14 Unique Gifts For Science Nerds That They Find Fascinating

Looking for gifts for science nerds? We will help you find a gift they will enjoy! We have provided gifts that will please every kind of science geek: from the biologists to the chemists. If you’re stuck when finding the perfect gift for your science lover, we’re here to help!

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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This magnetic Nikola Tesla is a cool science gifts for teachers

This makes a wonderful addition to your loved ones office, and they’ll now be able to hold their paper clips in style! This statue of Nikola Tesla is a replica of the real one in the Silicon Valley by artist Terry Guyer. Approximately 6.5 inches tall, this gift is sure to please any science nerd. Read More

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Your mom is going to love this wine glass

This gift is sure to get a few chuckles amount the science community! Your loved one will be able to drink their wine from a beaker that has been individually handblown and shaped. This is a fantastic gift for a parent or teacher! Read More

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Science gifts for teenager to save up their money with this Einstein money bank

Einstein is probably the most famous scientists at all, so no wonder he is so popular among science nerds. This Einstein money bank is fun, funky, and functional! Made of stoneware, this gift adds some personality to any room and is a great way for the science lover in your life to save up some money. Read More

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Kids is going to love this water rocket

This water rocket is scientific and extremely fun! Using the power of water pressure to blast the rocket up to 90 feet in the air, this kit contains all the parts that are needed to turn a recycled soda bottle into a full on rocket! This gift is ideal for the little and aspiring science nerd in your life. Read More

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Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer

This spectacular cylindrical thermometer and barometer set is inspired by Galileo’s instruments- something any science nerd will be familiar with. These items interpret the weather based on buoyancy and air pressure. This gift is both scientifically thrilling and beautiful.Read More

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For the science nerd who loves cooking

Does the science nerd in your love adore cooking as well? Then this is definitely a winning gift for them! This chemistry spice rack with 14 pieces that vary from test tubes to Erlenmeyer flasks! This gift is both functional and decorative, and your loved one will now be able to add a little science to their kitchen! Read More

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Let's get this beautiful necklace fo your girlfriend

Your favourite science nerd will feel happy and content when they wear this beautiful serotonin necklace. This necklace will remind your loved one to be happy and act as a pick me u throughout their day. Perfect for lovers and chemistry lovers alike.Read More

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This floating moon lamp is the best science gift for both kids and adult

Through magnetic levitation, this moon lamp will spin freely in mid air, amazing everyone who lays eyes on it! The moon was printed using the most advanced 3D printing technology to reproduce the moons surface precisely and create a very similar texture. The astronomer in your life will love this! Read More

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Storm Glass Weather Predictor

Your loved one will be happy to now be apart of the enter group of sciences who can predict the changes in weather patterns. The chemical mixture in the beautiful weather predicting storm glass changes character with the way of the wind. The science nerd inn your life will be able to observe the crystallization within the liquid and link it to changes in the weather. Read More

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That's a nice science gift for your wife, girlfriend or daughter

This necklace is perfect for the science geek who loves a bot of sparkle and shine. This chemistry necklace promotes happiness and well-being by turning the serotonin chemical, the happy chemical, into a stunning piece of jewelry that your loved one can adorn on their neck. Read More

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Hot Air Stirling Engine Motor Model

This toy is educational and fun! Perfect as a gift for both adults and children, it comes equipped with multicolored LED lights installed in the motor. Your loved one will be able to create heat from high-grade alcohol and watch the engine run madly and create electricity, causing the LED lights to glow! Read More

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Let's get them a real Meteorite!

This meteorite is massive, weighing at approximately 35 to 60 grams! Each meteorite is unique in shape and comes with a certificate of authenticity. As a bonus, this gift supports The Pearl Buck Centre in the USA with their mission to help people with disabilities become employed. Read More

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Meteorite Pendant Necklace

This authentic meteorite pendant is from Campo Del Cielo, Argentina, and weighs around 7 grams! There are so many reasons the science nerd in your life will treasure this gift, such as the certificate of authenticity and educational card it comes with. Read More

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