32 Good Gift For Nurses That Won't Kill The Patient

What good gifts for nurses can one buy? We are glad you asked because we have taken the liberty of combing the internet in search of these gifts. What we have will make a nurse in your life laugh out loud, decorate their house with or even adorn it as a daily reminder of who they are.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Get this jumper for the nurse who is still learning in school

This is such an awesome gift for that student nurse who is always missing group activities. It already has their excuse embroidered on its front side, so don’t waste your energy asking why they are late for another meeting. LOL. It will also keep them warm when they spend the night at the library trying to get that practicing certificate. Read More

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Get this gift for the male nurse who is a dad

For that man in your life who is a nurse, this will make such an awesome gift. Some humans are still warming to the idea of male nurses, and this will be a perfect way to show them they are no longer scared. He will have one heck of a time pissing of some annoying people with this mug and enjoying his favorite hot drink while at it.Read More

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101 Blessings for Nurses Cards

Imagine getting a daily card that appreciates your work and gives you motivational quotes? I could use some, but it’s not about me today. To keep your favorite nurse smiling every day, buy them this set of cards. You can hand them a card each day or send it as a packet. Either way, you will have made their day!Read More

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Get this for your mom who is a nurse on mother's day

This pendant is catchy and beautiful. The pendant has angel wings, the nurse's symbol, and is shaped like a love heart. What more could a nurse love in a pendant? She can adorn this with any of her attire and still rock it. Gift this to a nurse in your life and steal her heart.Read More

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Nurse need this after a long day work

This box basket screams of nothing but color and deliciousness. Everyone needs such colorful goodies on their work desk for motivation. Surprise your favorite nurse at work today with these colorful and delicious cookies. They can relax for a cup of hot tea or coffee filled with cookie choices.Read More

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Let's have a drink with the nurse

This nurse-themed tumbler is a must-have for a nurse keep them working a drink of their favorite beverage in hand. For safety purposes, it comes with a lid and a straw. This can be used for both hot and cold drinks. When next they leave the house without breakfast, yey can carry their tea or coffee in this.Read More

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Looking for a funny gift for the nurse?

Because patients can be so… Anyways, nurses are also entitled to an occasional glass of wine. It will help them unwind and enjoy some peaceful moments away from work. Buy this stemless wine glass for that nurse in your life that needs a few minutes to themselves and a glass of wine.Read More

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Nurse is going to love this for their birthday

Surprise your girl with this stethoscope cuff bracelet. This is a beautiful jewelry piece and a classy one at that. The fact that it is shaped like a stethoscope will melt their heart. The finishing of the bracelet is also eye-catching. Let her wear her stethoscope proudly, even when not at work.Read More

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Thank your nurse with this pendant necklace

Nurses are our angels on earth. They take care of us and work in miraculous ways to ensure we are fit and back to being healthy. Thank your nurse with this pendant necklace for being your guardian angel. Whether your nurse is a man or a lady, this unisex will suit them.Read More

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The best thank you gift for the nurse who take care of you

So, your beloved nurse took care of you when you could not get out of bed? How sweet. Now it is time to return the favor. Treat them with this basket filled with nothing but deliciousness. They will have healthy bitings during their lunch and tea breaks at work courtesy of this. Read More

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This can be a perfect Christmas gift for nursing student

What are the nutritious ingredients for nurses? Some dose of caffeine, sleep, passion and many more. This mug will answer this for anyone willing to learn. Buy this mug as a gift for a nurse in your life and let them enjoy drinking their favorite beverage from a mug that knows all about them.Read More

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This is a great gift ideas for nurses week

This hoodie is an excellent gift choice for that badass lady nurse in your life. Whether you are shopping for a gift for her graduation, birthday or even for any holiday, it has a funny caption, it’s unique and will keep her warm when she has to work a late night shift in the chilly weather.Read More

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Get this good luck voodoo for the nurse who just graduate

Trained as they may be, nurses do need a few miracles to help them perform better. This voodoo doll will ensure it delivers all the good miracles your nurse needs- some good sleep even at work. This can be used as a keychain or as a decoration piece for their bag.Read More

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This is a nice table top figurine for the nurse

If you are searching for a good gift for a nurse who is prayerful and God-fearing, you have come to the end of your search. This paring nurse figurine is compact enough to fit on the top of her table. It also has a prayer engraved on it, so she makes a quick one at any time.Read More

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Get this for the nurse who is in labor and delivery

This mug is a fantastic gift choice for a nurse who keeps throwing shades to the rest of the minions with no guts to deliver a baby. They have the right to, anyway, and this mug will be an excellent way to celebrate their superpower. Anytime they enjoy their favorite drink; they will be reminded of you and their superpower. Read More

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That's a nice small Christmas gift for nurses

Do not judge a nurse by his or her looks. They are “cute enough to stop your heart and skilled enough to restart it.” It is funny but also true. For that nurse, you are crushing on, gift them this key chain. Better still, they can have it engraved with any message even after purchase by a local smith.Read More

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Get this as nurse graduation gift

Are you searching for a gift to congratulate a nurse for finally making it out of school with those papers? Congratulations to them, first of all. Hard work pays, and you will be proving that with this beautiful necklace. They can adorn it with any attire. Additionally, it comes with a sweet and thoughtful message to melt their heart.Read More

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Nurse can put candies, loose change or office supplies in there

A nurses work station, mostly desk not a patient’s bed, deserves a ceramic jar with nothing but goodies on the inside. Gift that nurse in your life with this jar and they can fill it with anything they need to be alert at work. Maybe candies, loose change to use at the vending machine, the list is long.Read More

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Appreciate your nurse with this figurine

That lady in your nurse is one of the best nurses you know deserves to be celebrated with such a unique and impeccable nurse figurine. The engraving on the cloak will say it all for you- in case you get all emotional, which you will. She can use this as a decor piece for her indoor or outdoor.Read More

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Thank your nurse with this brownies

This package will make a nurse say “ooh yes!”. When they cannot get out of their work station for some bitings, then you can come through with this package with all things delicious. And flavored- yeah, the cookies are of assorted flavors. You also have the opportunity to personalize the message, so make it short and sweet like the contents.Read More

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Get this gold pendant for your nurse wife

If your partner is a nurse, this pendant necklace will make a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift for her. Let he adorn a piece of jewelry that is not only stunning but also celebrates her career as a nurse. The golden-yellow finish will agree with any attire, even her nursing uniform.Read More

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This is one of the best appreciation gift for nurse

I do hope they do get puns because this one is a good one, and a funny one at that. For that nurse who is already retired or going on retirement, this will be an excellent way to let them know they nailed their career. Not only is it a unique decor piece, but it is also fully functional.Read More

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Nurse is going to find this clipboard with storage very useful

This clipboard is designed just for nurses, and you can take this opportunity to make a student nurse’s life and work easier. It has medical references on it, so they can quickly search for common information when need be. The clipboard also has storage where they can place their pens and some items too.Read More

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Get this thought provoking figurine for the nurse

Help a nurse in your life spruce up their decor with this beautiful figurine. Its thought-provoking and a fantastic way to remind one that they need to slow down once in a while and seek some spiritual healing. The pedestal is also engraved with a sentimental message. This will look amazing on their patio or living room.Read More

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Personalize this wall art for the nurse who just retired

If you know a nurse that is going on retirement, this plaque will be an excellent gift for them. Wish them a happy retirement life with an item they can also use to decorate their decor. It will also be a constant reminder of the excellent nurse they were. The plaque can be customized to suit your preferences.Read More

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Registered Nurse Pendant Necklace

Good things, or gifts, in this case, are those we can sometimes adorn for all to see. This pendant necklace is one of those gifts, especially for a registered nurse. Everything about the pendant celebrates nurses- from the acronym to the medical alert symbol and American heroes symbol. Celebrate a nurse with pendant today and add a gem to their jewelry collection.Read More

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Get this funny gift for the nurse that scared of nothing

This cat is more badass than most people. Who is also a badass in real life? A nurse who is also a cat mom. Gift this funny and yet functional coffee mug to that badass nurse who is scared of nothing. For their convenience and daily use, the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.Read More

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That's a funny gift for nurse

The only difference between a nurse and a local drug dealer in the neighborhood is that one has a certificate for it, the other one does not (mostly). Buy a nurse this hilarious “educated drug dealer” tee and have them attract funny glances. When they are not in their uniform, they can rock to show off their hustle and humor.Read More

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Get this Christmas gift for the nursing student

This funny t-shirt is your answer to a good gift for a nursing student in your life. You already that their life revolves around school work, clinical’s, a few hours of sleep here and grabbing some bite along the way. This t-shirt summarizes their life simply and funnily, it’ll be an excellent gift!Read More

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I think nurse are going to laugh their poop out

This mug will make a nurse laugh out loud. Forget the engraving of types of human stools on the outside (because some of us cannot stomach it). For a nurse, it is what they deal with on a daily basis. This mug will be an excellent reminder of their caring character.Read More

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Doctor and nurse is going to love this humidifier

Does your friend wake up with cracked lips, dry skin or a sore throat? If the answer is yes, you need this humidifier. Now this is a hardcore gift. Not only does it look cool, but it is also the most useful item ever. It boosts the moisture in the air and can help treat all those problems.Read More

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