30 Useful Gifts For Homebrewers That Won't Make Poisoned Beer

There’re many gifts for homebrewers out there that you can choose from. Just because their home brewery seems to have all sorts of gadgets doesn’t mean you can’t find one they would need. Home brewing is fun, involves a lot of creativity. Any additional item is always welcome. Pick any from our top picks as gift for any occasion.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Let's get the party going with this game

Forge the usual card games, and make way for this games brew ha ha! The next time the boys are hanging out together is about to get real and real fun. Give them a chance to play “character assassination” when next enjoying their drinks with their boys. It a perfect way to bond, and be silly while at it. they will also be able to create funny descriptions of each beer they drink.Read More

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That's a nice Christmas gift for beer drinker

These socks are a perfect way to get someone chuckling, and serving you a beer while at it. They are also very comfortable, with a soft touch to the skin, durable, and safe to be cleaned with a washing machine. This pair is a perfect gift for a homebrewer for any event, and comes in different colors.Read More

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They are going to love this box sign

This trimmed black and white box sign makes for a perfect gift for any occasion for a homebrewer. If they get fun, and sarcastic jokes, get them this, and watch them burst out in laughter. As a fan of beer, this “I Make Beer Disappear what's your superpower” piece is a perfect décor for their home décor, both indoors or outdoors.Read More

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Let the beginner try this at home

If getting a perfect gift for a homebrewer who is just beginning to learn the home brewing craft is not fruitful, then we have a perfect choice for. This chocolate maple porter kit will make their homebrewing activity fun, and easy. It has a step-by-step guide as well as videos that are easy to follow. Trust this kit to get them brewing the freshest beers as it is created by published and award winning beer authors.Read More

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Beer cap can make beautiful decor too

If you are looking for a great gift for a homebrewer that will improve their home décor then this cap map is a perfect choice. It accommodates any type of beer cap they can lay their hands on. From the domestic beer cap to the imported, twist offs, and craft beer bottle caps too. It a perfect wall hanging décor on any wall, especially for a homebrewer.Read More

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This beer dispenser can make beer taste better

Pouring their own beer has never looked so unique and thrilling for then. Unless, of course, you buy them this beer dispenser for their birthday, anniversary, or any holiday that is about to come up. It uses a patented sound and fluid technology that not only enhances the taste of the beer, but its aroma, and texture.Read More

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Home brewer is going to love this t-shirt

This dark heather colored t-shirt is a perfect gift for a homebrewer that loves such customized t-shirts. It is a perfect gift for any occasion for that man in your life that loves brewing. The funny phrase is bound to attract some heads turning and people tickling once they see the t-shirt. You might probably buy one for yourself because it is that eye catchy.Read More

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I am loving this mini pong game

If you are looking for a small sized gift for a home brewer that makes party days, and happy hour worth it then this mini pong game is perfect.It is convenient, portable and can be placed on any table top. If visiting a homebrewer is getting boring, then this fun game is going to turn things around. Read More

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Make home brew with this starter kit

Need to make beer but not sure where to start? This starter kit is a perfect gift for them.

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Make sure beer connoisseur don't drink this soap

If you are looking for a unique gift for anyone that loves beer, then this set of 2 beer soaps is perfect. I know, I had the same look too. Beer soaps sound like an alien invention but these beer soaps are real and safe to use on your skin. And they are eco-friendly, with no GMO, sodium lauryl sulfate or parabens. The set has a refreshing orange soap and a patchouli peppermint one, both of which are all natural.Read More

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Useful backyard beer cooler for the party

Serving cold beer during any backyard party for a brewer has never looked any easy. Save them the many trips to the kitchen to fetch cold beer for their guests with this backyard cooler with a decorative flag. It is made of rustic wood, and is fully insulated to help keep the drinks cold. It also as a galvanized steel liner, and can hold up to 64 cans at a go. Their next patio, garden, pool area or decks party is going to be talk of the town if you buy them this.Read More

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Let them save up for high quality hops

Yes, I do think every homebrewer need this gift.

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This growler keeps beer cold for 24 hours

For those Superbowl weekends or movie marathon days with his boys, get him this growler set as a gift. The lid is foam insulated and the body of the growler is vacuum insulated, which will keep their beer cold for up to 24 hours. And, if carrying it up from the brewing industry in the basement looks like a lot of work, then its heavy-duty handle makes it easy to carry it.Read More

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This is one funny gift for beer lover

If your dad loves brewing his own beer then this is a perfect gift for his birthday or Father’s Day. It is also an ideal gift for any father in your life that loves brewing beer.

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Drink their home brew with this unique gift

If you are looking for a unique gift that brings the native ways of drinking traditional drinks then you have gotten to the perfect gift. This drinking horn is authentic, with a brilliant finishing that is well polished for smoothness. It measures 12 inches, and a perfect way of drinking beer like a traditional human. Better still, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Now, there is nothing more convincing about its authenticity than this. Read More

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Life is "Brewtiful"!

Yes, of course, life if brewtiful for any beer brewer. And this tee-shirt is all they need to make it known to anyone that runs into them. This is a perfect gift for any occasion. If you are stuck about choosing a great gift, then this t-shirt will do it. they can wear it anywhere, especially if they want to show off their love for brewing.Read More

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Let them home brew properly with this outdoor burner

Are they having trouble burning their propane? If every burner they buy is driving them crazy because of poor quality and disappointment, then this propane burner is a perfect gift you can surprise them with for their birthday. This one is designed for home brewing purposes, and perfect for outdoor usage. Read More

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Let them label their beer

If you are looking for an ideal gift that will help that brewer in your life label their beer bottles like a pro, then this label wizard is just that. It will turn their beer bottle labeling expertise into that of a labeling wizard. And, it is not just a labeling item for their beer bottles but also just about anything they would like to label in their house. Get them this label wizard for any occasion and bid crooked labels goodbye.Read More

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Beer makes me "hoppy"

Of course every beer brewer loves beer, and what better way to let them flaunt it to the rest of us than with this tee shirt. It is a perfect gift for any man in your life that loves brewing their own beer. Buy it as a gift for any occasion and watch enjoy every compliment that they get because there is no doubt about how eye catchy it is.Read More

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This beer chiller will keep their beer cold

Keeping their beer chilly does not necessarily need a fridge or a freezer. Thanks to this pack of 2 chiller sticks, they can keep their beer cold when enjoying a game or TV show without getting up from the couch. The sticks are easy and convenient to use. The sticks fit any standard long neck beer bottles. Read More

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This beer stein is one of the best gift for home brewer

Forget the woman shape finishing on the beer mug, which is eye catchy by the way. This German beer stein is hand crafted and hand painted in line with the cultural traditions, and has a pewter lid. The freehand lid is attached on the mug, and made from lead with decorations. If its safety is of concern, then worry no more. It is FDA approved and completely safe to drink their beer from. This is a great gift for any occasion. Let them enjoy their beer in style, and in an eye catchy mug.Read More

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Keep their beer cold and fresh with this fridge

You might think their brewery has all the items they need but you are wrong. Not until you have gotten this Marshall bar fridge for them. It is of medium capacity, artic blue in color with LED lights in the interiors, and an adjustable front leg. The tempered glass shelves are adjustable to help fit various sizes of bottles they might have. If they are looking for ways to get an ice-cold drink without having to get to the kitchen, then this fridge is perfect for their mancave. Read More

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Home Brewing Single Hop Indian Pale Ale (IPA)

Brewing their own beer and having fun while at it has never been made any easier, thanks to this single hop IPA beer kit. The hops will have them experimenting on many beer flavors, from herbal to spicy, earthly, and piney tastes. If you know of a homebrewer who is just starting to learn the home brewing process, this starter kit will make their brewing process easy. It comes with all the supplies they will need to make them the masters of their own drink. Read More

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Beer patent print for their man caves

For a touch of real photographic art with a vintage touch for their mancave or living room décor, buy them this set of four photographs. They are a depiction of the brewing process. The four photographs are unframed, but a perfect chance for them to get a frame that agrees with their home theme. It is an ideal gift for any brewer, and for any occasion that is coming up.Read More

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How about a real bullet beer tap handle?

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a brewer that is a gun enthusiast for any occasion, then this beer holder is what you are searching for. It meets the U.S. beer industry standards so you can stop worrying its safety. It has a height of 5.45 inches, with an anti-tarnish coating that makes sure it has no discolorations. It is also a perfect conversation starter when the boys hang out to have beer and enjoy a game.Read More

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Customise this beer carrier for him

This is current fashionable way a brewer can carry beer to his pals. A vintage, wooden, and customized beer holder. Better still it comes with its own bottle opener, and a repurposed rebar handle to help carry it around. The wood has a finishing of color brown, which is hand painted. For customization, include any personal words you think describes the brewer in the message when placing your order. It accommodates 12oz bottles, and is a perfect gift for their mancave days.Read More

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This deer antler beer tap handle is a beauty

Whatever standard beer faucet they have, this original deer antler beer handle is going to fit. It is a unique, original, and all-natural tap handle made from whitetail deer antler. This is a perfect gift for any occasion for any home brewer. Read More

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Spin this and see who get to drink

If you are looking for a funny gift to cheer someone up any time of the day- mostly when drinking- then you have found that gift. This middle finger Barbuzzo will not only help determine who gets to take the next shot at the party but will make the drinking game fun. Read More

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When they need a bigger beer mug

Cheer up a loved one with this beer mug. This will take the sharing a beer with a friend quite literally. Whenever they are down, they can call a friend like you over to share a mug of beer. The material is shatter resistant and can be used even by the poolside.Read More

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