36 Unique Gifts For Giraffe Lovers That They Absolutely Love

Still looking for the best gifts for giraffe lovers? We understand how the process of picking a unique and authentic gift for them is stressful. However, with the below gifts, you will bring this majestic and lovable animal from the African savannah to the doorstep of a giraffe lover- with a unique and authentic gift.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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I think kids is going to love this table top giraffe snow globe

This mama giraffe’s puzzled look is all of us when we cannot seem to figure out stuff. How did the baby giraffe get into the snowglobe? I bet we will never know. However, it is an excellent conversation starter and decor when they are sitting pretty in a giraffe’s lover living room. Read More

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Get this for your dad or husband on his birthday

The cockiness of this giraffe is all of us when we finally get hold of our morning coffee. It’s a good thing that a giraffe lover can take their coffee in the company of their favorite animal, who happens to get them. All you have to do is gift them this, and their coffee ritual will never be the same.Read More

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This is such a unique gift for giraffe lovers

Who would have guessed that the giraffe’s long neck is only useful in the jungle? Clearly not Comfify with their giraffe-themed paper towel. A giraffe lover who loves spending time in the kitchen will be ecstatic with this paper towel holder gift. It also has a vintage style that is bound to suit any theme they have.Read More

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She is going to love this beautiful giraffe necklace

Let that lady in your life who cannot get enough of giraffe set the pace for fashionistas in her circle with this giraffe pendant necklace. The giraffe is multicolored, with artistic drawings in a floral design. The chain will be an excellent addition to her jewelry collection. It will also go with most attire in her wardrobe.Read More

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Your children is going to love this giraffe gift

What better way for a giraffe lover to light up their room with the help of their favorite animal? So, for that giraffe lover in your life, gift them this seven colored giraffe night lamp for their study desk, or bedside table. Also, the 3D illumination of their favorite animal will melt their hearts every night. Read More

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Need a beautiful but affordable giraffe for her? Check this out

For that authentic and shiny look in a giraffe’s lover decor, gift them this giraffe ornament. It is ideal for placing on most surfaces or even hanging. The graceful look of this giraffe will brighten up any room. Its golden yellow finish and shiny crystals will catch the attention of any guest. Read More

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Pair of Giraffe and Zebra Hand Carved Tribal Head Masks

For a giraffe’s lover wall decor, buy them this tribal giraffe mask as a gift for any occasion. The icing on this mask is that it comes as a set, so they will also get a zebra tribal mask. What a way to bring that African jungle look in their living room! The painting on the masks is uncanny. Read More

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Get this gag gift for giraffe lover

The idea of a giraffe fitting in a coffee mug does not sound plausible, I know. However, this baby giraffe is proving us wrong, and I am glad about it. Why? Because your beloved giraffe lover will have the best coffee and tea times in the best company of their favorite animal.Read More

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Giraffe lover is going to love this beautiful gift

This multicolored giraffe looks like what a giraffe lover needs for their outdoor decor. If you think their garden or lawn is missing something, then this is what it is missing. A colorful giraffe, standing tall for all to see. The material is rust-free, so it will weather all the seasons of the year.Read More

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This is a great gift for giraffe lover who love wine

This wine stopper is a must-have for a giraffe lover who always has an open bottle of wine. The regular wine stoppers work, yes; but none can beat the uniqueness and classy look of this giraffe sitting tall on a wine bottle. As a decor piece, its flat bottom comes in handy for support on a flat surface.Read More

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Let them decorate their house with this giraffe sculpture

Whether you are looking for an indoor decor gift or an outdoor one, this set of giraffes have got you covered. Buy this as a gift for a giraffe lover, and they will be ecstatic. The colors of the giraffes are unique will also complement any color coordination they have. Read More

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Your kids is going to love this night light

For that kid that loves giraffes, this papercut cum night light lamp is an excellent gift. For starters, it is a unique piece of paper with multicolored shadow layers that emit soft and warm lights. Secondly, the image of a giraffe eating from a branch will melt their heart. It is also an authentic decor piece.Read More

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Get this for your mom on Mother's day

This is an excellent gift choice for home and office decor especially for a giraffe lover. The attention to detail on the woodcarving is impeccable. The finish of the item itself will bring about that aura of the savannah in any room. With the circular base, these giraffes will rest peacefully on most surfaces and not bat an eye.Read More

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Looking for something cute and funny?

For that giraffe lover with a sick sense of humor, this is an excellent choice for their decor. The giraffe is funny, not forgetting the wordplay in the text. This piece is as unique as they get for wall art. It will spruce up their decor with a touch of authenticity and vintage look.Read More

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I think single mother is going to love this giraffe gift

I think this one steals the show when it comes to the real representation of the African woodlands. For that giraffe lover who cannot get enough of the African Safari that showed her plenty of giraffe’s under a shade, this will be an amazing gift. They will up their decor game with it, and bring the savannah aura closer home.Read More

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This is a nice house warming giraffe gift for them

This one of the best unique gifts you will find for a giraffe lover. If they love decorating their home with authentic pieces, then you have yourself the gift you are looking for. It has quiet clock mechanisms, so there will be annoying noises from it. Also, its black color and the jungle setting with giraffes are eye-catching. Read More

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I think this is a very unique gift for giraffe lover

Since we cannot make a wild animal drunk, we might as well make do with what we have- this giraffe wine bottle holder. Your loved one will appreciate this as a decor item and as a safe place for their precious bottle of wine. What better way to entrust your wine than with your favorite and loving animal? Read More

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Haiti, Folk Art, Recycled Oil Drum Wall Sculpture

Just like in the jungle when the sun is scorching hot and sporting a giraffe under a tree tends to be difficult, this piece of art will do the same in their home. The only difference is that the sun will not be burning that hot, but it will be an excellent conversation starter and decorative piece.Read More

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Looking for a wooden giraffe gift?

Gift this wooden giraffe’s head to a giraffe lover for their indoor wall decor. If they love that touch of the African savannah theme for their decor, then this will be an excellent piece for that purpose. It will complement any theme they have going on, whether radiant or conservative.Read More

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Keep them warm on this Christmas with this fleece giraffe blanket

This fleece throw blanket is colorful, and the giraffe imprint makes it a fantastic gift item for a giraffe lover. She will have a lot of fun keeping herself warm through the cold days in the company of her favorite animal. It has a soft touch for comfort. The vibrant colors will also give her home a warm look.Read More

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79 Inches Hand Carved Wooden African Giraffe Statue

This wood carving giraffe is an accurate representation of the African giraffe. Right from its sporty finishing to the height. For a giraffe lover’s paraphernalia and decor, buy them this as a gift for any occasion. It is mounted on a base and will stand on most surfaces. It is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor decor.Read More

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Gentleman Giraffe Upcycled Vintage Dictionary Art Print

This giraffe is way funky and more educated than some of us. We are going to it professor giraffe, and make it a must-have piece of art for a giraffe lover who loves artistic items. It has a vintage touch to it, perfect for any decor theme. It will lighten up their living room theme and mood.Read More

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Do they loves gardening and giraffe?

If giraffes and plants are the two things she cares about the most, then this giraffe planter is an excellent gift choice. It can be used as a decor piece for their garden, lawn or patio. The material is weather resistant, so the giraffe will withstand it all and still make their outdoor look prettier than they ever imagined.Read More

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Giraffe lover is going to have a good laugh at this

For that man in your life that loves giraffes and has a sense of humor, he will appreciate this t-shirt for his birthday. Hopefully, he will not be over-excited and go showing his potbelly when people do ask about his giraffe. The t-shirt is a classic fit, lightweight and perfect for any day.Read More

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Handmade Bronze Faux Giraffe Head

No giraffe was harmed in the process of making this. The attention to detail on this faux head though! it looks like a real giraffe head. That is how you know it is an authentic piece of art worth gifting a giraffe lover. They will love it for their indoor decor. It has a built-in metal keyhole for easy mounting.Read More

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This is such a sweet giraffe gift for your wife

This heart-shaped figurine will make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift choice for your better half. Everything about this figurine melts one’s heart; from the shiny silver finish to the posture of the giraffe and the resulting heart-shape. It will not only show how much you love them but also be an authentic piece of decor a giraffe lover could ask for. Read More

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Looking for giraffe gift for baby under 5 years old?

If you are shopping for a birthday for that tiny human in your life, you have come to the right place. This musical snowball comes with a plush stuffed giraffe, so the baby has something huggable. For a new mum, the snowball’s music will help her put the baby to sleep.Read More

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Let this mug share a few wisdom with giraffe lover

Every coffee or tea time will be a moment of some wisdom nuggets. For a giraffe lover, it will also be a chance to hang out with their favorite animal on earth, albeit not the real giraffe. To sweeten the deal, once you have bought this gift, they get the mug and a wooden coaster.Read More

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The Geronimo in Gold Giraffe Wall Art

We are no longer killing our beloved wild animals and hanging them on the walls as art. Instead, buy this giraffe head wall art for a giraffe lover as a reminder of their favorite animal. It’s also an excellent piece for their decor. Once they mount it on the wall, you’ll see how the gold finish complements their color theme. Read More

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I think your mom is going to love this on her birthday

If you have seen a giraffe run, then you know it still carries its majestic look and posture. This mama and calf giraffe will attest to that. Their white color and wooden base complement each other and will bring that African touch to any decor. It is an excellent decor gift for a giraffe lover. Read More

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Every giraffe fans must have

Hugs and kisses are not the only things giraffes can give us, apparently. This giraffe is setting the bar so high with its composed posture, smiley face and ability to hold our salt and pepper shakers for us. This is your ticket to keeping that giraffe lover in your life smiling during mealtimes.Read More

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This beautiful baby giraffe is made from Swarovski crystal

This baby giraffe looks like it is reaching out for a twig in an adorable posture. If you are looking for a warm gift for a giraffe lover, this might be it. The can use it as an indoor decor item. Its elongated neck, crystalized look with brown spots makes it realistic and unique.Read More

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Let's keep giraffe lover warm with this gift

You know how warm giraffe hugs and kisses are? If not, you need to experience it soon. Until then, your favorite giraffe lover might be missing those long and warm hugs, and you have to come to the rescue. Buy this giraffe-themed plush blanket and keep her warm on cold seasons.Read More

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This pendant is a nice small giraffe gift for the ladies

Giraffes might be the tallest animals in the world, but they sure do know how to give a great hug. For those moments she cannot make it to Africa for a hug, these two buddies can do it on her behalf. This is an excellent gift choice for her everyday jewelry choice. Read More

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Your girlfriend who love giraffe would love this pendant

With this pendant necklace, it is not so hard for a lady who loves giraffes to carry one around. It is an excellent addition to your lady’s jewelry collection and giraffe collection. The sporting on this pendant makes it realistic and attractive. She can adorn this any day and let the envious eyes yearn for it.Read More

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