52 Useful Gifts For New Dog Owners That They Never Thought They Need

Having trouble to find gifts for new dog owners? We got your back. We have a whole collection of gift ideas and it will make perfect for any new dog owner. All you have to do is pick one, or two and you are set!

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Put your gift in this funny gift box

Now that you have gone through all our great gift choices and picked one, it is time to pick one of the greatest gift boxes. This pet butler is a unique and funny gift box to present your gift. Be sure to keep a straight face, please. They will never guess what is in the box until they have opened it. And lo and behold, a gift that is different from what the gift box says. So naughty but totally worth it! Read More

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Help their dog eat at a slower pace for easy digestion

For those times they are away from the house and want to keep their dog fed but at a slow rate, then buy them this bowl from Outward Hound. Not only does it promote slow eating, but it also helps the dog have a fun and healthy eating time. The good thing with this slow eating is that it will also improve their dog's digestion, which prevents bloating.Read More

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Dow owner will find this puppy pee training pads useful

For a new owner, training the dog might be an upheaval task. To help them, get them this pack of pee pads that will ease their training. The packet has 40 pee pads, with each having a 6-layer absorption feature. When the dog pees, the liquid is absorbed fast and is turned into a gel. This is a great way to say goodbye to wet floors and peed on cushions. It also eliminates and neutralizes the odor from the pee, this keeping their house smelling fresh.Read More

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Raw Paws Dog Birthday Gift Basket

The new dog owner is not the only one that should be receiving gifts and treats. In fact, the attention should be on the newest member of the circle. To welcome the new furry friend to the family, buy it this basket of treats. The gift box has treats such as dog biscuits, peanut butter cookies, rawhide bones and sticks, and jumbo bully sticks. All the edibles are natural, delicious, and 100% digestible.Read More

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Hopefully their dog won't pee on this door stopper

This dog door stopper is a perfect way for them to let their guests know there is a dog in the house. The rope handle makes it easy to hang it anywhere. It a perfect decor item for a new dog owner. They have realized home is not complete without a dog, and this will help them spread the gospel.Read More

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Dog lover is going to love this wine glass

Is your loved one a sucker for the finest things in life? Like the finest wines when they are enjoying a great read, a movie, or TV show? Well then, this wine glass is a perfect choice for them, especially if they just got a new dog. It holds up to 15 oz of drink at a go, and the writing on the glass holds true. The writing is durable and is dishwasher safe. The wine glass comes carefully packaged in a gift box, ready to give.Read More

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Let their dog play, eat and clean their teeth

If you are looking for a play that is bite resistant, can hide foods, is non-toxic, safe for grinding, and can be used to clean the dog's teeth then this toy is a perfect choice. They can use it to play fetch, and still, use it to feed the dog with its favorite treats by hiding them into the grooves. It is also a perfect way to keep the dog occupied for a long period while the owner concentrates on other things.Read More

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Dog mom is going to love this mother's day gift

If they cannot survive without a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, then this will be a perfect way to start their morning. Waking up to drinking your favorite drink with such writing on the mug is a perfect way to start any day. If they are the best dog mom you know of, then buy them this mug and melt their hearts. Every! Single! Morning! For their convenience when using, the mug is dishwasher and microwave friendly. Read More

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This coat/key hanger is nice Secret Santa gift

If they have a bunch of coats or keys with no place to call home, they help them add a better storage way. One that reflects their love for dogs. This multifunctional hanger is shaped like the tails of a dog, and it is 3 of them. They can use it for their decor, to hang their keys, coats, towels, jewelry, or just about anything. It is easy to mount on the wall and is sturdy, and durable. The two hooks have 2-D rings to secure hanging.Read More

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When owner having trouble playing fetch with their dog

I have never seen a dog curse but I have, and I am not mad. I am smiling and wishing someone would buy me this mug. Gift this mug to a new dog owner and let them gag every time they indulge in a cup of joe. The mug is ceramic, with an imprinted design of a dog with its middle fingers up. See, funny, and not insulting at all. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. Any dog lover would be happy to receive this as a gift.Read More

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Hide treats in this toy and let their dog find it

A good gamer deserves a treat, even if it is our furry friends. With this interactive toy, their dog will get a treat upon solving the puzzle. It is a great way for the new owner to interact and spend time with their new friend. With this, the pet will also exercise its body and mind, which are important for its development. They can hide treats in the compartments and once the dog finds them, they will have solved a puzzle and get rewarded.Read More

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Dog owner need this so they don't eat the wrong biscuit

Since they just got a new dog, storing the food might be a bit of a problem. Unless they have gotten a hang of it, which I doubt. You can help them keep the place tidy and the dog’s food stores well with this food storage canister. The handle of the lid is cute and shaped like a bone. The canister also has a gold engraving. It is such a unique way to store the dog’s treats and as a decor item too.Read More

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Keep their dog safe at night with this LED collar

You thought you had seen the cutest collar when gift shopping from other sites? Well, we have a better option for you. This LED collar is a perfect gift for them in case they are worried about keeping their dog safe when it gets dark. The collar is rechargeable, sturdy but lightweight, and made of durable material.Read More

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When their dogs is too friendly with stranger

If the new dog owner was fortunate or unfortunate enough- depending on how they see it- to get a very friendly dog, then this trespassing sign is perfect for them. Especially if they are always worried someone is going to harm their new friend. It is a great way of letting people know that they are not playing when it comes to protecting the furry baby.Read More

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This is a cute Christmas gift for their dog

We are no longer leaving our pets behind when it comes to costumes. And if the new owner loves pizza, then this pizza slice suit from Rubie’s is a perfect way to combine the two things they love- pizza and their new furry friend. It is such a cute costume to impress their guests with, and make their dog the talk of the party. Before buying it, you need to confirm the size of the dog so as to get the perfect size.Read More

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Their dog won't slide to the bottom of the carpet when they hit the brake

If the new dog owner you are gift shopping for drives, then they will need a seat cover protector. With this, they do not have to worry about their new friend messing the back seat of their SUV, truck or any car. It fits perfectly, actually. It has a comfortable layer, and is waterproof. They no longer have to worry about the muddy paws. It is a perfect way to ensure they never leave the new friend when they go on a long drive. Read More

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Funny T-shirt for dog owner

I can completely to those days when you do not want to talk to anybody. Unlike me, the new dog owner has a new non-human friend to talk to whenever she is in such a foul mood. This t-shirt is also a fun way to crack people up whenever they read the writing. It is made of a blend of polyester and cotton, with a professional printing of the wordings. The t-shirt is also a slim fit, and perfect wear when they take the dog for a walk. It is also machine washable.Read More

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This sculpture is such a sweet gift

Aaaawwww! This is one of the sweetest gifts you can give to a new dog owner. The way the angel is hugging the dog might be a perfect way to depict the bond between your loved one and their new furry friend. Plus, it has such a sweet and sentimental message on the enclosure card. It has wire wings, it hand carved, and it is also hand painted. It comes packaged in a gift box, all ready for gift giving.Read More

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Dog mom is going to love this bracelet

Here is a chance for the newest mom in town to shine, courtesy of this dog mom bracelet from Dolon. The backside of the bracelet toggle clasp. That way, they can adjust it on their wrist for perfect fitting. Depending on their skin color and what their favorite color is, you get to choose a color that accents their skin color or fashion sense.Read More

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Even a lion will look silly with this toy

If you are looking for a cute and funny gift for a new dog owner, then this fetch all is an ideal gift. When your loved one cracks their ribs when playing fetch, let their dog laugh with them too. It is designed such that when the dog fetches the ball, there is a smile on its mouth. This ball is ideal for small dogs, so i hope they do have a small one because fetch time will be filled with laughter. The toy is made of synthetic rubber, which is durable by the way. Read More

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Credit Card Squeaky Plush Dog Toys

Dog’s too have a credit card, and no, it does not have exaggerated fees, limits, or penalties. It is also squeaky, with a soft exterior. If the dog loves to play and the sound from a squeaky toys excites him/ her, then this is the perfect toy to buy. It has some very decorative colors, is small in size, and i hope their dog is not the chewy type. Either way, the next drinks should be on the dogs tab!Read More

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Clean their paw with this paw scrubber

This is a useful gift for a dog owner that they will never again want to live without! This item is lightweight and portable, allowing them to wash their dog's paws on the go after a day at the park, beach, or hiking trail!Read More

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Keep their dog hydrated with this bottle+bowl

Our furry friends also do need to keep hydrated. And what better way for the new dog owner to keep their friend hydrated in a fancy way than with this auto-dog sports bottle? It comes with a bowl that fills with water when the bottle is squeezed. When they take the dog on long walks, they can take this bottle and portable bowl with them. It is BPA- free, and safe to be cleaned with the dishwasher. It holds up to 20 ounces of water, and can fit in a car’s cup holder.Read More

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Matching dog collar and bracelet for eternal friendship

If the new dog owner is a freakish fan of jewelry then get them this matching set of a dog’s collar heart and an owner’s friendship bracelet. It is a perfect way for them to adorn matching jewelry with their new friend. The collar has a heart-shaped feature with very beautiful colors that work on any breed. The bracelet is made from soft cotton, with a nice touch to the skin. The collar is perfect for small and medium-sized dogs. They are also adjustable for perfect fitting.Read More

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Bungee leash that won't choke their best friend

If they just got a new dog, the probability of not having a leash for the new furry family member is very high. So, we are here to help you help them change that. Gift them this leash from OneTigris. It is light in weight but durable, with a padded control handle for total control when need be. It is also elastic, with a flexible length of 85 cm to 118 cm. That way, the dog will not choke. This leash is ideal for dogs of medium to large size.Read More

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let their dog rest comfortably on this waterproof bed

If they just got a new dog and they are wondering where to get a quality bed for them, then buy them this waterproof bed as a gift. This, of course, makes it a very comfortable the dog might not want to leave its comfort zone. It also has a waterproof layer beneath the cover to protect the mattress of any messes. For cleaning purposes, the zippered cover is removable and is also washer and dryer safe. Read More

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They are going to spin this all day long

Dispensing food for our furry friends just got fun. For the dogs not us. So, if you are looking for a gift that helps your loves one’s dog is not bored to death when the owner is busy, then buy them this toy. It is challenging but for the dog. With a few tries, they will get the trick to getting their treats dispensed.Read More

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Play fetch with this tennis ball launcher

Playtime is starting to look like much fun, thanks to this hyper-pet K-9 tennis ball launcher. If they do not have one, then playing fetch with their new dog is about to be lit- only if you buy it. And I do hope you will buy it because dogs love playing. It has extra ball storage so the fun does not stop. They will also not be touching any dirty balls since the launcher has a hands-free feature for picking up balls.Read More

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She is going to love this mug

And in case your friend is a lady and they just got a new dog, then you know they have upgraded to a mommy status. That said, celebrate their new parenthood with this dog mum ceramic mug. It has encryption of woof and a paw print on the inside, just on the upper side. It also has a cute flourish design on the outside, with “Dog mum” written in bold letters. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. It also comes in a gift box so it is ready for gifting.Read More

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Gift for the dog owner who rescued their dog

Have you seen how cute dogs at the shelter are? And if we can all adopt all of them, their world will be better. Well, if your loved one saw that and rescued one or two or more of them, then they will really fall in love with this beautiful piece of keychain. It has an engraving of live, love, rescue- and I think we should all embrace this mantra- and a paw print. It also comes in a free jewelry pouch. The keychain is shaped like a heart.Read More

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Gemstone pendant necklace as a Christmas gift

Upgrade your loved one’s jewelry collection with this piece of 925 sterling silver pendant necklace. If they love necklaces, then this piece will be a great choice. The pendant is made from genuine gemstones, with a natural turquoise that is treated and enhanced. The pendant is also shaped like a dog. Depending on her taste in fashion or her favorite colors, you can choose the ones that suit her because the colors vary. It has a snake chain of 18 inches.Read More

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This is a nice father's days gift for dog dads

If you have a friend that just became a daddy- to a furry animal that is- then buy them this coffee or tea mug. We know you secretly think they are the best dog dad ever, maybe apart from yourself. And if so, then they deserve to know it everyday when they use this mug for their morning and evening drinking ritual. It will also put a smile on their face every time they use it. It is made of ceramic, and is both dishwasher and microwave safe.Read More

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Their are going to find this calendar funny and useful

Every dog owner and lover will tell you there are days those cute furry friends will get into your nerves. But like most relationships, you end up forgetting it all and forgiving them. To remind the new dog owner that they are not alone in that fuming department, buy them this 2019 dog shaming calendar. It is a collection of what other dog owners have had to put up with. There is comfort in numbers, and this provides so much comfort when their new friend crosses the line. Read More

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This is a nice gift for their dogs and owners

It is time they rocked matching necklaces with their new buddies. And you can make that happen by getting them necklace and keychain set from Luvalti. It is a set of two, with one keychain attachable to the collar for the dog and a necklace for the owner. To make your gift packaging easy, it comes in a premium black velvet pouch, ready for giving.Read More

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When their dog want to go out but it is raining outside

I never thought dogs could look any cuter but this one makes me want to get a puppy. Why? Because taking the dog out of the house when it is raining has never looked any cuter. The umbrella is water and windproof. For easy attachment to the dog’s collar, it has a built-in-leash hook.Read More

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Track where their pets go

We know to worry about their new friend wandering about in public or when they are not at home is inevitable. However, with this tracker, they can keep tabs on the dog’s whereabout. It will send them email and text alerts any time the dog leaves the house. With the interactive map, they can then locate the dog. Apart from that, it also tracks activity levels, especially when exercising. Read More

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Door bell for owner to communicate with their dogs

Potty training has never been easy, but with dogs doorbells, your friend can train their new dog easily. The bells are of high quality and easy to a person’s ears. This way, they can tell when the dog in need of using the potty. The belt is also customizable. This makes it easier for them to adjust it according to the dog’s size, the height of the door or wall.Read More

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Dog camera that toss treat

You know a gadget is cool when even Ellen has approved it. And this is beyond coo. If and when you get them this cool dog camera, they will be able to know when their dog need any help. It has a barking sensor for that. Better still, its A.I. powered Dog Recognition Technology also records and sends alerts on issues related to the dog. It also has a selfie alert. If the dog misses them and stands in front of the camera, it takes a selfie.Read More

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This heated bed will keep them warm on cold Christmas

Because we have to keep our furry friends as comfortable as possible, this heated pet bed will help keep their new friend more than comfortable. It has soft foam walls, and is thermostatically controlled. This makes it possible for it to respond automatically to any changes in temperatures, and keep the dog’s body temperature at the normal rate. Read More

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Track their dog's activity with this tracker

If you are looking for a gift for a new dog owner that will help them keep tabs of their new furry friend activities, then this monitor is a perfect choice. With this, they can monitor various activities of the dog, which will help them be more in touch with its health. It tracks any distance travelled, quality of sleep, burned calories, activity levels, and the overall health of the dog- 24/7.Read More

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Now their dog know when their owner came back from work

Peek-a-boo! If there furry friend has adjusted to the new environment and gotten new buddies on the other side of the fence, then this will help them keep in touch with their new friends. This will help the dog satisfy its curiosity on what’s on the other side without jumping fences. It will also help in keeping the dog safe from any injuries that would occur from jumping the fence.Read More

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Let them stay still when taking a bath

If their furry friend cannot keep still during cleaning, grooming or training time, then here is your chance at being their knight in shining armor. This piece of slow treater from Aquapaw is a perfect toy for the dogs licking and keeping it busy when being washed. It sanctions to a wall easily. It is also 100% FDA approved, so no need to worry about the pet’s health. It is also dishwasher safe and freezer safe. For easy placement and removal, it has wings and tabs.Read More

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This keepsake will be so memorable in the future

We all know that anyone that just got a dog for the first time has too much to write down and too many photos of their dog. To help them preserve these two types of memories, get them this photo album cum journal. The pages include a page about who the book belongs to, the day they met their new furry friend, and one for all the information about the dog among others.Read More

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This is a nice Christmas gift for dog owner

If they just got themselves a dog right before Christmas, then this is your perfect gift choice. Get them this sculpted angel as both a Christmas gift and a gift as a new dog owner. It is a great gift that shows love, hope, closeness, and various mushy mushy emotions. The sculpture is hand painted, has wired wings, and comes packaged in a fitting gift box. The enclosure card also has a sentimental message that will have them tearing up.Read More

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Get their new puppy a tent

If you are looking for a gift for a new dog owner that will keep their little furry friend busy and comfortable when sleeping then this is it. It is a 5 wooden pole with a tent made of cotton canvas. The wood is made of New Zealand pine poles. It is an ideal gift if their dog is small. The tent measures 2 inches in height and 20 inches in diameter. With this, they can set camp for their furry friend anywhere in the house.Read More

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Get this cute gift for dog owner

Their daily cup of joe moments is about to be transformed in a classic and cute way. And not just coffee but also tea, chocolate or any hot drink. When they are done with their drink, a beautiful surprise will be waiting for them. A miniature dog figurine that will remind them of their furry friend. It is the perfect way to remind them of their friend if they are away from home and using this mug. The mug is ceramic, microwave friendly, and dishwasher safe.Read More

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Back home late from work? Use this automatic feeder

If their job is keeping them away from home till late in the evenings, then there is an alternative to ensuring their new friend does not starve to death. And that is why you need to get them this automatic pet feeder food dispenser. It is timer programmable, and they can set up to 4 meals per day. All they need to do when leaving for work is set the timer, and the portions they want to be dispensed.Read More

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This is a nice gift for dog owners and their dogs

For that adorable photo they have already taken with their new friend, there is no need to start getting jealous. Instead, get them this modern picture frame. It holds a 4 by 6 size picture, has Malden International Designs brand name, and has a bone and a woof engraving on the upper and bottom part simultaneously. This is a perfect way for them to display their new-found love in any room of their house. The frame comes in a box, all ready for giving.Read More

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They will find this gift very useful

Because our beloved pets need to be cleaned, then this Aquapaw bathing tool will be very useful to a new dog owner. It is both a shower sprayer and a scrubber. The tool is very flexible and slim, which will give them a chance to still control the dog with both hands. They can use it either in the bathtub or out in the garden, thanks to the adapters. To make it even better and a genuine item, it has a lifetime warranty.Read More

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Let their owner personalise this gift

Who does not want a framed photo of their dog? Well, no one. And your loved one will definitely love a frame they can use to keep the first picture of their dog. The best thing with this particular frame is that you will also give them a chance to personalize it with a paw print of their dog. The frame is hinged and stable on a tabletop, their bookshelf, or any desk they would like to put it for displayRead More

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Dog owner is going to find this travel dog bowl very useful

This gift is essential for any dog owner and will change the way they take walks forever. This lightweight, collapsible bowl folds flat to fit into a backpack, pocket, or purse for easy feeding and drinking on the go!

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