26 Best Gifts For Spiritualists That Won't Bring Bad Luck

Our guide of gifts for spiritualists will have you looking no further to find a gift for your loved one that will wow them. The following gifts are perfect for a spiritualist who feels a connection to the Divine and loves everything to do with the inner peace that spirituality brings. Give them the gift of love, connection, and higher purpose with these spiritual gifts.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Obsidian Dragonglass Arrowhead Pendant

This necklace is handcrafted out of obsidian dragon glass and absolutely perfect for a spiritualist. The obsidian will provide your loved one with protection. Itís a bonus if the spiritualist in your life is a game of thrones fan, which is the TV series that gave popularity to dragon glass! Read More

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Hexagonal Healing Crystal Pendant

Get your spiritualist loved one this natural stone necklace! With your choice between 12 different crystal pendants it wont be difficult to choose the perfection for them. Each pendant is coated in a gold tone copper wire and hung on a stunning golf plated chain. This necklace can dress up any outfit and can be worn both casually and formally. Read More

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Let's get this hand carved Himalayan salt lamp for the spiritualist

This gift is not only a stunning design piece for any space, but is also essential for purifying the air! How? These lamps release a number of negative ions that fight against electromagnetic radiation and bacteria in the air. Your loved one will adore having this gift on their bed side table, bathroom, or living space!Read More

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Healing Black Obsidian Stone Hand of Fatima Pendant Necklace

This gift is durable, high quality, and very spiritual. The Hamsa hand symbol is not only stylish but provides its wearer with protection. This particular hamsa is made from black obsidian which aids in personal growth and positive thoughts.Read More

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Spiritualist will find this Tibetan Singing Bowl useful

Singing bowls are a fantastic way for the spiritualist in your life to connect with their inner self, practice meditation, and enhance their sense of mindfulness. This gift comes with a dual surface mallet and a silk cushion that is beautiful and soft.Read More

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Let spiritualist decorate their home with this candle holder

This amazing tabletop handle holder allows the spiritualist in your life to add some character to every room of their house. This will also aid in meditation sessions and is able to turn any room of the house into a place for serenity. Read More

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Let's give them some luck with this feng shui chakra healing crystal

This is a wonderful gift for a spiritualist, as it comes in a variety of crystals and colours that will match your loved ones specific needs. This handmade copper wire wrapped tree is said to bring luck, prosperity, and protection against losses. Wrapped in a velvet bag and gift box, this gift is a wonderful choice.Read More

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Let this black crystal protect them

Now this gift is guaranteed to blow their minds! Everyone who grew up reading story books filled with magic and witches has wanted their very own crystal ball, and now your loved one can have theirs! This unique divination sphere is made from black obsidian which is symbolic of protection. Read More

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Chakra Stone Set

This set makes the perfect gift for spiritualists and it is perfectly packaged and ready to be gifted! Including 7 crystals for each of the chakras, a spiral cage pendant on a black cotton necklace ready to hold a crystal, and a smudge set with a wooden stand and abalone shell, this is the perfect starter set for the loved one in your life.Read More

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Selenite Skyscraper Crystal Healing Lamp

Selenite crystals are incredibly peaceful and often used as an aid to contact an individuals guardian angels or spiritual guides. When crystals are placed around the house they increase the flow of positivity, and this stunning selenite lamp is a perfect way to make the beautiful stones useful as well. Read More

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Indoor Buddha Fountain

This stunning tabletop buddha adds a sense of serenity to every room of the house, indoor or outdoor. The waterfall provides a soothing sound that harmonizes every environment, and the power cord and pump are concealed! Due to its high quality polyresin, this makes an mindful gift for any spiritualist.Read More

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Spiritualist is going to love this premium healing crystals gift set

If the spiritualist in your life is just getting started on their crystal healing collection, this gift set is the perfect gift for them. These gift set will provide them with tools for mindfulness and manifestation. As a bonus, every item comes with a card that provides descriptions of specific healing properties.Read More

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Enlightened Buddha Asian Garden Statue

The enlightened buddha statue is an important symbol from South East Asia that adds personality to every room, indoor or outdoor! Your spiritualist loved one will absolutely adore this gift as it appears to float on a lotus and provides vibes of calmness and serenity. Read More

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Spiritual Steel Pendant Necklace

This spiritual steel pendant necklace makes an incredible gift for the spiritualist in their life, and is a wonderful way for them to feel connected to their beliefs. The symbol of the necklace represents 14 religions and belief systems from around the world and is a wonderful reminder of world peace and unity. Read More

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Hand Carved Amethyst Crystal Skull

This precious amethyst gemstone is carved to create a breathtaking piece of art that is perfect for any spiritualist. These gems are often used to enhance meditation, or even just to increase the flow of positivity within a space! This crystal skull is a beautiful work of art that will suit any room of the home.Read More

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Gem Water Decanter and Crystal Gemstone Vial

This water decanter is absolutely perfect for spiritualists and those who love crystal healing! Appearing almost as if itís work of art, this decanted holds the crystals in the middle of the water so they donít come in direct contact with your drinking water, but still provide energy healing benefits!Read More

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Looking for weird gift for spiritualist? How about this shark tooth?

This necklace features a real shark tooth that is one of a kind! This gift is of perfect quality and delicately hung on s stainless steel chain. If the spiritualist in your life has a taste for the unusual, this real shark tooth necklace is bound to please.Read More

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Orgone Dodecahedron Crystal

Orgone's are a mixture of resin, metals and crystals that have been hardened into various shapes. This particular gift features rose quartz which is known for its positive energy, its fame as the stone of love, association with the heart chakra, and ability to improve relationships. This gift is a no brainer for any spiritualist in your life.Read More

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Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is a breathtaking deep purple crystal that has captured the hearts of many spiritualists for its beauty and meaning. Amethyst is believed to be essential for healing, clarity, and overall positivity. Your loved one will adore this beautiful crystal. Read More

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Laughing Buddha is going to bring a lot of happiness

This statue is hand carved from natural acacia wood, and is associated with natural geographic! Laughing Buddha brings joy to all and makes a wonderful addition to any room or workspace.

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Infinity Hag Stone Protection Spiritual Talisman

Legend has it that if you close one eye and look through the hole of the hag stone, which is a hole naturally made by wind and water, you will be able to see the magical world of spirits! Hag stones are for god luck, protection, and wishes. This nature inspired necklace will bless your spiritualist loved one with the magic of the sun and wind.Read More

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Small Evil Eye Pendant

This pendant makes a stunning necklace, bracelet, anklet or keychain for any spiritualist in your life. Made form 14 karat yellow gold as well as black and blue enamel, this gorgeous pendant comes in a custom gift box ready to give to your special someone. Read More

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Meditation orgonite pyramids

This orgonite pyramid is essential to the life of any spiritualist. Made from the same technology as Wilhelm Reichís Orgone Accumulator, this pyramid helps to neutralize electric smog. The featured crystals are also wonderful for advancing healing benefits for an individualís chakra and give off large amounts of positive energy.Read More

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Buddha Statue Hands Namaste Namaskara

This statue is finished with elegant white marble and made from high quality porcelain. Handcrafted by tribal artisans, this piece is the perfect gift for a spiritualist and makes a wonderful addition to any bedroom, living space, or work space. Read More

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Tree of Life Diffuser Bracelet

This bracelet is a genius gift for the spiritualist in your life. The locket takes on the shape of the tree of life and provides aromatherapy through the fabric inside! With three different colours to choose from, this top notch bracelet is high quality and sure to make them smile.Read More

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