31 Gifts Ideas For 15, 16, 17 and 18 Year Old Boy Who Have Everything

Looking for gifts ideas for 15, 16, 17 or 18 year old boy who has everything? Teenagers are hard to please when it comes to gifts but not if you pick something from our list of gifts for teen boys. We dedicated time and effort into finding the best gift for teen boys on the market. Let's check out what interesting gift that we found around the web.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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This machine can turn rock into genstones?

Have you ever wondered how gemstones are made? I have. And I also found out that I can make them myself. You wonder how? Well, Iíve recently found this machine that turns ordinary rocks into gemstones. Isnít that amazing? It comes with everything you need to get the job done.Read More

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Snap and Print

How about we forget computers for a minute? Also, forget about printers and order the Kodak Printomatic Camera if youíre interested in immediate snap and print? This camera will automatically provide tear-resistant, water-resistant and smudge-proof images. Itís an easy and fun way to share moments with your friends and family in both black and white and color. Read More

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Let's get him a fancy clock

Donít be like other ladies and get him a boring watch. Instead, surprise him with this fancy LED Word Clock. It displays the time in words. However, donít worry because itís easy to read, just as itís easy to set. Definitely, one of the best practical gifts you can give at birthdays or holidays.Read More

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For the teenage guy who loves sushi and Star Trek

If youíre looking for the coolest surprise gift for a teenager whoís into Star Trek and loves sushi, this product is a perfect choice. It also works excellent and tells you when to use chopsticks. If you remove the top, you will notice a tiny dish for the soy sauce. It's one of the best birthday gifts for 14-year-old boys or older.Read More

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He will find this useful when he don't have a TV in college

Itís easy to use, providing high clarity. It has the ability to turn your ceiling or wall into the perfect scenery of your choosing. It supports wireless Miracast/Airplay connection and AV/VGA/USB/HDMI slots. Connect it to your smartphone, DVD Blu-ray, tablet, laptop, XBOX, and youíre ready to go.Read More

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That's a very unique perpetual calender

If youíre looking for one-of-a-kind perpetual calendar with history, this is the one. It was first designed in 1998 for MoMa. Just put in the stand to place it on a steady surface and move the magnetic balls in order to set the month and date.Read More

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How about a pair of his favourite sneaker

If you donít know what to get him for his birthday or anniversary, why not buy these comfortable sneakers. Theyíre flexible and very comfy. Theyíre also very durable and weather-resistant. This is a nice gift for a teenager that can never go wrong.Read More

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Wolf Teeth Necklace

If you want to make a fashion statement, this wolf teeth necklace is ideal for you, especially if youíre an animal lover. More specifically, if youíre a fan of wolfs, you will love this unique piece of jewelry. It provides a masculine stylish appearance. However, thereís no rule saying itís not suitable for females too. Itís a stainless steel necklace that makes a great birthday gift for a partner or a friend.Read More

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Let's play Spikeball with the family

If you havenít heard of spikeball by now, you donít know what youíre missing. Itís easy to learn and you can play it anywhere you want. Most people play it on the beach, gym class, the basement or in their backyard. Itís a competitive game but itís also a great way to spend time with your friends/family. Read More

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Let's get the latest PlayStation 4 and play

If youíre a PlayStation freak like most of my friends, you will want to have the newest version of PlayStation. If youíre looking for the best gaming product, youíve come to the right place because this baby will take you on an incredible journey. I know it because a friend of mine already bought one and heís thrilled. Read More

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Classic Bluetooth Marshall Speaker

If you want to buy a compact Bluetooth speaker that screams ďclassicĒ, this Marshal active stereo speaker is a perfect choice. Just hook it up through the latest Bluetooth version or connect it to your phone with the auxiliary input and youíre all set. It makes an interesting and useful present for birthdays, holidays or other gatherings.Read More

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Is he a fans of Harry Potter? He is going to love this Hermione's Time Turner

Honestly, Iíve always liked Hermione more than Harry and other members of Hogwarts. And thatís why I find this Hermione Time Turner exceptional. Itís an authentic copy of her time turner featured in the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. You will get it with a display and you can give it as a gift to Hermioneís fan or keep it for yourself. Read More

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Night Light Changing Wireless Speaker

If youíre looking for a speaker with a beautifully simple design and long-lasting battery, this Night Light Changing Wireless Speaker is the right choice for you. Itís portable and robust and provides extra bass and more sound. Itís made to provide enthusiasts with the best experience. You can buy it for yourself or for a loved oneís birthday. It's one of the best birthday gift ideas for teenage girl 16 or older. Read More

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I will probably end up in the hospital if I use this, and you?

I will probably fall immediately after I get on this thing and end up in the hospital with a broken leg. However, Iíve seen people who can keep their balance on this thing and it looks amazing. If youíre one of those people who can ride this, donít hesitate to order it today and amaze your family or friends with your exceptional riding skills. Read More

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Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard

If you were looking for the best stash-and-go boosted experience, the Boosted mini will definitely meet your expectations. It makes an ideal gift for your son, brother or friend whoís into skateboarding and needs a new skateboard. It enters the top 10 list of cool gifts for 16-year-old boys or older. Read More

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Do you know how to fly a helicopter?

If you order this helicopter, know that your kids will be very happy and grateful. This helicopter can turn left, right, go up and down, forward/ backward with gyro 2 frequency. And itís great for beginners. It makes an ideal Christmas gift for teens.Read More

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This will be a nice gift for teens who loves music

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This is a boring but very useful 18 years old gift

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3D Puzzle Pirate Ship Black

Do your kids love pirate ship? Then he is going to love spending time building this 3D ship.

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I think the boys will loves have a little fun with their mug

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This coffee machine is going to be very useful for the boys in college

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Let's launch a rocket

If you want to get Xtra value for what you pay, purchase the Tandem-X launch set and provide your child the best time of their life. One is called the Crossfire ISX. It's streaked beyond 1,200 feet, while the second one is known as the E2X Amazon. Itís only 3 foot long and streaks nearly 300 feet in the air. Makes an ideal Christmas gift for a 13-year-old kids or older.Read More

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One of my favourite game

If youíre a fan of good old games, the Beachcomber is the gift you should buy. It features an amazing foosball table with a solid wood construction and rugged look. Itís everything youíve ever imagined in a foosball table. It's one of the best gift ideas for a 17-year-old boy or older. Read More

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Let him build this V8 engine

If your child is eager to learn everything about cars this is the perfect product to surprise him or her for their birthday. Itís a DIY gift that produces the sounds of a real engine of the same name. Itís a great gift for kids who like exploring how things work. Itís an ideal birthday or holiday gift.Read More

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Learn to launch a rocket with a bottle, water and a pump

If youíve seen a rocket launch and you want to experience it in person, get this awesome gift for your kids. This kit uses the power of water pressure in order to blast the rocket up to 30 feet. You will get it with a step-by-step-guide and clear instructions.Read More

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Let's build this LED pirate ship

If you have a child with a creative mind who likes to explore and create things, the LED Pirate Ship makes the perfect gift. If you want to spend quality time with your child, this is what you should get today. It comes with a step-by-step guide. Surprise your kids for their birthday with this amazing high-quality toy that will awaken their curiosity.Read More

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Let's get them a nice boot for his everyday wear

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Let them have all the fun with this racing wheel

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The 15 year old gamer is going to love this joystick

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Let him listen to his favourite music with this wireless speaker

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