36 Stunning Marvel Gifts For Boyfriend That He Secretly Want

These marvel gifts for your boyfriend will definitely come in handy if he is a fan of Marvel. Whether they’re a fan of the movies, or a full-fledged comic book fanatic, this list has a little something for everyone. Scroll down to find the most creative and impressive gifts that your man will love.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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That's a nice print for your boyfriend

Who doesn’t love Spider Man? This character has captured the hearts of one and all from the ages of 5 to 95. This print is an amazing option as a gift for your boyfriend because artwork from this seller is officially licensed and of unbelievable quality! With the ability to update any bedroom, den or dorm, this gift will add some fun to his every day life! Read More

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Let's add Venom to his Marvel figurine collection

Here, the very famous Venom is merging with his alter ego Eddie Brock, so your boyfriend basically gets two figurines in one! This one stands at 9 inches tall and made of high grade plastic. This is an A+ collectable that will make all of your boyfriends pals jealous! Read More

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Avengers Infinity War Movie Spiderman Figurine

This Spider Man figurine recreates the hero we know and love from Avengers: Infinity War. What fans know as the “instant kill” mode on Spider Man’s suit is depicted here in incredible detail and high quality resin. Your boyfriend will love this new and exciting image of this Marvel hero! Read More

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Iron Man Mark 45 ArtFX Statue

This figurine features the Iron Man suit seen in Avengers: Age of the Ultron. With an added bonus of LED lights in the Arc reactor, eyes and palms, and a base with the classic Avengers logo, how could this gift NOT make your boyfriend happy? Read More

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Deadpool Figurine

Deadpool is one of the most comedic characters in the marvel universe! In a pose that’s ready for action, this Marvel character will excite the likes of any collector. This 9 inch quality gift will make your boyfriend smile, and maybe even chuckle!Read More

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Spider-Gwen Figure

With a high level of accuracy, this figurine captures the spirit and action of Spider-Gwen one of the newest and most exciting characters in the Marvel universe! Your boyfriend will love opening this gift and seeing Gwen wrapped in a full-colour window box.Read More

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Is he a fans of Magneto in X-Men as well?

This is an incredible and high quality Marvel gift. Sculpted in exact scale, your boyfriend will be able to place Magneto with his collection and enjoy the inclusion of the X-Men universe that this character brings!

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Your boyfriend is going to love this Emma Frost figurine

Emma Frost is depicted in this figurine exactly how she was always drawn in the comics. Your boyfriends love of the Marvel Now comics will come to life when you give him this incredible gift. This gift was sculpted by Junnosuke Abe and stands at about 7 inches tall. Read More

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Thanos Figurine

Any big fan of Marvel knows that Thanos is one of the most dangerous villains of all time. Every fan will recognize the confident pose of Thanos depicted in this amazing figurine as he holds the Infinity Gauntlet. This particular Thanos sculpture includes all the details found in the actual movie and is ready to be displayed. Read More

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Marvel Gallery Captain Marvel Figurine

With Captain Marvel becoming more and more popular among the Marvel characters, this gift is absolutely sure to please! Your boyfriend will appreciate the thought put into this gift and absolutely love the new addition to his collection. Read More

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I am going to get this Thor figurine myself!

This figurine looks like Thor has been taken right out of an epic battle scene! The sculpture of this item has completely captured the Marvel God in action. Each of these statues come with a certificate of authenticity and includes a collector number printed in gold that your boyfriend will appreciate.Read More

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Doctor Strange Figurine

Make way for the most famous and respected sorcerer of the Marvel universe! Doctor Strange is an absolute must-have character figurine if you are a true fan of the Marvel movies. If this is one of your boyfriend’s favourite characters, this gift is a win! Read More

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Laura Kinney Wolverine Gallery Figurine

This is an absolute favourite among collectors, and your boyfriend will love it whether he has a collection or not! Made from high quality PVC, the Marvel comics heroine stands about 9 inches tall and will draw the attention of everyone who lays eyes on her. Read More

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He is going to love this gift after watching Avengers Endgame

This hoodie is absolutely perfect for costumes, cosplay, themed parties, or even just kicking back and relaxing! This gift is lightweight and breathable made from polyester and cotton. This stylish jacket will definitely be one of your boyfriends favourites.Read More

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This wolverine is fierce

Every comic book fan is also a fan of action figures! Get your boyfriend this amazing Wolverine figure, the famous X-Men hero! This gift has interchangeable heads and comes with a display stand as well, so your boyfriend can display proudly. Read More

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Your boyfriend is going to find this Marvel gift useful

Picture this: Your man all dressed up in a fancy tux. You’re heading to an event… a Marvel movie premier, perhaps. He adjusts his sleeves and flashes these dazzling Marvel cufflinks! Made from the highest quality materials, give your man a pair of these for him to add some Marvel style to his look. Read More

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Cat America Vintage Dictionary Art Print

This gift is a true work of art that combines class and style with comedy. Printed on old dictionary paper is the super hero we all need in our lives… Cat America! If your boyfriend is a fan of Marvel, art and cats then we might have just found him the perfect gift! Read More

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Marvel Comics Venom 1:2 Scale Resin Bust

This is a remarkable gift for the through-and-through Marvel fan. This bust is hand sculpted and makes a collector piece that everyone will be jealous of. Surprise your boyfriend this holiday, birthday, or anniversary with this bust that will knock his socks off!Read More

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This Infinity Gaunlet cup is so unique

Have you ever seen a Marvel collectable this beautiful? The Thanos gauntlet from the Marvel universe takes form in this dazzling glass mug that your boyfriend will fall head over heels for. Whether her uses this mug as a collectable or for his morning coffee, this gift will have him feeling the power!Read More

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Make your boyfriend comfortable with this Marvel gaming chair

These chairs are the real deal! Officially Marvel licensed, your boyfriend will be able to watch his favourite movies and play his favourite video games in the chair of his favourite superhero! Allow him to relax in this chair with ergonomic backbone structure and lumbar support to keep him comfortable.Read More

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Infinity War Gauntlet Coffee Mug

Give your boyfriend all the power in the universe with this Infinity War gauntlet. This mug makes an amazing gift for collectors as well as people who just want to add a little magic to their morning coffee ritual! This gift is a great conversation starter and will put all other mugs to shame.Read More

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Spider-Man Geeki Tiki Mug

Everyone loves Spider Man… almost as much as everyone loves tiki parties! Combine the best of both worlds with this amazing Spider Man tiki mug, made from high quality ceramic. Your boyfriend will be able to drink anything and everything from this gift!Read More

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It is a cassette blanket from Guardian of the Galaxy

The cassette tape is one of the most iconic items from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, which is why your boyfriend will go crazy for this gift! This blanket pays tribute to one of the most famous Marvel storylines, and will keep him comfy and cozy all year round! This is the perfect way to add some marvel charm to any room. Read More

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Never knew Thor's Mjolnir can be this useful

Your boyfriend will feel just like Thor with this creative twist on a meat tenderizer! The double sided stainless steel metal head of this “hammer” is engraved with the famous phrase "Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” He’ll be able to eat and cook like the gods with this gift!Read More

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Thor hammer can be a bottle opener as well

Made of metal and ABS, this hammer is not only the superhero weapon but also a superhero bottle opener. Thor Marvel fans will definitely love this gift. It is very easy to store, thanks to the hanging chain at the bottom of the handle. Spice up the dinner time and surprise your friends with a unique bottle opener. Read More

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Captain America Coffee Maker with Mug

Why just having a mug with your favorite superhero’s logo, when you can have the whole coffee maker? Buy it for your favorite college from work, and leave it at his/her desk with a special message from Captain America. It doesn’t only look good; it makes amazing coffee too.Read More

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Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Figure

If you want to make someone’s boring desk into a fun one, go with this gift. Dancing Groot figure has built-in sensors, triggered by music, which turn steady Groot into a dancing figure. It is also motion sensitive and likes to wiggle even if you don't push the button for dancing.Read More

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The Mighty Thor Full Scale Replica Prop Helmet

You simply can’t go wrong with a Replica Prop Helmet made out of the exact materials as the one from the comic. Super cool wings are made of fiberglass, and the helmet itself is made of hand-formed steel. This is not a toy – it can’t be a real deal more than this. Produced in less than 2000 pieces, Thor’s unique helmet is a pure rarity. Read More

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Captain America Civil War Helmet Cosplay Costume

Join the planetary phenomenon called Avengers. This amazing helmet made of light materials will turn you instantly into Captain America, ready to deal with the bad guys. Perfectly designed for multiple head sizes, this Civil War edition helmet is a unique present for every Captain America’s fan and collector. Read More

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Electronic Iron Man Gauntlet 1:1 Props Replica

I don’t think you can find cooler Iron Man fist replica than this one. Unreal features like movable joints, lights, sounds, etc. Painted with professional car paint, resistant to impact and scratches, this fist is a true revelation among Marvel’s collectors. Read More

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Ant-Man Roleplay Premium Electronic Helmet

If you want to bring alive the moments from the Marvel movies, try this super cool helmet. A realistic replica of the Ant-Man’s helmet doesn’t feel like a toy at all. Built-in special effects will turn you into a Marvel’s legend in a second. Complete your costume or collection with this helmet, or simply wear it anytime you are in a superhero mood. Read More

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Iron Man Electronic Helmet

Don’t think twice if you are looking for a cool present for your friend, cuz the Iron Man helmet is an original and cool item for any occasion. Glowing eyes, sound effects, and authentic design are the characteristic which guarantees a lot of fun. Feel free to wear it around the house, or your neighborhood - everyone will ask for a photo with you.Read More

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Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto Replica Necklace

Awesome limited Eye of Agamotto edition is a must-have item for every Marvel’s collector. The Doctor Strange’s wisdom weapon is so realistic, it will make you feel ready to read minds and open portals. The necklace is licensed, and it comes with a cool box and authentication card from Marvel. Read More

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Thor's Mjolnir Electronic Hammer

If your boyfriend or a brother is a Marvel fanatic, then The Hammer of God is a perfect gift to buy for his birthday. This hammer is actually heavy enough to feel real, and no one can pass next to it without wishing to grab it and raise high, trust me. Read More

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Infinity Gauntlet Articulated Electronic Fist

What could be a better gift than the power to control the whole universe? The Infinity Gauntlet is a real deal for every Marvel’s fan. This electronic fist has movie inspired sound effects and 6 infinity stones build in, each equipped with the lights and ready to serve its purpose. Read More

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