27 Unique Gifts For Golfers Who Have Everything (Especially #22)

These gifts for golfers who have everything is a life saver when it comes to finding the perfect gift for them! This list includes a variety of memorabilia, gag gifts and everything golf related that are guaranteed to please! Have a scroll and we promise that you’ll find the gift you’re looking for.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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That's a nice housewarming gift for golfer who have everything

This doormat will have the entire neighbourhood knowing that they are living close to an avid golfer! This mat is beautiful and can be uses both indoors and outdoors. Durable and washable, there’s no going wrong with this golf themed mat.Read More

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That's a nice....shot

Made of premium leather, this stylish glove is not only fantastic quality but also hilarious. With “Nice Shot” on the middle finger of this glove, the golfer in your life will have quite the laugh with their buddies on the course. This is an amazing conversation piece and gift.Read More

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Let's get a personalized golf towel for him

Every amazing golfer needs their own golf towel, and what’s better than one that’s personalized? This town is 100 percent cotton terry-cloth that is soft to the touch and comes with a carabiner clip that can attach to any golf bag. With a fantastic array of colours to choose from, the golfer in your life will really appreciate this gift. Read More

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This golf pen with golf bag holder is a nice gift for your boss

This makes an amazing novelty gift for your favourite golfer. Coming with a 3 piece aluminum alloy ink pen, a golf bag holder and a fake green, this is a useful gift that will strike up a conversation among golfers in the office. Read More

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This is such a nice golf ball storage sack

If your looking for a great gag gift for your golf loving pal, look no further than the MySack golf ball bag! This will have your favourite golfer and their golf buddies laughing as they hit the course.

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Let him track his golfing performance with this journal

The golfer in your life who is looking ti track and improve their performance will greatly appreciate this fantastic gift. This journal can be used to track their scores and yardage for up to 48 games. Delivered in a signature gift box, this journal is ready to give and wow your favourite golfer.Read More

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Both mini golf ball and golf club shaped pen

This gift includes 3 pieces that make for an amazing tabletop game of mini golf! The set comes equipped with 1 mug, 1 golf club pen, and 1 mini golf ball that your loved one will love to practice with. Be careful though… they might never get anymore work done! Read More

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They are going to laugh so hard at this golf ball marker

This golf ball marker set makes a hilarious and useful gift that the golfer in your life will adore. The SOFA KING markers are perfect for stocking stuffers, birthdays, housewarmings, or gifts for your boss or coworkers! The play onwards is guaranteed to get a few chuckles.Read More

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This will improve their golf skills

We’ve all seen the movies where the boss has a wonderful putting green in his office to practice his skills… and now you can give that exact gift to your loved one! This green is portable and has an auto ball return function that will help your loved one improve their game whenever and wherever they want! When their done, all they have to do is roll up the mat!Read More

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Do you know what's this? It is a letter opener!

Get your loved one the gift of class with this solid lacquered brass letter opener! This gift is a remarkable desk accessory that will remind you gift receiver of their love of golf, even at work! This gift is unique and thoughtful, and they’re sure to smile when they see it. Read More

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This golf club car plate is such a unique gift

This gift comes with 2 metal frames that appear to be golf clubs and golf balls! Fitting all standard size United States Licence plates, your golf loving pal will be able to add some golf themed decor to the front and back plates of their car!Read More

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That's an unusual golf bag beer mug for her

This makes a wonderful gift for all golf lovers. Who knew a glass beer mug could be this creative? Made of quality glass and completely dishwasher safe, this gift combines style, detail, and function.

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They are going to love this golf statue

This sculpture is classy and adds character to every room. Plated with bronze in amazing detail, this work of art will stand out as a design piece all on its own. The golfer in your life will take pride in this fantastic gift.Read More

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Let's add this golf shirt to his wardrobe

Every gofer appreciates an amazing polo they can wear on and off the course! With 4-way stretch fabrication, this polo will give them a wide range of motion and wicks away moisture keeping them dry in the summer and warm in the winder. With 14 modern colours to choose from, this gift is a winner all the way around. Read More

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Let's personalize this golf maker for them

This gift is both personal and useful! Customize a handmade wood or metal golf ball marker and divot tool with your favorite golfer’s name or initials. The metal and wood options for this gift give the products a sleek and professional style that your loved one will cherish. Read More

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This golf whiskey glasses is so cute

This golf whiskey glass is one of a kind and makes a remarkable gift for your loved one they will never forget. This glass is heavy bottom with a rounded dimpled design that makes the drinking experience much more enjoyable and golf related. The golf lover in your life will be able to experience real class when drinking their liquor out of this gift.Read More

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Let's put their name and initial on this golf ball

There’s no better golf-related gift than… you guessed it… a golf ball! With amazing 2 piece construction and aerodynamic dimples, this golf ball comes packaged in a clear clamshell which is perfect for viewing purposes. Personalize this golf ball with your loved ones name or initials to make this gift awesome.Read More

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Tell your dad he is the best golfer with this t-shirt

This gift is perfect for a golfer with a funny bone! This gift is both personal and sarcastic in a way that will have your loved one chuckling.

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Record your golf swing with this clip

This gift is a must have for any avid golfer, and one that your loved one will adore! The cell phone clip holder is easy to set up and works on all ground surfaces in order to record that perfect swing. Attaches to all golf bags, adapts to all smartphones, and sold in 6 different colours! Grab this gift while you still can.Read More

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Personalized Magnetic Golf Hat Clip

No gift is more sentimental than one that is personalized. This stylish steel clip looks amazing on a golfers hat, pockets or wristband and a powerful magnet holds a ball marker in place until they need it! This gift is multipurpose and comes with two ball markers, one hat clip and a gift box… as well as a free engraving!Read More

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Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball

This gift is a complete drinking masterpiece! Your favourite golfer will be able to celebrate a good game with their favourite brew out of this incredible pint glass. Each glass is hand-sculpted in the United States that golfer can enjoy until the very last drop.Read More

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6 Piece BBQ Grill Tools Set Golf Club Style

These barbecue tools are not only heavy duty and high-quality, but also golf themed! Styled to look just like golf clubs in a golf bag. The golfer in your life will love using this set at family barbecues.

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Golf Performance Tracking System

This tracking system makes the perfect gift for any avid golfer looking to improve their game. The Golf Performance Tracking System will also help your loved one choose the exact club for every hit and learn more about their strengths and weaknesses… as well as how to improve.Read More

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How about a garden golf statue for them?

This golfer statue is perfect for gardens or porches outdoors. The aged limestone gives it an antique look and high quality finish that will ensure it lasts forever. Choose from 12 different colours of limestone and your golfer pal will be more than pleased. Read More

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This decanter is a nice gift for golfer who have everything

Does the golfer in your life also have an appreciation for spirits like scotch, whiskey, and bourbon? Then this stunning, hand-blown liquor decanter is the gift you’re looking for! Handcrafted with incredible detail, this decanter resembles a golf ball and will make a wonderful addition to any home or office bar. Read More

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Standing Golfer Statue

This golfer statue is perfect for your special someone, and will look amazing both indoors and outdoors! This work of art is created with very fine details and crafted of high quality resin. Your favourite golfer will love this reminder of their favourite sport every time they look at it! Read More

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