32 Beautiful Gifts For Owl Lovers That Doesn't Look Scary

What are the perfect gifts for owl lovers? I am glad you asked! Because I have found 30 unique items that any owl lover would like to have. Even if getting them a real owl might be an upheaval task, one of these is bound to make them smile. And, they will not throw them away.

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Unique Handmade Wooden Owl

You thought an owl figurine must be perched on a branch? Well, this piece of handmade wooden says differently. It also redefines artistic owl-themed gifts any person that loves owls would like to have in their lawn, garden or patio. It is also perfect for indoor décor. The owl is carved on one side of a crocodile wood. This is such a unique piece and a great gift that suits any occasion.Read More

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Small Crafted Owl Statue

If you are looking for a great owl-themed gift for an owl lover that will be perfect for their home décor, this statue of a chubby owl is a perfect gift. This gift makes a great piece of décor for any place in the house and matches most color themes. Read More

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Aqua Owl Design Ceramic Cooking Utensil Holder

This is the perfect gift for any chef that loves the owl. With this owl-shaped utensil holder, they can rest easy knowing their precious kitchen tools are in the safe hands of the wise old owl. It is also multipurpose, meaning they can use it to hold other things other than cooking utensils.Read More

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Get this cute owl gift for them

The wine glass might be stemless but the engraved image of the owl makes it a classy wine glass any person that loves wine would love to have. This wine glass also makes a perfect gift for both men and women and that loves wines.Read More

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This teapot and cup is a nice gift for your friend

Gift this set of owl-styled teapot and cup to any person that loves owls and see their coffee or tea times transform to little moments of wisdom nuggets.

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Your girlfriend is going to love this necklace

For your girlfriend’s birthday or anniversary, gift them this wise owl necklace. The lovely message on the card that comes with the necklace is loving and quite a great advice to keep them smiling and stay strong.

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Kids are going to love this stuff owl

If you thought owls are not huggable, maybe you should buy yourself this owl plush toy as a gift to yourself and that special kid in your life. It might be a plush toy but the hand-crafting on this owl is so incredible it offers all the details a real owl could offer. This is a great toy for any kid over 3 years, and they are going to have a great time playing with it. Read More

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This is a nice Christmas gift for kids

The old wise owl is ready to gift them with enough LED lighting during the dark nights. The lights color-flash in turns and they can change the colors whenever the like. The lamp has 7 lights that they can choose from. And, for energy saving and protection of their eyes, it is compatible with LED light.Read More

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Let them smells great with this oil diffuser necklace

This owl necklace is a great way for them to keep their fancy scent all the time. It is a carry-on necklace for them to take their essential oils with them all the time. The locket on the owl diffuses the essential oils any time of the day. The lave beads are also multicolored, which will give their owl pendant a different color every time they change the bead.Read More

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This owl wind chime is a nice housewarming gift

If you are looking for a great gift for someone that love owls and windchimes, this will make a great gift for their housewarming party. The owl sitting at the top, watching silently, is a great way to let the guests know there is an old wise owl watching. The owl also does sparkle at the top of its head and on the wings. For their garden, porch or patio, this will be a great owl gift.Read More

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Get this owl gifts for your mom

If your um loves owls, this silver necklace would be a perfect gift for her birthday or Mother’s Day. The pendant is a love heart shape, kind of inverted, with an owl placed inside it at the base. The owl is a little different with the finish for that fancy look. Unlike the rest of the necklace, which is silver, the owl is golden in color.Read More

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Owl on Book Figurine in Cold Cast Bronze

If they love books like yours truly, I can assure you this piece of an owl on book figurine will blow their minds. I would actually consider gifting it to myself first. That is how great it is as a gift for anyone that loves owls and reading.Read More

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This handmade owl is so adorable

The finish of this figurine is enough to have anybody wanting it. With eyes wide open and alert, ready to get their guests all alert and lovey-dovey. The pure gold applied to the glass while still molten gives it the rainbow colors that are just amazing to watch. This will be one of their best owl décor collection they receive as a gift.Read More

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Get this bracelet and part of the profit will proceed to charity

This bangle bracelet is a great way to let them embrace their love for the owl as well as its innate power, wisdom, and knowledge. The bracelet has 4 pendants, all different in writing and most in design. One of them is of an owl, designed in such a way that it is perched on a branch. This will be great gift for any lady in your life who loves owl.Read More

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This steampunk owl is such a cool owl gifts

Owls just got cooler, thanks to this steampunk owl. If they never thought owls could look more badass, they are clearly not ready for the awakening. Once they receive this owl figurine gift from you, their mind will be changed and the will definitely fall in love with it. This is one piece of décor anybody would love to have. Read More

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Vintage Owl Tealight Holder

It would be crazy for anyone not to fall in love with this vintage owl tealight holder, especially if the love owls. The style is a perfect depiction of the owl’s duty as a keeper of knowledge and wisdom. Apart from lighting with a candlestick, they can also hang it on any surface that will support it as a chandelier.Read More

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Get this beautiful owl canvas art as Christmas gift

If you are looking for a modern-day piece of art that has a vintage look then this piece of wall art is a great gift. If you are searching for a housewarming or a Christmas gift for an owl lover, this piece will be a great gift choice. The painting is on a canvas, with flowers on the top left and right corners of the painting.Read More

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The diamond on this necklace will keep moving

This owl shaped pendant necklace is a perfect gift for any lady that loves owls and jewelry. It is inspired by the Greek mythology symbol of “Owl of Athena", which symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. For that lady in your life who is very knowledgeable and with lots of wisdom, this will be a perfect gift for her for any occasion. Read More

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This blanket will keep them warm on Christmas

With this fleece blanket, their cold nights are about to get warmer. The material is polyester and has a smooth and soft touch. It has an owl perched on a branch all ready to keep them safe through the night. They can use when resting on the couch by the fire, when traveling or out in a sporting event.Read More

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This owl night light is such a unique gift

Just like the old wise owl sits from an oak tree watching, this night light LED 3D owl will sit on its branch and provide them with the necessary light they need. This is a great gift for kids who is afraid to sleep in the dark.Read More

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Let them decor their room with this beautiful owl canvas art

This owl painting on a rustic canvas is a perfect modern art wall décor for any person that loves owls. It measures 16 by 24 inches and comes all ready for them to hang on their walls. The painting is perfect for any place, be it be their living room office or even the bedroom.Read More

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Your wife is going to love this beautiful owl ring

If your wife loves owls, this gold owl ring will be a great gift for her birthday or anniversary. The Rhodium white eyes of the owl are very captivating and inviting. This one can go with any outfit and will make them stand out.Read More

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This owl figurine is so fierce

If you are looking for a gift for an owl lover that is so fierce, then this figurine is a great choice. It is going to look great on their table and it is a great conversation starter as well.

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He is going to love this hand hammered gold ring

This ring is a perfect way to bring together the ancient Greek artwork and the love for owls. The ring is hand-crafted with a hand hammered round ring band that looks like a stamp. The ring also has ancient Greek artworks on each side of the stamp and an owl figure. This is a perfect gift for anyone that is a fan of owls and ancient Greek artwork. Read More

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Silver Vintage Owl Ring

For that lady in your life that loves owls, consider getting her this owl face ring with a vintage look. The owl eyes and the patterns give it a unique look. It is a perfect ring for any type of occasion, whether formal or informal. This ring is a great gift for any occasion, whether it is Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or even their birthday. Read More

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Owl On Branch Trinket Box With Swarovski Crystal

For any upcoming occasion, buy an owl lover this colorful and amazing trinket box of an owl sitting on a branch. The owl is made from pewter, and the base, which is shaped like a branch, is also made of solid pewter. For that shiny glow, the inside of the owl has hand-painted enamels. Some outer bits of the owl too have enamels on them.Read More

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This Swarovski owl is a one of the best owl gift

This piece of crystal-clear medium-sized owl figurine from Swarovski is nothing short of perfection. For any décor, any owl lover would definitely love to add this to their collection. Thanks to the faceted Golden Teak used, you can fall in love with its crystal-clear look over and over again. not forgetting its crystalized eyes that glitter with so much wisdom.Read More

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Eagle Owl on Books Statue in Cold Cast Bronze

“A wise old owl sat in an oak…” Remember that old nursery school rhyme we all chanted to? Right, only that this time, the old wise owl is sitting majestically on a stack of books with an ink bottle, feathered quill and a writing pad. For that person that loves owls and books, this will be a perfect décor item for them.Read More

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This snow owl is so pretty

We all know owls are beautiful and mysterious creatures. But this snow owl figurine perched on a tree branch kind of steals your heart away. Even if it is just a figurine. This is a great gift for anyone that loves owls. Read More

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Get this owl gift for couple

Aaaawwwww! This owl couple is all lovey-dovey it makes some people jealous- especially the single ones. For that perfect couple you know in your life, gift them this piece of owl lovers perched on a tree branch. The finish is also bronze, all hand-painted for that vintage look we all desire in our décor pieces.Read More

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This steampunk owl head wall mask is such a pretty gift

This owl mask will add some theatrical owl themed decor to any room of the house, inside or outside! Cold cast in bronze and completely gift boxed, this gift is ready to give!

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