid sitting on a rock cuddling her baby.Read More

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Melody's Cove Mermaid Wall Sculpture

The beach is not the only place a mermaid can sit and look pretty for all to admire. With this wall sculpture, she will be sitting pretty on a loved oneís living room or garden wall. The beautiful color of the mermaidís tail, her long flowing hair, the tresses, and seashells add an extra touch of beauty.Read More

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Your wife is going to love this gold pendant for sure

Gift this beautiful yellow gold mermaid pendant charm to that lady that loves mermaids. Whether it is her birthday, anniversary or as a holiday gift, sheíll love it adding it to her collection. The mermaid's long hair has a different finish that complements the rest of the bodyís finish. Both colors are excellent for matching with any outfit. Read More

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Mermaid Tail Dangle Earrings

This pair of pearl earring with a mermaids tail will catch the attention of everyone in a room. I mostly love the fact that they are detachable. That way, she can wear them as studs or dangling earring For that special lady in your life that loves mermaids, surprise her with this pair on her birthday. Read More

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