33 Best Gifts For Music Lover Boyfriend That Won't Create Noise Pollution

This guide for gifts for your music lover boyfriend will win over his heart! Whether your man is an avid musician, a classics buff, or simply loves a good tune you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift for him on this page. Sit back, relax, and browse around!

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Need a fancy floating speaker?

Looking for a fascinating wonderstruck gift for him? A floating Bluetooth speaker that spin above a magnetic base is a special gift that will catch his fancy. The speaker is portable, and it comes with an attractive illuminating color around it. The sound is loud and clear which means he will have fun listening to his favorite music.Read More

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Enjoy music with better sound quality with this subwoofers

Make him remember the good old days when he stayed until the dawn during his favorite concerts. These subwoofers are so powerful, he will forget that he is in the comfort of his home.The sound is crystal clear. He can wirelessly stream music right from Spofity, Pandora, iTunes etc. Listening to music will never be the same anymore.Read More

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Can you believe this is a table speaker?

Whoever thought of this, is a brilliant genius.This is a high power surround Bluetooth and aux player with an amazing 360 degree sound projection. This can also act as a power bank for all smart devices and there is an option for wireless charging to all wireless charging smartphones.Read More

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Ampulla Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charger

For that nerd in your life, this is a perfect gift for their housewarming. Their book time dates are about to get lit! Let them enjoy their late night reading sessions in an elegant and yet comfortable way. Better still, the lamp has a Bluetooth speaker just in case they need some soothing music. And, it has a charger.Read More

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This Star Trek U.S.S is actually a bluetooth speaker

If the music lover in your life is also a star trek fan, then there is no other gift more perfect than this one! This scaled replica of the USS Enterprise is a fantastic Bluetooth speaker with top notch sound quality! Btw their minds with this gift.Read More

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Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask with Wireless Headphones

This bluetooth music eye mask is made from breathable material, such as elves and elastic cotton, that is washable, soft, and extremely comfortable! This amazing gift will help your loved one sleep better while listening to music without having to wear uncomfortable headphones. The mask is also able to block most outside sound, and the light can be dimmed, ensuring an amazing nights sleep.Read More

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Get your boyfriend this oil painting to decorate their room

This painting is fabulous, artistic, and combines the great arts of painting and music! This chimp listening to music is extremely popular and the vibrant colors of the oil paint will add a pop of modern color to any room.Read More

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Hip Hop DJ Crystal Phonograph Tag Necklace

This necklace will look wicked cool around your music loving boyfriendís neck! This design is gold plated and eludes a punk rock style thatís great for a music enthusiast.

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I think your boyfriend is going to love this unusual music gift

Get the music lover in your life a genuine authentic ebony piano-key! Over 100 years old, this gift is perfect for any musician and collector, making a wonderful statement piece or even a necklace!

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Your boyfriend is going to love this music gift on Valentines day

Looking for a piece of jewelry that your man will actually love? Look no further than this bronze pendant guitar pick! This gift is unique in design and material, as itís crafted from recycled nuclear weapon systems!

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Note Glass Sculpture Home Decor Ornament

This sculpture is a stunning new take on the traditional music note. Completely handmade to create a crystal clear look, the brilliant vibrant colours of this gift will look amazing in your boyfriendís home.

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Does he play or listen to piano?

This sleek design makes a perfect sculpture for the boyfriend who plays the piano! Gracefully conveying the love of music through delicate handcrafting, this gift is a great option for any occasion.

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This is such a cool gifts for music lover

This is a contemporary take on a music note that will look brilliant as decor in your boyfriends home! sleek, modern, and high quality, itís hard to lose with a gift like this one!

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Beatles Distressed British Flag T-shirt

This T-Shirt is great for anyone who loves classic music- the Beatles specifically. Already distress to get that desired vintage soft feel, this shirt will look cool on your music-loving man (and will be great to steal when you want something of his to sleep in).Read More

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Your boyfriend is going to find this music gift very useful

This gift has it all! With an all in one design, this headphone stand is universal and includes 3 USB charging ports and 2 outlets. Compatible with most devices, this gift is a true win for a DJ or producer.

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Decorate their table with this microphone sculpture

This retro style microphone will look amazing in his home or on his desk! This is great for music lovers who are into radio, recording, or singing and the sleek silver finish will capture their hearts.

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Metal Music Wall Plaque

This wall plaque makes a beautiful decorative gift that your music loving boyfriend will cherish for years to come. The iron guitar and accessories are finished in bronze and will stand out on the wall of any room.

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Beatles Vinyl Wall Clock

This Beatles vinyl wall clock will look amazing in his den, kitchen, living space, bedroom or office! This gift is personal, one of a kind, and available in 5 different colors, so youíre bound to choose a perfect gift for him.Read More

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Crystal Black and White Murano Style Note

This sculpture is modern, classy, and is bound to become the talk of every party! Completely hand crafted, this oversized music note will make amazing decor and catch the eyes of everyone who sees it.

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Stainless Steel Headphone Necklace

This will look so fly around the neck of your special guy! Made with high-quality stainless steel and crafted in extraordinary detail, these headphones make for a unique necklace that will stand out!

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Piano Player Pianist Statue Sculpture

If your man is a jazz pianist than this sculpture will win over his heart! This bronze finish sculpture will make a great gift for any holiday, birthday, or other occasions!

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I am sure your boyfriend is going to love this Beethoven statue

Beethoven, to some, is the king creator of music. This classic artist is depicted in great detail in this wonderful sculpture that any music lover will absolutely love especially those who love the classical genre!

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Female Singer Statue Sculpture Figurine

Need a little more jazz? This is the gift youíre looking for! This female jazz singer will look incredible among other collectibles and even on its own. Make a statement with this beautiful work of art.

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This is a nice gift for both music lovers and musicians

So many music lovers have a soft spot for jazz! This cold cast resin sculpture of a jazz drum player in a bronze powder finish will look amazing in his music room and also make a great collectible.

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DJ Spinning Paintings Wall Canvas

Is your music loving boyfriend a talented, aspirin DJ? This wall art is the perfect gift that will show him how much you care for his craft. This multi-panel canvas is sure to make a statement in any room.

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That's one unusual music gift for your love of your life

Let him decorate his den, bedroom, or living space with this fantastically unique music-themed lamp! This will allow your man to add his personal touch to his home decor.

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The Beatles On Stage Black and White Framed Photo

Thereís no denying that the Beatles revolutionized the world of music, influencing not just all musicians but capturing the hearts of the entire population! Pay tribute to their legacy with this wonderful framed photo.

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I think your boyfriend is going to find this gift useful

Combine both modern and vintage with this incredibly unique smartphone dock! The classic horn acoustically boosts music and audio, but completely wire and battery-free! This is great for music lovers with a love of history.Read More

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Let him listen to his favourite music with this wireless headphone

Every music lover absolutely needs a good pair of headphones! These Bose quiet comfort headphones are noise canceling and features Alexa voice control, so itís never been easier for him to enjoy his tunes.

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Quote on a Vinyl Record Album Wall Art

Your music loving man will adore this one of a kind wall art! Made from repurposed vinyl records and featuring a meaningful music related quote, this will make a fantastic decor in his home.

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That's one very fancy mug

This mug is perfect for a music lover, especially for a musician who loves to jam on the electric guitar! This will revolutionize the way he enjoys his morning coffee and makes a great collectible.

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This beanie comes with wireless speaker

Get him a gift that keeps him warm and entertains him at the same time! This brilliant Bluetooth beanie is able to sing to any bluetooth device in seconds and is high in quality. No one will every know that when he wears his hat heís listening to music as well!Read More

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