55 Good Valentines Day Gift For Her That Won't Cause Breakup

Pick a good Valentine’s Day gift for her from our list of gift ideas. This page is made specifically for a partner, including you, who is searching for a gift that will blow away your girlfriend, wife or fiance. Pick from a wide variety of decor gifts, games to spice up your love life, jewelry and much more.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Tell them how much you love them with this journal

Want to write something sweet for your loved one but not too sure what to write? Then you got to check out this journal where all you need to do is fill in the blank. This will be the most personalized gift that your loved one ever received.Read More

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You can leave a personalized message in this dramatic bottle

If you’re looking for the most romantic gift for him or her, look no further because this is it. This bottle comes along with a personalized message written on a paper. It makes an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversary, birthday for your loved one. This gift is going to melt your partner’s heart.Read More

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She is going to love this gift set

Let she spoil herself from the comfort of her home for as long as they last. The gift basket has jasmine rose flowers, a whole seven stems of them! It also has a cuddly bear and hand lotion.

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Personalized the location that you met each other on this print

Do you remember the first time you saw her and knew that she was the one? Or where you popped the question? Well, you can personalize that location and frame it as a Valentine’s Day gift. It is all about celebrating your love, and a reminder of your love will be an excellent way to celebrate your relationship’s milestones.Read More

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She is going to love this cute Valentines gift

Celebrate your beautiful love this Valentine’s Day by gifting her this Beauty and the Beast rose preserved in a glass. The glass is shaped like a dome and is crystal clear for her to see the beautiful roses. Better still, it has an LED bulb that can be switched on at the bottom for some warm light.Read More

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Let's personalize this teddy bear with her name

This personalized teddy bear will be a good Valentine’s Day gift for her. Whenever she is lonely, she can hug it and remember you. It will also be a fabulous decor piece for her living room or bedroom. It is sturdy and will withstand any long hugs. The fur is washable so she can keep it clean and neat. Read More

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Get your wife a box full of real roses that last 365 days

A bouquet of roses is a good Valentine’s Day gift for her, but this box of fresh roses that can last for a year will be your best bet to making her reel with joy. Although the flowers are fresh, you do not have to worry about them withering in a week as they are freshly preserved to last long. Read More

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You can never go wrong with this flower pendant necklace

What’s not to love about this necklace? Nothing, and that is why you should consider getting is as a Valentine’s Day gift for your girl. The color is amazing. The rose flower petal with a finishing of rose-gold is astounding. The sparkling crystals and teardrop pendant with a pink finishing are nothing short of amazing.Read More

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She is going to love this basket full of chocolate

Chocolates are a girl’s best friends… sorry, diamonds, but chocolates too, especially a gift of premium chocolates in such a presentation. Every lady deserves some spoilingon Valentines Day. and this care package will spoil her for the rest of the year. You can also accompany the deliciousness with a personal message.Read More

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Nirvana of Phoenix Bracelet

Let her accent her beauty with this bangle bracelet. It has a pendant with shiny crystals around it. The pendant is also colorful, more like a rainbow, that will be reflective when hit by the light. She can wear it with any of her attire and still rock it. It makes a good Valentine’s Day gift for her.Read More

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This sculpture that play music is such a sweet Valentines gift for her

How about a multipurpose sculpture gift for her Valentine’s Day celebration. This will be a nice way to show her how much you value the love and emotional connection between you. It will also be a fantastic decor piece. TTo make it sweeter, it rotates while playing the theme song from Romeo and Juliet.Read More

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This handmade string art decor is such a romantic gift for her

If you never thought a wooden plaque could be used to pass along a sweet message on Valentine’s Day then you better think twice. This particular one has some love strings, quite literally, that will leave her in awe. It has” I love you” in large letters. She can place it on her shelf or hang it as a decor piece. Read More

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Swan Lake Pendant Necklace

On so many levels, swans are the representation of beauty, love, and grace. This necklace with a swan as its pendant will be one of the most fantastic ways to tell her what she represents. The lower side of the swan is made of a crystal with a shiny light blue finishing. This will perfect for all her attires.Read More

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this is such a gorgeous handmade Valentines gift for her

Get her a good Valentine’s Day gift that will require less from her within the course of the next three to five years while still making her home look lovely and heavenly. This preserved rose flower will do that. All you need to do it order it soonest possible and gift it to her on Valentine’s day. Read More

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this eternal rose is such a beautiful gift for her

This eternal rose preserved in a globe is a good Valentine’s Day gift for her that you should consider. It will last for long and will be a fantastic addition to her decor pieces. The crystal clear globe makes it possible to see it clearly. The petals are of different colors, which complement each other. Read More

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Rose Flower Bear

Yes, this amazing and astounding bear is made of rose flowers- all whole of it. Amazing, right? With this, you will be setting standards in terms of flowers ladies ought to receive from their men. It is made of artificial flowers so you can count on it being an excellent decor piece for her living room going forward.Read More

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Get this metallic gold roses that last for a year

This box of freshlypreserved roses will be an excellent surprise gift for her. They are preserved well enough to last for a year or more without withering or losing their beautiful touch. They will be her new decor pieces for the bedroom or living room. Get it for her this Valentine’s Day, and you will not regret it. Read More

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Preserved Handmade Real Rose in Wooden Box

This preserved real rose might be a better gift than a bouquet. The rose will never wither; neither will it lose its fine red color. She will not need to water it to keep it decorating her space. It will last her for years to come and needs easy maintenance for that.Read More

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That's a "sweetest" gift she will ever received

This gift box of delicious and colorful marshmallows will melt her heart and make her mouth watery. Yeah, they are that mouthwatering, even from the pictures. Let her indulge her sweet tooth with the various flavors of toasted coconut, cinnamon churro, tuxedo, birthday cake, mocha latter, Vanilla bean, and strawberry & cream.Read More

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I love this Guardian Heart pendant necklace

You might not be with her all the time, but you can assign a guardian angel to watch over her. Buy her this necklace with a heart pendant. The pendant is a crystal with a guardian angel. It reflects light to reveal the angel and amazing colors. This will go with any of her dresses. The chain is adjustable for fitting.Read More

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Kendra Scott Signature Elisa Pendant Necklace

This necklace with an ivory mother-of-pearl pendant, which is also gold-plated makes a perfect jewelry piece for any lady to adorn. Surprise her this Valentine’ Day with it, and she can always count on having a pearl necklace to adorn during any special events. The chain has a lobster claw for safe clasping.Read More

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Make her mouth drool with this French macarons

Ladies love to be fed too, especially if you are delighting the little girl in her and her sweet tooth. Gift her this care package filled with nothing but delicious and good looking cookies. They are too cute and colorful to be eaten, but they are equally delicious. Say you love her in a different language- the language of food.Read More

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Purple Preserved Immortal Roses

Purple is the color of royalty, power, luxury, wisdom, ambition and a plethora of other great things. This rose flower with a finishing of purple will be an excellent representation of all things that define her, especially if they fall under what we just listed. It is a perennial flower and will ring a touch of class in her decor.Read More

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Looking for first Valentines gift for her?

This “I love you to the moon and back” pendant necklace will be a great way for you to tell her how much you love her. It will also be an excellent jewelry item for her wardrobe and collection. The pendant is adorned with some shiny crystals that accent to its beauty. Read More

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This is such a beautiful Valentines gift for her

Bring the flamingoes to her living room with this alluring glass dome. It has one pink flamingo with a white bush and fresh preserved flowers with a pink finish. The flowers are long-lasting for that forever touch. It has an LED bulb that will provide her with warm and radiant lighting.Read More

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She is going to appreciate this flower so much

If you want to get her more than one rose flower that will last forever, then here is the flower you are searching for. It is an exquisite decor piece for her living room. The rose flower, with many branches and rose petals, is preserved in a 24k-gold finishing.Read More

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Beer chiller that says "Queen of the Castle"

If she has won your heart over we believe she is the queen of the castle. And a queen deserves nothing but the best, like these beer chillers with an engraving of “Queen of the castle.” She will no longer struggle with getting ice cubes for her warm drinks, thanks to these chillers. They fit any standard bottle and glass.Read More

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This purse mirror is such a beauty

This purse mirror will be an elegant addition to her collection. No matter where she has, she can count on it when doing and redoing her makeup. It’s also stunning, especially the love-heart decorations on the cover. It will also accent her bedroom decor uniquely when placed on the dressing table.Read More

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Preserved Flower in a Heart Shaped Musical Box

You might have stolen her heart to make her your lady, but there is no harm in stealing it away one more time with this lovely rose flower in a musical box. The flower will never wither. The musical box is heart-shaped, with an antique look and a space she can frame her favorite picture.Read More

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Kendra Scott Signature Lee Drop Earrings

Every lady must have a pair of pearl earring in her jewelry collection. If she already has one, there is no harm in giving her more choices with this pair of Lee drop pearl earrings. They will go with any attire she has, whether casual or official. Let her adorn this pair on her next event, and she will stand out.Read More

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This rose is such a sweet Valentines gift for your fiance

Rose flowers come in various shades and designs, and we all want them as gifts. However, this fresh rose frozen at its prime time deserves a woman like her. It is unique and will last forever. It has a finishing of rose gold, an adorable and breathtaking color for her decor.Read More

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Valentines Day Gift Set for her

Sometimes, a good Valentine’s Day gift for her comes packaged in a set of goodies. Like this gift set with all the most exquisite pieces of jewelry, a lady could ask for. It has a a gold-plated rose watch, a necklace and a pair of earrings. This set will match with any of her attire and suits any occasion.Read More

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Let's spend your first Valentines Day with this gift

What if you could get a flower that never dies, accents her decor and is one of those exquisite items most ladies covet? Well, look no further, as this gold-plated flower is to die for. She will love it, no doubt about that. It will last forever and will be an excellent decor piece. Read More

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This eternal flower that comes with bluetooth speaker and nightlight

This unique gift of a lamp with enchanted flower will make an excellent gift for her this Valentine’s Day. The fresh rose has been preserved to last forever. The lamp emits a warm light suitable for the living room or bedroom. And, if she loves music, you are in luck! It also has a Bluetooth speaker.Read More

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Lets get a a box of delicious strawberry chocolate

While you feed her heart with all the lovey-dovey words, do not forget to delight her sweet tooth with these mouth-watering strawberries. The fresh berries are dipped in different chocolates, and we know chocolates and ladies are best buddies. They also have decorations for that superb look you can see. Score her heart on Valentine’s with this delicious package.Read More

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Looking for a Valentines Day gift set?

Buy her this necklace on Valentine’s Day and add an alluring piece to her jewelry collection. The pendant is a love-heart sign with nanotechnological crystal inscribed I love you in a hundred words. And, it is not just the necklace that you get her. This is a set with a miniature teddy bear and scented rosebuds.Read More

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Tell her how much you love her with this necklace

Say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day with this stunning necklace. The Pendant is made using the short form of the three words that turns people into poets. Maybe she will become one after getting this and write you a romantic poem- if it is cony, we will not be responsible, LOL. Read More

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Gold Inscribed with 120 Languages of "I Love You"

A good Valentine’s Day gift for her tells her how much you love her. This necklace with a love-heart pendant will do that for you in the most astounding and fashionable ways. The pendant has a red background, with the three magic words inscribed in it in 120 languages, and a heart shape. Read More

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This Bear Princess is such a exquisite

Forget getting that giant bear that she cannot carry around (save it for next time. Or if you have some extra cash). For now, concentrate on getting her this alluring necklace with a teddy bear figurine as a pendant. She’ll have it around her for all time. The bear is adorned with sparkling crystals of various colors and has movable arms. Read More

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Love At The First Sight necklace

How about a necklace with two love-heart pendants for her as a Valentine’s Day gift? The intertwined pendants can be a representation of your two hearts- intertwined in love. What makes the pendants stunning is the different finishing that compliments each other- one is rose gold and the other in white gold- perfect for any lady’s wardrobe.Read More

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This Natural Gemstone Swiss Blue Topaz is beautiful

You love her to infinity, right? Well, this necklace will help you say it more often than you can imagine. The infinity sign pendant is sprinkled with some shiny crystals on one side. At the middle of the pendant, is a heart-shaped blue-crystal pendant. This will be a lovely addition for her jewelry collection. Read More

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If you are looking for a small Valentines gift for her, this is it

With this signage, she can accent her home’s decor to a new level of love and uniqueness. The design and intricate detail that has gone into making it is more than amazing. If she loves artistic items, she will love this one. It can be placed on a table or desk or be hanged. Read More

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Ellena Rose Dainty Druzy Necklace

Consider buying her this necklace for her on Valentine’s Day. Here is why you should buy it; the druzy pendant is exquisite and one of a kind. It is also colorful with stunning and shiny blue crystals. Also, if the blue will not go with her skin tone and attires, you have five more colors to choose from.Read More

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Snowflake Necklace Pendant

Jewelry should rank among the good Valentine’s Day gift for her. This necklace with a snowflake, signifying purity, for a pendant should help you narrow down to the piece of jewelry to get her. At the center of the snowflake pendant is a sparkling crystal that sparkles and lets out a radiant beauty.Read More

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Heart Necklace Inscribed with "I Love You to The Moon and Back"

How much do you love her? Let her know that you love her to the moon and ack with this crystal clear pendant necklace. It has a nano inscription of the words in 24k-Gold yellow color and a sexy font. The finishing of the chain and the pendant will go with any of her attire. Read More

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Keep her jewellery in this beautiful Faberge Egg

Get her this magnificent jewelry box, so she has a safe place to store her jewelry. The beauty of this box is outstanding and will be the envy of her friends. It has a gold finishing and is shaped like an egg with a crown at for a lid. It also has lions supporting and will keep her goodies safe.Read More

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Blue Crystal Music Box Plays "Can't Help Falling in Love"

Imagine slow dancing just the two of you. How about some romantic love song to accompany the current mood? This music box that plays “cant’s help falling in love” sounds like the perfect gift she needs. Long after Valentine's Day is over, she can still play the song and reminisce of the times spent with you. Read More

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Heart Pendant Necklace Inscribed with "I Love You"

Gift her this heart pendant and it will say “I love you” on your behalf on Valentine’s Day. The inscription of the three magic words is in golden-yellow finishing while the love heart-shaped pendant is crystal clear. They both compliment each other and will go well with any of her attire.Read More

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Get a necklace with her initial on it

You can gift her a piece of jewelry on Valentine's Day and she will still fall in love with you all over again. It is the effort that counts. And the effort of getting her a necklace pendant with an alphabet of her name and “one in a million” message engraved on it will do.Read More

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This is going to be a sentimental gift

With this frame, he can relieve the best experience he has lived at events, show and movie theatres. Rather than throwing away his tickets, he can display them in this shadow frame box with a glass display. It will also be an excellent piece of decor for his bedroom, man cave or the living room. Read More

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Remember the time you tell her she is the one?

Remember when you proposed and you thought it was the hardest and yet amazing thing? Or maybe you’re planning to pop the question on Valentine’s Day? Then this figurine of prince charming will be a great reminder of that moment. She can use it as a decor piece for her bedside table and drift off to dreamland thinking of you. Read More

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Let's create more memories with this gift

Is your marriage hitting the rocky side? Well, forget therapy sessions, this discovery game might be what you need to spice up things with. With this, you will have a lot of fun, romance and an end to awkward conversations in the bedroom. It comes with a hardcopy and digital book to help you bring some spice back.Read More

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She is going to love this flower lamp so much

Rather than gifting her a bouquet of flowers that will wither and die in a weeks time, get her something that will last and decorates her home. This table lamp is what you need to get her. The stem is crowned by 50 rose flowers, all in red. It will give a warm and exquisite glow for her bedroom.Read More

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