27 Unique Gifts For Yoga Lover That Will Make Them Say Namaste

When looking for the perfect gift for a yoga lover, think it as shopping for an item that depicts and suits this side of their lifestyle. Let’s face it; yoga is more than just working out. If you can find a gift item that enhances or brightens their experience on the mat, then you will have won their hearts.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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"Let that shit go" glass

Yoga is all about keeping fit, staying calm and letting all that shit go! And this stemless wine glass says just that. Gift this to that lady in your life that loves yoga, wine and letting stressful sh**t go. It also has an eye-catching image of a smiling Buddha for that extra gag touch. Read More

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This coffee mug is going to made their day

This is bound to make that yoga lover laugh out loud. Also, what better way for them to roll their eyes to their non-yoga loved ones than with this mug? The printing is on both the left and right sides, perfect for both left and right-hand users. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe for everyday use.Read More

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Get this gift for your yoga instructor

Every yoga lover deserves some scented candle for their aromatherapy sessions. To end your gift-searching quest, we bring you this exotic vanilla scented candle, with a lead-free cotton wick for clean and soot-free burning. The meditation journey with this candle will be peaceful and warm. It will last them for about 80 hours before they start missing its scent. Read More

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This is a nice gift for bikram lover

For that yoga lover that loves Bikram, buy them this mug for their daily dosage of coffee or tea- or whatever hot poison they indulge. It is dishwasher and microwave safe, and the print never wears off. For them, only sleeping, eating and Bikram matters and this mug says it all on their behalf. Read More

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I think this yoga cats figurine is a perfect gift for yoga lover

I am not that into yoga, but I’m about to buy this set of 3 cat figurines in various yoga postures. Yes, they are that cute and adorable. For that yoga lover, this set will not only be great for their décor, but a perfect reminder to take a deep breath, keep calm and relax the best way they know.Read More

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She is going to love this yoga mat carrier

Carrying their yoga mat is about to get cuter and comfortable thanks to the double-strap design. It is also large enough to accommodate thick mats plus other accessories such as towels and a water bottle. It also has three inside pockets and one exterior pocket for safekeeping their keys, mobile phone, and other personal items.Read More

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Cat Buddha meditating figurine

I bet you never thought you would find a funky and unique Buddha meditating gift. Well, your search is over. This cat statue with a yoga pose is a great indoors or outdoors décor piece to gift any yoga lover. It is sturdy and placed on a round base for stability on any surface.Read More

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Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light

What better gift to kill two stones with than this? The salt lamps will not only light up their yoga space, bedroom, living room or any space with a soft and warm orange glow but also be used for massage purposes and relieving tense muscles. With just a touch, they can adjust the brightness for that perfect shade of light.Read More

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Not sure what pose to do?

Spice up their yoga sessions with this yoga dice set as a gift. With this set, every yoga session will never be the same again. Just a roll of the seven dices and the thousands of possibilities will provide them with various postures to practice. This is an excellent gift for any yoga lover regardless of their level.Read More

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Nice gift for yoga lovers who loves making cookies

Yes, people, we are now into yoga-posed cookies. They are not only delicious, but fun and exciting to make. For that yoga lover whose cookies are irresistible, this cookie cutter set is the gift item they are missing in their kitchen. They are multifunctional and can be used to cut cakes, fruits, sandwiches and pancakes among other edibles. Read More

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Get this yoga flower necklace for your mom

For your mom’s birthday, anniversary or any occasion, get her this beautiful and eye-catching yoga flower necklace. It is a perfect necklace to represent her spiritual journey, inner strength and yoga lifestyle. She can rock it any day and with any outfit, be it in the office, event or any party. Read More

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Funny gifts for yoga lovers who loves wine

If yoga is not the only thing they love, but also an occasional glass of wine, this box sign is a perfect gift for their indoor décor. Its design makes it suitable for both hanging or letting it stand on any surface. They’ll remember you whenever they get a glass of wine rather than get on the mat.Read More

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This oil diffuser is beautiful

Not only is it eye-catching but also comes with 7-color changing options for them to enjoy an attractive illumination even at night. It has a 100ml capacity that lasts 3-5 hours, has 4-time setting modes and an auto shut-off feature for safety in case it runs out of the water. Get it for that yoga lover for their aromatherapy sessions. Read More

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Yoga enthusiasts is going to love this statue

This yoga lotus sculpture is a perfect indoor décor item for a yoga lover. Not just for her yoga studio, but also her living room, or bedroom. Standing or rather sitting as 8-inches, it is bound to fit in any space comfortably. What better way to show her love for yoga than with a statue with the lotus posture?Read More

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This is a useful gift for couple who do yoga together

If you know a couple that's made up of yoga lovers, this extra-large yoga mat is the gift they need. The double padding provides cushioning, and support for their knees and feet. The top side also has a sticky, non-slip texture for grip and comfort. It also comes with a towel and two straps for storage.Read More

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Even a yoga mat coaster is included with this mug

Whether they love a cup of joe every morning, or some hot tea, let them enjoy it with a mug filled with various yoga postures on the outer side. And, to protect their beautiful furniture, the mug also comes with its yoga mat coaster. With this, you’ll be killing two birds with one gift item.Read More

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She is going to love this bad for their Fitbit

For her Fitbit charge 3, buy her this beautiful and unique handmade leather band. The leather is soft for that soft touch to the skin. It is also adjustable, thanks to the four snap closures for that perfect fitting and comfort. When next they look at their Fitbit, they will surely remember you.Read More

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This Tibetan singing bowl set is such a cool gift

For their meditation, buy that yoga lover this unique and beautiful set of a singing bowl. It comes with a cushion and a leather pencil-grip striker. Just a tap or playing on the rim and they will get some beautiful, peaceful, relaxing and calming sound to help them relax and float away peacefully.Read More

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Gifts for the lady who loves handstands

For that lady that loves yoga in your life, especially the handstands position, this tank top will be an excellent gift for any occasion. She can use it for her yoga practice or even pull off that casual yogi look. It is lightweight, comfortable and stretchy enough to accommodate any direction they move in. Read More

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This yoga wheel is a unique birthday gifts for yoga lovers

Help them perfect their stretching and backbends with this yoga wheel. What’s more, is the complementary instruction guide that comes with the wheel. With the guide and the wheel, they are about to achieve a wider broader range of yoga positions. It also has thick and comfortable padding, which will protect their palms, feet, and back. Read More

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Looking for a gag yoga gift? Get this door stopper

I am not kidding, but this yoga frog door wedge will crack up their guests every time they knock on their door. It is a perfect outdoor décor gift item for a yoga lover. It also has an antique look. If they love yoga and antique items for their home, this will be a perfect upgrade for their door.Read More

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Yoga Pose on Stone Coaster

Table coasters just stole my heart, and I bet any yoga lover out there would love to these. The set has four coasters, each with a different yoga position on it. Better still, the names of the postures are written there for non-yoga guests. Upgrade their dining table décor with this set. Every meal will be all about yoga.Read More

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Get this beautiful mini ohm necklace for your girlfriend

If you know a yoga lover that is just getting started on this journey, buy them this mini-ohm necklace. The card will say it all for you and is a perfect gift item to keep them motivated for the journey ahead. It is also cute and a great piece to adorn any day and every day.Read More

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Green army doing yoga poses

What better way to protect a yoga lover’s home than with a collection of the funkiest looking army of yoga soldier’s? This set toy soldiers comes with nine soldiers, all doing different yoga poses. It is a great gift to keep inspiring their time on the mat. They’ll look pretty sitting somewhere in their yoga studio, living room or bedroom.Read More

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Red Tara Boddhisattva Neckalce

Are you looking for a jewelry piece for that goddess in your life that loves yoga? Well, this red Tara goddess in yoga tree pose is a great surprise gift for her. No need to wait for her birthday to show her how empowering she is. The lavender touch of and the sun makes an accessory for any outfit.Read More

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Efy Tal Jewelry Lotus Necklace

If anyone says yogis can’t rock beautiful pieces of jewelry show them this lotus necklace. It suits just about anyone and will be an excellent gift for a yoga beginner. The pendant has opening petals, a great representation of a beginner’s journey. It’s lightweight, and the length is adjustable for comfort even on the mat.Read More

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