26 Cute gifts for sloth lovers That Make Their Heart Melt

If you are searching for the ideal gifts for sloth lovers, you are in the right place. We have gathered all the possible gifts you can give anyone that loves sloths and enjoys a slow life. The below items won our hearts, and we are sure your beloved sloth lover will love them.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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They are going to love this cute sloth throw blanket

We know that they love sloths and are probably one in human form, thatís why we are recommending this soft plush blanket as a birthday gift. The soft touch and warmth will probably turn them into a couch potato. Even better, when not living life as a sloth, they can drape it over the couch, bed or chair for decor.Read More

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Get this funny glass for sloth lover

This stemless wine glass with a sloth and a hilarious engraving is an excellent gift choice for that sloth lover that enjoys an everyday glass of wine. They can use it for both their red and white wines. It is also dishwasher and the engraving will not wear off. With this, they will get slothed on a daily basis.Read More

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Get this water bottle for sloth lover

Dehydrating just got better for sloth lovers courtesy of this insulated water bottle. For starters, it has a sloth hanging on a branch and a funny caption engraved on it. Secondly, the double walls of the bottle will keep their drink hot or cold up to 12 and 24 hours consecutively. Not forgetting the fancy sleek design and flowery finish.Read More

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This cute interactive sloth is a cute gift for kids

Sloths are the definition of taking a chill pill on life. Babies are like sloths- no bills to pay, nap all the time and laugh at anything and everything. Thatís why this baby-sloth fingerling will be an excellent gift for that baby youíre shopping for. The pet is interactive, fun- it will keep the baby happy and engaged.Read More

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Ceramic Sloth Flower Planter Pot

This sloth-shaped flowerpot is what we should all have for our favorite indoor plants. Itís an ideal gift for the small plants your loved one has for decor. The flowerpot is also cute and unique, which makes it an excellent piece of decor. Its size is ideal for their small spaces in need of decor upgradings like the shelf.Read More

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Slow Sloth Salt & Pepper Salt and Pepper Shakers

Your loved one might be a human-sloth but if they have those culinary skills we all dream of, this salt and pepper shakers will be an awesome addition to their kitchen utensils. Gift it to them as a holiday or housewarming gift and they can bring a lazy and whimsical change to their kitchen and dining room.Read More

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This is such a cute sloth gift for baby

Looking for a sloth-themed gift for a kids birthday or baby shower? Buy them this cuddly three-toed baby sloth stuffed animal plush to keep them company on their lazy days. It has soft fabric for that smooth feel on their skin and large enough for hugging. When not keeping the baby company, it can be used for decor.Read More

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Get this wall art for your dad who loves sloth

For that special man in your life that loves sloths, this art piece of a King sloth painted on an old book page will be an ideal gift for Fatherís Day or Valentineís Day. It is a unique design with a vintage touch, perfect for indoor decor. He can use it as decor for his office or living room.Read More

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Let's get this glass for your girlfriend

As a wine lover and a great fan of sloths, I wholeheartedly approve this wine glass as a gift for that sloth lover in your life that loves wine. The engraving is long lasting, and the glass is lightweight for their everyday use. Gift it as a birthday or anniversary gift and letís all get slothed.Read More

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It seems like this sloth is struggling holding on the finger

The fingers of a sloth lover sounds like a nice and safe place for a sloth to hang onto, right? So, stop your search and buy this unique and stylish sloth ring for your girlfriend or wife on her birthday. Let their favorite animal hang on her finger safely with this ring. The silver finish complements any wardrobe style.Read More

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This is such a funny birthday gift for sloth lover

Itís time to end your search for the coolest and funny gift for a sloth lover. For their daily cup of joe especially after a morning or evening runner, this glass coffee mug will do. The engraving is on both sides of the mug. They can use it for their hot and cold beverages, and itís microwave and dishwasher safe.Read More

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This sloth got swag, kind of..

This sloth is cool and fun than most people, like yours truly. Anyway, for that sloth lover that with some swag and believes they are the coolest kid on the block, this wall art will look great on their wall. The old page from a book used for the painting has a cool vintage touch that complements any decor.Read More

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Rather Be Sleeping Lazy Sloth Mug

For that sloth lover that prefers napping any time of the day regardless of where they are, this cute mug is a perfect gift choice. The sloth draped on the rim represents them well. They will remember that, and you, when they can no longer escape their chores and tea is their only solace.Read More

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This sloth is epic in the movie Zootopia

A slothís lover garden cannot be complete without this cute sloth figurine. I love the dressing code, very official and fun for a working sloth, but the solar notebook on its hand sold it. Apart from decorating their garden, the sloth is kind and fast enough to light it up with a warm and soft glow when its dark.Read More

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Sloth gift for the one who loves music

For that sloth lover with an exquisite taste in music, this print of a sloth playing the guitar is an excellent gift choice for their decor. The vintage look of the painting is unique, thanks to the page of an old book used. They will be preserving an old page while rocking their decor with a musical sloth.Read More

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Get this for sloth lover who loves tea

Show me a better way for a sloth lover to enjoy their favorite hot beverage than in the company of their favorite animal and I will show you this impressive gift set- a mug with funny engraving on the side with a sloth tea infuser. No other set will rock their slow evening tea time better than this.Read More

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Your wife is going to love this Swarovski necklace

Ever seen a Santa-sloth? Me neither, not until this stunning piece of jewelry and I love it. I bet your wife or girlfriend would like to add this to their jewelry collection. The shiny crystals on the sloth-shaped pendant and its Santaís hat make it fit for everyday wear.Read More

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Gardener who love sloth is going to appreciate this gift

For that sloth lover with a garden, lawn or patio, gift them this planter box with a sloth printed on its side. The writing next to the sloth is also funny and reassuring whenever they feel overwhelmed. The best part is that you can have it personalized to fit any occasion.Read More

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This si such a sweet valentines gift for your wife or girlfriend

If that special lady in your life is a sloth lover, I bet she will love having a sloth hanging onto her neck and ears instead. This gorgeous necklace with a sloth holding a heart for a pendant is an excellent gift choice for her- not forgetting the matching stud earrings. Read More

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Sloth Framed Wall Art

It is time that sloth lover in your life decorated their walls with a beautiful animal painting. I think that animal should be their favorite one, a sloth. I also think this black and white painting will do it. The smile on its face will brighten them up every time. The picture comes with metal sawtooth hangers for easy hanging.Read More

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Voodoo Sloth Skeleton Figurine

This sloth voodoo skeleton figurine is an excellent gift choice for a sloth lover with a weird or dark sense of humor. They can use it for their decor in any room or even during Halloween festivities. Itís a situp figurine and will fit on any space comfortably- and still. Read More

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Christmas tree will be much cuter with this sloth ornament

Who said sloths only hang out on trees in the forest? They might not get a real sloth to hang out on trees in their garden, but we found a way around it. Bring their favorite animal closer to home this festive season with this sloth ornament for their Christmas tree. Read More

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So how many days did he spend to get out of bed?

I think we all have that loved one that is just the sloth in our circle. Unlike the sloth that hangs out in the trees, our loved one enjoys the bed more. For his birthday or any upcoming holiday, get this funny t-shirt as a gift. Heíll feel comfortable in it and at least use it to brag about his achievement.Read More

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This is a nice gift for sloth lovers who do yoga or pilates

For that sloth lover that loves yoga, get her this pair of skinny pants for her birthday. It has sloths hanging on a tree printed on both sides. The pants are a tight fitting-style but stretchy to ease their movements. They are also comfortable to wear even in the winter and autumn seasons.Read More

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Oh my, that's funny!

Life in the slow lane is all about taking a chill pill. For a sloth, nothing is ever pressing for a hurried kind of living. This ďJust do it laterĒ t-shirt summarizes it all. If this sounds like your loved one, this funny t-shirt is what he needs. Itís soft on the skin, lightweight and fitting size. Read More

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